I spied on my wife

My wife Monica is fit and hot and looks like thirty five or so. she has a perfect body and receives lot of attention. She works with a foreign company and told me she was to go for two days for a team building programme to Kolad. i did not think much of it. on thursday she told me that she met with a nod colleague Joe who had gone to USA on a foreign posting five years back after marriage. she used to like him and spoke of him. i think i attended his marriage too.he is from GOA, sings and dances and has a body of Hrithik roshan. Monica told me Joe got divorced. i did not think much.

i don’t pry on monica and she told me she was going on friday and would come on monday. that was fAir. but i happened to talk by chance in the gym to a man who worked in the same company and he told me that it was a day program and that they are back on saturday afternoon. this made me suspicious and now starts the story.

i felt creepy when i went through her bag when she had gone out on thursday night for a walk. i saw carefully hidden was some lingerie. i was shocked. i could not see her phone as there was a password. i knew something was wrong. next i eavesdropped when she was talking to joe when she thought i had gone to sleep and heard her saying that it will be fun swimming.

i kissed her goodbye and decided to follow her. i hired a self driven car and decided to put on a disguise. a grey wig and a hat with dark glasses and a pipe made me look different and i headed for Kolad on saturday morning. i reached the site and checked in on a dummy aadhar which i had for other occasions. while the team was having their final lunch i saw monica sitting and talking with Joe and the others. this bastard was still with the company. she to,d the others that she would leave later. JOe left with the others and i was a bit surprised. i went to the reception and checked the entries. very easy when you pay 500 rupees. yes. the group had checked out but there was a room booked for next day by Joe. i knew now that i was right.

i took a room facing the entrance and saw joe come back by five or so and checked in. Monica had moved out from the official room and went to Joe”s room. they kissed when he opened the door. she went in. it was a room facing the swimming pool with huge glass door. the hotel was empty was expected. maybe a few foreign guests. i went around the corner past the pool and sat in a corner smoking the pipe. my glasses had the deep view lenses. i could see into the room as the drapes were open. Monica was in a tight fitting black trousers which showed her ass well, a short top with no bra, yes , i could see her nipples pressed. the pants had no zip in front and she was standing and smiling at joe. she looked so sexy. the two came to the door opened it and were kissing away. his hand on her ass and pressing his crotch on her. i was excited. they sat outside and smoked. monica is a rare smoker and i saw her smoking the same cigarette as joe. as it got dark they went in and i left the place and went to the restaurant. i looked like a foreigner with my mask and spoke to another foreign guest who was loaned.
monica and joe came for dinner clinging to each other. she had on a short dress which barely covered her ass and he was in denim shorts and a sleeveless vest tucked in. his muscles bulged as he kept kissing her.

they sat down and had some liquor. they had seen use talking but ignored and is as relieved. as they ate their butter chicken and nan followed by some dessert they walked out with his hand on her waist. i left after ten minutes. i saw that there was no one on their side of their room. the others were on the beach facing front. the staff had retired by ten and very few lights were kept on at the pool side. this was good for me. i took my position behind the bushes and their drapes were open. i looked and was shocked. they were kissing with the light on and their two bodies mingled. joe was pressing her ass and she moaned. i could see her expression. soon he lifted her dress and she had this little lingerie on, a panty with string behind and a little netted patch in front. i went closer. her boobs came out of her bra, which he took out instantly and kissed them. he made her stand on a stool and kept kissing her ,l the way down. his finger went into her cunt and she moaned.

She stepped down and took out his vest and then his shorts. he had his jock on and she released his cock and bent and knelt down and kissed it. licked the top. took the cock in her mouth and he caresses her hair as he groaned in ecstasy. he then drew out and kissed her and took off her panty. she was nude and the scene was great. joe the motherfucker was going to fuck my wife. he made her hold the post near the door and then pushed his cock inside her cunt. they were swaying way and i reclaimed my hand was on my cock. he opened the french doors and there was a sofa there. he made her lie down and as he kissed her, came on too and then was banging her pussy. this was in the open. i saw that one of the hotel staff was in another corner filming this scene. i smiled. joe poured his cum in her pussy and they got up kissing and walked in the nude to the shower and washed themselves.

i was shocked when they entered the pool in the nude. now i could hear them. joe said, darling i want to make love everyday to you. ever since my divorce i wanted to make love to you. she was saying, yes, darling, i was sad when you got married but then let us enjoy. as he stood with his back to the pool, she went down under and took his cock in her mouth. he groaned and they frolicked for some more item and then sat on the chairs. he went in and got some wine which hey drank. the staff guy went and i waited. it was midnight and then they got up, he took off her robe and under the moonlight he lifted her and pushed his cock inside again and rammed her. i looked closer and saw his cum drip down her thighs. he was dark more like an agri na, and monica was very fair being from punjab. they cleaned up and went to their room. they closed the door but not the drapes. i went closer and saw. after a while he sat on a chair and she bent and sucked his cockagain, it went on for ten minutes and his cum spilled reluctantly into her mouth. they shut the drapes after a bath and the lights went off.

i did not know what to think.

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I spied on my wife

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