Indian Muslim woman’s breaks religious taboo

Indian Muslim woman’s breaks religious taboo

Love is a powerful thing. It’s a combination of physical, emotional, mental and at times even spiritual connection between two people. It is an entity that overcomes all foes; age, culture, border, religion, race, and these days even genders. In a country like India , Racism between Hindus and Muslims is an ever present axe that hangs over all, especially over the younger generation, who have just begun to come into their own. Despite the looming threat of shame, fanaticism, and familial repercussions, young Hindu’s and Muslims men and women do end up having a relationships, some for a short while, while other continue on for years. Statistically is it more common to find Muslim boys courting Hindu girls, occasionally it does happen, that a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl end up together in a relationship. This is such a story; a story about Mohit and Ayesha.

Ayesha belonged to a progressive Muslim family in Delhi, India . She was the last of three sisters and all three were raised to be highly educated. Her eldest sister worked as an Air Hostess for a major international airline, and the other sister was a teacher in a very reputed school. Her parents never held her back from gaining real life experiences but always instilled good values, moral and traditions in her. She was not confined to cultural boundaries and limitations, but always knew the difference between right and wrong. Theirs was the only Muslim family in a Hindu locality and the whole family got along and was always respected by their neighborhood.

Unlike other last born children, Ayesha while being very smart and intelligent, was a shy and introverted girl. She was very beautiful and charming young woman, with a face that displayed an innocence that one couldn’t help but admire. She was slim but the right amount of curves in the right places though she always dressed modestly enough and most of the time her figure was never really obvious. She only had two friends and both were girls. One was named Shalini and the other Nikita. They were a lot more out going than her and any real life experiences Ayesha had had, was mainly due to them. However, like any other normal young woman, Ayesha was also curious about guys. It was safe to say that she had never been on a date, but certainly the desire to experience one was always present. She had a desire to experience some of the things that the other girls in college used to discuss amongst themselves in the midst of their blushes and giggles.

One of Ayesha’s sources of sexual curiosity and inspiration was her older Air Hostess sister, who often got late night calls from guys. At times, Ayesha would eavesdrop on her conversations and hear words like “you’re so naughty,” “you’re making me horny again,” and once even “we can’t do it tomorrow, I’m having my periods.” Even though her sister’s company had arranged for transportation, often times Ayesha would notice that she would get rides from a guy, who she guessed was her sister’s boy friend. So, according to Ayesha’s thinking, if her sister could be so liberal then so could she. Ayesha didn’t know how to get out of her social cocoon, but hope always kept her going. Hope of being with one of the many guys she had been curious about in college.

One of the guys that Ayesha was curious about was Mohit. Mohit was a very jovial, caring, good natured and good looking guy. He had a charm about him that always made other people laugh. He lived in her locality/development and while was cordial with her, was good friends with Shalini, whom he had met in college. Mohit and Shalini had dated for a while and had mutually decided to just be friends. The fact that there was no animosity or bitterness between the two had made their friendship even better. Even though she was a Muslim, Ayesha was more attracted to Hindu males for two reasons. One was because she and her sisters had grown up around them. The second and more important was that she found them to be more outgoing, more charming and more open-minded.

Ayesha always though of Mohit as a handsome man, but due to her respect for Shalini and also being very shy, never initiated anything. However, she had spent many a nights fantasizing about him while masturbating. Her orgasms were always strongest when she imagined Mohit making love to her and pleasuring her till she lost all her senses. She would imagine his naked body on hers, his weight pressing down on her; his lips on her lips, on her neck, and her breasts. She would imagine him sucking on her nipples till they were hard and raw and finally when his hard cock would enter her steaming wet pussy; her whole body would stiffen just by the power of her thoughts. Imagining the speed of his pumping, she would rub his clit furiously till her orgasms rippled though her and her pussy squirted her cum all over her finger.

Ayesha’s curiosity started to change when she was 21 during her college exams. On the last day of exams, Ayesha and her classmates decided to stick around the campus and relax for a while in the cafeteria. Without warning, the weather changed and it started to rain very heavily. The end of the downpour not being in sight, the girls decided to head back home. Out of the seven girls, Ayesha was the only one going on the opposite direction than the group. She waited in the rain for a while for a Taxi or Auto (a small mode of public transport popular in India). Time went by, and Ayesha kept getting wetter but no relief was in sight.

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Mohit had also finished his exams in the middle of the rains. He had his own motorcycle and was about to go home when he spotted Ayesha trying to find a ride. Since they both lived in the same locality, he decided to offer her a ride. He rode up to where she was waiting.

“Hi Ayesha, let me give you a ride home.”

“No it’s ok,” Ayesha said. “I’ll just take a taxi or an Auto.”

While Ayesha was from a progressive Muslim family, getting a ride from a guy in the rain was still a questionable act in India . It was a perfect way to start people talking and being an introvert herself, Ayesha didn’t want any of that.

“The weather is horrible and if you stay out in it any longer, you’ll get sick,” Persisted Mohit. “I’m going home as well and I’ll just drop you at your place, I promise.”

Ayesha pondered for a minute, and the never ending rain was getting colder by the minute. She accepted his offer and got on the back seat. Unsure of what to do, she placed her hands on his shoulders for support. Anyone who has experience driving in India or any big city will attest to the fact that stop and go traffic is the norm , so a couple of time when Mohit had to brake hard, Ayesha felt her breasts push against his back. This was the first time her breasts, albeit fully covered, had touched another man. Ayesha’s reaction surprised even her for her nipples started to harden every time they touched Mohit. Typical of traditional Indian girls, Ayesha always dressed in Shalwar (loose pants) and Kameez (long thigh/knee length shirt) ensemble to her college.

By the time they reached Ayesha’s home, both Mohit and Ayesha were completely drenched. When Ayesha got off the back, she noticed that her kameez was clinging to her body like a second skin making her breasts and hard nipples look very prominent. Mohit simply smiled when he saw that, and Ayesha following his gaze started to blush a deep red and began to walk into her house after saying her thanks.

She got home and immediately went to her room. Without taking off her clothes, she stood in front of her mirror and looked at her nipples still poking out of the kameez. Gingerly, she touched one of them was amazed at how hard it felt, like a small stone. Making sure her door was locked; she took off her kameez and looked at her bra covered breasts. Her bra was wet, making it partially see-through, and her small drops of water were slowly moving down her cleavage. Ayesha has inherited her figure from her mom and sisters. Her 36 inch breasts were round and firm without any trace of sagging and were capped with large brown nipples that stuck out almost an inch when hard. She had a slim waist and wide 37 inch hips similar to the other women in the house.

Reaching back, she unhooked her bra, and saw her breasts in a whole new light. The nipples were darker and harder than she had ever seen them and they stood out prominently in contract to her fair skin. She gently cupped with her hands and for the first time they felt heavy to her. She closed her eyes, and thinking back to the moments when her breasts touched Mohit, started to press her fingers on her hard nipples. She pinched them with her thumb and fingers and gently pulled on them feeling tremors or excitement go through her. She continued caressing her breasts with her hands and when opened her eyes, saw that her breasts were red and her face was flushed. The nipples were poking out more than she had ever seen them and now she was feeling heat between her legs that wasn’t there moments ago.

Ayesha used her middle finger to part pussy lips apart. She started to rub her slit, caressing her lips rubbing her finger around her hole. She brought her finger up to her clit, rubbing circles around it, back down to her hole. Her finger was coated with her juices and with a gentle push, the finger slid into her pussy inch by inch until the whole dinger was inside her depths. Ayesha moaned and started to finger fuck her wet little hole, and her pussy was making gushy, sucking sounds. Her juices were oozing out and started soaking her fingers. Ayesha continued fucking her pussy with one hand, and then started to caress her sexy breasts and nipples with the other. The nipples were aching for relief. She imagined Mohit pleasuring her every inch of her body, and not able to hold back any longer, Ayesha plunged her middle finger deep into herself. She picked up her speed and was moving her finger in and out till she felt her pussy clamp down on her finger and her orgasm exploded in her. She was still panting from her orgasm when she did something she had never done before; she brought her wet finger out of her pussy and up to her mouth and she sucked it into her mouth, licking it clean this was the first time she had tasted herself and the salty/tangy taste was more arousing to her than she could have imagined.

Two days after this incident, Shalini and Ayesha were hanging out at the mall enjoying a cup of coffee, when Mohit happened to drop by. Shalini invited Mohit to their table and Ayesha’s initial reaction was to blush thinking back to what had happened to her after her last encounter with Mohit.

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“Hi Shalini, Ayesha, it’s nice to see you guys.” Mohit said cheerfully.

“Good to see you too, Glad you could join us.” Shalini replied.

“Only someone crazy and stupid would turn down an invitation from two beautiful women.” Mohit smiled back, looking at Ayesha and then Shalini.


Ayesha tried hard not to blush while Shalini laughed, “You are quiet the charmer.” She turned to Ayesha and then said. “Ayesha tells me you were a gentlemen a couple of days ago, and gave her a ride home.”

“Yea,” Mohit said, “I saw a damsel in distress and jumped at the rescue.”

“Thank you again,” Ayesha said quietly. “I really do appreciate it.”

“If you really want to thank you, you can return the favor.” Mohit said with a glint in his eyes.

“What favor?” Ayesha asked and Shalini eyed Mohit suspiciously.

“Well, you can be my friend.” Mohit replied.

Maybe it was his sincerity, maybe because he was already Shalini’s friend, or maybe because of what happened two days ago, Ayesha simply said OK and offered her hand. Mohit smiled warmly and accepted Ayesha’s hand of friendship. Thus Mohit was Ayesha’s first male friend. The trio enjoyed their coffee and talked for hours. This was the first time Ayesha had felt this kind of comfort with a guy. He was down to earth yet confident. He was funny, but not cheap. He had a warmth and charm around him that made her trust him despite the short duration of knowing him. What Ayesha didn’t know and failed to realize that this friend ship was going to progress a lot further than either of them anticipated or thought possible.

A week later, Ayesha got a call from her new friend asking her to accompany him to a dance party the following weekend.

“I don’t know Mohit,” Ayesha said apprehensively. “I’ve never dance with a guy before.” This was a dream come true for Ayesha, but imagining something and having it come true was a totally different issue.

“Well Ayesha,” Mohit said at the other end, “It’s a couple only party and no single men allowed. I’d really like to go with you.”

“Well if it’s couples only, you can go with Shalini,” Ayesha said a little nervously.

“I don’t want to go with Shalini, I’d rather go with you.” Mohit said

“Oh? Why is that?” Ayesha persisted

Mohit was silent for a long while before saying, “Because I really like you and have been thinking about you this whole week, and you’re the only one I want to go with to this party. If you don’t come with me, then I won’t be going.”

Ayesha was stunned at Mohit’s honesty and sincerity. She didn’t say anything for a long moment, and Mohit on the other end was holding his breath hoping that he hadn’t crossed a line.

“Ok, I’ll go with you” Replied Ayesha and Mohit sighed in relief.

“Thanks, I’ll call you back with the details,” and hung up the phone. Ayesha was feeling hot under the clothes and felt heart beating faster both in excitement and also in nervousness. She was going on her first date and with a guy she liked.

The next evening Mohit called with the details of the weekend and after working out the timings and the picking up and dropping off logistics, Ayesha immediately called Shalini and told her of her plans. Being a true friend, Shalini was equally excited and helped Ayesha on what to wear. She advised Ayesha that as a dance party traditional clothes were absolutely a no, so advice her to wear a t shirt and jeans ensemble. There was no bitterness or jealousy in Shalini’s voice, and Ayesha even felt that Shalini might know exactly what Ayesha’s needs to do for Mohit to be interested in her. Taking her friends advice, Ayesha wore a black t-shirt over a tight pain of jeans. She also let her hair loose and applied just a touch of make up, and finally wore her perfume.

Mohit again picked her up on his motorbike and Ayesha sat back again. Mohit just turned back his head back and before starting off simply said, “Ayesha, you look beautiful!”

Ayesha blushed and braced herself again. During the ride, her breasts bumped into Mohit’s back several times and each time she loved the pressure they felt. Her bra was not doing anything to hide the excitements her nipple were feeling, but the fact that it was dark and the t-shirt was black, it didn’t make them too obvious.

When they reached the party, Mohit took Ayesha’s hand and escorted her inside. The place was filled with couples and Ayesha was mesmerized. These days, with India ‘s booming economy, there has been a lot of western influence in the big cities. A perfect example of that fact is that today, Valentines Day is celebrated with as much vigor as Eid, Diwali, and Christmas. So the dance party was really totally lit up and up to any competitive standards. The music was excellent for dancing, and Mohit continued walked straight to the dance floor and holding Ayesha’s hands started moving to the music. Ayesha wasn’t sure what to do, but Mohit kept smiling at her as he danced with her and around her. Sensing her hesitation, Mohit drew her close and whispered in her ear.

“You are making all the other women jealous with your looks just by standing here.”

Knowing that he was only saying this to make her more at ease, Ayesha smiled at him and felt herself relax. She slowly started moving to the music and pretty soon was in her comfort zone with Mohit. As the hours flew by, Ayesha felt more alive than she had even been before. She danced with Mohit to the hearts delight. The dance to desi music, western music, latin music, everything. Mohit was a great dance partner and Ayesha felt her inhibitions going away. She started touching him more and more during the dance, and emulating some of the other couples, some of the steps brought them close enough to feel each other body heat as well as each other breaths. Ayesha was having an amazing time and with each minute felt herself growing close and closer to Mohit.

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As it is with most dance parties, the last few songs are slow songs that are usually for couples that are already in a relation ship. While some of the couples left the dance floor, Mohit didn’t say anything but looked at Ayesha while gently holding her hand. Ayesha looked at him and after a moment’s hesitation, got closer to him and gently placed her head on her chest. Mohit wrapped his arms around Ayesha and gently moves to the music. Ayesha wrapped her arms round Mohit and felt his heart beating in his chest. As the last dance was coming to a close, Ayesha felt Mohit hand slip on to her butt and gently squeeze it.

Ayesha was both surprised and thrilled by this one act. She felt her body flush immediately and a wave of intense heat hit her. She wrapped her arms even more tightly around Mohit. This was Ayesha’s first realized of her feeling for Mohit. This one act proved to her that her body had already accepted Mohit, and her mind felt at peace despite know the reality of the situation.

When Mohit dropped her home, Ayesha was completely dazed and saying a lingering goodbye, we immediately ran to her room, and stripped. She threw her black top on the floor and struggled out of her jeans. She took off her bra, freeing her aching breasts and pulled down her soaking panties.

Falling on the bed, she opened her legs wide and began fingering herself again. This time her fingers were drenched instantly, she couldn’t believe how turned on and wet she was. It was great, and it felt great! She began fingering herself and rubbing her clit with her free hand. Feeling her orgasm building up, her fingers kept their fast pace and her pussy was spread open wide. It hit her and she let the whole orgasm overtake her body. She was so aroused that her cum squirted leaving behind a wet trail of pussy juice and cum on the sheet. Cum was dribbling over her hand and fingers, she felt herself catching her breath and her free hand pinching and rubbing her nipples.

Despite the powerful orgasm, Ayesha was still horny. Turning over on her stomach, Ayesha raised her ass up in the air, not missing a beat with her fingering. She slid her pussy drenched fingers out of her little hole and rubbed up and down over her pussy lips and moved up to her tight tiny asshole. Slowly rubbing two fingers over the forbidden entrance, her body was shaking with anticipation and excitement. She felt her wet asshole become softer and more inviting now. Her breathing almost to a stop, she was so excited about the new feeling and sensation she is going to give herself. Ayesha slowly slid the wet index finger into her well lubed asshole, feeling the first knuckle sliding inside. Her tight butt hole kept squeezing on her finger, making it harder to push in.

Sliding her finger out of her butt, she spit on it getting it wetter to slide in with better ease. Returning to her virgin butt, she slid it back inside and this time it went in easier. She felt the second knuckle go in, spreading her tightness to a better comfort. When she finally relaxed and got over the initial excitement and anticipation, she relaxed her ass more to slide in as far as she can go with one finger. Pushing it in and out, stretching her little hole and feeling a little bit of pain that soon turned to pleasure. Ayesha had never done this before, not had she been this horny ever. The new feeling took her over fast, she flipped on her back again with her finger still in her asshole, and Ayesha shoved two fingers inside her dripping pussy to finish herself off. Her breaths were fast and barely coming out, and her body sending out wave after wave of pure, raw pleasure. Her double hole finger fucking left her breathless and shaking on her bed. Her body naturally curling up and she slid her fingers out of both entrances. Her ass finger feeling slimy from the saliva and pussy juice mixed with ass. And her other two fingers and most her hand was drenched and sticky from her pussy juice and cum.
That night Ayesha spent dreaming of Mohit and three days later when Mohit called again and invited her to his place to meet his sister, Ayesha readily accepted. Since this was a big deal, Ayesha decided to spend a bit extra time getting ready. She went to the beauty parlor and got arms and legs waxed. She even took extra care and shaved off her underarms and pubic area. The latter she did mainly as a habit, as in the Muslim culture periodic removal of underarm and pubic hair is considered a must. She wore a traditional outfit with a blue shalwar and yellow kameez which she topped off with a white dupatta (a long cloth often draped over the bosom for modestly).

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Indian Muslim woman’s breaks religious taboo

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