indian professional who is visiting US and ther she enjoys sex with black guys

indian professional who is visiting US and ther she enjoys sex with black guys

My name is Vanita , I am a HR professional working as GM HR in a US company operating in Pune India, I am 37 year old single woman , 5’2”, 58 kgs, have fair complexion, shoulder length Dark brown hairs and a great body figure of 34 –28-36.

I was an athlete during schooling days and hence my thighs and hips are well toned ,even at this age my breast still stand erect even without support , in fact one of my boy friend with whom I had some steaming relationship was very fond of them .

I visit US frequently on official duty, as our head Office is in Los Angeles, during these visits, I accidently developed a taste for Black men and now I am really crazy about them , some of them can even make me wet just by looking in my eyes and as a result I am always looking for and even creating opportunities for visiting US.

It all started with my first visit in Dec 2002, when I joined this US organisation and took up the charge of the department and was required to pay a visit to head office as part of my induction training.
During the last week of Dec 2002 , I was told of my program that I would be leaving India on 28th and would stay in LA for a month , during which period I will visit different places where our operations were and understand the culture and issues involved.

When I reached LA, one HR Asstt. had come to the airport to take me to the Hotel and then to the office , After pleasantries He introduced himself as Ahmed Thronton, he was 23 year old , must be 6 and ½ feet tall , dark black and built like a bull, he was working as Asstt. HR officer in LA office and temporarily he was attached to me so that I would not face any problems being first time to the US .
I asked him whether he was a Muslim or Christian because his name suggested both , he replied that he was Sudanese and his forefather had shifted to US and that his Mother was Muslim and Father Christian and that his mother insisted to keep a Muslim first name for him though he was a Christian by religion.

We went to the Hotel where he waited in Lobby while I got freshened and ready for the office , we kept on discussing various official subjects , occasionally talking about each other , in order to know each other better .

Everything went on smooth ,every day Ahmed was with me as long as I wanted. In the evenings we would go to some nice restaurant for dinner and then he would drop me to my hotel.
We had become quite familiar with each other within few days ,and I did not hesitate to ask him to take me to some night club, which I heard a lot about, from people around but never been there .
He suggested that let us first go to a Japanese Restaurant for dinner and from there we would go to the the Gold Mine night Club, I was really excited as I knew night life in India was nothing as compared to US and I was looking for this opportunity of visiting one .

We had the dinner which was excellent then drove on to the Gold mine in Ahmed’s car , When Ahmed reminded me to carry the Passport as age proof other wise I would not be allowed to enter the club , I had laughed at that saying I am old enough to be a Mom of an adult, Ahmed replied but you don’t look like that.

When we entered the night club there was a door man who looked like a wall made of muscle asked for our age proof.
Soon we were in side, it was a big hall cramped with people , there was a big bar on one corner, people were sitting every where mostly couples , some girls were giggling around , there was stream of wall mounted TVs showing different programs , but there was not much smoke as I had expected , it was also not very dark and as my eyes grew accustomed to the light I saw couples in various positions, Kissing , fondling and feeling was going on all around unmindful of presence of others in the room.

I saw one girl in small skirt sitting on the lap of a man on bar stool, man’s hand was inside her skirt and he was nibbling her ear lobe , she was giggling and had one arm around his neck and they were so close to me that I could feel the heat emanating from them.
I blushed at the scene, my face growing redder by the minutes, I was probably the only person aware of others presence and their postures, everybody else was not bothered at all.
Ahmed looked at my face and asked pulling at my arm “Vanita, are you alright?
I said- Yes , why
Your face is red, you blushin he laughed .
Yes , we are not so open in India –I said not looking at him
Ok , what would you drink? , he asked
Well , Beer would be fine , I have just eaten too much, food was so delicious I said .

Ahmed ordered for a White rum and a beer, I started to look around again aware that it was awkward but could not ignore the erotic actions going on all around .
Suddenly , I was pushed sideward as an almost drunk woman staggered , trying to reach to bar asking for a drink which caused me to rub against Ahmed , he immediately put an arm around me as if supporting me , his large paw covering my shoulder.

I did not mind it and he did not remove it, we took our drinks , I was looking for any reaction from Barman, wondering whether would he notice Indian woman with a black man , he did not notice , it made me feel comfortable that no body was bothered what I was doing.
We kept on drinking and watching some erotic program going on TV, talking some times.

Ahmed ordered more drinks , while drinking I was continuously trying to make out what nearby couple were doing ,this man was openly rubbing her between the legs, which she had opened up for him and they were frequently kissing and whispering .The girl was kooing again and again obviously enjoying every moment .

Beers had started having their effect , I was not feeling tight in the stomach anymore , rather was feeling bolder and action going on near by had made me hot, I was now aware that Ahmed had moved his hand around on my shoulder few times and that front of his left leg was rubbing against side of my hips .

I told Ahmed to order whiskey for me as I was too full to drink beer any more and it was only 10 .00 pm and I wanted to stay there some more.
He ordered whiskey for both of us , more people had joined in and as a result it was difficult standing without rubbing against some one or the other , so Ahmed shifted closer to me now , his hand still on my shoulder , he bent and asked enjoying the drink , and I felt his front side rubbing against my hips distinctively .

After I finished my drink , looking at Ahmed I asked , shall we go ?
Yeh! Ok , ut I wanna hav one more drink, may be we can go to my place and have some.
I said curtly , No , you can have as much as you want but here only ,
Ahmed was Slightly put off, he ordered a repeat ,And I was thinking how easily he was discouraged , bar tender again put two drinks on table and I reacted saying, no, I can not drink now ,
C’ mmon Vanita , he reacted , Its already served.
If I drink this you will have to carry me home, I said smiling this time
Ahmed grinned broadly , & said “I would love that’
Shut up, I said looking at him and humourously
He kept on grinning , what’s wrong with you , I asked , you have not seen a lady or what
Not a Indian beauty like you, nope!!!!! He replied .

He kept on sipping drink and after waiting for some time I decided that probably I could handle another drink.
Scenes around had become hotter and hotter, one couple caught my attention, a blonde girl was standing against a black man and had her hand thrust inside man’s pant , she had
The look as if she had just found Karron’s treasure , her eyes were wide open and was looking at the man , the man had both of his hands clamped on her hips .
Look at them , I told Ahmed

He looked at them bent closer to my face and then asked me his looking directly in my eyes, you liked that ?
I did not understand any thing , normally , I would have said, no, but I was under the effect of Alcohol and said yeea!!!.
Wanna see more of such things

Yes , of course , I said By now I was stammering under the effect alcohol.
For that you will to come to my place, He replied.
Ok, tomorrow may be, now let us go!
We paid up and started back it 00.20 in the morning and when we started walking back I realized that I had had too much to drink today, but some how I managed to walk till the car, Ahmed opened the door and I almost fell in the seat and immediately fell asleep.
Ahmed drove me back and I slept through the way.

I woke up when Ahmed shook me, at the Hotel door, I tried to get up but could not and stammered , pleaaase take me ta rooom
Ahmed helped me out of the Car , there was nobody at the lobby , he then picked me up and took up the elevator to the 17th floor where my room was .
He made me stand holding me with one arm wrapped around me and took out the key from my Pocket , opened the door , picked me up and set me up on the bed .
He closed the door and set down near me, then took out my shoes and slowly – slowly started undressing me , when he was taking out my coat I came to some senses and asked him what was he doing,
He replied, just changing your clothes

His hands were feeling too good on my waist and legs to stop him that did not resist, he was obviously enjoying what he was doing as was doing it so slowly and then he took out my shirt and set down near by feeling my shoulders , his hands flowing down to my breast , waist thighs knees ,I wanted to stop him but the pleasure was overpowering coupled with lowered inhibitions, I decided to let it happen, I opened my eyes slightly and put my hand on his hand and pulled it on to my breast , and that was enough , he immediately shifted side ways and starting feeling my breasts , kissing me on my mouth

His hand working on my shirt buttons , he opened my shirt , and fondled my tits over the black bra tightly clamped on my 34C size breasts, then he moved his mouth over the exposed part of my breasts and kissed, with his other hand he opened my pants, and pushed it down to my thighs, After some time he turned me over and quickly opened the bra , kissing and feeling my back and his hands and mouth traveling down my back and then stopped and suddenly hooked his fingers on the sides of my panties and pulled it down roughly, his movement were telling me that he was getting impatient , he sat up and quickly pulled it down all the way to my ankles and threw it away , now I was lying there upside down entirely naked , though drunk I was aware that he had moved away , I looked side ways to find out what he was doing , he had taken out his shoes, and was fumbling with his pants , soon he turned around and walked to the fridge wearing only short he was looking for some thing in the fridge.I realized that my heart was thumping hard against my rib cage , and I was very very wet between my legs .

Then he called up , Hey Vanita any drinks over there ?
I replied, Look in cup board
Soon He returned with a large drink and some jar in hand which he placed at the corner table and sat down by my side .
First he gulped a large sip of drink then started kissing my back from neck downward , by the time he reached my hips , he was very excited , he was saying some thing , which I could not hear I was too excited for that. Ahmed was circling his both palms on my hips, gently and slowly initially then his movements became rougher and rougher , muttering some thing he started licking and biting on my hips excitedly soon he became even rougher and started biting my hips all around, his muttering were now more loud, his behaviour animalistic , then suddenly he started spanking me which caused a sharp wave of pain to erupt from my hips again and again , I was now fearful what was he doing, has he gone mad , I cried AAAAAAAh Ahmeeeeeed nooooooooooooo Please
He stopped and with his both palms on my ass cheeks he roughly parted them and started licking between them like crazy till I was writhing on bed uncontrollably, I was in heaven , he stopped and started spanking me roughly all over again.pain caused me to scream , my eyes were filled with tears, I was thinking, what kind of love making was that and perhaps I had made a big mistake .
He kept on switching between the licking all through my ass and cunt and spanking hard .

When he spanked hard I cried out loud in pain, but when licked my ass hole I cooed in pleasure , My vagina was swallon to twice its size and wet ness was flowing uninterrupted, he kept on alternating till I could not take it any more as I was feeling as if some thing has melted inside my cunt and was flowing out , I needed to come , my head was pounding , I was trembling and I was beyond reasoning .
I could not resist any more an sat down pulling at his his hairs as he was tonguing me, and try to pull him on top of me, he was too heavy for me , but he straightened , standing on his knees , and first time I saw his cock and a fearful squeak erupted from my mouth , O Mnaanaa !!!!!!!!!!!, MAIN TO MAR GAI
I could not know when he had taken out his short, what he had was a dark black cock as thick as coke bottle and looked as long as my fore arm, a drop of his pre come on its tip , it was so black that the drop was shining.

I trembled, sweat of cold fear forming on my fore head , wondering what had I done ,I kept on looking at it like a frightened dove , but sight of a cock after so many years had stirred up a strong desire to posses it, own it.

Slowly, I reached and hold it in my left hand ,O god it was so hard .
I wanted it , Ahmed pushed me on bed and was immediately on top of me , I opened my legs for me and closed my eyes for the assault,pushed a hand between us to guide that monster , pleading with trembling voice , please!!!!!!!!! Ahmed Please !!!slowly ,
He was not hearing anything , he too was excited, he just pushed it roughly and quickly and before I could properly guide he plunged full force .
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, OOUUUUUUOOUUIII, Mnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAR GAYI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOO !!!!! , Please!!!!!!!!!! , let me goooooooooo!!!!, NO!!!!!!!! Please !!! nooooo.
He kept pushing , gasping fast , he was very very excited too .

I felt as If my Vagina was torn, burst open and pain stayed even when Ahmed tried and pushed slowly, hearing my scream he was trying to restrain himself but he was way too big for my unaccustomed Vagina.
Next one minute was most difficult , as Ahmed pushed again and again trying to lodge that giant of a cock into me , I screamed , and screamed and tried to resist his movement , till finally he gained his self control and became gentle .

I was crying ,tears rolling down my cheeks, my hands on his shoulders trying to push him away, please stop , please stop!!!!!!!!! .
Ahmed stopped pushing it whether because he was not able to push it further or because of my cries, I do not know , but stopped and rested on top of me keeping his wait on one of his elbow.
He then dried my tears and kissed me, slowly at first then harder and harder as my pain subsided and I became accustomed to the monster pleasure rod buried inside me .

Is it ok now Ahmed asked
Yes, I said, trying to smile ,
Then we kissed again, you are very big, I said
Yaa !! , he said
Then he started moving his buttocks , I felt as if one of my own organ was being pulled out of me , but the pain was reducing , soon there was no pain , only feeling of being stretched and filled and some discomfort when he pushed it in .
His movements were getting faster and faster and our breaths laboured and laboured .

I felt as if some thing was melting in side me and and I was going to burst , then the climax came , I felt it , I found my teeth clenced , eyes tight shut and that first shudder , then the next and the next swept over me and then I heard my scream but this time it was out of sheer pleasure ,I kept on shuddering , all my muscles cramping , Ahmed on the other hand was moving harder and faster for me.
My shudders were reduced to trembling but Ahmed was still going on , he looked in my eyes , smiled and said , let me clean you , then he moved down ward , lifted my legs up in the air and started licking my vagina , lapping up all my secretion.God , what a feeling

When his tounge reached my ass hole again , I felt as if a on button was put on and I grabbed his hair so hard that he got the signal as to what I wanted .
And he went on to work licking me all over my vagina and ass hole then he suddenly turned me over and slapped hard on my buttocks again then he turned me over again and licked.
He was toying me like a child ,and my pressure was building again , this time I was more vocal.

Take me please I said ,pulling at his hairs.
You want it babey, you loved it
Yeeh ! , give it to me you fucker
OK, get on to your hands , doggey style .

I obeyed , I placed 2 pillow below my head and let my head rest on it , this way , my ass was stick up in the air open for the guest .
Ahmed played with my ass before guiding the monster in , slowly at first tough it hurt again but I was determined and knew that I can take it .
Ahmed Pushed it, I then told him to hold it there and I shifted my weight around to make my self comfortable .

Ahmed was now enjoying the feast of looking at my beautiful round nice hips and moving his cock at will, we kept on and on till I felt that wonderful feeling of some thing melting inside and and started pushing my hips backwards , ahmed quickened his pace, I said , I ‘m coming , please , please , he moved faster and faster and faster .
I cried , Le littiiii , involuntarily speaking Panjabi
And this time I came so hard that the entire bed creaked , Ahmed was fucking me so hard that we fell on bed and his powerful movement threw me against the bed post .
It was building up again and I screamed , again and again and felt as if everything was becoming darker and darker and I passed out .

When I regained consciousness , he was still on top of me and fucking me , I looked up at my watch, it 4.56 AM in the morning , Had we fucked all night or I had remained unconscious for hours , I did not know , nor cared to know .

I felt sourness in my cunt and wet ness also , I put my hand down and felt it , there was a mess there , Ahmed was now pumping harder and harder and I sensed that he was going to shoot any moment .
Hold on , let us come together this time , I said , he bent and nibbled my ear lobes and got down saying ok.

I got up , looking around for a towel , which Ahmed handed over to me , and slowly started cleaning my self , very gently knowing that my skin there was raw and sensitive by now .
The bed sheet was having no.of wet patches, there was this thick come drying , Ahmed was in no mood of waiting any more .

He pulled me to one cleaner and drier side and started licking me again , then he took his drink once again and sipped , he pushed my legs wider got on top of me and kissed me transferring drink in my mouth , I enjoyed that ,
I asked him to do that again , I realized my head was pounding and I had a headache , this time Ahmed spiiled drink over my pussy and started licking it clean , It hurt very badly , probably because of my raw skin and I had stop him.
He went on to licking again , ass to cunt to ass and feeling me .
I decided to feel him this time , so I got up and took his cock in my hand , it looked so beautiful , so desirable , I gritted my teeth and took him in my mouth, he was smelling of semen , I licked , cleaning it .
It was so big , I could only take its tip in my mouth ,as my jaws ached, I was enjoying licking it all around. Ahmed watched it sipping his drink and then pushed me on the side and took 69 position.
We both became busy with the interesting job at hand, till Ahmed said, I am coming babey !!!!!!!!!!
I immediately let him go and turned around opening my legs for him.

He jumped on top of me and pushed his shaft into me, this time the pain was different, it shot through the entire depth of my cunt , I grimaced but soon became comfortable
And started moving , his urgency was making me more excited , he was calling my name , gasping , I was feeling him deep inside deeper than I thought possible , some times I felt he was going to tear me , or his cock will hit me in the ribs.

I distinctly felt his cock hitting the end of my tunnel, pushing it further in ,causing me to grimace , my pussy was stretched to round shape , every inward movement of that gigantic cock caused the shaft to rub against my clit sending me in to the orbit .

I never had experienced some thing like this ever before , My pussy stretched beyond limits causing pain , my entire depth filled up and sour , cock head hitting the end of my tunnel and rubbing against the clit sending waves of pleasure.

I can not explain the feeling , my pressure was building , tears were rolling down my cheeks ,my face was contorted with pain , pleasure , fear , excitement , joy , satisfaction, I ‘m comingggggggggggggg !! I gasped he repeated it
We were trying to get into each other , when Ahmed exploded into me first time in my conscious state , and I felt his cum and that triggered my best ever orgasm so far.
And I blacked out again .

I got up around noon , Ahmed had left , I was lying in messed up bed , there was this overpowering smell of sex in the room .
Bed sheet was covered with stains made by wet and dried semen and my cum
When I sat up , I found that Ahmed ‘s cum was still dribbling from my pussy .
I saw where we fucked last, lot of drying cum mixed with blood spots.
The rough sex had my cunt bleeding at last .

I realized that my cunt was sour,I was feeling very week, had a fever and headache.
I went to the bathroom , cleaned my self , took breakfast , some medicine whaih I was carrying , and slept .

Next two days my pussy was so sour that , I could not go out , though my fever had subsided .which I did not like , what I liked was no. of teeth and finger marks all over my hips , breasts and thighs .
I smiled whenever I saw them , those were the love signs.On Monday the next when Ahmed came in to take me to the office, he came up in the room instead of usual calling up from lobby.
I was ready and waiting for him impatiently, I have been kind of day dreaming since yesterday, those large hands, stinging blows, his rough plunging into me was coming back to my mind again and again and though I wanted to shake off these thoughts, but found them coming back again and again.

When I saw Ahmed coming in the room my heart leaped to my mouth, my heart started beating faster, he looked so handsome, so manly,
He stared at me, his stare traveling from top to bottom, Grinning and almost drooling,
He said, Good Morning, how ya doin Vaenita,
I suddenly felt anger, irritation or may be I made it up and said ‘you bastard
Why did you have to do that’
He laughed and replied “cmon babe!! you loved it, didn’t you”
‘Shut up and Don’t call me baby, I am old enough to be your mother’
Haaaaaaaa Haaaa !!!! He laughed aloud moved towards me and suddenly put a hand around my waist pulled me up and close and kissed me hard, I struggled to keep away.
His rough manners were infuriating me as a person but as a female I felt as if those raw spots all over my body had come alive and sending tingling sensation all over me.
I got away and shouted ‘what do you think you are, you raped me yesterday and now you have guts to come and kiss me, you know!! I can have you jailed’

He was still smiling but said nothing raising his hands said ‘alright alright’
That cooled me a little; I picked up my bag and moved towards the door.
Ahmed following me without a word.

While driving he did not say any thing, I kept on looking out side, and his big black hard organ kept flashing back in my head.
When we reached office, Martha my counterpart was in the office talking to somebody on telephone, she looked at me and nodded,
I was still sour between my legs and walked a little gingerly, and I was aware of my awkward movements and wondered whether people will notice.
I went to my seat and sat down slowly my butt was still aching from the spanking Ahmed had given me, after few minutes, when I was relaxed enough mild smile ran through my lips as a flash of those moments crossed my mind.

I did not know why but I did not spoke to him the entire day but my mind was wandering back to Friday evening and I could not concentrate on the job at all.
Martha asked me twice if everything was ok, she also noticed the tension between Ahmed and me and asked, Hey Vanita! Ahmed is taking good care of you or not?.
I thought loudly, the Bastard had taken too good a care of me!!!!!
I said, ‘no no everything is fine its just those days’
She smiled, take off if you want, I said no ‘I would be fine’

At the end of the day, though I did not want to go with Ahmed, I also did not want to create a situation making it obvious for all.
Driving and looking solemn Ahmed looked at me and this time without smiling asked me, ‘Are you alright’
I did not reply

Vanitaa!!!’ coming nearer, asked again “you all right”.
I had controlled myself by then and said ‘you had almost killed me, you know that’ my tone was still sharp
‘I am sour all over and my internal organs are swollen and you didn’t even have a courtesy to call me up during the weekend’
I was lecturing him now, ‘everything happens between man and woman, but this is no way!!! , You behaved like an animal! I am all blue and black everywhere.”
‘I never meant to hurt you Vanita that darned drink got me, and you are so very beautiful, I just lost control.

He kept driving and muttering about office things, which I could hardly concentrate on, I was wondering what will happen if some body come to know of it in India, I was also surprised at the response of my own body, on one side I was angry with him and on the other side I was day dreaming about him, my heart was racing fast as the hotel was nearing.
Some how I managed to decide that I was not going to allow him in my room this time, when we reached hotel I thanked him for dropping me, he insisted in talking to me, but I did not budge.
He left leaving me in the lobby, and I suddenly felt lonely and as if I had lost some thing, for a moment I wanted him back.

I went to my room and took a hot bath, which soothed some of my sour spots, took a quick dinner and slept early.

Next day, Ahmed met me in the lobby and during the journey told me that if I felt so bad I should have stopped him and that now he is feeling sorry, I said “no its ok and it happens some times, it will be over soon”

I was still having difficulty walking in the office, while walking down a staircase pretending to be normal, I slipped and fell down.
OOO MMMMaaaaaaa! a scream erupted from my mouth, as pain shot through my brain, I had twisted my ankle badly and I knew it the moment I felt the pain.
People rushed to pick me up and as I was trying to stand up, I found my right ankle was swelling quickly, I knew instantly that some thing was broken.
Martha called up emergency vehicle immediately while Ahmed picked me up and placed in a chair near by, I started crying, Martha was looking upset as she ordered people around.
Vehicle arrived in no time and Ahmed Picked me to put me in the vehicle, despite the severe pain in the ankle I was aware of Ahmed’s cock rubbing my side causing my nipples to harden, and I thought “ my god what is happening to me I am going to ask this man to make love to me soon again if I stayed here one more day”

I was taken to hospital, X ray revealed that ligaments were damaged and I was to wear plaster for 3-4 weeks, O God, I thought this was to happen in a foreign country.
I felt pity here I was alone half a globe away from my people, having broken my ankle & suffering from extreme pain.

My mother would be worried if I tell her and I could not continue this way in US, and I wanted to go back home, and I cried.
A nurse came in and told me that in order to put plaster she needed to take my cloths off, I was wearing a tight black pants, O God, I thought, another problem If she take it out she will see all those tell tale marks, what would she think, she might ask.

I quickly refused saying no problem I will cut it out in the hotel, She replied “ Hotel, you aren’t’ goin nowhere ma’m, you need rest, you will stay under observation a day”
I said “ but why u have to take my cloths off “ she looked as if I was from another world and replied curtly “Hospital rules ma’m, all of your cloths” and she handed me one gown asked “ Let me Help You”.
I pleaded, let me talk to Ahmed please, she said ok and returned with Ahmed and Martha both, another problem I could not talk to Ahmed in front of Martha, “ what do I do now?”
I said, I do not want to stay here in the hospital and I don’t wanna wear hospital gown either looking meaningfully at Ahmed, hoping he would understand and come up with something.
Martha showed that she was a HR person “Vanita, we need to take care of you, you are so far away from home and we can not take any risk, beside it’s a “recordable” incident you got hurt in the office, I’ll have to put this on web and file a report, u know, there was no incident for a year and half in my office.

“We have got to figure out where to keep u after u are released from hospital” we can’t leave you alone
And as they went out Ahmed winked at me.
“So he understood but did nothing” I thought “Sonofabitch, fucking Bastard!”

Nurse started helping me to change and I found myself blushing red, she was going to see all those marks, and she did!
Noticing one of the teeth marks on my breasts she gasped, “hey whats this” and there were others too she exclaimed as I tried to quickly cover them with gown “O man, what have u been through!!!!! You hit a train or what”

I was trying to take my pants and panties off when she saw marks on my thighs; she bent and looked closely, O!!!! Gotchha u got some love bites? She said giving a naughty smile and winked and I blushed, my face went red and I quickly lie down without saying a word.
I was feeling so shy and exposed and vulnerable.

By the next day pain in my foot has subsided, Martha and Ahmed came to get me discharged.
And Martha declared “we have got to shift you from Hotel, we have arranged a place and a nursing assistant for you” handing me one of my dress which Ahmed had brought from my room.
I did not ask where, Ahmed had got my stuff back from Hotel and we moved to this new place

It was an apartment building, and I was taken to one apartment in 7th floor, it was a beautiful apartment, all decorated and a balcony looking up on the street.
While I went to sit on the sofa, A young Back Boy entered, Martha introduced him “Hey Vanita, meet here Jamil, he is going to be around for helping you, he is Ahmed’s cousin and they both are in the next apartment, Jamil has been kind enough to agree to take care of you till you are well enough to take care of yourself”
I was shocked and wanted to protest and say no but knew it was no use now. I should have asked earlier.

I was in for some more pounding from Ahmed now for sure, as he was going to be nearby all the time and there would be no. of opportunities for me to loose control.
My nipples were hardening again, Martha said, now you rest, we got to be moving now, “Thanks Martha I said, for everything you are doing for me” looking at Ahmed for a moment and avoiding naming him deliberately to show him my displeasure
“Hey, its ok, just take” care Martha replied and Ahmed winked again

Jamile was sitting by me on a sofa, and looking at my face said, hey Vanita how you are feeling now, I said “Better” then he quickly shifted, bent and lifted my leg and placed on the sofa saying, “you should not place it low ok! then looked around and asked wanna watch television? “ I looked at his face.
He started chatting lightly, you know Ahmed is my cousin, he helped me come here from Sudan for this course, he is a very nice man, he told me that you were indian and you broke your leg an that you are very close to him etc etc.

He explained that he was 21 and was about to join one of those gangs in Sudan when Ahmed talked him over and brought him here, He was around 6”, muscular, with a very thick and long nose and thick lips, slightly wrinkled boyish face, very high fore head, thick neck, solid broad shoulders, long fingers, he was so black that even his lips were darker than any I had seen, I was appalled for a moment, he looked like a gangster, but was very nice.

Ahmed had gone downstairs to see Martha off, when he returned I was still sitting there, he came in and sat down by me patting my thigh asked I am sorry for your ankle Vanita, but u don’t have to worry at all, trying to be pleasant but he was conscious, I said “ why did you have to bring me here, I know your plans”
He replied “No Vanita, that’s not right, I only wanted to take care of you that’s all
I cooled down a little, looked at his face and said nothing, except sliding his hand away from my thigh, internally somewhere I was happy
After some time Ahmed left, telling me to take rest and that he would return soon.

I started to get up to go to bed room, Jamil saw me getting up, he came up quickly put an arm around me and slowly walked me to bed room.
I slipped into my nightdress and went to bed I really needed some rest.
Jamil had already bought something to eat which I ate and slept.

I slept awkwardly through the afternoon, pain was still there and plaster on my foot was making sleeping difficult.
In the evening I got up late there was nobody in the apartment with the help of braces I walked around and prepared my self some break fast, then sat down watching TV and called my Mom in India.
I dozed off on sofa watching TV, around 6 pm Jamil entered the apartment opening the door with the spare key came in and set down near by, making me awake,
He said, “Hi Vanita slept well?”

Yeah, I said my ankle is still paining, “it will pain for a day or two more that’s all” he replied

We kept on chatting, he was quite innocent and nice man, wee talked about Sudan his parents, Ahmed etc.
Jamil after a while said that he was going to order food, and what would I like, I said any thing veg, which he ordered.
“Let me take bath before the dinner comes” I said starting to get up, He replied supporting me with one hand.
Ahmed came in when we were taking dinner; I welcome him with a smile on my face.
Hey Jamile “I got you some beers, u need to take care of Vanita ok?”
Jamile replied, “ U don’t have to say bro”After the dinner we sat in the living room watching TV while Jamile and Ahmed sipped Beers, I had refused to drink.
Ahmed and Jamile left after some time and I went to sleep again.
Next morning, I was feeling much better; I cooked my self a light breakfast and was watching TV when Jamile appeared again. Saying god morning and asking
“How is the pain now Vanita” “better ” I replied

We kept talking, he was nice man and innocent, I quickly became friendly and comfortable with him.
During the chat he offered “let me give you a massage on your leg it will ease your pain”
I looked up at him wondering what did he mean, but he looked so innocent, beside I thought what was wrong in it .He was professional nurse anyway.
I agreed “ok”

“Hold on let me get the oil “ he came back with 2 bath towels and Massage oil from bathroom
He spread the bath towel on the floor and told me to lie down face down
I lie down he placed the towel on me to cover my back and told me to take out my nightdress.
I hesitated, but pulled the gown up to the thighs, now I was lying there on the white towel face down.
I realized again that there were marks all over my body, which he might see though they had almost faded.
“Stop worrying Vanita” I said to my self and enjoy a massage.

The towel was coving my waist upward, Jamile poured the cold liquid over back of my thighs and started rubbing the oil around he sure was a professional massager, I thought as my body started relaxing, I thoughts were now focused more on his probing hands, Soon his hands were probing insides of my thighs, his hands moving up and down my legs going up to the liners of my Panties on the side of my buttocks, he rotated his hands, pressed insides of thighs so perfectly that it made me cooeee in pleasure, it was really exciting .
My pleasure was giving dirty ideas to my mind now.
“You mind takin gown off Vanita”,
“No” an involuntary gasp erupted from my mouth.

He picked the helm of my gown and shifted upward, I helped him by propping my self up.
He threw the gown away and poured the massaging oil on my back, sliding away the towel.
I trembled realizing, I was lying there wearing only bra and panties and a black man was giving me a massage and enjoying watching my naked ness.
He avoided my hips, and applied oil on the back of my thighs instead up and down and side ways down to the calves and ankles then twisted them in some special way that it sent tingling waves through my legs even more.

Soon I was relaxed and a sexual desire had instead started burning inside me, it was like a slow burning flame in side me getting intensified.
In a relaxed mood, He asked “like it” “ Yeah very much” I said
Want some drinks I said, yeah he got up and handed me over a drink, it was kind of different, some sour hard drink I had not tried before.
I gulped a mouthful I needed it very much.
Soon I was cooling down and getting bolder
Jamil went to work on hand again.

And gulped a mouth full again and rested. Enjoying royal treatment.
His hands were sending waves of pleasure in my body and I no more cared about the towel covering my back.
It slid down on a side, Jamil now had got bolder too, his hands were running up and down freely, He poured more of that liquid on my back his hands went down till the elastic of my panties and slid them a little down wards exposing some of my buttocks, I squirmed a little but did not stop him, his hands grabbed exposed sides of my buttocks and waist with both hands and rotated his hands in very special way, and it sent a waves of vibrations of pleasure through my body and my head was lifted up voluntarily and a cooing noise erupted from my lips .

He let me go, I grasped the glass and gulped the drink again, there was fire in my belly and wet ness between my legs, drink had started its effect too.

As he poured more of that liquid on my hips and did that motion again, I felt as if this time something has started melting within my belly.
He slid hands upward and without warning snapped open my bra hook.

A thought of stopping him now came to my mind momentarily, knowing that this will be the turning point beside which I will not be able to control my self, now if I did not stop him now.
I started to get up but he passed his hands side words and pushed me down his hands circling my side of breasts, I let out a sigh and let the resistance go, “To hell with it” what ever happens. With that thought my excitement increased suddenly so did the wet ness between my vaginal lips.

He kept felling my breast and then slid down back again on the exposed part of buttocks, kept on rubbing down on the back of my thighs, first time his fingers almost touched my crotch, then he placed both his hands on my thighs and parted them roughly, I resisted a little which sent further waves of pleasure in my head, he finally parted them and hold them apart till I relaxed.
He then hooked two fingers on the elastic of my panties and before I could react he pulled it down till my knees then with hand pulled it down and away.
I was visibly shivering now.

It sent my heart rushing and I felt cold and trembled, he took bottle of body oil in one hand and poured just over my ass cheeks and roughly pawing them turned and mowed them.
His thumb soon started tracing a line down my ass crack sending shivers up my spine and my heart racing he lifted his hand and placed one thumb over my spine just below my neck, and started tracing it downwards pressing, down through my ass crack pressing it harder on my spine, it felt immensely pleasurable, my head was lifted in air, my eyes were closed, my face burning red and hot, he pressed the thumb hard and down till it touched my ass hole.

He stopped there and kept the pressure on, I could not bear it and squirmed and gasped oooo!
This time he placed one hand on my waist holding me from moving as I took the last gulp, letting him do whatever he wanted to.
Suddenly with other hand he pressed my ass hole and then pressed a finger between my pussy and asshole, and then kept pressing it, rubbing it.
It was entirely different sensation something I had never experienced before, I screamed out of pure pleasure, O Rrabbbbbaaaaaaa!!!!!!!.

And felt as if my pussy had melted and was flowing and I was about to come, shivering I tried to say something but found my self holding Jamils arm and pulling him, begging Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssse.
And he obliged by sliding the thumb up and down and roughly parting my ass cheeks, I looked up and found he was watching it intently and excitedly.

Suddenly he was on top of me his arm on both of my side and I felt a blunt hard but soft thing poking between my legs. “O MY GOD” I thought. “Here it was” .
I involuntarily put my hand down lifting my ass form the grounds and guiding him, as my fingers closed on the shaft a shock of fear ran through me, God it was thick very very thick.
But I had already guided it to the point where there was nothing that could stop it from entering me.

I felt that even Jamile was trembling on top of me, there was this musky smell of my juices all over the room, Then I felt as if my pussy was being pushed back in to me and then a shock of pain followed by feeling of my vaginal tissues giving way and that forced a scream from my mouth, Ouieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mnaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Oooooo Rabbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaa mar gayi reeeeeeeeeeee

Ouiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee as my head involuntarily jerked up, frightening me even more.
He was beyond control too and kept on pushing me, sliding upward as he pushed harder and harder amidst my screams
We were sort of struggling I was trying to hold on the ground to prevent his cock from entering any deeper and he was pushing with force.
It was painful mixed with extraordinary excitement

It made us kind of animals lost in lust, We were busy struggling till he could force the entire thing in me, gasping, my face contorted with fear, pleasure, excitement and pain,
I finally gave in and let my head rest on the floor.

I felt high, hot, stretched and filled, though I was having trouble moving, sensation running through my body was unexplainable.
Jamile entangled his legs with my legs and kept them parted while sliding his arms below me and grabbing my boobs, his right hand on my left boob and left on my right making a cross, the position was suffocating for me his entire weight crushing me while his cock going in deepest.

He kissed my neck and nibbling at my ear lobes started thrusting in and out in quick short and hard strokes.
Every thrust of his pelvis pressed my ass hard and made my belly bones rub against the floor causing pain but that was nothing in comparison of the sensation I was getting from his cock hitting deep inside my vagina and stretching it wider then ever before.

It was Kind of suffocating but very very different my helplessness was adding spice to my pleasure.
My breath was making hissing noise from excitement, suffocation and struggling but the pain in my pussy was quickly disappearing as it was getting more and more lubricated, it was a mix of so many emotions I do not know how to explain.

Slowly I became comfortable and stretched enough, Jamile realizing it pulled himself a little and made himself comfortable by shifting his weight around and with final gasp he sent it in again, giving a winning AAAah.

Then we stopped for some time without moving but experiencing the sensation erupting in our groins.
Jamile started moving excitedly, pulling his entire length out of me and then placing in slow and deep, once, twice then started moving Faster and harder, making me moan with every stroke, anaa, anaa, anaa, ooooooo, ooooooooooo!!!!!!! , I did not want it to stop at all, we continued till I came once, my entire body trembling and shivering, my eyes wide open, tears rolling down my cheek, my heart thumping at rib cage.

Then I came second time in continuation, screaming louder and felt blood pounding in my temples, my entire body spasming then every thing started getting blacker and deeper and I kind of passed out.
I did not know how much time elapsed, When I regained my consciousness, I heard Ahmed saying Well! Well!! Well!!!!, look like you been screwin Jamile good Vanitaa ummm !!
I was sprawled on the floor on my stomach in the same pose, totally exhausted, legs parted and combined cum of Jamil’s and mine dripping from my gapping vagina.

What a sight I would have been for Ahmed and Jamile I thought, A completely naked and exhausted but contended woman with her back glistening with body oil and one leg in plaster was lying at their feet in total bliss and thick globe of white cum were pouring out of her pussy.

When I regained enough strength to be able to sit up, I started to move, Jamile immediately helped me get up and started walking me to bathroom as a stream of cum came running down inside of my thigh, I did not try to stop it as I walked quickly across the room, Ahmed was sitting there, our eyes met and he winked laughing “getting blacked?” I did not answer, but my face went red with shame and guilt.
I avoided his eyes and said nothing.

I cleaned my self, God I had never seen so much cum in one go, then took bath in hot water which relaxed me a little, then came back to my room and changed into Salwar kamiz trying to realize the consequences of what had I done filled with remorse guilt and shame.

What had I become, a mindless sex creature screwing everybody I met, without thinking of consequences.
And I started crying
Then suddenly I realized that Ahmed had come back very early today, something was fishy about it.

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