An Office Affair. Ch 5

Something woke me in silence of late night. I could not see the time in dim light, perhaps it would have been over 1 A.M

I felt my wife was kneeling over me and was kissing my lips with her. I could hear her breaths coming from her beautiful nose. It was a soft sensation. Suddenly I remembered talks we had in evening. I tried to speak something but she kept kissing slowly and did not let me use my lips to speak. I surrendered and kept on lying quietly and put my labium at her disposal.

Gradually my eyes began to see better in dark. She was sitting on floor besides bed with her soft thick lips over mine. She had put an arm on bed that was full of red. Her hairs were loose and fell all over her back and sides. She looked silky cold and fresh, perhaps had taken bath. There was strong female fragrance coming from her.

I tried to raise my hands like but without parting her lips she locked my arms with her hands. I again submitted to her desires. Increasing pressure of her lips she began moving her lips to my nose and to eyes and then bringing back to lips. She took my lower lip in her lips and began sucking. Her sucking gradually increased in passionate intensity. Her lips were becoming wet with our salvia and so were mine. She then slipped my lower lip between her teeth and bite. I jerked however the pain was within my tolerance.

Her kissing rhythm increased. I saw signs of fury coming to her. Releasing my lip, she began sneaking her tongue deep inside my mouth. Her actions were making sounds of interrupted sips.

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She then left my lips momentarily and moving her head little lower towards my neck, she with her right hand opened my buttons of kurta and moved her palm on my naked chest. Her fingers traced my nipples and began massaging them slowly. Once securing them between her fingers she repositioned her juicy lips over mine.

This was the first time she was on me like that. Pressure exerted by her smooth lips gave me unusual sensation. Her right hand reached the hem of my kurta and she pulled it up over my chest exposing her fingers that were already playing with my nipples. She looked at them and slowly slipped her mouth lower to my nipples and kissed them and tried to pull tinny objects by her teeth.

She had not spoken a single word since I had opened my eyes nor let me say any thing. I had never seen her so occupied in game. This appeared no sentiment just a scrap passion in her.

A thought came to me – Here was a starved female playing with male assets. It did not matter who he was.

Releasing her lips from my tits, she put her right cheek on my naked chest and began rubbing that over my skin, gradually slipping further to cord of my pajama. She tried to tug off the cord from folds by her mouth and lips. My shaft swelled further below the cloth in anticipation but the opening that tight knot was too big a job for her tender mouth.

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Leaving that tedious exertion she began to glide her cheek above taut of pajama. More blood moved to my erection as I felt her hot breath trickling to my cock through the cloth. I had to struggle to prevent my moan going out of room’s territory. She took both of my testicles through the cloth in her right palm and squeezed them, avoiding to touch the tight shaft. It gave me more pain than little pleasure. I almost screamed, urging her to leave it. In the process I shrewdly opened the knot of pajama cord with out letting her know.

I pulled her head. She put her lips over mine and again gradually moved them lower towards the belly.

While playing in that area she noticed that I had left the cord loose, smilingly, she raised her head and saw my pleading eyes. She took pajama in fingers and began to slip it lower. She had to struggle a bit to slip it through the tent created by my erect penis. She slipped it to my thighs leaving my cock shark naked taunt to roof.

She brought her mouth around the erect shaft. I could sense her breath but she bypassed the pole and slowly moved her mouth at the base of testicles near hairy ass hole. It made me wild in passion. Now I desperately wanted my taunt six-inch in her mouth. She was bypassing that it over and again so I pulled her by head by my hand towards its mushroom head. She kissed shaft few times. I hold my shaft in my fingers and made a bid to insert it in her mouth but every time she slipped her mouth. She removed my grip to hold it in her long fingers and looked at it for some time.

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I spoke in low sultry voice,” Pleeasse! Take it…innn mouth.”

“Had not I kissed it many times?” She asked whispering.

“Pleaasee take it all in standing full. ” I too whispered.


“Why dear, you were taking it earlier. ” I said.

“No, it is smelling pee… Some other time.”

I had long fantasy for cumming in some ladies’ mouth but had always felt that it would be too raw for my wife. That day I wanted it to become reality because she was acting quite shamelessly but since she showed unwillingness for even pee traces so I dropped the idea

Any way at that time I wanted relief, so I pulled her on bed and fucked her.

She had changed dramatically after that sexy encounter!

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