Insanely gorgeous mom makes love with her friend

Hi all, this is Rajiv, from Mumbai. I am 5’9″, of an average build. This story is about how one afternoon turned my sex life around. I was 19 at the time and living a normal family life. I lived with my father and my mother in our 2bhk at Mulund. All of the following happened one normal rainy afternoon.

It was a Saturday, and I had just eaten my lunch and was planning on taking a nap in my room when I heard a loud giggle.

When I went to see what was going on, I saw that some aunty from our building was standing at the door and talking to my mom about her son.

At first, I thought it was a normal chat and did not bother and went back inside.

After a while, the same lady came to my door. For no reason, she called my name and asked me if she could come in. As I had nothing to hide, I said ok.

She came in and sat on my bed. I was still unaware of what was going to happen and just sat with my legs crossed on the bed.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, my mom came running into my room closed the door. I got worried, as I thought something was wrong and asked her what had happened. Those were the last words I said in complete consciousness.

The lady (my mom’s friend), who was sitting on my bed, got up and walked to the other side of the bed and closed the window. Without wasting a second, she stripped right out of her clothes.

I was so shocked that I didn’t even notice that my mom had also stripped completely naked on my other side.

When I was about to shout, the aunty placed her hand on my lips gently and signaled me to keep quiet. I pushed her hand away and got up to leave the room, but my mom held my hand and pulled me near her.

I was sure my father was in the house but wondered why he hadn’t asked about what was happening inside even once.

My mom pulled me near her stark naked body and hugged me. I was still in shock and confused and could not move a single muscle. My mom said, “I will explain everything. Just wait a while.” And she gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

Then the lady came close to mom and wrapped one of her arms around mom’s waist and pulled her closer.

My mom and her friend started kissing each other’s lips like hungry cats fighting over a fish. I could see that they were both also exploring each other with their hands.

My mom held the lady’s neck softly and the lady was massaging mom’s boob. Her other hand was checking out and pressing mom’s bulky, soft ass.

Then the lady came down to mom’s neck and started sliding her tongue on mom’s neck while still pressing mom’s boob and groping her ass.

I was honestly turned on by the Action now but still couldn’t digest what was happening.

Then, mom moaning with pleasure, broke the Action and took the aunty to the bed. They had been doing this for a long time, as the aunty took the hint quickly and moved to the bed, lying on her back with her legs wide open.

Mom got on the bed too, and they started kissing again. They hugged each other tightly and were feeling every inch of each other’s body. My mom began kissing the lady’s lips and moaned, “Ohh Nikki.”

Honestly, we had been living in that building for about 10 years, and this was the first time I got to know the aunty’s name.

So, mom was kissing Nikki on her lips, biting them in between, and sucking her lower lip. The action frequently gave me chills and I got hard now, but did not make any move.

Mom started sliding down, as she came to lick Nikki’s ears and neck now.

As soon as mom kissed Nikki’s ear, she almost screamed in pleasure. Then mom started kissing Nikki on her ear softly and glided her hand between Nikki’s legs. Mom was kissing Nikki and now got hold of her pussy.

First, she rubbed two of her fingers on Nikki’s pussy, which was dripping by now. By sliding further down, mom took Nikki’s breast in her mouth. She softly kissed Nikki’s nipples first, which made me so hard that my erection was probably visible even from the moon.

Mom rolled her tongue on Nikki’s nipples. My mother’s friend was wriggling like a snake and moaning hard. Then, mom held Nikki’s breast in her hand and while pressing it softly, took the full nipple in her mouth which turned Nikki on even more.

As the aunty moaned, mom pushed both of her fingers inside Nikki’s pussy.

Now, I had started to admire what was going on.

My mom is insanely gorgeous. She has a creamy white complexion, with beautiful eyes and great soft skin. As she does yoga every morning, she is quite fit, but with fat exactly in the right places. She has huge boobs as white as milk, absolute melons with pinkish nipples.  Her thin waist flares into wide hips.

I had seen her cleavage and waistline sometimes but never had any such thoughts about her.

I would see her panties and bras hanging to dry every now or then, but never even touched them.

And here, today, it was all gone. All I could think was how sexy and horny she could be, right in front of me. Swaying her ass and boobs, just for me.

Mom kept sliding further down on Nikki while still fingering her. Nikki was holding edges of the bed very tight.

She was also a fair lady. Aunty had been mom’s walk partner, a bit heavy, with normal boobs but an amazing ass.

Brown nipples had never attracted me as such. But a few days ago, when I was coming from college, I had seen her in a tight top and leggings, running behind her seven-year-old son. And I had thought that her ass could give me an orgasm anytime.

I had fapped sometimes, thinking of her.

So now, mom was playing with Nikki’s belly button with her tongue, and she kept pushing her fingers further into Nikki.

Nikki kept wriggling like a snake and kept moaning.

Mom now came to Nikki’s pussy and slid her tongue in.

I never thought my mom had it in her. I always thought of her as a homely, caring, loving lady, but today, she broke all my understanding of her. She was giving me one shock after another.

Mom started kissing Nikki’s pussy as she pushed her fingers in, further and further.  She kept her fingers inside the aunty’s pussy and started doing magic with tongue. Then she licked her pussy from top to bottom, and then again rolled her tongue in and out. She smooched it countless times and at last, she bit Nikki’s pussy hard.

Nikki gave the loudest moan and jumped straight up, looking all exhausted and sweaty. She had orgasmed at least a gallon of water.

Mom was still biting her and had a weird smile on her face. Nikki, all exhausted, fell on the bed as mom got up with wet fingers and a dripping mouth.

Now, here is where it all comes to me. But that will come in the next part.

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Insanely gorgeous mom makes love with her friend

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