Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

Katrina raced through the cool, dark, city night in her speedy sports car, it’s roof down and the chill wind rushing over her

body. She felt so alive. So vital and fresh. This was what life was about. This was what she was about.

She drove too fast, taking turns at a dangerous speeds, running lights close and loving every second. She was fearless. Every

inch of her supple 24 year old body prickling with excitement at what would come that night.

It was a dangerous part of the city that she sped through. Police tended to stay well clear of it and it was littered with

the underbelly of the city. The drunks, the toughs, the pimps, the whores, they all walked the lonely streets doing their

thing. No one out at this hour and in this place was there for good reason. And neither was Katrina. She parked her car in a

garage she had bought earlier in the week and nipped out of it and locked the door behind her. With no second thoughts she

stepped out of the shadows and strode toward the place she had chosen.

What a beauty she was. 22 with the body of a natural porn star, full breasts, slim legs and a curvy ass. Her straight,

dark hair framed her perfect face, her sparkling eyes, button nose and perfectly symmetrically shaped lips. She really was

incredible, her fortune paying for the finest lifestyle, the best clothes and every gadget a young woman would wish. And

that money had bought the clothes she wore tonight, but they had not been designer or expensive. Her boobs were held in a

tight, shiny red boob tube that revealed plenty of cleavage and stomach and she wore the smallest black mini skirt that

showed her cheap, fishnet, stockings. It was every inch the outfit of a cheap prostitute. And tonight that was what Katrina

was going to be.

From the earliest age Katrina had been different, she had been interested in sex, in all it’s forms and as soon as she was

legal she had enjoyed the many pleasures that it could offer. At first that was enough, just straight normal sex was enough

but Katrina was insatiable and before long straight, normal sex was not enough to sustain her appetite. She experimented

with everything and everyone available and the depths of her own debauchery were as yet undiscovered. But through all that

she had had one overwhelming fantasy that, no matter what she did, she could not escape. She dreamed of being the cheapest,

nastiest fucking whore possible and tonight that fantasy was to come true.

As she walked the short distance to the street corner she had chosen to work, her cheap, tacky heels clicked noisily on the

pavement making her truly sense her isolation and exposure. That just turned her on all the more. Quickly she turned a corner

and gazed upon the street. This was “Hooker’s Alley”. A place where the police avoided and normal people didn’t even know

existed. Scattered at intervals were the lowest of the cities whores, old and young, all were there and

all were desperate (most to get money for their next hit). She walked confidently to a junction that had a street lamp above

it and led into a dark dead end. Katrina felt no nerves at all as she stopped and stood under the lamp light, her hand on

her hip and chewing tartily at a piece of chewing gum.

Before long cars came cruising past, some just checking this place out like a low brow tourist sight but it wasn’t long

before a car drew up beside the car and Katrina strutted forward to lean in the passenger side window. She held her normally,

plumy, cultured accent in check and tried for her most ‘street’ voice as she addressed the car’s occupant.

“Alright lover, looking for business?”

For Katrina it could have been anyone in the car, any age, any size, any race, she was willing to do whatever with whoever

so depraved was she. As it happened the man she was speaking to was in his fifties and smelled really badly of body odour

and cigarettes. He hadn’t shaved that day and wore rough, old clothing. None of which made any difference to the kinky

nymphomaniac hanging in his window, her breasts almost showing to him. His eyes sparkled as they pored over the young woman

offering herself to him.

“You’re new here. I know, I’ve had them all. Oh boy, you’re cute, I’m jimmy what’s you’re name baby?”

“You can call me Slut, jimmy, now what do you want to do with me?”

“Well Slut, like I say all the girls know me down here and know that I only like to get blow jobs, after all I don’t want to

cheat on my bitch of a wife, now do I?”

Katrina ran her tongue along her lips in anticipation, she was already wet between her legs but she kept herself together

enough to tell him her terms.

“It’s 300 for oral honey”.

God she felt so cheap and dirty, and so fucking good. His eyes came alive, what was going on, this was the classiest,

sexiest woman he had ever laid eyes on and she only wanted a 300 for a blow job! Usually these slags were double that, oh

boy it was his lucky night tonight, alright! He drew the car into the small dead end and got out and as he stood there

closing his car’s door Katrina submissively sunk to her knees on the cold, hard blacktop and immediately began unzipping his


She pulled out a rapidly hardening, cock that looked to be at least seven inches and was surrounded with a thick matt of

wiry, black pubic hair. Katrina rubbed the length of his member with her hand and for a sweet moment savoured the strong,

musky aroma of sweat and sex that assailed her nostrils. He waited for her to put on a condom but it never came. She was in

a trance of sexual ecstasy as she closed her eyes and opened her little mouth as wide as she could and accepted the full

length of his penis. Her tongue swirled around his fleshy foreskin and explored beneath as he grunted and eased his cock

deeper, waiting for a gag and a hateful look the other whores gave him when he went deep throat. But there was none and she

opened her eyes again, looked up to stare straight at this man she had never met until just five minutes earlier and

challenged him with her eyes to go further and deeper.

Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

Jimmy had no problem with that and soon her tongue was just another part of her mouth being rubbed against as his thick cock

pumped over it. He was delighted to see her cute little nose buried inside his bush of pubes and reached down to hold her

head there, determined to make this little cunt gag. But Katrina had sucked more cock than most women three times her age and

had learned how to take bigger cocks than this and even found the time to stretch the tip of her tongue forward to tickle

his big, hairy balls.

This was too much for Jimmy and he had to admit defeat and release Katrina’s head and withdraw his cock from her mouth, he

didn’t want to blow his load this quickly. She looked up almost mockingly at him knowing that she had won that little duel.

Jimmy loved this slut’s style but felt he needed to remind her who was paying for this and hooked his fingers around the

base of his stiff cock and dismissively whacked it against Katrina’s chin repeatedly. He bounced his cock all over her pretty

face, enjoying slapping it on her lips, her cheeks and forehead , small trails of pre-cum tracing across her face. Katrina

was so turned on at this, her hand reaching under her skirt and finding her soaking pussy and twiddling it.

“Come on whore, no hands, let me fuck your face like it was a cunt!”

It was a challenge and instruction that Katrina was more than happy to take up. While one of her hands masturbated and the

other played with her breasts she opened her mouth and braced herself for the full length of his dick sliding into her and

ramming itself home until it banged on the back of her throat. Jimmy fucked her throat hard and fast, loving the sensations

that came with ramming his rigid, thick cock inside Katrina’s moist mouth. Although she tried to control his pace it was

hopeless and before long a comically sexy “glug,glug,glug” noise was being emitted from her struggling mouth. But her eyes

were still alive and vital. Jimmy managed a few minutes of this face fuck but already knew he would cum in mere seconds and

took his cock in hand to rub it along the length of Katrina’s perfect, white teeth, using his cock as a toothbrush almost.

As Katrina felt her cheek pushed wide by the end of this guy’s cock she felt him tense up and tasted the bitter taste of his

creamy cum as he shot his load in her mouth. He held her head lest she wanted to withdrew, too few of these whores were

willing to swallow his cum, but he need not have worried, swallowing cum and not using condoms were a big part of her fantasy

and she got even more turned on as she collected his pooled juices in her mouth and when he released her she looked up at

him and opened her mouth. Collected inside was puddle of cum and Katrina looked deep into his eyes as she over exaggerated

swallowing the whole load down and licking her lips. This girl was so extreme, so intense that, his load shot and his dick

no longer fully in control of his emotions, Jimmy was a bit intimidated by her and could not wait to delve into his tattered

brown wallet, hook out 300 bucks and drop it on the cold street next to this kneeling nymphomaniac and retreat to his

car. By the time she had reached out and grabbed the money and tucked it in the garter belt of her stockings she could

already hear him over revving his car and escaping. She gave her cum tasting lips another lick and got to her feet, my god

she felt like such a cheap slut, and so good for it!

She was barely back at her shady corner when another car came to a halt across from her and as she approached it she caught

her breath at seeing two occupants within.

Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

Driving the car was Carl, who was 21 and had a factory job down this way. In the passenger seat sat his 18 year old brother

, Leon. Now Leon was a smart kid but to Carl’s consternation he had never been with a girl in his life and Carl felt he had

to break his duck, and break it quickly. Leon had dark curly hair, nerdish glasses and wore jeans and a checked shirt and was

thinking this was the dumbest idea his big brother had ever had in his life when Katrina stepped out of the shadows. Leon’s

jaw would have hit the floor of the car as he saw the girl strutting towards him, she was gorgeous, the kind he dreamed of

but knew that he could never even speak to never mind anything else. She stepped next to his window and leaned in and flashed

him a beaming smile and asked.

“Can I help you boys?”

Leon stammered for a second but nothing came out and it was up to Carl to speak (though he too was struck by this hooker’s

sexiness- perhaps Leon shouldn’t be so lucky).

“Erm yeah babe, how much to break my brother’s cherry?”

Katrina smiled like the cat that got the cream and slowly ran her finger over Leon’s chin and purred to him.

“It’s your first time baby? Well don’t worry honey, I’ll break you in gently, or roughly, depends what you want. Only 1000

bucks guys and you can have all of this (at that she stood back to roll up the hem of her mini skirt to reveal her

knickerless, shaven, dripping wet pussy).”

Both guys sat agog for a moment before Carl barely regained his faculties.

“Well hop in the back, I’ve got the perfect place for us.”

Katrina should have refused that, it could be dangerous, but instead the danger and thrill of it was an even bigger

aphrodisiac to her and she slid in the back seat behind both men (boys really) and the headed off. As they sped off the

other hookers on the street watched angrily as this pretty newcomer left in the car with two guys, all thinking that was a

dangerous precedent to set and that that little slut was going to cause them problems, who ever she was and where ever she

had appeared from. One set of eyes watched the car disappear as she made a phone call that would resolve the problem.

“Hi Beast, it’s Tina, got a new girl down here, think we’re gonna have to visit her, show her a few things.”

The boys didn’t take Katrina far, just a couple of blocks away and to an old, ramshackle warehouse that looked disused. It

wasn’t, this was where Carl worked and he knew just the place for this to go down. The boys had purloined a mattress and

sneaked it round the back so that they could grab a sneaky forty winks when the bosses weren’t looking. It was positioned

under an overhang at the back of the factory and Carl drew the car right up next to it and all three got out with various

degrees of excitement and nervousness. Carl indicated the mattress and without words Katrina whipped off her skirt and top

and lay on the filthy mattress, propped up by her elbows, and eyed up the two boys before her and ran her tongue seductively

over her rosy lips. She slowly opened her legs, pointed her pussy at Leon and beckoned him on.

Leon was a mess of nerves and struggled to get his zipper down but once he did a nice, big cock sprang up and once he had

pulled off his trousers down to his ankles a proud erection popped up and pointed at Katrina.

“Come on lover (her fingers finding her pussy lips and prying them apart), I’m just all wet and waiting to show you what you

’ve been missing.”

With some prompting from Carl , Leon got down on his knees between her taut legs and

with her help eased his dick inside her . He certainly wasn’t the biggest dick that she had taken but the fact she was his

first ride was a big turn on for her. Carl stood back and gave a few words of encouragement but that only prompted Katrina

to say.

“Hey big mouth, why don’t you put your words into practise, I got a mouth here that could use a little action. No extra


Carl found it hard to say no and walked around his little brother’s pumping ass and undid his trousers and sank down over

the whore’s waiting mouth. As Leon thrust enthusiastically into her waiting sex she wrapped her lips around the lengthy

portion of meat that came into her mouth and got off on taking both brothers like this, in this tacky place. It made her

feel so nasty. Both brothers were on their knees on the spongy old mattress with full access to Katrina’s welcoming holes

and both were lost in their pleasure.

It was Carl that came first, he had been with a few women before but he was not as experienced with them as he had led Leon

to believe and with Katrina’s excellent oral skills working their magic on him it was not too long before his cock began

twitching and spasming and he withdrew from her grasping mouth in just enough time to spray his seed over her face. Carl’s

grunts of climax seemed to set off his younger brother and he came too, deep inside Katrina’s pussy.

They paid her and got dressed and headed back to Katrina’s corner, the night closing in on the coming morn.

Back in her place of business and feeling more and more like a cheap whore Katrina was exceedingly happy with her night’s

work so far. She hadn’t had this thrill for such a long time. Then another vehicle drew up but as Katrina walked towards it

she suddenly felt a bit uneasy. Maybe it was the fact that the vehicle was a large black transit van with tinted windows.

It looked like a monster from days of old, a lifeless black beast that seemed to be watching her with it’s bright lights.

Or maybe it was just butterflies in her stomach, she had been so lucky up to now, why would this be any different? She

stepped up to the window before it slowly slid down and she found herself staring straight at a blonde haired woman. The

sight of the woman (although the driver was mostly unseen at the far side of the vehicle) seemed to calm Katrina’s nerves

and she found her confidence again.

She flashed the female passenger a winsome (and slightly cum smeared) smile and spoke to her.

“Hi there baby, what can I do for you tonight?”

The blonde woman smiled back at her, her dark eyes boring into her.

“Tell you what darling you can get those whore’s hands on the bonnet because you are under arrest!”

Everything seemed to freeze at that, Katrina stood still, unsure what to do. She had watched this street before and knew the

police ignored it. Why now? Why her? At that moment all the headlines flashed before her. She saw the looks on her agents

and familys humiliated faces as their daughter was revealed as a cheap hooker in the press. All their friends would see, how

could she have come to this?

She hadn’t moved by the time the woman had exited the van, and offered no resistance as she pushed her forward onto the van

bonnet and pulled her wrists behind her back and snapped on a pair of stiff handcuffs. It was only when she saw the giant

Hispanic guy come out of the driver’s door that she realised something wasn’t right. He was a hulking guy,, dressed in just

a white vest top and his muscled arms were covered in tattoos. Katrina made to ask what was going on when the woman rammed

a ball gag into her open mouth and tightened the straps behind her head. From there the big guy hoisted her over his

shoulder and unceremoniously threw her into the cold, hard back of the van and Katrina just got her head up in time to see

both back doors slam shut and hear the van speed off. Lying there in the dark she had time to reflect that though these

people probably weren’t the police she may be in even bigger trouble.

They did not drive for long but all the way Tina and The Beast had mile wide smiles painted across their faces. They were

both looking forward to the coming couple of hours.

The trip was not a long one, just around the block and he zoomed into a gap in a building and as he came to a halt, Tina

hopped out and closed the automatic door and hit the lights. By the time she turned around The Beast had the slut on his

shoulder again and Tina followed them into the office next to the front door. Tina had been a prostitute around these parts

for more years than she cared to think about and The Beast (real name Rudy) took good care of her and the other girls.

Those years had been hard on Tina and despite only being 30 years old, she looked older and more haggard, the thick make up

not helping much and her dirty blonde hair even less so. As she entered the room Beast had the girl bent over the wooden

table in the centre of the room and had already whipped off her skirt and was in the midst of using a knife to cut her small

top off so she was naked except for her stockings. Seeing the cash stuffed in her garter , Tina pulled it out and put it in

her bag, surprised at the lack of cash.

She pulled the gag from Katrina’s mouth, only to be bombarded with curses and questions which she ended immediately with a

slap across Katrina’s face.

Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

“Shut up Bitch! You better realise the trouble you could be in here and listen hard and tell us who you are and why the hell

you’re here. And don’t fucking lie, ‘cos we’ll know and you’ll regret it!”

Suddenly, Katrina was a scared little girl and she let the words flow in a babble, every word the truth. She was a

nymphomaniac with a kinky fantasy and this was her living it out tonight and she didn’t mean any harm or to offend anyone

. That if they let her go she would never return and she had learned her lesson.

“You may very well have Bitch, but I think Beast and me better give you something physical to remember us by and show you

how we don’t like no upper class sluts coming down here and slumming it and stealing our money!”

The Beast just grinned and spanked Katrina’s peachy bottom real sharp like. Katrina winced and gave a little squeal at the

blow and braced herself for a second, but it never came. Instead the big man walked around the table until he stood on the

other side, directly in front of Katrina’s face. Tina took his place at her ass and her voice dripped with malevolent menac

e as she stroked Katrina’s perfect ass.

“You know, we may not be real police officers, bitch, but we’ve got plenty of their toys. The handcuffs you’ve already met

but I’ve got something else as well.”

At that Tina produced a hard nightstick and slapped it on her ass and ran it smoothly over Katrina’s back until it’s tip

rested at the entrance to Katrina’s arsehole. Tina spat on the tip and probed it into her ass crack, eventually finding her

puckered arse and sliding inside. Katrina felt the hard stick invade her body and grimaced, this had all gone so wrong and

she wondered what would happen to her in this ramshackle factory in this cheap end of town. Tina was relentless with her

driving of the pole, forcing it in and out of Katrina, forcing her body to jump and jerk forward with each push.

“Hey Beast, this slut is pretty slack back here, guess she’s had plenty up this shit hole.”

He just laughed and Tina reached forward while the stick was rammed deep inside Katrina and held her jaw and snapped at her.

“Eh Bitch, you had plenty cocks in there? Eh? Come on tell me what an anal slut you are, come on tell me!”

Grunting and trying to retain some composure Katrina knew that her best option was to tell this domineering bitch what she

wanted to hear.

“Yes! I love it in my ass, I’ve had loads of cocks up there! I love anal!”

(The irony, not lost on Katrina despite her position, was that all she had said was true).

“Come on Beast show this slut why you’re called that, show this little wannabe exactly what she’s gonna get. She wants to be

a whore down here, show her what’s coming!”

He just smiled again and undid his belt and let his trousers and pants to the floor and Katrina’s eyes widened at the sight

of quite easily the largest cock she had set eyes on. It wasn’t even fully hard yet but it was huge, glistening and brown

and surrounded by wiry black hair and it must have been 14 inches at least and was already stretching and expanding as it

popped up to point accusingly at the prostrate Katrina. As fearsome and intimidating as it looked Katrina could not help but

wonder what that piece of meat would feel like buried in her holes. It would be an almighty challenge but Katrina felt it

was something she would have loved to have tried under different circumstances, certainly not with that mean bitch

tormenting her like this.

“Come on Beast, gag this cunt. Choke her with that monster!”

At that Tina withdrew the nightstick from Katrina’s arse and roughly dragged Katrina by her beautiful hair further across

the table, her arms uncomfortably jammed behind her back, until her face just edged over the far end of the wooden table.

Her mouth fell open as if by reflex and immediately that sweaty, erect penis edged into her soft mouth. With just the helmet

of his cock in her mouth Katrina knew she was in too deep and that this could be a real hard shift. He slid the cock further

and further in and she was desperately wishing her hands were free to at least give her some control over the monster cock,

allow her some regulation of it’s penetration. But they were tightly held and Beast’s cock moved deeper and deeper and her

tongue ran the length of the base of his slick penis until she felt it hit that back of her mouth. His cock was so thick

that it scrapped across both her upper and lower teeth, it really was such a tight fit and already Katrina was breathing

solely through her nose.

    Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute

Katrina had a little leeway with her neck and tried to draw back gently to accommodate this thing in her mouth but seeing

this Tina stepped up, took a firm grip of Katrina’s hair and pulled her face forwards onto the cock and evilly encouraged

Beast deeper and deeper inside. Katrina had thought that deep throat was her speciality but she was rapidly realising that

this was too big for her and she was already feeling her gorge rise and her gag reflex being triggered. Which made it all

the harsher when Tina took turns at pinching her nostrils closed for seconds at a time as Beast found a rhythm and ploughed

his mammoth cock in and out of her mouth in a hard and fast pace.

He continued relentlessly, quickly long strands of drool and saliva came from Katrina’s mouth and she had the deep, musky

aroma of this man deep in her nostrils. Tina spent her time dancing around them like an evil Tinkerbell, gleefully mocking

this rich bitch who had wanted to taste the seedier side of sex. Once his pole was fully coated with a slimy collection of

pre-cum and saliva he pulled it from her gasping mouth and as she tried to get air into her, he strutted around the table

grabbed her slim ankles and pulled her roughly back across the surface of the table, almost pulling her spread legs onto his

dripping, hard dick. Seconds later he was inside her , plunged right into her wet pussy as far as he could go in one hard


Katrina was amazed at how it filled her sloppy pussy, immediately stretching the width of her, it’s girth pushing at the

pussy walls and it’s length driving deeper than any cock had ever gone before. Yes it was a real strain on her slight body

but my god she had never felt so penetrated and so fucked and her perverted mind was taken up with the moment and a rush

of ecstasy surged through her bloodstream. She wailed and moaned loudly as he powered into her crotch, plunging himself

inside and their skin hot where it rubbed together. Tina watched in wrapt amazement as she had never seen a girl take the

Beast like this and not beg for leniency and mercy, indeed this dirty slut was taking him and might even be able to partly

tame him.

But The Beast wasn’t about to allow that to happen and stretched his big arms forward and hooked his thick fingers into her

long hair and pulling hard back on it, driving his body even further inside her, Katrina’s face contorting in a mixture of

shock, surprise, pleasure and pain. But at that moment she realised, quite clearly, that it was too big for her and while

her pussy might just about manage to handle it’s size, if they targeted her asshole she would never cope. And as The Beast

hammered away at her relentlessly it was as if Tina had read her thoughts as she bent to get right up in Katrina’s face to

taunt her further.

“You enjoying that cunt? That what you came down here for, is it? Massive isn’t it? Just imagine what it’ll do to your

asshole. Eh? I can see that you’re not so keen for that are you Bitch.”

Katrina couldn’t do much or say much because right at that moment she felt the huge cock inside her erupt and fire a massive

load deep within her womb. She had little chance to recover any wind or breathe before Tina dragged her to her knees

besides the table and instructed the big man to slap his sloppy, cum smeared cock all over her pretty face, whacking it

off her chin and nose.

“Ok Bitch, I’ll tell you what, I’ll give you a chance. If you get your slutty ass over here and lick my asshole clean then

I’ll tell him not to have your asshole. As much as I want to see him crack you and make you squeal like a pig, if you humble

yourself to me I’ll stop him (at this Tina turned her back to the kneeling Katrina and hoisted her tiny skirt up and bared

her pale ass at her). Come on slut, get over here and get licking!”

Katrina was confused, in the main she was repulsed at the thought of degrading herself like this, she was rich, she was

beautiful, she was above this. Yet, in the dark recesses of her mind the part of her that had brought her down here to whore

her body just to indulge in cheap, nasty sex she was being turned on and as she sank forward on her knees and extended her

tongue from her mouth and began to lap at the pale, pallid ass cheeks preferred to her , she was not at all sure what she

wanted. The big man came from behind her and pushed her head deeper into the whore’s ass crack, forcing her tongue to

connect with Tina’s ass. Katrina tried not to think of what had been inside that hole over the years and just lapped away at

it. She just thought to herself .

“Just keep at it, get it over with and get out of here.”

Tina, meanwhile, was relishing having this slut give her a rim job and laughed as she backed her ass onto her face and

instructed her to get in further. Eventually, she pulled away and looked down at Katrina.

“Damn! You make a good ass licker bitch but as good as you were I’ve got some more bad news for you. See I’m a fucking liar,

always have been and always will be. And I see over your shoulder that The Beast was pretty excited about what I made you

do and has gone and got himself stiff again and it would be a shame to let it go to waste. So Beast I reckon you should let

this little wannabe see just how HARD life on the street can really be. Go on fuck her asshole like it’s never been before.”

Katrina was too stunned to really react and offered no defence as he came behind her, pushed her head down to the concrete

floor and part her ass cheeks. She braced for the assault to come and in seconds she felt the monster dick slide piece by

piece inside her asshole. It was too big, she kept thinking to herself but as it filled her and inched deeper and deeper she

tried to relax and enjoy whatever she could. With a grunt he shoved himself a little further in and enjoyed the squeal that

came from Katrina’s mouth. She felt her whole ass fill up with his meat but that wasn’t all. With her hands stiffly jammed

behind her and with being bent over on her knees her face was being rubbed uncompromisingly on the bare floor.

And yet! And yet through the discomfort and humiliation of this ordeal for Katrina her body was reacting differently.

Amazingly, she had taken this huge ddick and despite it’s girth, despite it’s length she was handling it. And she continued

to take it and shamefully be turned on all the way until sometime later he flooded her asshole, just as her pussy had been

flooded, and as he withdrew she felt the sticky liquid drip down her ass and thigh.

Her two captors shared a laugh and a beer, leaving her on her knees on the floor to contemplate what she had brought upon

herself, with her carnal desires. They eventually released her and brought her to her feet in front of them. Chewing at gum

contemptuously, Tina addressed the younger woman.

“That’s just a little taste for you bitch of what life on the streets will be like for you, understand? Next time you might

not be so lucky. Now you run the fuck away from this and don’t ever come back, you might be a sex hungry slut but find your

supply elsewhere. OK?”

Katrina lowered her eyes and gave a nod and allowed them to lead her outside to the van and she took the journey home in the

back in a bit more comfort this time. They abandoned her naked by the corner she had worked earlier, though now, at nearly

five in the morning the empty streets were even more deserted and thankfully she encountered no-one on her limping, shivering

walk to her car (the key neatly hidden beside it). And with a T-shirt in the boot she was able to drive home with some

modesty and consider how she would find the next way to attempt to satisfy her sexual urges, because she knew that she had

to have the dirtiest, nastiest imaginable.

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Katrina Kaif Loves Being A Prostitute