Kabir enjoying first time sex with Smriti

Hi All. This is my first experience of making love. I did it with the love of my life- smriti. I would like to tell you a little about our physical apperance. I am 5’10” with an athletic body. I am a Lawn tennis player since last 10 years. My dick is about 6″ in length but is really thick. But when it comes to making out, I have ample stamina and can go on and on for quite some time.

Smriti is a beautiful woman. About 5′ in height. She is very cute with a sharp intellect and has right amount of flesh at right places. She equally matches me when it comes to stamina while making love. I am in a relation with her since I was in 12th class. She was in her first year of college at that time.

Due to alot of concerns about our future together we had never had sex, But we used to makeout regularly. Both of my parents are working which gave us enough chances to be together alone and enjoy each others bodies. This went on for about 5 years. And after completing my education I went to a different city for working.

This was the time when the demands of our body slowly went out of our control. Although I used to visit my hometown sometimes, it used to be for short whiles and we never really got a chance to satisfy ourselves. After about 1.5 years of working, I shifted back to my hometown. And we were eagerly waiting for a chance. A chance to show each other how much we love each other.

How much we have missed each other and a chance to celebrate our love wildly. And finally we got one! But we went out of control and it ended up as an extremely wild and a little messed up makeout. But it did one thing good. That was it somewhat settled us down for a big occasion. We were experts in making out. We had given each other lots of pleasure orally till date.

The relation was almost 7 years old by now. And by now, we were prepared to take the big leap and go all the way. And one day, my family was supposed to leave for a cousin’s marriage out of town. A couple of days before this, I came up with some random excuses and decided to stay back.

Meanwhile I informed her about my plan and started making arrangements to make it a memorable day! After my family left, she sneaked into my house. it was the month of march. The weather was a little cold making it perfect for us. We hugged each other tightly and locked our lips.

They were the sweetest lips I had ever seen, And just by placing my lips over them gave me an uncontrollable pleasure. We slowly opened our mouths and rolled our tongues into each other. the wetness of our mouth and the softness of her tongue in my mouth sent waves of excitement in my body. slowly I pushed my hand under her kurti. I grabbed her tightly by her waist.

I squeezed the extra mass at the side of her belly. Her hands came down to my chest and she moaned in pleasure. I removed her kurti and embraced her upper body entirely. By now she had closed her eyes and was enjoying the warmth of my hands. I kissed her neck and started sucking it. Meanwhile my hands were still busy touching her upper body.

She was moaning lightly giving me a hard on. I went onto her ear lobe and sucked it moving my hands back to her waist. the feeling of holding her tight in my arms was a big turn on. I took my hands to her boobs. I pressed them gently while using my mouth to remove her bra’s strap from one side. I took my hands behind her and unhooked her bra revealing her boobs.

We were still standing at the gate of my room. I went down a little to her right boob. I licked her nipple while pressing her left breast. She really has awesome boobs. They are on a heavier side. And with the short body which she has, the feel of her already big boobs gives me a high elation.

After licking her nipple, I took her boob in my hand and started sucking it madly while pressing the other one. this always gives her a high and she was growing wild by now. After sometime, I moved to her other boob. She was getting out of control by now. She slid her hand inside my denims and grabbed my hard dick.

Sensing her arousal and with an evil intention of intensifying it and throbbing her, I backed off. I asked her to remove her clothes and meanwhile got a bottle of whiskey. I had removed mine by now. We went on the bed now. I made her lie down and poured whiskey over her boobs, navel and pussy. I licked the whiskey slowly off her body. It was driving her mad.

The touch of my tongue over her boobs, the side part of her milks, My slow but deep bites on her tummy, the gentle movement of my hands over her inner thighs and occasional squeezes of her fleshy buttocks, all while I was licking the whiskey off her body had made her crazy by now.

And seeing such a beautiful woman going crazy in my arms, the way her nails were dug into my shoulders had made me gone crazy by now. Now, we switched our positions. I was lying down and she was on me. She came over my broad shoulders and bit them. Her boobs were crushing against my chest and her pussy was rubbing against my dick.

I was in some other world altogether. The feeling cannot be described. Those of you who are reAding the story and have already had sex, I think you might be able to relate the feeling. It was almost as if some ticklish sensations starting from my dick and were travelling all across my body.

There was this beautiful girl completely naked in my arms moving herself over my shoulders and chest giving bites, licking them and kissing them. The sight of it made me go insane. She traveled down to my dick and took it in her mouth. My dick was surrounded by the warmth of her mouth and the wetness of her tongue.

Over the years, she had developed her own way of giving me a blowjob. She used to stop in between lick my balls, lick the tip of my dick and go back to sucking it. Her lovely face was moving back revealing my love rod and forth taking it completely in and enhancing my joy. In between I held her hair in a pony tail so as to get a clear view of this site.

After sometime, I made her stop. and asked her to lie down. I moved down to her pussy and with a gentle lick opened it with my tongue. It was flooded with our love juices. And drinking them all aroused the fire inside me. I inserted my tongue inside her and felt the walls of her pussy. Side my side I was pressing her clitoris using my thumb raising heat between us to a different level.

Her hands were dug inside my head and she was shivering with joy. I asked her for her permission for having sex. She said yes. I moved up and kissed her on her forehead. We looked in each other’s eyes and we knew this was the moment we were waiting for so eagerly, I gave her a peck on her lower lip. and moved down. I parted her pussy open and fingered her a little.

And kept my dick at the entrance of her fuckhole. She herself guided it but because of the pain she stopped. I held her tightly in my arms. And slowly pushed it inside. She cried out loud. And held my forearms tightly. The first thrust was the most difficult one. I took it out slowly and thrust-ed her again. After around 4-5 times, it was sliding in easily. But she was still crying in pain.

I continued with my momentum and after a while she started enjoying it. Though the pain was still there, it was bearable now. and while she was coming back into the momentum, I was slowly increasing my speed. There we were, lost in a different world with each other. Totally ignorant of the world, delighted and carefree. We both were moaning loudly. Our eyes were closed.

And mentally I was focusing on my dick and the pleasure which I was getting. I could feel her move under me. I could feel the softness of her boobs pressing against my chest. And in between whenever I opened my eyes, I could see her hair across her face while her mouth was open and she was moaning. Although it was cold outside, we were drenched in sweat.

And after about 15 minutes of swinging to each others rhythm, I was about to come. I increased my speed and finally unloaded myself inside her. She shivered in my arms and moaned loudly. She later told me that she was able to feel my hot cum inside her hole. And we were lying beside each other, almost dead but with a feeling of completeness.

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Kabir enjoying first time sex with Smriti

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