An Office Affair. Ch 1

It is now two years since my life was changed by a simple invitation to a marriage function by one of my aged mill colleague only few days after that I found me running on the fastest track of lust and power.

Let me first tell a bit about us.

At that time we were a middle class joint family, me 32 years, my pretty wife Ruchi four years younger to me, my parents in late fifties and Manisha my unmarried sister was 22 at that time.

I worked in a big textile mill as assistant floor manager. My father had worked in the same mill and had retired about six years back as accountant.

While my father was in service we used to live in mill quarters but after that we built a small house in that town and credit for that only went to my mother who did all the labor. The house was small and had only three rooms. The single room upstairs, was my bedroom which had bath facilities attached to it and I slept here with my wife.

Although my mother had better dreams for me but she could send me only to a cheap technical school and I did diploma in production machine operations and maintenance.

For complete one and half year I couldn’t get any job and wandered on roads till my father retired. My mother trough her some contacts managed a job for me in the mill in name of company’s gratitude to long faithful services of her husband.

The other wonder my mother did for me was to marry me with an exceptional sexy beauty Ruchi.

Ruchi was the daughter of one of my mother’s old classmates. She was around 22 and had done masters in botanical science. Mother showed me her full body photograph. She was cute and sexy. I was heart taken by her thick lips and stray hair rippling on sides of her checks, dominating over her oval face.

After marriage we were given the upstairs room and there I began my unending erotic pleasures with my pretty woman in every possible ways and styles that made her sensual and sex loving woman.

In a year after marriage she began gathering 35-29-36 inch figure to look an erotic silky woman. She was not bony but didn’t have an inch of extra flesh than that needed for her sensuality. Her flat belly and a set of round bosoms and eyeful hips always made males mouth watering for her. She gives an impression of miss like fucked woman.

I had been always conscious of lusty eye of males slipping on her. She too knew about her capacities to kill men at first sight and always maintained her from her silky hair to polished feet toenails.


As assistant to floor in-charge I got around 15,000 bucks a month. That with the pension of my father barely made about 19, 000, just enough for mouths of a joint family.

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The mill was dying and only a year back we had anticipated that a partial lay -off was inevitable. However I saw another wonder when the management brought new Chief Executive Officer [CEO] Rama Reddi.

He was in mid forties bit dark and was a large man in all ways. The way he worked and lived made him legendary in mill. I had seen him many times and felt his sweating and struggling heat close to me.

We saw how a charge had been infused in our dead machines! Soon the wheels on floors began roaring and the mill stores were piling with stocks we were manufacturing. Unending line of trucks were now lifting mill products from store sheds. Within ten months the lay off fears had gone and we listened only of expansion plans.

The CEO mostly wore sports shirt, which showed ample of his hairy chest. He was also equipped by overflowing manly capacities as his loose pants always displayed his massive testicles and huge sexual organ that were unable to accommodate there.

At times mill people giggly narrated that how they saw him brushing his bulge with back of his palm in meetings and even adjusting it better in the folds of the pant.

Like for any big man, tales began floating about him. Some said that he had problems with his wife because of over fucking and she lived at Bombay with their daughter. Some one told me in confidence that Reddi ji could fuck a woman solidly all the night and presently he was daily fucking Chief General Manager’s wife in company guesthouse.

There were rumors and rumors but no had any confirmation. However I had some idea that many women from other sections had been recently shifted to his office.


On that turning day of my life, my wife and I had gone with my parent and sister to that wedding function. That family was well acquainted with all of us. Ruchi had taken her time at home to prepare her and looked lovely in dark pink sari and tight thin blouse over white brasseries that was sensuously visible on her flat back. She had worn pinkish sandals matching to sari in her delicious feet. Her eyes and oval face looked killing in night.

There was good gathering in the decorated marriage hall, which had a big stage set with a pair of red wedding sofa. In front of stage on hall floor there were about thirty rows of chairs and two of sofas for guests and VIPs. My parents and father met many old acquaintances.

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Around 8 p someone from mill announced little loudly that Reddi ji was arriving. There was a little uproar and I saw host hurriedly walking to gate. Little later Reddi ji entered the hall in white pant and blue sports shirt, revealing his hairy chest. Before host could guide him to front sofa some mill man saw him and came to him.

He had an aroma around him and people gathered around him, as if he was the groom of day. Every one looked cautious for his words and for some time the function looked as mill’s business meeting.

After some chatting there with mill people, Chief General Manager [CGM] Mr. Sen and his wife escorted him to a front sofa and where they sat. As they were taking with each other, bride’s father came with a boy carrying a try and served VIP with some snacks and coffee. CEO appeared to me a real in charge of all.

Sen was in mid forties, fair and tall. He looked always sincere to his boss type man at high place in his expensive suit and rectangular glasses.

Mrs. Sen was sitting cross-legged besides her husband and appeared only in late thirties or at the most in early forties not very tin nor fat but was a bit busty and had smooth wide hips of mature woman. She looked elegant in her expensive blue sari and had carefully polished her nails red and wore all signs from diamond wedding ring to silver ring on her feet’s finger.

She looked fresh and didn’t give any impression of over fucked woman as per tales about her affairs with so called fuck master Reddi ji.

Little later there I saw some hasty movements and band began deafening ears. The groom party was arriving at door. People moved to gate and some to the decorated stage. However Reddi ji and his entourage couple preferred to remain there. The few others who were there had also moved to stage.

The place where Reddi ji was sitting with Sen couple had become deserted by then. We were standing near the stage but I was viewing Reddi ji from corners of my eyes.

Suddenly I noted that CEO’s keen eyes were on us particularly on my wife. I had never met any three of them but was aware that Mrs. Sen knew my mother so I took the opportunity to meet Reddi ji and introduce my family to him.

I walked discreetly with my family to him and told him about me. Mrs. Sen recognized my mother and waved her to come on sofa besides her. As we came closer I saw Reddi ji’s gaze on my wife was now intense and more intense. I saw a lust in his eyes that were direct and open.

I didn’t understand much and introduced me to him telling him my work section in the mill.

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He tried to listen me absent-mindedly as his eyes were still locked on my wife’s bosoms.My wife too was fully conscious of that and few times there eyes even met with each other’s.

He took a deep breath keeping his eyes on her and stretched his legs. His massive testicles and huge shaft began to swell in his pants. That massive meat visible bluntly attracted every one there and my wife was becoming uneasy second after seconds. Her face had completely gone red.

Tearing her blouse further by his gaze, CEO asked me who was my in charge. Such a behavior from the top man for my wife was most unexpected and I didn’t believe my eyes. I replied his query to the best of my ability.

Every one there had become visibly conscious of his three-dimensional gazes. Mrs. Sen, may be just to diffuse that current looked at me and told Reddi ji about my retired father and how good he and my mother had watched the interests of mills. He could only listen half of her words.

I again looked down at that live huge bulge in between his stretched legs. It was massive much bigger than I could imagine. It was enough to tear a woman and he didn’t care for any one looking at him and appeared to have gone out of his senses.

Mrs. Sen smilingly pulled one empty chair besides her and set it facing towards CEO. She tenderly asked my wife to sit there. Realizing her hesitation, my mother waved her to sit besides Mrs. Sen on that chair.

Avoiding her eyes she walked and adjusting her sari over her hips sat cross-legged on that chair facing Reddi ji. Her beautiful feet tied in that pinkish sandal with glowing nail polish and silver toe ring in her feet’s finger over hanged just before my CEO. Manisha and me dragged another chairs for my father and us and we all sat besides mother.

We remained there for about twenty more minutes till the main ceremony began. Mrs. Sen kept talking with Ruchi about her education and other backgrounds. Occasionally she looked at Reddi ji in teasing glances. It appeared to me that, Reddi was damn horny and given a chance he would jump on my wife and to him our presence hardly mattered.

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