Indian Wife finds a lover with help of her maid

Indian Wife finds a lover with help of her maid

I don’t when I started to feel lonely and sad, and when my life changed all together. But I guess it was when my husband started to ignore me all together.. Well lets start the story at the beginning from where I can remember.

I am from Ghaziabad , UP (India) and I was 28. I had a pretty face, and a great (if I do say so myself) body (36C-22-32), 5′ 5″, 53 kg, light brown hair and large black eyes. I was married when I was 26 to a person who was 12 year older to me. As the married went on he started to loose all interest in me. And slowly we did not make love or even sleep in the same bed. He would stay out late or go on long tours. Leaving me frustrated.

Well one of the days when he was gone on his long tour I was sitting in the balcony combing my hair and I hear a conservation of 2 women who where standing on the road below my balcony.

From voice I could make out it were my part time maid Mala and the other I did not know who it was. But got my attention was that Mala was telling this other woman that how she made love to Rajesh. Well I could think of only one Rajesh — he was man who used to come to clean the garbage and do odd jobs. A very dirty looking man unshaved , doesn’t bath for days.

Mala was telling how Manly Rajesh is and he is better than her husband.. And her husband doesn’t care, he drinks and gamble. And as far as I understood Rajesh was doing few other women in her basti (Slum).

Well I was so lonely I need a man and somehow I did not care who it was. Bas sex karna hai(Just need sex) I thought aur Mala bhi married hai aur woh kar sakti hai to mie kyu nahi ( and Mala is married as well, If she can do it why can’t I). Well this thought troubles me for many days. The more I thought about it more frustrated and horny I got.

And one day I decided to ask Mala. She was in the kitchen when I walked in ..

Me: Aur Mala kessi hai 2 din se aayi nahi (how are you Mala, You didn’t come for 2 days)

Mala: Didi bimar thi tabhi nahi aapayi.( I was sick, that’s why didn’t come to work)

I giggle a bit and thought let me bring the cat out and face her.

Me: bimar thi yeh Rajesh ke saat thi. ( were you sick, or were with Rajesh)

Mala’s face got red and she mummered but couldn’t reply

Me: Koi baat nahi pagli mujko baat sakti hai. Sahali kie tara. Mujhe pata hai tere aur Rajesh ki baare me. ( That’s ok you can tell me as friends. I know about you and Rajesh)

Well after that day. We both become more like sahalis (Friends). She became more free and bold. Telling me how they do it. How big Rajesh has. Etc and I would tell her of my frustrating. And as days passed by we came closer and became more open … she asked me “Didi aap rajesh kyu nahi chuwati.. Ussko to chut se matlab hai , aap ki ho yeh kiss aur ki” (Why don’t you get fucked by Rajesh, He just wants willing cunt, he doesn’t care if it is yours or anyone else)and I will giggle and didn’t reply..

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One day Mala came with Rajesh . I was alone at home and it surprised me. She said, Didi yeh loo leyaayi(I got him long).. and turning to Rajesh she said didi ko tum se chudawana hai, jessi bataya tha..enke pati enko nahi chodte.. ( she needs to get fucked by you, as I told you her hubby is not giving her enough)

I was red with embarrassment as I stood wearing a sarree.. Mala walked toward me and said Didi sharmayo mata(don’t be shy).. and she pulled my pallu( the part of sarree that goes over the woman tits over the blouse) down.. I froze and couldn’t pull my pullu back.. I saw a smile appeared on Rajesh face as he walked toward me putting his hand on my waist pushed me to the wall. With my back to the wall and Rajesh in front I became a toast between. His face was all over me..i could smell bidi( cigarette) and sweat.. my eyes was half shut and I did not even try to stop him .. I heard Mala say tum dono ko aakele chor deti hu( I will leave you both alone).. and my arms went around Rajesh neck and I opened my mouth to his kiss and his tongue entered.

His hand reached my blouse and gave a tight squeeze to my breast and then ripped my blouse in matter of minutes I was out my sarree petticoat. I stood naked in front of him. I was a little nervous to be exposed to a man other than my husband, for the first time in my life. He came to me took me in his arms. We began to kiss. My tongue didn’t quite make it into his mouth (I think I caught him by surprise, I was a bit eager) but it licked along the length of his lips as I caught his bottom one between my teeth and stretched it as far as it would go before he broke our hug.

And for first time said “Tu to baari gaaram hai. Mast hai saali, Tujhe chodne me Maja Aaye ga.( you are a hot slut bitch fucking you would be fun).”As he led me to the bedroom and took his tshirt and a dirty pajama.. and I could not take my eyes off his cock which was poking straight out and looked majestically big and not only was he long but very thick as well surround with dark black hairs. It dark head shinning with his pre-cum looked enormous to me He was squeezed my ass with his big hands as we again became locked in a passionate kiss.

His cock pointed straight into my stomach on an upward angle and as I rotated my hips causing his large cock to move around above my belly button. As I took hold of the cock making Rajesh groan as he whispered and said. “Ruk Raand ek baar essko teri chut me jaane de.. Uske baad roj chudwane aayye gi( wait whore once this goes inside you ,you come every day to beg me to fuck you)”

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He pushed me to the bed as I fell down on the bed and for first time smile. Loosing all my shyness and embarrassment. But as an female instinct I cover my opening with both my hands. He smiled saying .. “saali chudne wali hai aur mere se chupa rahi hai.( getting shy you are about to be fuck, why to hide)” He was in no mood to stop he made my legs wide apart. I closed my eyes and could feel his warm breath falling on my bar thighs. He must be looking at my hairy chut. Slowly his tongue started to probe the spot at a slow speed. I was lying on the bed hypnotized and was juices flowing out like a river. His tongue was teasing me in every possible way. With every passing moment his tongue was becoming more acrobatic, agile and venturing deep inside my love tunnel.

I was unable to control my self; my legs were spread wide apart, as if to welcome more of his adventures tongue. My hands were holding his head tight between my legs so that he can reach deep in me. His hands were kneading both my 36c moulds. This continued for about 4-5 mins or may be more I am not sure of. Suddenly I felt like a shock, as if all my veins are going to explode and body started to sever in an unknown pleasure. I moaned out in pleasure as I experienced my first climax of the day and a climax that I had not experience for a long long time.

I lay exhausted on the bed trying to adjust myself with the overwhelming feeling. Rajesh was getting ready to fill me up with his eminence lund(Cock). I pushed Rajesh and as he lays on the bed I keened between his leg taking his male stiffness in my mouth. Rajesh was in my control now. As my amateur tongue rolled more on the crown of his man hood and I tasted more of his pre-cum his body language changed. He was holding my head gently with his hands giving small strokes, so that his man hood move in and out of my mouth.

Now he was in no mood to wait and nor was I, he again made me lay back with my leg spread apart waiting for the big moment. He felt between my legs with his hand, as if to test if I am moist enough to enter.

Then as I spread my legs apart he stood between them holding his tool in his hand to guide it to its current destiny. He took his tool and gently began to rub it up and down my tunnel lips, making me gasp as it touched my clit. The crown slowly settled at the entrance to my tunnel. He tensed his buttocks as he began to increase the pressure. Suddenly Rajesh made a slight forward movement as dark crown of his tool head pushed into my tunnel, my tunnel lips distended round its massive girth.

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As I looked on with pleasure mixed with fear he slowly with great care guided his rock hard, thick tool in me. As his enormous crown disappeared in me I could feel my love tunnel stretching to almost its limit. Soon inch-by-inch his rock hard tool went deeper in me. I looked on with great surprised the tool, which looked so thick, is accommodated in me without any problem. As he was embedded in me, he closed his eyes in pleasure and I was giving out low, deep moans in pleasure. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closed to me. He slowly started to pump me while holding my thighs spread wide apart. After about 8 to 10 min. of slow but steady action his tool started to enter me with greater vigor producing a chuckling sound, with each of his thrust the table also started to make crackling sound.

Rajesh then remained motionless for about a min or so to catch his breath. Rajesh came back to life once again by kissing deep on my lips, which I also responded with equal zeal. Rajesh started to pump me with long beautiful well-timed strokes. He continued for sometime to sink his erectness into the wet warmth of my love nest.

I was totally out of control moaning out loud in pleasure and response to his push. My tits were bouncing wildly with every thrust he made to bury his tool deep in me. I was bowled over by the resilience of this man. Then to support his balance he placed both his hands on my bouncing tits and pumped with all his might while crushing my tits with hands.

After about 10-12 mins of hard pumping I could feel his tool was bulging again in my tunnel to explode and to give out it’s fresh, warm juice in me. I too was on the verge of a great second orgasm. At the very last moment he took out his tool and sprayed his juice on my stomach and belly button. Then he entered his semi-limp tool again in me. By then my love tunnel was slippery like hell and he went in me almost without any effort. He didn’t have to work much hard any more as I busted in a great second orgasm of the day.

After that day, Life changed forever. That is another story which will follow.

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Indian Wife finds a lover with help of her maid

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