Karishma is a budding actress of Bollywood which is Indian counterpart to the Hollywood. This was going to be a tough day she thought. Karisma knew it the moment the alarm woke her up at 8 am. It had been a long night of drinks and dance yesterday and the hangover still rattled her. Dragging herself from the bed, Karisma, braced herself in front of the full-length mirror. She looked beautiful in the dark blue bikini that she had gone to sleep in. Admiring her 23 year old figure in the mirror, her mind drifted to the last six months when everything had happened for her. Three successful films and a large number of offers. She was already one of the biggest stars on the screen. Karisma entered her luxurious bathroom and peeled off her bikini. Stretching herself once she grabbed the morning papers and sat down on the toilet seat. There it was again. Praise about her performances. This was becoming a ritual, she thought! The greatest actress of the decade! The thought was pretty exciting. Ten minutes later after having brushed her sparkling teeth, Karisma moved into the shower. The lukewarm water caressing her perfect body was giving her great sensations. She closed her eyes and let the water play all over. This was so good, everything was working out well. Her left hand moved from her hair down to her neck and to her shoulders. With her eyes still closed, Karisma eased her fingers down her left breast and let the forefinger rest on the dark nipple which was already taut with the electrifying feelings moving across her body. Karisma knew this feeling and also knew that nothing could stop her from getting to an orgasm now. As her left hand played with her wet nipple, the right hand moved down her belly around her navel and rested on her pubic hair. Slowly with her first two fingers she pushed open her vaginal lips. A light moan escaped from her firm lips. Knock! Knock! Damn, she thought, someone’s at the door. “Who is it?”, Karisma screamed. “Hey its me, Pooja Batra!” Pooja was a close friend of Karishma and despite the interruption her arrival had caused Karishma was happy that she was here. She quickly grabbed the soft black robe from the closet and put it on while rushing to the bedroom door. “Wow! Great to see you here Pooja, you look splendid!” Pooja looked fabulous in a tight skirt and a green tank top. Ever since her last few movies had flopped, Pooja had gone on a strict diet to get back into shape and the results were already visible. The two friends jumped onto the bed and started discussing films instantly, their favorite topic! Thirty minutes later while Karishma was going through her opinion on the new actresses in town, Pooja’s eyes suddenly locked onto Karishma’s gown which had been precariously hanging on her breasts and was now on the verge of dropping off her nipple. While Pooja tried to concentrate on whatever Karishma was saying it was proving difficult with the dark upper outline of her nipple now showing. Karishma paused and moved slightly, and the gown slipped further completely revealing her nipple. Pooja couldn’t take her eyes off the beautiful round breast and the brown nipple sticking up from the soft flesh. Karishma followed Pooja’s gaze and realized that she was revealing quite a bit. Pooja instinctively moved her hand towards Karishma’s breast.

“Can I touch you?”, she asked. Karishma was not sure, “I – I don’t know, I haven’t really done it before…”

“You mean you’ve not done it… you’re still a virgin?”

“Well I have played around a bit with some guys but never gone the whole way.”

Pooja smiled and moved her hand confidentially to the soft skin of Karishma’s breasts. Using her fingers to circle the nipple, Pooja said “How does this feel?”. Her hand was slowly massaging the flesh while her thumb and forefinger pulled and tugged at the taut nipple. “Uuummmhhhh!!!”, cried Karishma. Pooja pushed Karishma down so she was lying on her back. Lowering her mouth onto her nipple, Pooja gently flicked it with her tongue. Circling the nipple again Pooja now brought her teeth together to nibble on Karishma. “Oh my God, Pooja please… aaahhh… great…”

With both her lips Pooja covered the nipple and started sucking and pushing her face firmly into the soft flesh of Karishma’s breast. “Aaaahhhhhhh… Pooja… more… need more…”

Pooja’s left hand now moved down Karishma’s body to the point where her pubic hair rested beneath the gown. Karishma raised one leg, folding it from the knee to allow better access. Pooja moved the gown away and pushed her fingers through the light black hair down to the pussy lips. Her middle finger moved between the lips until it reached the clitoris. Using her nail, Pooja pushed the sheath back exposing the erect clit. Gently she placed her finger on it. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh!”, Karishma gasped. Pooja let her finger move down further, down though the wet folds of Karishma’s beautiful vagina. She reached the entrance to her tunnel and swirled her finger in the liquid that was glistening all over. Moving her mouth away from Karishma’s nipple, Pooja tasted the finger that had just explored the juicy entrance. “You taste great Karishma! Your love juices are amazing! I need to eat you and lick you all over!” Pooja moved over onto Karishma, Her head now right over her pussy and her legs straddling Karishma’s face.

Lowering her face between Karishma’s legs, Pooja sniffed the sweet smell of her pussy. Using her tongue she covered the entire lengths of Karishma’s pussy lips. Licking in every drop of the sweet liquid. With her tongue resting on her clitoris, Pooja pushed her fingers into Karishma’s pussy. “Oooohh my… that feels great!” Pooja’s tongue sucked on her clitoris while her forefinger moved into Karishma. The sensations were driving her crazy. It seemed as if electric currents were connecting her from her brain to her pussy. Pooja’s finger moved deep into Karishma and then slowly moved out easily with her wetness. Pooja slowly started moving in and out of Karishma’s pussy and moving deeper with each stroke. All the while nibbling at Karishma’s pussy. “Woooo that’s great… ohh Pooja… I want to taste you too… Oooohhhh!” Karishma could see Pooja’s skirt hanging over her face and she used both her hands to push it over her hips.

Exposing her panties several inches over her face Karishma could almost smell the Pooja’s wetness. She brought her right hand between Pooja’s legs and onto the white panties. They were very wet! She pulled away the material with her finger to reveal the thick pussy lips with sparse black hair. All glistening in the excitement that was driving both actresses. “Lower yourself Pooja… I want to taste you… yes thats better.. ummmm”. Karishma used long strokes of her tongue to lick away at Pooja’s pussy lips while her finger held the white panty material towards one side.

“Ooooooo.. you’re good at this, Karishma…”

Rrrriiinnnnngggg! “Shit its my phone”, cried Pooja. She swirled around and pulled out the phone from her purse. “Yes?… Oh my God its already 11 am? I’m on my way!” Turning to Karishma Pooja said, “I need to go baby, we’ll continue this some other time. Meanwhile keep this…”

. She yanked out from her purse a 9 inch dildo and pushed it into Karishma’s hands, at the same time straightening her skirt and heading for the door. “Wait… I’ve never used this before…”

“Just push it up your pussy, sweetheart! And I’m going to need it by the evening today”, yelled Pooja closing the door behind her. Karishma moved across the room staring at the white dildo in her hand. Awright, I’m going to do this! Karishma pulled away the curtains on the door that let out to her swimming pool. “Nice day”, she exclaimed while opening the door and moving out. She still had the gown on her and was sure no one could see her in this area. The small swimming pool was surrounded by large trees and bushes and the way thru her bedroom was the only way to get here. Karishma settled in one of the long beach chairs, stretching herself in the pleasant sunshine. She held the dildo with both her hands and smiled at the complete resemblance it held to a man’s penis.

Instinctively she brought it to her mouth and started licked the tip.

Kareena was Karishma’s younger sister and she generally knocked before entering, but today she barged into her sister’s room to find the door to the swimming pool open. With a tune on her lips she walked upto the door and spotted her sister on the beach chair about four meters away. She was about to call out to Karishma when she realised that her sister was sucking at a huge white thing that definitely resembled a grown penis! Although she was about 16 years old, she had rushed through several porn videos that lay in her father’s cupboard and could definitely recognise a dildo when she saw one! Karishma meanwhile pushed her head back and pulled the dildo down to her nipples, pushing the gown slightly to one side. The dildo spread her own saliva across her nipples and soft round breasts.

Kareena had never seen her sister naked before and this was quite a sight. The fair skin of her breast and the saliva shining in the sunshine was making her feel very excited. She moved forward, hiding behind a large artificial bush about three meters from Karishma. She could now clearly see her sister moving and pushing the dildo over her breasts and could hear the low moans that were escaping her. With her eyes still closed, Karishma moved the left hand between her legs, pushing away the gown to reveal her pubic hair. Folding her left leg, she slowly brought the dildo down to the beginning of her pussy lips. Kareena stared in amazement at her sister’s pussy which appeared so perfect, so inviting and so delicious. She herself had a developed body and a sparse growth of hair had appeared over her small pussy lips. As she watched her sister move the dildo up and down the length of her pussy, Kareena couldn’t help moving her own hand into her skirt. Reaching between her legs in a kneeling position she pulled away her panties slightly and started stroking the lips. Karishma realised she was very wet now and decided to push this white dick into her depths. Moving further down until the tip of the dildo touched the entrance of her vagina, Karishma closed her eyes and pushed. As the huge dildo moved into her, Karishma grimaced at the slight pain and then almost screamed with pleasure. The dildo was about an inch into her body and she withdrew it.

Pushing her head back with her eyes closed she shoved it back again. This time moving deeper into the wet recesses of her womanhood. “Oooooohhhhhhhhh!” Kareena heard her sister. Being excited herself, she increased her own pace. Rubbing her vagina more furiously while watching her elder sister shove the dildo deeper and deeper into her body. She had pushed it seven inches into herself and could feel the sensations short circuiting her entire body. “Aaaahhhhh” Karishma knew she was close to an orgasm. She moved the dildo in and out of her pussy faster edging closer to the climax. Crrraaaasssssssshhhhhh! The flower pot behind which Kareena was hiding tilted and crashed into a million pieces. Her increasingly furious motions had pushed the pot off balance and now it lay on one side, revealing Kareena with a strange _expression on her face and her right hand up her skirt. “Oh hell! Kareena what are you doing here? How long have you been around?”

“I’m sorry didi… I was just here to check if you were ready for the shoot… couldn’t help looking at you…”

, Kareena explained as she pulled her hand out of her panties and away from her skirt. “OK… I know we need to get to the studios early today, I’ll see you in the car in ten minutes.”Karishma quickly put on her salwar kurta for the shoot and rushed out to the front porch after putting on some makeup. They had to hurry, the drive to the studios itself would take about half an hour. Kareena was waiting in the huge Mercedes that had been customized for Karishma by a friend. Opening the small panel in the partition between the passenger and driver section, Karishma asked the driver to quickly get them to the studios. She pressed the button that shut the panel again. Another switch on the door opened a small refrigerator that had all of Karishma’s drinks. She poured out a small peg of Southern Comfort and pushed it to Kareena. “Care for some?”

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“Yes thanks.”

Karishma poured one for herself and the two sat in silence for several minutes not sure what to say after the incident earlier. Finally Karishma broke the silence. “You were enjoying it weren’t you?”

“No… I mean why…”

“Dear sister you had your hand up your skirt, you were playing with yourself.”

“Yes, didi, but you looked so good. Your glowing skin, the smooth curves, you were so wet and lovely here also…”

, Kareena said pointing slightly to the area between Karishma’s legs. Karishma smiled, “Well sister maybe its my turn now… pull up your skirt.”

“What?”, screamed Kareena. “Pull it up baby cause I’m going to eat you and you are going to enjoy this even more… come on let your sister taste your sweet pussy…”

. Karishma pushed up Kareena’s skirt and then moved her into one corner of the large seat. Easing up both legs on to the seat and then spreading them apart, she now had a good view of her sister’s panties. Kareena was getting excited about this now and started tugging at her panties. Karishma helped her take them off and then stared at her young sister’s vagina. The soft pussy lips were surrounded by a very thin growth of black hair. The moist lips hid the brown inner folds and the clitoris which were trying to peep out. Karishma licked her lips. “This looks to good to be true, sister.”

Karishma brought her tongue to Kareena’s knees and moved them up slowly to the teenager’s milky thighs. Kneading the flesh around the thighs with her hands, she moved her tongue further to where her legs met. Kareena sighed as her sister’s tongue touched her pussy lips. She traced her tongue up one lip and then the other. Licking and tasting all the moist juices that were lining her. On reaching the top, Karishma used her forefinger to spread the outer lips a bit and then slipped her tongue downwards. She reached Kareena’s clit and gently nibbled at it. “Ooooh didi, this is wonderful…”

, Kareena cried as her sister’s roving tongue in her pussy drove her to the edge. The car stopped at a light and Karishma looked up to the window and then remembered the glasses were completely dark. No one could see inside. She brought her face back to Kareena’s pussy and as the car started once again her tongue moved down to her entrance. She curled her tongue and pushed at the wet hole, using her fingers to open-up her sister. She slid in easily, feeling the warmth of Kareena’s vagina and the sweetness of her fluids. “Mmmmmmhhhhh” “How does it feel, Kareena, having your didi’s tongue up your little pussy?”

“Ohhh, this is amazing… I think I’m going to cum… aaahhh… more…”

The car came to a halt and the familiar noise of a movie studio reached the sisters’ ears. “o-oh”, Karishma whispered as she realised they had arrived at the studios. Quickly moving away, she signaled to Kareena pull her skirt down while she straightened herself. Within seconds they were out in the sunshine. “Hello ladies… you’re right on time, we were just beginning to start”, exclaimed Doda, the producer. He was a fat old man and a very successful film maker. “You have about five minutes to get your make-up on Karishmaji, the van is ready and the shot is also ready.”

Karishma smiled and nodded as she walked over to the van that was always there for her. Inside was a small make-up area, a couch, a refrigerator and a television amongst several other useful amenities. A young man started applying stuff on her face even as another one came up and gave her the dialogues for the shot. She knew this was the scene in which she would be tied up and the bad guys would try and rape her. But like in all Hindi movies she would be rescued by the hero. It was regular stuff. Five minutes later she moved out to the set in her salwar kurta and dupatta, and little makeup. There were about 15 people doing various things around the area. Her sister was seated next to the producer and Jumbo, the huge hunk who was the villian for this scene. The director walked up to Karishma and pointed to a huge tree trunk that had been set in the middle of the shot. “We are going to tie you there Karishmaji… this way please.”

Two set boys helped Karishma as she stood against the tree trunk and held her hands horizontal around the circumference of the tree.

The hands were gently tied back. “Are you comfortable, Karishmaji?”

“Yes everything’s ok”, she replied, even as she felt excited about the situation. Here she was tied against the tree, with her breasts portruding and looking very sexy. She saw Jumbo stand up to his six foot six inches and approach her. He waved at her and she winked back. “ction” Jumbo suddenly had a mean _expression on his face as he came up to Karishma. He screamed threats into her face while the camera moved from one corner of the set to the other. His hands came up to Karishma’s face and then moved down to her shoulder where her dupatta lay. With one motion he pulled it away and threw it into the air. The second camera now focused on her closeup. Without the dupatta Karishma’s front looked extremely erotic. With the valley between her large breasts clearly showing from the neck of the red kurta. Karishma had anger written on her face, but it was difficult for her to keep up the _expression. She was enjoying herself and she wanted Jumbo keep going. Jumbo uttered some more words of threat and anger, at the same time bringing his face very close to Karishma’s. He whispered something to her indicating that he would soon have her for dinner. The cameras moved in closer. Jumbo brought his hands to her neck, as she let out a scream asking the monster to stop whatever he was planning to do. Jumbo’s hand moved down slowly down her neck onto the area over her breasts and down to the valley between her tits. Karishma had an _expression of helplessness on her in the face of inevitable rape. Inside though she wanted Jumbo to tear open the front of her kurta and pull apart her bra. She wanted him to bring his large mouth onto her nipples and use his teeth to bite into her breasts. The thought of his face on her tits and his hands rubbing her crotch thru her salwar sent shivers down her spine. All this while the entire unit watched eagerly as the star heroine got very wet in her pussy. She opened her eyes as Jumbo stopped at the top of her breasts and with a smile moved back to his seat. The shot was over.

Two boys came up and untied Karishma from the tree trunk. The lights dimmed as the director screamed from near the main camera, “Great shot Karishma!” Yeah, great shot, Karishma thought, the crowds will love to watch her breasts showing from her kurta on the big screen. She knew it and she wanted to show more, much more than that. She wanted to strip down to nothing and let it be captured on screen for the entire nation to see.

And why not, she thought. She had the body and today she also had the nerve. Again she felt strong currents connecting her crotch to her brain sending pleasure streaks through her body. Control yourself baby, she said to herself as she walked back to the van. “What the hell am I thinking about today, need to control myself.”

Karishma and her sister watch an erotic movie in their trailer and get turned on… “You have about twenty minutes, madam, when we start the next scene.”

, shouted the director’s voice from behind. Kareena got up from her chair and followed her sister into the van. She had been watching her sister during the shot and knew she had been enjoying herself. Kareena had been enjoying it too and now wanted to finish what they had started in the car. “Wooo that was some _expression you had on you didi”, Kareena said as she closed the door behind her, “You were getting excited weren’t you… getting wet between your legs, nearing orgasm?”

“Where did you learn all that little girl?”

“Well now that we’ve done a little bit of stuff… I can tell you. I’ve been seen some of the porn flicks that dad keeps in his cupboard. In fact I’ve got one with me right now.”

She reached back for her purse that was slung on her shoulder. Seconds later she had pulled out a tape. “We have about twenty minutes, you want to watch it didi?” Karishma smiled in approval and Kareena rushed to the video placed in the corner of the van.

She pushed the tape in and pressed play. Karishma had already settled down in the comfortable couch six feet away from the television. Kareena sat next to her sister as the screen came alive. The scene depicted a woman soldier with a naked man who had been tied down onto a bed. The woman had on her a tight uniform skirt and a shirt. She brought her face close to the man’s penis and started stroking it. “Ummmm”, Karishma could feel the juices flowing again. Kareena looked into her sister’s dreamy eyes and turned left to bring her right hand between Karishma’s legs. As she brought her hand over her crotch she could feel the heat of Karishma’s pussy even through the salwar fabric. The soldier on the screen was giving an amazing blow job to the bound man. Soon he was writhing and on the verge of cumming. The woman smiled and stopped. Getting up she slowly opened her shirt revealing a huge pair of milky tits. She pushed her shirt away and fondled her breasts while pinching her nipples with her fingers.

Kareena moved her hand to the top of the salwar and loosened it. She edged her hand down Karishma’s pubic hair to her wet pussy lips. She moved her fingers down between her sister’s labia to her hot opening. Karishma moved her legs apart and edged forward to allow Kareena easy access to her throbbing entrance. Kareena pushed a finger into the smooth and moist opening and her sister let out a slight moan of pleasure. On screen the woman now moved on top of the man and straddled his thighs in a sitting position. With her legs spread on each sides of her prisoner she pulled her skirt up gradually, exposing her pussy. A thin layer of brown hair covered her in a triangular area. She used her fingers to open herself and allow the huge erect cock to enter her. The camera moved in close to the vagina as it absorbed an inch of cock. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh….. Kareena, your finger feels so good in my pussy… push, push it in… deeper… yes…

ooohhhhh” The fuck scene on the screen was driving both sisters to the edge. Kareena pushed into her sister harder, feeling her juices squishing over her hands and fingers. “Ohh Lord… so good… “, Karishma cried.

There was a knock on the door and both froze on the couch. “Time for the shot madam.”

“Why is this happening…”

, uttered Karishma as she pulled up her salwar and started putting things in order. Karishma runs thru a sexy scene on a movie shoot and then has some fun with sis… The next scene was short and within twenty minutes Karishma had been rescued by the hero.

As they walked over to the Mercedes, Kareena turned to her sister, “I need to visit Reena, didi… I’ll see you in the evening.”

“How are you going to her place?”

“She’s here”, said Kareena pointing to a white Toyota parked nearby. A pretty young girl waved from inside and Kareena rushed over to her. Karishma got into the Mercedes and indicated to her driver to drive down to Dream Village. It was Dimple’s birthday and she was celebrating at the exotic resort on the outskirts of Mumbai. Karishma knew she wouldn’t be able to make it to the party that evening… she was going to the Music Awards that evening. The Spice Girls were to perform there and she wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world. However, Dimple had been a guiding figure for her and she wanted to wish her today. And if she couldn’t make it in the evening she would do it now. An hour later the car pulled into the resort and Karishma pulled out the small package that carried a diamond bracelet. Dimple loved diamonds and would love this gift. She walked up to the reception and asked for Dimple. The well dressed young man at the reception recognized Karishma, “Karishma Kapoor! Yes Dimple Kapadiaji is here… she’s planned a party tonight on the beachside …she is currently in cottage 14.”Karishma thanked him and moved through the large expanse of gardens amid which various cottages of the resort were situated. She came up to the path that led to Cottage 14 and an idea struck her. “She’s not expecting me… it’s time to give her a surprise… like the way she surprised me last year!”. Karishma recalled the incident when Dimple had crept into her bedroom at midnight and shocked her with a gift. She took a detour and avoided the front door to walk upto the side of the cottage. She was looking for an open window through which she could creep in. She came up to a large area of dense vegetation that rose up to the second level. Behind the vegetation she noticed a large window that had curtains drawn. Karishma moved some of the bushes away and edged closer to the glass looking for some way to open it.

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She noticed a spot where the curtains did not meet properly. Peeping in she noticed Dimple walking about in a blue saree talking to someone. Oh-oh she’s got a guest, thought Karishma. Suddenly, a male came into view and pulled Dimple into his arms. Karishma moved in closer to the window. It was Sunny Deol! Karishma almost screamed as the two engaged in a passionate kiss. Dimple looked stunning as usual in the blue saree and a sleeveless blouse. Sunny wore a tight blue jeans and a white shirt that showed off his muscles. Karishma looked on in wonder as Dimple dropped to her knees, her face in front of Sunny’s crotch. She tugged at his zip and shoved her hand into his jeans. Her fingers moved to free Sunny’s dick from the underwear and pulled it out. Karishma stared at the filmstar’s penis which stuck out like a pole. Dimple wrapped her fingers around the brown dick and started stroking it. Sunny pushed his head back and opened his mouth to let out a moan which Karishma didn’t hear because of the glass. But, the sight of Dimple’s beautiful face closing in on Sunny’s dick and her tongue licking the tip was making Karishma very wet. Dimple was now moving her lips up and down, swallowing the entire length of Sunny’s dick. It was exciting, Karishma thought, but not bigger than the ones she saw on the video. Sunny pulled Dimple away from his crotch and pulled her up. He pushed saree material from her shoulder and brought his hands to her blouse. He moved his hands on the large tits and then putting his fingers into the material ripped it. His next target was the black bra which was also pulled away exposing Dimple’s beautiful white breasts with large brown aeroles. Karishma watched as Sunny brought his hungry mouth to her breasts and started kissing and biting at them. Karishma leaned her body against the wall to get a better view of the action inside. Sunny had now pushed Dimple on the large bed in the middle of the room. Dimple said something that seemed to excite Sunny who lay on top of her and pushed up her saree. Karishma could see Dimple’s thighs and up all the way to her waist as there were no panties. She had always looked incredibly pretty in the movies and today with her clothes all messed up, Dimple looked even better. Specially her enormous tits with taut and erect nipples, thought Karishma, looked amazing. She tried and moved around to catch a glimpse of Dimple’s vagina, but from the distance and with Sunny now moving in between her legs she couldn’t. Dimple spread her legs wider to accommodate Sunny.

After getting into position, Karishma noticed him saying something to Dimple. And as she responded he pushed into her. Dimple’s mouth opened as she let out a scream of pleasure. Sunny continued pushing vigorously into Dimple moving in and out of her vagina, even as Dimple grasped his hands and writhed in pleasure. Karishma could see that Dimple was close to coming. “Room service”, Karishma heard someone shout at the front door. Sunny stopped and pulled his member out and Dimple stood up and straightened her saree. She rushed to the door pushing away her beautiful brown tinged hair from her face. Karishma too moved away from the window and came up to the front door behind the hotel staff. “The lunch you ordered Madam.”

“Oh thank you”, Dimple said and then noticed Karishma behind the waiter, “Hello sweetheart, how are you?” Karishma hugged Dimple and the two walked in and greeted Sunny. Karishma didn’t want to take up too much of their time and wanted to leave immediately but Dimple insisted on her having a quick lunch with them. Twenty minutes later after they had finished lunch, Karishma wished her again and there were good-byes all around. Rushing away Karishma thought she had better leave the couple to themselves, they had been interrupted already in between a great fuck… and she knew how it felt to be stopped when so close to an orgasm! The Spice Girls make things hot for Karishma… The car moved into the parking of the huge stadium. Very few spaces remained for the biggest Music Awards Show this year. Running into the entry gates for exclusive passes she realized that she was just in time as the ceremonies started. Taking her seat, which was quite close to the main stage, Karishma looked at the schedule. The Spice Girls were scheduled to play at 6 pm, still an hour to go. She looked around for Pooja bhatt. Pooja bhatt was the organizer of the show and a good friend of Karishma. Although 39, Pooja bhatt was a total stunner and the kind of clothes she wore would make any model envious. She had created a sensation when she appeared on a tabloid paper with no clothes but only body painted large pendulous tits. It was a time when India was overflown with semen flow which emanated from readers of that tabloid from different parts of the country. “Hey Karishma!”, Pooja bhatt had spotted her. “Pooja bhatt how are things? Hey you promised to take me to meet the Spice Girls back stage… can we meet them now?” “Yeah sure… they have some trailers setup near in the far corner of the stadium behind the stage. Come along, I’ll take you there.”

Karishma followed Pooja bhatt through the crowds and security personnel behind the stage and through guarded corridors into the large secured area in the stadium premises. Two huge trailers stood in the corner and near one of them stood Scary, the lead singer of the Spice Girls. She had on both sides a bodyguard and waved to Pooja bhatt as she saw her approaching. “Wow its Scary!”, cried Karishma as they came up to the Spice Girl. She was wearing a black dress that had a low cut neck and ended on her thighs.

“Hi… meet Karishma, the number one heroine in India”, Pooja bhatt introduced the two girls. “Hello, I’ve heard a lot about you Karishma…

I’ve always wanted to meet you! Come on inside I’ll introduce you to the other ‘Spices’!” Pooja bhatt excused herself saying that she had a whole lot of things to attend to. Scary pulled Karishma into the trailer and closed the door behind, leaving the bodyguards outside. “where are they…

Posh?… Baby?… “, Scary shouted into the trailer. Karishma looked around at the huge trailer that seemed to have two rooms with walls coated with some leather like material. Small pieces of ribbons and clothes of different kinds seemed to decorate the interiors. There were comfortable small couches lying in various corners on the carpeted floors. Scary opened the door to the second room and peeped in. “Oh.. you’re here… come on girls you’d better get dressed up we don’t have too much time.. you’d better stop doing that now!” Karishma popped her head around Scary’s to take a look. Her eyes opened with amazement as she saw Baby Spice sitting on a chair with her legs spread apart and resting on the hand-rests. Her skirt had been pulled up to her waist and she was wearing no panties. Posh was sitting in front of Baby and it was apparent she was eating Baby’s pussy. Scary moved back from the room and Karishma followed.

She indicated to Karishma to make herself comfortable. “We travel a lot, and don’t get to stay with our boyfriends too much… we have sexual needs too and we generally help ourselves there.”

“Yeah I understand… and it can be fun.”

, Karishma put in. “Oh yeah… have you also done it with a girl before?”

“yes, and I loved it!” “Ever since I saw pictures of you in some of the Indian magazines here and heard about you, Karishma, I’ve wanted to do it with you… I mean… if its ok with you…”

“Yes”, Karishma whispered, “ok by me!” Scary quickly came up to Karishma’s side on the bright red couch and kissed her lightly on the lips. Karishma inhaled the strange perfume that seemed to surround the black Spice Girl. Scary was quick with her hands as they started roving around Karishma’s breasts.

Scary’s fingers were tracing imaginary circles around the point her nipples were beneath the kurta and the feeling was sending pleasure pangs thru her body. “Wait…”

, Karishma said and put her dupatta away. She then moved her hands down and lifted the kurta over her head and away. Scary looked lustily at Karishma’s black bra which hid the huge creamy tits only partially. She hugged Karishma and used the opportunity to unhook the bra from behind. It fell apart exposing Karishma’s large tits and lovely erect nipples. “You have very large boobs… mine are so small”, Scary said with envy. “Let me have a look”, Karishma replied as she moved her hands to Scary’s shoulders. The black dress was held in place with two thin straps. Karishma slid both off her shoulders and the dress started moving down Scary’s body. Karishma’s eyes followed her hands as they edged the dress off Scary’s tits. She brought her fingers to Scary’s chest and slipped them onto the nipples. The brown skin felt very smooth under her fingers and the dark nipples rose erotically as Karishma touched them. “You’ve got such amazing breasts, Scary… you’re so beautiful!” Scary’s tits were not large, but just the perfect size, Karishma thought. And they had this perfect tight shape with nice taut nipples. Karishma leaned forward and flicked her tongue across the nipples. “Ummmmmmmhhhhhh… Karishma your tongue on my nipples feels real good!” Karishma was now sucking at the right nipple with great hunger at the same time her left hand was squeezing Scary’s right breast. The hard nipple felt incredible in her mouth and she loved the taste of Scary’s brown tits. Karishma’s left hand now moved down further to Scary’s thighs, leaving the dress gathered at her waist and thighs. She pushes her hand under the dress and onto Scary’s thighs. She stroked the smooth but strong thighs and with each stroke moved closer to the area between her legs. Finally her fingers touched something hot and wet. “No panties!”, Karishma cried out, taking a break from Scary’s nipple. Karishma’s left hand now covered Scary’s pussy and her middle finger stroked its entire length. As her fingers moved up the inner lips of her pussy, Karishma realized that Scary had shaved her pussy completely, although there was a small puff of hair at the top. Her finger came up to the clitoris and Karishma used her finger to displace the clit from the sheath. She pushed her thumb in to press against the clitoris. “Whhooooooo… aaghhh… eat me please, eat me… Karishma!”

Karishma couldn’t refuse the invitation! She moved away from Scary’s tits and got down on the carpet in front of Scary’s legs. Scary pulled up her legs and spread them apart for Karishma. Karishma brought her face close to Scary’s pussy. She was again intoxicated by the exciting perfume that seemed to be floating around Scary’s body. She inhaled deeply and came within an inch of the wet pussy. She noticed the swollen brown lips were covered with moist excitement. Between the lips the folds of her dark brown inner vagina were visible. On the top she could see the throbbing reddish brown clitoris that was waiting to be stimulated. The sight was so electrifying that Karishma couldn’t hold back for another second. She stuck out her tongue and ran it all the way up Scary’s vaginal lips, tasting the wetness of the Spice Girl’s juices. She used her tongue to force her way to the clitoris which lay between the wet lips. Karishma’s tongue played around with the clit pushing Scary close to orgasm. “Ohhh that feels so good… Indians are good at sucking pussy… woweee!”Karishma was in a world of her own with her tongue slurping in every drop of cum that oozed from Scary Spice’s brown pussy. She brought the tip of her tongue to the lower end of the vagina at the entrance of her dripping hole. She poked at the wetness around the point and savored in the sweet taste of pussy juice. Slowly she edged her tongue inside, feeling and tasting the inner walls of Scary’s vagina. The salty exciting taste and the thought of actually poking the Spice Girl’s pussy made Karishma almost come with excitement! “Deeper baby… uuuunnhhhhh… yes push your tongue in deeper love!” Karishma’s tongue darted in and out of Scary’s pussy. With each stroke she was drawing at more juice from the deep of her pussy. With each stroke she was also pushing Scary to the edge. The door to the other room opened and in stormed Baby and Posh with a large smile written on their face. Karishma moved away from Scary’s pussy to turn around and look. The main door to the trailer also opened and the other Spice Girls walked in. “Whoopeee so we have an Indian pussy here!”, screamed Posh. Before Karishma could react three girls had pulled her up from the floor and pushed her onto the couch. “Karishma we’re gonna have fun”, said Baby as she reached for Karishma’s breasts and covered her nipples with her mouth. “Ohhhhhhh”, reacted Karishma slightly confused at the way things were shaping up. Spice meanwhile reached for Karishma’s salwar and tugged at it to loosen it up. She pulled at it screaming, “How do you open these things?” But she did manage to pull it down within seconds. With both her hands she pulled down the panties and was helped by Karishma who raised herself slightly. “Indian pussy… this will be a first!”, exclaimed Spice as she pushed her face into Karishma’s wet vagina.

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, cried Karishma as one Spice Girl eat her pussy and the other nibbled at her tits. Scary came up from behind the couch and dropped her hands down either side of her neck. Down her shoulders and around each of the soft mounds of Karishma’s breast, Scary’s hands started squeezing and kneading. Posh continued biting at the nipples even as Scary squeezed the breasts towards her. Spice was now using her forefinger to push deep into Karishma’s pussy while her tongue played with her clitoris. Karishma’s juices were flowing continuously and she was licking every drop. “Indian pussy sure tastes neat… I love your wetness baby… and your pussy skin is so smooth and beautiful..”

“Ummmhhhhh… this.. feels… gooood!”, Karishma cried. She was sitting on the couch completely naked with the Spice Girls kissing and licking every part of her body. “Oh my God… I’m coming… faster…”

“Spice Girls… two minutes!”, screamed the megaphone from outside. “Oh-oh time to split”, cried Scary even as the girls quickly got themselves in order and headed for the door. “Hey Karishma, we’re going to be back… hang around here… we love you!”, Scary said turning around briefly while moving out of the trailer. “Damn! Why is this happening to me… another few seconds and I would have had the orgasm of my life, with the Spice Girls!”, Karishma thought with dismay. Karishma in a crowd gets the hots when sneeky fingers touch her all over… Karishma started gathering her clothes and pulled up her panties and bra. She stood in front of the mirror and looked around at the large number of clothes that hung around. She seemed to like a bright white micro skirt and a short red shirt which she quickly got into. After combing her hair she stepped out of the trailer and took in a whiff of fresh air. She walked up to the stage from behind, listening to the loud music which was blaring from the huge speaker systems placed across the stadium. The Spice Girls were now performing some of their famous numbers on stage and all of them were Karishma’s favorites. She stood close to the stage setup on a corner from where she could see the Girls performing from an angle. As the music started to get her into the mood, Karishma started edging towards the main area where the crowd was dancing close to the stage. There was very little space in the enclosure and people were literally squeezed together. But Karishma wanted to get into that area, it was closest to the performance. Someone asked for her tickets and Karishma waved them in front of his face before moving into the enclosure which didn’t seem to have space to even move about. Within minutes she was well positioned close to the stage where the Spice Girls were now singing their famous single… “If you wanna be my lover…”

, screamed Karishma as she swayed with the crowd on either side.

She wanted to dance but could only manage to pop up and down because of the crowds. Suddenly a cigarette came up to her, someone was probably passing a smoke. She couldn’t see who it was but took it anyway, took in one puff and passed it on. She had smoked cigarettes a couple of times, but the sensations that she felt now were totally different. Things got blurred for a few seconds and then the scene in front appeared very bright and exciting. Karishma felt that she could hear each and every instrument being played distinctly. “Must have been dope…”

, Karishma thought, “feels amazing… wow… everything appears so good…!” The music seemed better than ever and the lights brighter than daylight. This was turning out to be the concert of her life! Karishma sang with the Girls on stage jumping and swaying with the crowds. Minutes later a hand seemed to feel her back in smooth strokes from the neck to her waist. It appeared to be somebody dancing behind her and Karishma didn’t pay too much attention. Her mind was in a parallel world of music and lights. Then the hand moved to her buttocks and the fingers played around her large round cheeks. Karishma tried turning around, but it seemed too much effort, besides things were so good all around her. The hand now moved down her short skirt to the hem. With one swift motion the fingers crawled into the skirt and touched Karishma’s panties. “Wooo this is getting a little bit too far…”

, she thought, but wanted to wait and watch what would happen next.

This was so exciting! The crowd swayed as Scary on stage waved to the people from the edge of the platform. The hand disappeared from her skirt apparently disturbed by the crowd’s movement. Karishma was disappointed, but for a few seconds only. The fingers were back on her panties thru her raised skirt. After tugging at the top edge of her panties for a few moments the hand slipped in. Karishma felt the fingers touching and feeling her smooth ass cheeks. The hand moved from one side to the other squeezing the soft skin of her buttocks. “Mmmmhhh… this feels good…

and I don’t even know who’s doing it…”

, Karishma thought while gyrating to the music and recoiling to the dope, “Damn, I don’t even know if its a man or a woman!” The fingers now moved to the slit between her cheeks and the forefinger slipped down the valley to her anus. It lingered around the puckered hole for a few seconds and then plunged into Karishma. “Aaagggh…”

, Karishma cried out in a strange mixture of pain and pleasure.

The finger pushed into Karishma’s anus while another hand grabbed her from the waist. Karishma closed her eyes in anticipation. The person in front of her seemed to be crushed against her and she couldn’t really look at the hand that was creeping up her waist to her tits. She could make out from the feel, however, that both hands belonged to the same person. The hand reached Karishma’s left breast from behind and clasped tightly onto it at the exact time the other hand’s finger pulled out from her anus. “Oooohh… more… more!” One hand was now squeezing Karishma’s left breast thru the shirt material and Karishma moaned with pleasure. The other hand was moving its finger in and out of her tight anus again. With slow strokes that pushed Karishma into pools of excitement, the fingers squeezed against her ass. The hand on her tit now seemed to have located her nipple which was erect with excitement and was sticking out thru the cloth layers of the bra and the shirt. The fingers pinched at the nipple and pushed into the soft flesh of her tits. “Aaah… aaaah… aaah…”

, Karishma screamed with pleasure. The finger pulled out from her anus and moved further down thru the light pubic hair. Karishma twisted herself to help the finger reach the wet spot between her legs. The forefinger touched the hot spot of Karishma’s pussy’s entrance which was wet with desire. The finger slowly edged into Karishma’s soft and wet cunt. As currents of pleasure hit her, Karishma let out a slight moan. The finger now moved in and out of her hole with an increased pace and the other hand squeezed her breasts with increased vigour. “Aagghhhh… yes… deeper… aaahhhh… aaah,” Karishma cried as waves of excitement seemed to hit her brain which was already reeling with pleasure under the effect of the drugged cigarette she had several minutes ago. She felt her wetness dripping down the hand on her pussy and down her thighs. A finger seemed to be rubbing against her clitoris and it was driving her to the edge. The crowd screamed reacting to the action on stage and Karishma closed her eyes as the hand on her nipples squeezed harder. This was going to be it, she felt the waves building up inside her. Something started popping in her brain as the two hands stroked Karishma to ecstasy. There was a sudden push from the right and the entire crowd swayed to one side and than the other. “Thank you… thank you, India!”, Scary shouted as she waved her way off the stage. The hands disappeared leaving Karishma stranded somewhere in space very close to cumming! “Oh my God… oh my God!”, yelled Karishma, “Please… I want to cum… I want to cum!”. There was going to be a break in the program and the Spice Girls’ part was over. The crowd seemed to thin and Karishma turned to see who the wonderful hands belonged to. There was no one, however, that appeared to be that person. A couple of guys were moving around talking and some girls giggled and talked about the Spice Girls. Some folks appeared to be smoking also but no one that could have touched her in the most intimate places. “Well its over now, time to go I guess”, Karishma looked at the stage as musicians packed their stuff even as new ones set up their instruments. “Karishma, you’re here!” Karishma turned around. It was Pooja bhatt. “Hi! I was… just watching the show…”

, she blurted. “How’s it going so far?”

“It was amazing!”, Karishma replied truthfully. “But I think I’m going to leave now… I’m kind of tired… need to get back home.”

Both walked back out of the stadium discussing the show that evening. Karishma wasn’t sure if she should be mentioning the orgy with the Girls and her encounter with the stranger. She decided not to speak about it. At the exit Karishma bid farewell to Pooja bhatt and rushed back to her car. It was close to 7:30 pm and time to head back home. She needed some rest and she needed to finally release all that sexual energy that seemed to have built up thru the day.

“Home.”, she instructed the driver with a smile in anticipation of what she would need to do at home to relieve herself sexually.



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