Sweetie Having Sex With Malti

My husband I am married for about three years. I am twenty six and have worked pretty hard at keeping in shape. My boobs, while smaller than average, seem to fit any athletic body, and I’ve had no complaints. My husband Sanju is twenty nine and also in great shape. Like most husbands, one of Sanju’s favorite fantasies is to see me with another woman.

It comes up from time to time, and while I indulge him with talk in the heat of our passion, I really have no interest in being with another woman. At least that’s what I always thought. Sanju’s best friend, Akshay invited us over for a barbecue. We barely knew his relatively new girlfriend, Malti. She was twenty three, and as expected had a great body.

She was also friendly, confident and a lot of fun. Through the evening we downed a couple of bottles of wine, and were feeling pretty good. We headed for the hot tub, nicely secluded in the corner of Akshay’s deck. Akshay, of course, suggested that we all lose our suits, but I wasn’t that drunk.

Once in the tub we continued to talk and laugh and drink, and before long Akshay was kissing Malti’s neck. She was having a hard time carrying a conversation, and finally just gave up and gave Akshay a long, hard kiss on the mouth. This amorous behavior and the wine were also having effect on me. Soon Sanju and I too were necking like teenagers.

I was getting pretty hot, but I was still too modest to forget that there was another couple three feet away. However, the sounds from Akshay and Malti were becoming too interesting to ignore. Sanju was kissing me and letting his hands roam, but I opened my eyes just a little to peek. I watched fascinated as Akshay undid Malti’s bikini top and let it fall.

He then kissed his way down her neck and licked her nipples. Her boobs were larger than mine, and very firm, with nipples that pointed slightly upward. I could see why Akshay was getting so excited, and I was surprised that it was having an effect on me too.

The next thing I knew, Akshay’s swimsuit was beside the tub along with Malti’s bikini bottom. He continued kissing down her body and gently lifted her and set her down on his lap, impaling her on his erection. As she slid down on him I imagined how it felt. Before long she was riding him for all he was worth, and between the two of them I thought they would wake the whole neighborhood.

I continued watching, mesmerized. Suddenly Malti and I had eye contact, and I froze. Fortunately she was too far gone to care, and just smiled a satisfied smile. Sanju, meanwhile, had gotten my top off while I was preoccupied with my voyeurism. He began massaging my hard nipples. He was oblivious to what was going on, and tugged at my bathing-suit bottom.

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I didn’t feel comfortable, right there in front of them, so I whispered that we should leave them alone to finish. We grabbed our towels and headed for the guest room. Sanju’s towel did little to conceal his excitement, and once in the room we were all over each other. It didn’t take long for both of us to reach crushing orgasms.

We were way too drunk to go home, so we stayed the night, though we didn’t get much sleep! The next morning Akshay and Sanju acted macho, talking about cricket and not saying a word about the night before. Malti acted like it was no big deal. After break fast we were alone in kitchen. She said, “I hope you didn’t feel uncomfortable last night.

I’ve never done that before, you know, in front of anyone, but somehow I must have felt comfortable with you guys. Plus Akshay just knows how to get me going.” I told her it was no big deal and that it wasn’t like we thought they always did that. It just so happened that we were right there. She was great about it, and somehow it didn’t seem all that weird.

Anyway, Sanju and I had several great sessions over next few weeks thinking about that experience. About three weeks later, Akshay invited us over again, this time mostly for him and Sanju to watch the cricket match. We arrived early and had dinner. Again the wine flowed. After dinner, Akshay checked about the match.

There was still time to start because of the delay due to rain. Now there was time to hit the hot tub. I got up and said, “I’ll go change.” “Don’t bother,” Malti said. “I mean, we’re all adults, and after last month, I don’t think we have any secrets.” So it was agreed. I still hid behind my towel as I slid out of my clothes and into the hot tub.

We were a little more nervous this time, so we broke out a bottle of champagne. Soon I was feeling no pain, and being naked in front of our friends didn’t bother me in the least. Feeling frisky, I started kissing Sanju on his neck. Then we were kissing again, and a peek at Akshay and Malti showed them getting into it too.

There was noise from TV in the house, and Akshay said, “The match has started!” he turned to Malti and said, “This is rain delayed short match, so we’ll be back soon.” He gave her a quick kiss, climbed out and grabbed his towel, but not before I caught a glimpse of his semi erect cock, much larger than any I had seen, and I felt a twitch between my legs, my over flowing pussy.

My thoughts were interrupted by Sanju’s quick “Sorry, honey, I’ll be back soon.” And he too was gone into the house to watch the stupid match. “Great,” Malti said. “This calls for a drink!” She grabbed the bottle near the hot tub and filled our glasses. Before long we were giggling. Then Malti was complaining about getting turned on, then being put on hold so Akshay could watch the cricket match!

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I made some comment that by the size of things it looked like he would be worth the wait, and she said, “So you noticed, huh?” I said, “You guys make a great couple, with his build and your perfect body.” God, I couldn’t believe I was talking like that, but Malti said, “You really think I have a nice body?”

“Of course,” I said. “Look at you.” She said, “Well, I think your body is great too, so strong, firm, smooth” As she talked, my eyes closed. I was floating in the warm water and the haze of the champagne and the compliments, when I felt fingertips on my nipples, like bolts of lightning traveling the length of my body and creating an immediate warming between my legs in my over flowing pussy.

My eyes opened and I tried to say something, but at the sight of this beautiful woman drawing my boobs to her mouth, all that came out was a moan, aaaahhhhhh mmmmm. My breath became short as her tongue replaced her fingers on my nipples. Her hands were on my rib cage, pushing my boobs up to meet her eager mouth.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. As if in dream, she lifted me to the edge of the hot tub and began moving down my body. There was a part of me saying, “What are you doing?” but it felt good and I felt so comfortable that I just leaned back and let her do whatever she wanted. If I thought the lightning was intense when she first touched my nipples,

it was nothing compared to the jolt I got when her tongue reached my clit. She felt so different from Sanju, and took her time; hitting all the right places that only a woman can know. I felt my body reacting. My heart was racing. The orgasm started deep within me, and when I came, it was the most satisfying wave, which I wanted to ride and ride.

I stroked her hair as she continued to work her magic. Reaching an orgasm had only increased my excitement, and all I wanted to do was please this person. So I lifted her head and slid back down in the tub. We hugged, and I gave her a quick kiss on her lips.

Her lips were soft, so different from a man’s and had the taste of me on them. As I considered this, she kissed me hard and slipped her tongue in my mouth. Our nipples rubbed together, and as we broke our embrace, we looked down at our contrasting breasts. I slid down and licked her nipples. I do this to Sanju sometimes, and while he enjoys it, this was completely different.

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Every time I licked and nibbled, I could imagine and almost feel it myself. My hands slid down between her legs, and my fingers slid into another woman’s pussy for the first time. The rush was incredible, and Malti too seemed to enjoy it. Her moaning and breathing increased. Suddenly I just had to lick her down there,

so I lifted her to edge of the hot tub as she had done with me and ran my tongue down into the closely shaved area around her knob. This really had an effect. She arched her back and pushed her hips into my face. I continued to do all the things from memory that I love so much. I opened my eyes and looked up her body. Here was a beautiful woman with her arms back and her back arched,

writhing with pleasure. I was overcome by her heaving chest and undulating hips. Her thighs tightened around my head, and she climaxed with the same moan I’d heard a few weeks earlier as Akshay did his magic. Malti slid back down into the tub. We were both panting and moaning as we came back from that special plateau.

As we caught our breath, the reality of what we had just done sank in, and we both felt awkward. Malti said, “Hey, I’m sorry. I’ve never done that before, I mean it was great, but I’ve never, with, you know, a woman, and nobody can know, okay?” I was so relieved, I gushed. “Yes, nobody can know! I can’t believe I got that horny. It will be our secret!”

With our relief, the tension subsided and we had a good laugh. We were ready to get out when we heard shouting from the house, and out came Sanju and Akshay. As they approached, they dropped their towels and we both got a good look at their cocks. Akshay stood by the tub and said, “What have you guys been doing?”

Malti quickly replied, “Waiting patiently for our men! Now get in here!” We were both still very horny, and the poor guys didn’t know what hit them. My reservations of a few weeks earlier were long gone. I quickly straddled Sanju and slid his cock in my pussy.

He was startled by my aggressiveness but definitely wasn’t complaining! I heard Akshay and Malti doing the same.

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