I Satisfied Raveena Aunty

I Satisfied Raveena Aunty

Hi friends. This is Ravi. I am 28 years old. I am 5.10 and am well build.

This story is about my neighbor let me call her Raveena aunty. She is 44 and is a mother of 2 kids. Her husband usually goes abroad for work. During those days I had to go to live with her. Her kids are twins, 14 years old. She is almost 5.8 and has got a great pair of assets.

This incident happened when I went there as her sons were in a school camp. I went there during the day time. She expected me to come during the night to stay. As I reached the door, I thought of surprising her. Instead of going through the door, I tried to go through the back window.

I went to the backside. I saw through the window and was shocked by seeing that she was watching some porn. She had one of her fingers in her cunt. She was fingering her pussy. This made me mad. I never thought I would see her like that. This changed my intentions.

I took a video of her doing those actions and after a couple of minutes, I left. After that, I could not understand what to do. So I made a plan so that I would fuck her. I reached there at a normal time. We started chatting and then I told her that I have a girlfriend. But she does not let me touch her.

She did not answer at first because it was like an adult chat. I told her we men to have our needs. She told me to respect her feelings and control myself. I asked her can I fuck her. She got shocked and got angry. So before her reaction, I showed her the video.

I told her that I would upload it on the internet. She begged before me not to do so. So she had to listen to my needs. I told her that I would make her beg me to have sex. She told never. I pulled her over to the bed and loomed over her menacingly.

I pulled off her dress, leaving her in just her white bra and panties. I unhooked her bra and threw it off. Her huge melon-shaped tits wobbled out of their tight confinement. Firm and thrusting. I gawked hungrily at her big round quivering boobs and rosy little nipples.

She sobbed and tried to cover her naked tits with her hands. But I pulled her hands away. I explored her big hot breasts. Rubbing the large rosy nipples into a stiff erection. I reached out and cupped one of her big, creamy, warm tits. Squeezing it gently. She gasped.

I bent my head suddenly and she felt the slick wet touch of my tongue on her left nipple. I was licking her pretty strawberry-pink nipple. Flicking my tongue mischievously back and forth over the soft rosy nub. The nipple growing long and hard and erect.

Her nipple became supersensitive when that happened. I suddenly sank my mouth around the other nipple and started to suck that one. She moaned. It felt as if there was a direct pleasure-line from her breast. My mouth was tugging at her hard nipples again.

I pushed another finger into her pussy hole and began working them in and out. I could feel her clitty getting hard and itchy. My lips moved from her tits down her belly. She could feel my tongue playing around her navel. She shivered and tried to escape from the new kind of feeling I was giving her.

I could sense that she was turning on again. I was rubbing my fingers against her clit and slowly removed her panty. It made her crazy. She started twisting her body and tried to escape. My fingers came out of her pussy and she felt my wet lips touching the insides of her thighs.

Now my breath was blowing against her pussy lips. She knew she was going to explode. My tongue began to rub up and down her cunt lips and her ass started shaking wildly. She couldn’t control any of the movements of her body. She was going to go out of her mind. Her stomach felt fluttery.

Again she tried to roll out from under. But I wasn’t going to let her escape. She screamed as my tongue probed the hot opening between her pussy lips. She had never felt like it. My long tongue moved easily into her cunt and she felt it flicking at her clitty. I could feel her ass jerking against my face.

She was liking that. My wet tongue slid into her deeper and I left it there for a moment. The feeling was delicious. She felt herself starting to move against my tongue. Fucking this tongue. Her clitty rubbed against the edge of my tongue. She was moaning heavily.

Finally, I started eating her pussy in long. Deep strokes of his tongue. I ate her as if I was hungry for her cunt. She felt me pulling her clitty between my lips and slowly beginning to suck on it. Soon she was crying with pleasure. My tongue began to jab into her a little faster.

She could feel the heat in her belly growing to a fire. Her ass was jerking from side to side. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to control herself. I penetrated my tongue fully. Then began to lap and tickle and probe inside her. She squealed and writhed with intense pleasure.

As the movements of my thick, rough tongue grew brisker. She felt the first ripples of orgasm. She couldn’t help herself then. “Yes,” she moaned. She was going to faint with pleasure. Her juices had started to flow into my mouth and she could hear me making swallowing noises.

She reached down and grabbed my head with both her hands. I slid my hands underneath her and grabbed her shapely ass. My tongue seemed to stab deeper into her burning pussy. She screamed as loud as she could as the fires of pleasure nearly ripped her body apart. She was going out of her mind.

She could feel her pussy flooding my mouth with hot juice. I kept sucking and swallowing. I kept my tongue inside her until I felt her stop trembling. Then I slowly moved his head away. I started to undress. My dick is about 7 inches but very thick and incredibly stiff.

I spread her long legs so that her juiced-up fuck-hole was easily reached. I went on top of her in the missionary style. She felt my hard cock pressing into her cunt hole. I pushed my cock into her slowly. And she felt her body start to churn with new excitement. She had been so horny.

I slammed my cock the rest of the way into her. Her body jerked with the force. She nearly blacked out. I began to fuck her on long. Delicious strokes. She wouldn’t have thought she could get hot so soon. But I could already feel her tits growing swollen.

She raised and started rubbing her nipples against my chest. She was moaning. My hands gripped her creamy ass cheeks. I began driving my fat prick deeper into her pussy. I could feel her squirming against me. I knew she was on fire. I bent my head down and kissed her mouth.

I took my cock out of her and she protested loudly. I made her turn quiver on her belly and come to her knees. She felt my stiff cock probing her pussy once again. She moaned as I savagely rammed my prick back into her cunt. I reached around her body and cupped her tits.

She was turning into something crazy. She began to moan as I fucked her a little harder and faster. I was gripping her tits roughly. But she didn’t care. “Fuck me,” she cried, “Fuck me harder.” I was giving it to her. Slamming my cock into her so deep that she thought it was going to come out of her mouth.

She loved every delicious inch of my fat cock. She was pushing her tits against my hands and humping back against my thrusting cock violently. She could feel her juices soaking my prick as the fires started through her body. “I am coming,” she moaned.

She humped back again and she felt her body start to explode in pleasure spasms. The delicious feelings rocked her body again and again. She felt weak and helpless when the last spasm passed. She felt like sleeping for a month. Instead, she found herself still thrusting back against me.

I turned into an animal as I rammed my huge cock into her tender pussy. She could feel her entire body shake with the force of each of my powerful thrusts. She felt my thick cock head rubbing her clit each time I rammed her. And she could hear the sounds of my balls slapping her.

She felt me stabbing deep into her pussy and my hot cum gushing into her pussy. She squirmed against me and tried to tease every drop of my hot prick-juice out of my cock. I told her that I want her to be on top was able to slide my cock to her womb. I began to ball her. Faster and deeper this time.

She whined and clawed the bed. Loving every second of my hard fucking. She liked this position. I pulled my stiff prick out of her and lay down on my back. In this position. With her sitting on top, I could see everything. I gawked delightedly at her big wobbling breasts and her soaked scarlet slit.

I watched in blissful fascination as she brought her juicy cunt down on the swollen purple head of my cock. She impaled herself on my hard rod. Sliding down it till she was sitting right on my belly and balls. Her cunt felt deliciously stuffed with my thick throbbing meat.

She began to work her seething pussy up and down. She worked her boiling-hot cunt faster and faster around my stiff meat. Her strong cunt muscles tightened eagerly around my pole. She came. She worked her convulsing cunt furiously up and down my cock. Fucking me harder than ever.

Her molten-hot cunt-juice gushed out in floods. Soaking my belly and balls. We came together and slept there. We slept there for a while. After a while, we took a bath. After the bath, we were ready for one more session as I could see her wearing just her bra and panties. I understood she was ready for more.

So I thought of surprising her this time. I took her on the bed and we removed our clothes. I straightway started with my tongue-tip pressing against the tiny clenched mouth of her asshole. Her face flamed. She stiffened and pushed at my head. Trying to dislodge me.

“No. Not there,” she gasped. I ignored her. I cupped her small round ass and held her in place as I eagerly rimmed her wrinkled bumhole with my slippery stiff tongue-tip. She squeaked with alarm and pushed at my head again. But I wouldn’t budge. Then she felt my tongue easing right up her asshole.

“No!” she cried. Even as she protested, she felt the most stunning pleasure of her life. She hadn’t realized that her asshole had sexual feelings. That it was just as eager and responsive as her cunt. It felt positively wonderful to have my slick tongue stuffing and probing her tight little brownie.

She stopped pushing at my head. She flopped back and let me work my tongue clear to the root in her tiny hot asshole. She didn’t care now how wicked and dirty it was. I bum-fucked her with my tongue. And she squealed with pleasure. Her cunt-cream boiled out to soak my chin.

My tongue seemed to reach deep into her body. Setting off powerful jolts of pleasure. I tongued her faster and faster. She shrieked and began to come. My tongue was still deep in her gripping asshole when her climax began to fade. I waited until she stopped writhing, till she was limp and gasping for breath.

Now I made her turn over on her stomach. I moved over on top of her and she felt my cock pressing between her ass cheeks. I put my arms around her and my fingers rubbed her nipples. She expected me to put my cock into her hot pussy from behind.

Instead, I kept rubbing her titties and pressing my cock between her ass cheeks. She moved her ass against me. I was teasing her with my fingers and with the hot pressure of my cock against her ass. I rubbed my cock against her ass again. And this time she felt my cock head against her asshole.

“What are you doing?” she cried out. I did not say anything. I reached around her belly and forced her up to her hands and knees in the doggy style. She started understanding what I wanted. She was getting scared. I held her easily while I pressed my cock head harder against her asshole.

“You can’t put that big cock there,” She moaned. I pressed a little harder and she felt my cock head pop into her asshole. She didn’t expect this. I pressed a little harder. She could feel my stiff prick going into her asshole. She was very tight. I pushed harder and she cried out in pain.

I was halfway inside her and she could feel her ass getting torn. She kept trying to twist away. My cock was pushing deeper and getting harder as she struggled. “You’re hurting me,” she moaned. I told her to relax. But I was hurting her. She could feel the pain all over her body.

She gasped as she felt my balls pressing against her ass cheeks. I would have hurt her worse if I would have tried to fuck her at that moment. Instead, I stopped moving. I gave her time to get used to the fat cock that had invaded her tight puckered asshole.

It kept hurting for a long time. But I was patient with her. I didn’t move until I could feel the tension leaving her body and her asshole getting a little loose. It was still uncomfortable but she didn’t feel the pain any longer. She felt I start to push my cock in and out of her asshole. I fucked her gently with slow strokes.

And she could feel his cock head getting deep into her belly. One of my hands still stroked her tits. She started to feel the aching pressure again. And her nipples stiffened. She could feel her body relaxing and the warmth had come back to her belly. She pushed her tit into my hand.

My other hand moved between her legs. She felt me fingering her pussy hairs. Gently running my fingers across her quivering cunt lips. She was getting to feel heated up again. She found herself moving her ass against my thrusting cock. I couldn’t believe it. She was turning into an animal.

She was starting to enjoy getting fucked in the asshole. “I am starting to like it,” she said.

My fingers slid into her cunt. I started working them against her clit and she nearly went out of her mind. She found herself moving her ass against me. She could hear the steady slapping of my balls against her ass cheeks as I fucked her. She started to moan.

I pounded her ass as hard as I had ever pounded her cunt. I seemed determined to drive her right through the bed. She could already feel his cock head getting fatter.

“Fuck my ass!” she cried.

Her lush body was ripped apart by the vibrations of pleasure. Her pussy juices soaked my cock and kept socking my prick even after the last spasm had passed through her body. She kept moving against my prick as she felt me stabbing my big dick into her faster and faster.

My balls were bruising her as I fucked. I wanted to get it deep into her asshole. My cum was leaking into her hot asshole. My fingers thrust a little harder into her cunt. She tightened her cunt walls against my fingers and felt another thrill pass through her cunt. I started to cum.

She felt me stab into her and my prick jism started spraying into her ass. She felt me pull my cock out of her. She could feel my cock cream landing on her ass and back.

She thanked me and I fucked her many times during those days. We usually do that. She was completely satisfied with my fucking.

I Satisfied Raveena Aunty