Innocent Friendship Turns Into Sexual Relationship

Innocent Friendship Turns Into Sexual Relationship

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. A reader named Alvin approached me to publish his first experience. I’ll narrate the story in his words.

Hello, XIS Readers. My name is Alvin. I am 21. I look good and smart with attraction on my face. My height 5.9 and my cock size 8 Inches. I started reading porn from the last 3 years and this is my 1st sex experience story.

Seema is my family friend. She is my mom’s best friend’s daughter. We know each other from childhood and are very close. So basically she is like my sister and calls me Anna. I was happy because I don’t have a sister. She used to tie rakhi for me.

But from the day I started getting erections my feelings for her took a new shape. Seema came to my place during her summer vacation and stayed with us for a month. So being rakhi siblings we never had any problems with our parents if we hung out with each other.

She finished her 12th exams. So she was a bit relaxed and was waiting for her results. She came from a rural background, not much aware of city life. She looked innocent, traditional and bookish girl. She was good looking but not modern.

I started thinking about guiding her how city girls live and behave so that it becomes easy for her to survive. I started telling her about changing her hairstyle, dressing style, way of talking. I got some money from my mom to buy some dresses for her and to go to the beauty parlor.

Mom also wanted her to look fresh and good like a city girl. So she told her to listen to me. My dad was also supportive. Later, while shopping, she said that her mom doesn’t like the modern way of dressing. But my parents supported her and encouraged her.

Now Seema was very happy with me and my family. We used to get a lot of time together. She started telling me what she likes, dislikes, hobbies. I started teasing her to make her more engaged. So things were good.  Once I was reading a sex novel at night. She was reading some other book.

Seema(Se):- Anna, what are you reading? Can I borrow that book? I have finished this one.

Me:- This is not for you, you are still a kid.
Se:- What? Don’t joke, Anna, give me, na.

When I said no she just pulled the book from me and hid it under her bed sheet. Then I let it be with her. That book didn’t have any pictures. The next day her body language was a little different and a bit shy. She might have read the book.

Later that night.
Se:- Anna, what kind of book is that?

Me:- Oh, it’s just a time pass book.

Se:- I read it today and found it very weird.
Me:- Why weird?
Se:- How can people write such things in books?

Me:- What’s wrong? Readers like it, so writers write. So how did you find it?

Se:- I don’t know. but the first time I read something like this.
Me:- Now you are a grown-up girl, you can read them, no problem.

Se:- I am still a kid.
I gave a naughty smile and asked, “From which angle?”
Se:- What you mean.
Me:- By your age (19 years), city girls have 2-3 boyfriends.

Se:- Anna, why you tease me like this always.
Me:- That’s reality yaar. I have another similar book, do you want that?
Se:- Do you want me to read?

Me:- Why not, you should be aware of such things as general knowledge.
Se:- Is it good? In our village, this is considered a bad thing.
Me:- In cities, nothing is bad as long as it provides knowledge.

Then she said ok. I gave her another sex storybook, with sex pictures in it. She took the book and started going through it quickly. She noticed some nude pictures in it.

Se:- Anna, what’s this book? It looks containing dirty pictures.

Me:- This is only for your knowledge if you don’t like then return it.
Se:- It’s ok I will try reading.

The next day evening, I went to her to ask about the book.

Me:- Have you finished that book?
Se:- Yeah but can I keep it with me for a couple of days?

Me:- Yeah sure, all this reading is for your knowledge only and nothing else. Don’t tell anyone that you are reading such things. I will also not tell anyone.
Se:- I will keep your secrets and you keep my secrets.

Now she was becoming freer with me. She started reading such books in my presence also because she knew I support her. I gave her a couple of similar books which she accepted happily. All these days I was encouraging her for reading for general knowledge.

I didn’t do anything with her. She was getting good confidence. A few days later I took the next step.

Me:- Seema, I am keeping my laptop without a password. You can use it if you want. There are some naughty movies/video clips in one folder which you can watch for your general knowledge.

She smiled and nodded yes. When I came back home in the evening, she was really shy and was unable to look into my eyes directly. I understood that she might have watched those porn movies. Later in the night, I asked her if she liked those videos.

She smiled and said, “I don’t know.”

Me:- It’s ok, nothing to be shy. We are like friends. We have agreed to keep our secrets na.

Se:- Yes. Anna, I feel very bad and awkward when I see such things but I like them also, what to do?
Me:- This is normal, everyone feels the same. So learn to enjoy life and don’t worry.

She nodded yes.

Me:- Tonight we will see some of such movies together.
Se:- No no, I feel shy.
Me:- Don’t worry, nothing will happen. I’ll be there na.

That night we both saw porn movies together. I started explaining those scenes also in Tamil. She said she never heard such language before. From that time onwards, we started talking freely with each other using dirty language also. She was not minding it. The next day I had an exam, so I was busy studying.

Se:- Anna, if you are not using your laptop, can I use it?

I said fine. Then she took my laptop and started watching some porn herself. I liked her freedom now. After an hour, I teasingly asked her, “Hey Seema, your panty must be wet by now na.”

She smiled and said, “How do you know?”

Me:- I know everything.

S:- I have put my pad now to manage the wetness.
Me:- Wow really innovative. You can take out your inners. Girls generally don’t wear inners at home.

Then she went to the washroom and came back. I said now feeling free and better na. She smiled.

Me:- By now, you must be an expert in sexology right? (she nodded yes) Can I ask you a few things to test your knowledge? (she said yes)

Me:- How many holes are there in pussy?
Se:- One.
Me:- Wrong, it’s two.

Then I explained to her that one hole is for pissing and another one is for sex.

Se:- Anna, in one video, one young girl got some blood when she did it, why?
Me:- Every girl gets blood the first time when virginity is broken. It pains also a little bit, later it becomes normal and they start enjoying.

Se:- Oh! Is it?
Me:- Have you ever seen any nude penis in real.

She first laughed and said no. Then she said, “Yeah, small kids.”

Me:- Do you want to see in reality how it looks?
She closed her eyes and said, “No, I feel shy. ”

Me:- I have not even shown yaar. Seema, can we see each other nude, just to see how we look without clothes.
Se:- Are you mad? We are brother-sister.

Me:- Not really na. Only seeing yaar. You may not even remember that I used to clean your shit when you were too young. I used to give you a nude bath.
Se:- I must be too.

Me:- Let’s see each other nude na tonight.

She thought about it for some time and said, “Ok only once.”

Me:- Only for tonight, let’s sleep together nude. I will not do sex with you.
Se:- Ok, promise first.
Me:- Promise.

Then she agreed to sleep nude with me for one night but no sex.

I finished my studies early. I told her to come to bed. She came and laid on one side. I slowly unbutton her gown and tried to take it out. She was hesitating but allowed me to take it out. Then I made her fully nude. She was very shy. She tried to hide her boobs and pussy by her hands.

Then I also got fully nude. She was amazed to look at my huge hard dick. She said, “Oh god so big.” I told her to touch it and get a feel. She did that. Then I also touched her boobs and pussy area. I told her that kissing is not sex. Sex is when the penis goes inside pussy.

I asked, “Can we do kissing since it’s not sex?” She hesitantly said ok. Then I grabbed her face, caressed gently and gave her a long lip kiss. She also cooperated. Then we started kissing each other anywhere and everywhere. That night I wanted to limit it to kissing only to gain her confidence.

Then we both slept together being nude. I didn’t do sex that night. The next day evening, after dinner, I was doing my studies.

Se:- Anna when are you finishing your study today, I am getting bored now.

Me:- I have a lot of studies tonight, you can sleep now.

Se:- No, I want to sleep with you like yesterday.

Me:- No way, now we have seen each other nude na, now we know each other, nothing to see further.
Se:- It’s not for seeing, just to be together.
Me:- Ok come and sleep here. Once I finish my study, I will also sleep.

Then she came and slept on my bed. I knew what’s going on in her mind, but I wanted to make her more demanding. So I was avoiding her indirectly. Later I went to bed and slept beside her. She was still awake. She came closer to me and put her hand inside my vest and started caressing my stomach and chest.

Se:- Anna, can you take this out like yesterday?
Me:- You mean, you want me to see nude like yesterday?

She said yes. Then I got nude and slept. Then she put my hand on her boobs and indicated me silently to press them.

Me:- You can also take out your clothes now.
Se:- Yeah I was also thinking about it.

Then she removed her clothes and slept nude next to me. Then I passed my hand on her smooth thighs. She spread her legs apart. I touched her cavity between her legs. She was wet.

Me:- How come you are wet so early? I have not done anything.

She smiled and said, “I don’t know.” Then I started caressing her pussy lips and started rubbing it to make her hotter. She was responding positively. When I was rubbing her pussy, she was also playing with my hard dick. Then suddenly she said, “Anna, does it pain too much the first time?”

Me:- Not much, just a little, it’s bearable.

Se:- Have you done before?
Me:- No.
Se:- I want to try once.

Me:- But we are bro sis na.

Se:- But not real na and we have agreed to keep each other’s secrets na.
Me:- I am fine if you agree.
Se:- Can you teach me once? I want to see how it feels.
Me:- ok, let’s try tonight.

Then I went to the washroom. She also came behind me and said, “I want to see how you piss.”

I showed her that. Then I saw her also pissing. I asked her, “When was your last MC (periods)?” She said, “It will happen in the next 2-3 days.”

Me:- Good, it’s a safe time then. We can enjoy freely.

I explained to her what it means. Then we went to bed and saw a few porn videos of first-timers of breaking virginity. I wanted to let her know how it happens.

Se:- I want to try once.
Me:- Do you want me to fuck you as Anna or boyfriend?

Se:- As you wish.

I knew she was in real horny mood now. After seeing videos, she became really hot.

Me:- Let us celebrate tonight as our honeymoon night. We will enjoy like a newly married husband and wife.

Se:- You can think anything, I just want to experience once.

Then while seeing the porn we did a lot of foreplays including 69 position. She was liking it. Then we got ready for the scene. She laid down on the bed nude and spread her legs. Now she was not shy and was looking into my eyes with lust.

Me:- Sim darling, now I am going to get inside your warm sexy body as your first husband.

She gave me a lip kiss and said, “I love you, darling, you are most welcome.”

Then I sat on her thighs and touched her pussy area by my hard dick. Then I pointed my monster on her love hole and tried pushing. It was not going easily. Then I made a hard try and jerked my dick and pushed it inside her tight love hole.

I started jumping and pumping. She started crying and asking me to stop. I continued without listening to her for some time. Then she pushed me out. Then I took a paper napkin and cleaned her bloody pussy and took her to the washroom to clean it with water.

Se:- There is no pleasure here, it’s only pain. I don’t want to do it again.

Me:- This happens to every girl. You will pain initially until your pussy hole expands. To get into comfort mode, you have to do more initially so that your hole becomes bigger. Then you will feel much sexier and demanding.

Se:- How many times I need to do to get that good feeling?
Me:- At least 3-4 days.
Se:- let me take some rest now. Let me understand what happened. Now my virginity is broken, right?

Me:- Yes. nothing to worry. More than 90% of girls are broken among teenagers now.

Se:- Oh really. Then ok you can do with me for 3-4 days until I get that real sex feeling, but now allow me to take some rest.

I said fine. Then that night I didn’t do anything with her and allowed her to sleep. The next day morning, she told me to stay back home and not go to college. So I stayed back. When parents went for work, she told me that her pussy is still paining and swelling.

I gave her a pain killer tablet and also applied ice cubes wrapped in a towel on her pussy. After some time she started feeling better. I took good care of her during that time. Then in the afternoon, she said, “I am feeling better now, do you want to try again so that my hole becomes comfortable?”

Me:- Ok but please bear little pain, we will do it carefully.

Then that day I fucked her three times during the day and another three times in the night. She cooperated well. She had started liking it and better feeling.

The next day I went to college. During the day she gave me many missed calls and messages and asked me to come home. I went home at lunchtime. She scolded me and said, “You don’t care for me, how much I missed you.”

Then I bought her ice cream to please her.

Me:- I love you darling.
Se:- I missed you a lot. I think I am in love with you now. I am feeling like you are my husband now.

Me:- Don’t get emotionally attached like this. We are bro-sis and will be like that. Whenever we get into bed, we can consider ourselves as lovers or boyfriend and girlfriend.

She said ok. Then she kissed me and said, “So now you are my boyfriend right?”

I said, “Yes.”
Se:- Darling, love me a lot as your lovely girlfriend. I want to be yours now. Make lots of love.

Like this, she was getting more into physical lust and emotional love. Every day we started doing sex. During her periods, we stopped sex but continued foreplays. Post periods, we again continued hardcore sex. Later we were enjoying outdoor fun also during day time.

We went to movies, a long drive on the bike to nearby resorts, beaches. I noticed that she was actually in love with me. Finally, the day came when she had to go back to her home after her vacation. That night, she didn’t allow me to sleep and demanded hardcore fucks multiple times. I too loved her and her lust.

Any girls or aunties or bhabhis interested to have sex with me an email at [email protected] and others send opinions. Love you all. Take care.

So that’s the story of my reader Alvin. You can read my own stories at ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl’. You can text me at [email protected]

Innocent Friendship Turns Into Sexual Relationship