Kareena Raped in the Woods

The horrible nightmare began one Saturday when Kareena decided to go jogging through a remote section of forest
just outside of town.

Normally, she performed this early morning ritual through her neighbourhood, but it was the height

of the Summer, and she had the urge to get away from the traffic and smog. It was that fateful decision that led to the
most horrifying day of her life, a day she would always remember. She wore her usual attire that morning – a grey tank top,

cropped just above her midriff, a sports bra, windbreaker jacket, and a pair of tiny white jogging shorts that showed off her
long, beautiful legs quite nicely. Her black hair was tied neatly into a pony tail. Like most women, Kareena was never satisfied

with her figure and she committed herself to a strict routine of morning jogs and weekly aerobics. The fAct was, she looked

really good. At 5′ 6″ , she had a very slender, ‘Barbie doll’ figure, with long black hair that fell loosely over her shoulders and
down her lower back. Her breasts were quiet large, and one must say she had maintained a v good figure at 27. But it was

her legs that were the most striking. They were well-toned and athletic, yet still very femine-looking. Kareena was never shy
about showing them off. Quite often, she would go to work wearing a dress suit with the hem of her skirt cut no less than six
inches above her knees. A slit up the side revealed just a hint of upper thigh whenever she sat down and crossed her knees.

She wore no hosiery of any kind, she didn’t have to with her beautiful fair complexion. Kareena parked her BMW at a trailhead
just off the main road. The only other

vehicle nearby was a black Chevy Blazer. She did her usual stretching then began jogging slowly down the hiking path. About
a half a mile into her run, Kareena saw a man walking toward her on the trail, no doubt the owner of the Blazer she saw earlier.
He looked clean cut, about 6′ 10″ , good build, with nicely chiselled features, dark hair and eyes. When the man saw her he smiled
and said, ” Good morning.” Kareena smiled back as she approached him, not noticing the two other men crouching in the brush nearby.

Suddenly he jumped in front of her and before Kareena could react, one of the other men grabbed her ponytail and jerked her head
backwards. He literally pulled her to the ground by her hair. Kareena was so startled, she didn’t think to scream or even try to get away.
When she tried to get up, one of the men took hold of both her elbows from behind and forced her to sit back down on the cold ground.

The man holding her was very rough-looking. He had a bald head and tattoos on both arms. Her windbreaker slid down her shoulders as
he squeezed her elbows together. ” What the HELL are you doing?” Kareena hoped the tone of her voice would scare them off. The dark
haired man glanced around and said, ” Looks like, whatever the HELL we want to.” His eyes dropped down to her legs. ” Yeah,
it’s just you and us,” the man with the tattoos Added. Her third abductor was well over 6 feet tall and, unlike the other two, he said

very little, but watched her intently like a predator sizing up its prey. For some reason this one scared her the most. Kareena knew now
that her worst fear was about to become a reality. Her heart was beating like a drum against her chest. Desperately she began to fight
with them, but her efforts were only rewarded with a sharp kick to the pit of her stomach. ” We got to get her off the trail!” They pulled
Kareena up and her through the heavy brush. She tried to scream, but the big man immediately placed his hand over her mouth to
silence her. They brought her to a small clearing where the tattooed man punched her in the right temple with his fist and sent her reeling
to the ground. The hit was so hard it almost knocked her out. ” Careful man, I don’t want her face messed up.” ” The hell with her face,
I wanna see this bitches tits, these have teased me since v long when I saw her in K3G” and he yanked Kareena’s arms over her head so

hard it felt like they were going to be pulled out of their sockets. One of them took off her jogging shoes and held her ankles while the other
two pulled off her tank top. Kareena’s head was swimming. So much was happening at once, her mind couldn’t keep up with it. The dark haired

one knelt over her, and without saying a word, held a large knife over her chest, then slipped the blade under her sports bra and began

cutting until it snipped apart. The sudden rush of cool air on Kareena’s naked breasts made her nipples hard. ” Her tits aren’t very big are they?
She must b using some padding on screen to tease us. But are white plum globes nonetheless” ” I bet she’s a good FUCK though.” ”

Yeah, lets have a look at the rest of her.” Kareena felt the dry, dead leaves crunch beneath her body as they turned her over face down
. Her arms were still pinned above her head, and one pull of her ankles stretched her body taut. Someone placed his knee into the small of
her back, and she cried out in pain when he leaned into her. Kareena lay there helplessly as they jerked and pulled at her jogging shorts,
then her panties, until she was stripped completely naked.

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Kareena Raped in the Woods

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