Indian married woman has cyber sex with Dubai based man

Indian married woman has cyber sex with Dubai based man

Mayuri Joshi alighted from the crowded train at Thane and quickly moved aside. She always wondered how so many women could fit in one compartment. She walked out of the platform towards the auto stand avoiding bumping into as people as possible. She saw that already there were at least 100 people in the queue for auto. She joined at the end. Once she had joined the queue, she knew that it would take at least 10 minutes for her to get the auto. She opened her purse and fumbled inside. She removed a web cam from the purse and checked it. She was relieved to see that it was not broken or something. She had purchased it at Ghatkopar, but today there was too much crowd in the train and she feared for the cam. She put it back in the purse and also pulled out her cell phone. She had already moved ahead in the queue and had almost reached the head of it. There were just 15-20 people ahead of her now. She quickly dialed her husband and waited for him to answer. He didn’t answer the call. She dialed one more time. This time he answered quickly.

“Hi Avinash, where are you?” She spoke as he answered the call. She looked around and found that there were just 3 men ahead of her now.

“I have just reached the airport now. Where are you?” She moved ahead in the queue and came out in the open circle where autos would come one by one in 6 different lanes. She saw one auto in the third lane waiting for passenger and moved across to it.

“I was in the auto queue. I just got one. Hold one moment.” She said as she moved in the auto and called the driver.

“Ghodbandar Road.” Driver nodded and started the auto. She leaned back in the seat and spoke again in the phone.

“When is your flight?” She fumbled in the purse as she spoke ad looked for her comb.

“They have just announced it. I have checked in the counter. I will leave in 15 minutes now.” She got the comb out and placed it in her lap.

“Call me when your flight leaves. ” She replied.

“I can’t call you as they may ask me to switch off the phones. But don’t worry. I will call you once I reach U.S. in the morning. Take care of yourself.”

“Ok, no problem. Call me in the morning. Bye darling.” She replied and after hearing his bye in return, she disconnected the call and put the phone back in her purse. Then she leaned back in the seat and closed her eyes and thought.

Was she really going to do it? Was it really worth it? As the auto moved around in traffic, events of her past life flooded her mind.

Mayuri was 25 and worked in a call center at Ghatkopar. She had been married since last 5 years to Ashwin Joshi. Ashwin worked in a software company in Andheri.

In her college days, she used to frequent yahoo chat rooms and chatted with all kind of guys. She just had fun thinking how all kind of guys flocked to chat rooms and tried to contact girls. She didn’t want to meet anybody in real, but in the virtual world of internet it seemed so much fun. After marriage, she had continued to do it, though with less frequency. It was just her ways of having fun. There was nothing real about it. It gave you a chance to pretend what you are not and play it. There was nothing serious or real about it.

But around 1 year back, she had met a guy named Tausif in a chat room. He was an Indian, but living in Dubai. He was a student and was 5 years younger to her. In fact they shared the same birth day, 30th September. She treated him in the same way as she did everybody else. They shared pictures and talked about for almost a day or so. At the end of the day, Tausif added her in the friends list and she also added him. She was almost expecting him to ask her for her number so that she could deny him and use it as an excuse to sign off.

Instead Tausif asked her if she would like to become his chatting partner and continue to chat with him. She had said that as long as he didn’t ask her number, she was fine with chatting. So she had agreed to once again chat with him next Friday and had signed off. Next Friday, she had logged on at the agreed time and again chatted for couple of hours. One chat session led to another and suddenly she found herself chatting regularly with him. Avinash worked as per UK timing and came late in the evening at around 11 PM. So once she got back from office, she had ample time. Tausif would often log on the same time and they would chat.

Tausif was an interesting person. She found him very interesting and amusing. They chatted about all kinds of topics and she found Tausif good at almost any topic. Considering the fact that he was just 19, his maturity surprised her. He was very intelligent. In fact he was a computer geek and he owned a web designing company of his own. Though his father was rich, he himself had started his company with almost nothing at young age of 16. In 3 years, he had taken his company to annual turnover of 5 million. He was extremely confident and almost overwhelming to a certain extent. But at the same time, despite his achievements at such young age, he was still cool and down to earth.

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They had continued to chat and soon after, she sensed an undercurrent of flirting. Tausif soon started flirting with her and she was bemused by the fact that even after knowing that she was married, he was trying to hit on her. But instead of resisting it, she soon found herself flirting back with him. She reminded herself that as long as flirting remained on internet, she shouldn’t have any problems with it. So she kept flirting back. Initially it was just fun, just lightweight flirting. But soon Tausif started flirting with her seriously. Even worse (Or was it better, she thought), he started leaving sexual innuendoes. But she was surprised that she didn’t mind them and in fact she had encouraged him.

Soon after, their chat sessions excluded everything else and just concentrated on sex. They often talked downright dirty and enjoyed it. She almost started loving their little sessions. At the back of her mind, she often felt a poignant feeling of cheating Avinash. But every time this happened, she found herself reminding her that this was all unreal and there was nothing.

Around 15 days back, when she told him that Avinash was going to US for a month, Tausif asked her if she would like to include a web cam in their sex chat. He wanted to actually see her when they talked dirty and hot sex. He wanted to see her naked when they chatted hot. Mayuri had initially resisted the idea, but soon enough Tausif convinced her about it. She had noticed that almost every time since they had started chatting; Tausif had been able to convince her about almost anything he wanted. It was to a certain extent because he was smart. But at the same time, she was under his sway. She was almost awed by his personality. He was knowledgeable, smart. At the same time he was also very aggressive and dominant. It was this aspect of his personality that she liked.

Right from her college days, she had been a kind of submissive in nature. She had led a much protected life with her parents. So in the face of any real problems, she often panicked. So she often felt helpless and sought help of others. When she got help from someone, she admired them. But this habit had developed in her certain lack of confidence in herself. She preferred somebody else making decisions for her rather than doing it herself. She loved it when she saw somebody masterful and dominant. She simply preferred to let somebody else talk for her. Let somebody care for her. This had reflected in her attitude toward men as well. She liked men who were large and imposing. She liked them strong and dominant. She had an arranged marriage. Unfortunately, Avinash was complete opposite of what she expected from her husband. He was small. In fact she was an inch shorter than her. She was 5 feet 2 inch. Avinash was 5 feet 1. He was really cute, but hardly a masterful dominating man. He was not the rough and macho man she had always wanted.

Tausif was exactly opposite of this. He was tall, almost 6, and 2. He regularly went to gymnasium and had 6 packs on his body. His arms were stiff and muscular. He was in command every time. She loved it. In fact it was due to this aspect of his persona that she had continued to chat with him for such a long time. It was his forceful personality that she had loved so much. He hadn’t done any of it to Mayuri directly, but she sensed it in her chat. And now she had bought a web cam for showing herself naked to him. She was nervous as hell. She wondered if this was right. She wondered if it was worth it. But as she neared her home, her mind was already made up.

She entered her 6th floor flat in Vijay Nagri and threw her purse down on the sofa. She opened the chain of her purse and removed the web cam and then walked in the bed room. She put the cam on the bed and opened the shelf containing her laptop. Sitting on the bed, she plugged the power cord of the laptop in the socket and then powered it on. Finally she connected the LAN cable she used for her broadband connection to laptop and got up from the bed. She knew it will take some 10 minutes for the laptop to boot. She looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 8:30 PM.

She had promised Tausif that she will log in at 9:30. She had exactly one hour now. She quickly removed her clothes and then entered the shower. She was completely naked and she could see her lovely wet body in the mirror. All these three months, she had been imagining Tausif against her skin. Her hair was completely wet and soaked now. She got some shampoo and then washed her hair carefully. As she was doing it, her lovely full breasts rose and fell. She watched them mesmerized and then took soap. The she slowly soaped her full breasts. As she slowly massaged her boobs, she felt so horny. She closed her eyes and enjoyed as she massaged her tits. Slowly she moved her hand downwards as she stroked her flat stomach. All the while she imagined it was Tausif who was stroking her skin. With one hand she continued to rub her breast while the other moved between her thighs. She slowly rubbed her shaved cunt lightly. She lowered her hand further and rubbed her cunt with the palm of her hand. She never touched herself. But since she had met Tausif, she had often fantasized and touched herself a lot. She preferred this to having sex with Avinash. It anyway was a rarity. And in any case, he had a very small cock and since Tausif had told her that he had a 9 inch cock, she often imagined how wonderful it would feel. But somehow, till now she had resisted Tausif’s advances of turning their virtual relation in real. He had often asked her number and asked her if she would like to meet. But she had resisted it. But now as she touched herself thinking about being naked in front him on web cam, she thought how long she could resist. Just the thought of Tausif watching her boobs naked and commenting on them was making her wet. She slowly rubbed her pussy and enjoyed the wetness down there.

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She came back to the present with a jerk as her cell phone rang loudly in the bed room. She opened the door and took her phone from the chair. Luckily she had placed it just outside the bathroom. She saw it was Aniket and answered the call.

“Hi Mayuri, where are you? I decided to call you after all. My flight has taken off now.” He said.

“OK. I am home now. Let me know when you reach there.” She replied back. Aniket felt that she was a bit nervous.

“Are you all right? You sound a bit nervous.” She felt odd that he should notice it.

“No, actually I was showering when you called. And I wasn’t expecting your call.” She lied. Actually she was feeling hell lot of nervous about showing herself naked to Tausif. But at the same time, she couldn’t help feeling excited about it.

“I will call you after I get to the hotel.” She said fine and then disconnected the call.

She went back in the bathroom and soaped her legs and thighs and made sure that her shaved pussy was also cleaned. Then she quickly bathed and took a towel and dried herself. She looked in the watch and saw that it was already 9. She opened the drawer the looked inside it. Tausif had already told her what she should wear. When they had chatted initially, Mayuri had shown some pictures of herself to him. In one picture, she was wearing a blue sari and had let her wet hair open. It was taken by Avinash just after she had bathed on a festival. Tausif had loved it most and he had asked her to wear the same sari and keep her wet hair open. She normally didn’t bathe in the evenings, but because Tausif had insisted that he liked her wet hair, she had done it today.

She lightly rubbed her hair with the towel so as not to dry it completely. She was completely naked in front of the mirror of the wardrobe. Then she pulled out the same blue sari and its matching blue blouse and put them down on the bed. Then she opened another section and pulled out a red fancy bra and its matching panties from it. She had purchased it couple of days back for today. Since Tausif had often mentioned that he would like to see her in red bra. It was very flimsy and thin. She could easily see through it.

She checked herself in the mirror and she almost loved her body. She was young and beautiful. He breasts were large and firm. Her nipples were dark and stiff. She opened the wardrobe and pulled out her makeup box and then sat down on a chair just in front of the mirror. She opened the makeup box and first checked her lip sticks. She chose a chocolate flavored bright red lip stick and slowly applied it on her lips. She smelled wonderful chocolate as she put it on her lips. She slowly worked on her makeup until she was satisfied that she looked perfect. Once it was done, she got up and put the makeup box back.

She turned towards the bed and slowly put on her bra. She clasped the bra hooks on her back and adjusted the bra cups properly over her lovely globes. She checked the mirror to make sure that her breast and nipples are visible through the bra. Then she picked up the pantyhose and wore it through her legs. Once done, she picked up the blue blouse and slowly put her arms through its hands and wore it. She felt it was a bit tight to her chest. She smiled thinking that her breasts had enlarged a bit in since last 6 months. She smiled to think that she had been massaging her tits for that period since she met Tausif. She hooked the blouse on the front and then slowly wore her sari wrapping it around her in circles. Finally she put the sari end onto the waist and tied it with a sari pin. She looked in the mirror and she thought to herself if Tausif would her seeing in this way. She slowly brushed her hair and combed them, but kept them open. It was still a bit wet as Tausif had asked her t do.

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Then she moved the bed and connected the web cam to the laptop. Her laptop had powered on now and she logged in and waited for the login process. She felt so impatient now that it was already 9:20. Once she logged in, she opened yahoo messenger and logged in. The moment she got in, she immediately got a message from Tausif.

“Hi Mayuri, how are you darling?”

“Hi Tausif, I am fine. How are you? When did you log in?” She typed back quickly.

“I am fine baby. I just got in; around 5 minutes back. So did you get the web cam? ”

“Yes, I have attached it to my laptop. I will invite you now. Can you invite me to see your web cam as well?”

Tausif didn’t say anything, but immediately she got an invitation to view his web cam. She immediately accepted it and in turn invited him to view her web cam. She waited for him accepted it as she saw Tausif for the first time live. He was very handsome in real, much more than pictures. To her utter surprise he was not wearing any shirt. His chest was naked and he seemed to be wearing blue denim jeans below waist. She looked at his chest. It was muscular and hairy. She felt hot and crazy just looking at his wonderful body. Just when she was thinking, she got message from Tausif.

“Wow baby, you look so hot and sexy on cam. Why don’t we speak on cell instead of typing in messenger honey?”

“Tausif, it will be an international call. Do you know how much it will cost for 2-3 hours?” she replied

“Why are you worried about it baby? Are you forgetting who you are talking to? Give me your number and I will call you.” She hesitated for a moment. She had been avoiding this for almost a year now. But now when she could see how attractive in front of her, she couldn’t resist any more. She punched in her cell number.

“All right baby, I will call you now so that we are not bothered with all this typing now.” She got the message and waited for him to call her.

Immediately her cell phone rang and she saw that it was a different number than she knew. She accepted and said hi to Tausif.

“Hi baby, wow I never thought you sound so sexy.” Mayuri blushed.

“Is that so? I always knew that I sound sexy.” She laughed lightly. Her cell phone was on the desk and she had to move away from the web cam to get it.

“But honey, I don’t see you on the web cam. So where are you?” She moved back on the bed and stood right in front of the cam.

“Can you see me now? I am standing right in front of the cam.” Tausif saw her lovely short frame and gasped.

“Wow honey, you are way lovely than I ever expected when I see you full length.” She saw that he also had stood up and she could see him completely. He was wearing blue jeans.

“Well you also look wonderful.” She replied.

“So baby, why don’t you take a chair and sit in it so that we can be more comfortable?” She moved and pulled a chair right in front of the web cam. Tausif was already sitting on the chair as she sat down in it.

“So honey how was your day?” He asked as she looked at him.

“Well I was a bit busy in office. How was your day?” She ran her hands through her hair and adjusted them to one side.

“Do it again darling.” Suddenly Tausif said.

“Do what?” She looked surprised at him.

“Raise your hands and run them through your hair. It pushes your lovely boobs up and I love it that way. You looked gorgeous and sexy when you do it.” She smiled at him and slowly obeyed him. She raised her hands in air and then lightly stroked her hair.

“Mayuri, what is your bra size baby?” Tausif seemed to be looking directly at her boobs. Mayuri blushed as she thought of Tausif’s eyes on her boobs.

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Indian married woman has cyber sex with Dubai based man

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