An Office Affair. Ch 3

I could hardly sleep for two hours; the same uneasy pensiveness woke me and last night’s passion had completely diffused. It was 4:10, of cold and dark morning. Ruchi was sleeping besides me. I was tempted to kiss her erotic lips but because of that strong punch in my head, I remained still in bed.

Last evening’s episode had terribly blown me. I was extremely offended by CEO’s hostility. It was true that my wife was mouth watering to every man having his testicles full of seed.

I always believed that beauty is also made for watching and I gave enough opportunities to males watching and even wink at her, but how a man could propose her like that? He did not appear to have slightest modesty for homely ladies. If he had acted wisely; may be his position and aroma might have greatly impressed my woman. Was he off head? How on earth he expected that a married woman could go for adultery in that way? He was the wildest aggressor, I could imagine!

As I thought, I began to see big problems coming to me in time. Sen or his wife definitely might have told someone about that incident? Such news spread like fire. How I was going to face Reddi or Sen in front of others?

It was too much to bear and I decided that that I was going to hit a punch on Reddi’s head right on day in mill and would give him a lesson he needed! I did not care for job. But how I was going to do that? He was powerful and influential. I would have to leave the job under those devils and I must search new job.

There were four ladies and they all had seen how Reddi’s full-pounded testicles shamelessly twirled in his pants. Mrs. Sen even began talking with my wife and teased horny Reddi through corners of her eyes also not neglecting his large erect meat in pants.

I never expected much from my father, but surprisingly my mother did not even made any attempt to rescue her bride from this situation. Perhaps even my young sister Manisha who was crossing 22 had enjoyed that pornography. She could have easily escorted her to other corner of gathering. This made me to review ladies’ psychological setup.

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I recalled that I had been expecting my wife to be in frightened state after that sexual horror but surprising that had made her vagina-soaking wet. Endless questions came in my mind. For a moment I thought that I was seriously sick.

I remained on bed– thinking every possible odd. It was around 6:30 when I heard some doors movements downstairs. I knew that my mother was going for morning walk in the public park that was in front of our house.

I needed to talk to someone to shed my mental stress. I got up and went downstairs. She looked blankly at me as if she was expecting me. As we came to park, I told her about my mental state since last night.

She said warily,” How shamelessly he was watching Ruchi all the time?”

I told her that I was awfully offended and had decided to hit him today before every one in mill itself. Hearing this her face suddenly turned worried and she snapped at my back. She said looking uncomfortably, ” What on earth are you thinking to do! It will only damage you. First see what comes next.”

She sensed that I was not in my normal mental frame so she took me to a nearby bench where we sat. I told her that how on earth could I tolerate such dreadful act against my wife?

She said elderly,” See! These are big people and they can do anything. Moreover you can not entirely blame them. It is we people who gift them their wives and daughters so they feel their natural claim over their staffs’ wives,” She was speaking with adorable calm,” We are small ones with an unmarried young girl at home and depend on mill for every thing. We should act with more thoughtfulness.”

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After some pause she said thoughtfully,” He would not able to touch Ruchi’s finger unless you or she gives him consent. Moreover havens have not fallen if he had seen your wife…some one was telling me that his wife lives in Bombay so he has been quite deprived for woman. ”

There was some logic in her words. I felt my senses were gradually returning.

I asked mother,” Is it not strange? How shamelessly Sen’s Wife was cooperating with Reddi?”

Mother spoke with a shy smile,” I know! Whatever is Sen today, it is only due to his beautiful wife! He was only a common manager. His wife is ten years younger to him. The old chief saw her and she began sleeping with him.,,,,,, After that Sen got one promotion every two year.”

Her talks temporarily eased my fury. At least I was not going to hit him foolishly in factory. What proof I had for his assault on my wife?

Mother asked “What did Ruchi she say?”

I said,” She says she would beat him with sandal! See calls him a big saand (Bull)”

Mother smiled and said,” I know, she would never beat him!”

Her words appeared meaningful and sexy to me.


I went back to my room. It was around 7:30. The sun had come up. Ruchi was still sleeping. She still looked sexier wearing same yellow sari which had, made big man’s cock so miserable. She was lying flat with her legs an inch apart. She still had yellowish lipstick on her lips that looked still sensuous.

I went to bed and put my lips on her thick lips and my hand on her sari directly above her underwear. She woke with out much stimulation. Seeing bright sun light in room she tried to get up hurriedly but I resisted and guided her hand to the tent in my pajama made by my six inch. She reluctantly took it in her delicate fingers for a while.

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She looked at me with wide eyes, ” It is late, I should go now.”

She pulled my hand from her sari.

“Shame karo, you are again up this morning.”

“Pleasssse,” I again eagerly pressed my hand on her thighs over sari.

” How can… now?” After a bit thinking she said, ” but please give me five minutes for bathroom.” I made her way. The toilet was out side in gallery.

I continue to lie on bed, my stiffer tent waiting for relief. After some time I heard water flushing and her coming out but she went downstairs leaving me in frenzy.

Suddenly it came to my mind; was it really Reddi’s fault last night?

She was certainly sexiest woman and knew how to deal a restless man.

She was made for sin.


As I entered the gate of mill, my biggest worry was that how I was going to face people. I was sure that by now people would have known it?

As I walked to my department through the gallery I met people. None of eyes looked silly at me. No bomb fell on my head and I began my work like other days. After an hour or so I was quite certain that no one was laughing on me and my fears were simply childish.

I kept on apprehending one thing after other but nothing such happened.

However I didn’t know that some surprise was waiting for me at home.

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