An Office Affair. Ch 4

It was enough dark at seven p of winter evening as I reached home. My mother’s eyes told me that something had happened and she eagerly wanted to talk me, she almost followed me upstairs

She said with out much waiting “Today I had greatest surprise. Around 1 P Mrs. Sen phoned me. She said that seeing me last night after long time she remembered old time. She told me that if I was not occupied why not come to her house. If it were ok for me she would send her car to escort me. I went there in afternoon..

“What did she up for?” A was rammed by surprise.

“If you listen not losing your mind. It appears quite positive. ” She said maintaining eye contact a second longer.

My mouth suddenly went dry. I opened it and licked my lips.

“Well…talked lot about golden old days and in no time became thoroughly informal. During talks she casually said that after seeing your son last night, her husband had told her that he would like to propose CEO to put him as Manager (Imports) in his department.”

This suddenly raised my interest. She looked in my eyes little longer.

Mother asked me, “Now first tell me what is this Manager Exports is about.”

I said, “This is a big position, I mean high status and salary. Dubey sir was on that post but he left mill some weeks before. He managed better place in some big export company through his experience and contacts.”

“But why Sen sir should want me there?” I asked her.

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Mother continued,” I too asked her the but she told me that she was telling what she heard and her husband may himself talk to you if any thing like that comes up.”

“How much is the salary?” She again asked with her interest too visible.

“Around 30,000 a month I think and lot of foreign travel for mill work. How can I fit there? I am not even trained for it. Might be joking or a hang over.” I said to her.

Before she could reply I again asked her, “And what they want from us?” I felt my excitement was rising every minute.

“Mrs. Sen said nothing about it. She only says that may be he found your son good for this work, no business would desert their money in rot. She wished us all the best. She spoke lot about new sprit in mill and extension plans of new management.” Mother answered.

That was true. Management had brought Reddi to infuse new charge in dying mill and he had done quite a lot in a year.

It was more than surprise. “Sounds big.” I said.

Manager of exports had always been a dream place like for any mill-man. I was surprised by this possibility and saw some connection with last night’s incident. Though I clearly suspected a play but I it had stimulated me some where in deep.

Mother had things do and she went down stairs leaving me charged. I quietly laid myself on bed.


Ruchi came with tea tray and set besides me on bed. She said, “Mrs. Sen had sent car for mother. What is up there?”

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I told her in short what mother had told me. She looked at me in disbelief. I saw excitement was also coming to her.

“Are you impressed by likely Manager exports?” I asked her.

She said smilingly, crossing and folding her arms in each other, “May be so -so.”

I squeezed her shoulder, and murmured in her ear, ” Now come and close the door.”

“I am just here for tea. I hope you’re not planning on taking advantage!”

She said shyly, disclosing her mind for the first time since our marriage,” I know how terribly you want since morning but why do you want to waste your energy for two minutes contact… in morning too you wanted… Can’t you wait only for three hours? Then take pleasures whole night and discharge too much like a bull… I am not willing at this time at…”

She shyly kissed me and said,” Do eat light tonight” “

Her words were fire on raw patrol. For the first time she had shown her naked mind. She looked a new wife to me.

My whole body suddenly went sultry in passion. I wished to see more of dirty mind of my conservative wife.

I said in heat,” Ruchi, tonight I am quite tired…I need you give me some relief…pleaseee do to me I have been doing you all the time.”

Ruchi shyly baffled. ” How can I do… I mean women don’t have that thing. We can only take it.”

A was bewildered what she was trying to say. ” I mean some massage like thing. ” I spoke as my words had become more sultry.”

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“Massage?” She said.

“I mean not with hands, that with your things, slowly you do with me. No lady has such beautiful things for husband. ” I said pulling words out of my mouth with my best efforts.

‘Seei!” her face went red,” It is soiling.” she spoke.

‘Please do it tonight…wear kurta red one sleeveless… we brought from Delhi. I shall be ever thankful to my lovely wife. ” I said in most sultry voice of my life.

She did not say a word, watching me mischievously left the room.

I took meal early and came upstairs. I had been in tremendous stress since last 24 hours. I laid myself on bed and soon went to sleep.

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