Kavita Fucked By Father In Law

Kavita Fucked By Father In Law

Hi friends, this is Kavita, presently aged 28 from Kolkatta and possess physical charm that men of all ages find attractive ever since beginning of my teenage. God gave me beauty and that helped my parents to settle my marriage in a well to do conservative family. I used to dream about a handsome husband earning lots of money for me.

I kind of just managed to complete my grad from reputed college in Kolkata when my father got this marriage proposal. We were middle class and when proposal of Deep came, we grabbed it with both hands as they were rich and above all Deep was a handsome boy. Deep was working in Delhi with a MNC and we were told he was getting six figure salary every month.

As a result, my father(we also) did’nt bother to look into details of Deep and within three months, I was married off to Deep. It came as a surprise to me that Deep did’nt even kiss me on our ‘Phool sojjo (first night). He seemed a bit disturbed and after a brief chat asked me to sleep.

My dreams of having wild sex (mainly compel on me by my friends that my husband would keep me awake seeing my assets ) crashed. I was treated well by my inlaws ( mother in law had expired, only father in law, sister in law (my age ) and widow aunt in law and her two Sons ) and their suggestion of honeymoon was callously turned down by my husband.

After about a month after the marriage, Deep was simply not intrested in my beauty and having sex and it hurted me more as my sister in law would nudge me here and there and say ‘ Dada to pagol hoe giye hobe aemon sundori bou pae (brother might have gone mad with beauty of yours).

It was not that I was dying for sex ( I had two encounters before marriage, first with my friend to whom I lost my virginity and second was with friend of my brother during his marriage) but something seemed odd.

Both Vikas (my friend) and Shishir da(my brother’s friend) had complimented me and said that any man would go mad and will become my slave to have sex with me and here Deep, my husband, despite my cleverly disguised accidental (though intentional) cleavage show, did’nt seem to be impressed.

Coming back to story, when Deep said he would be going back to Delhi, my inlaws insisted that he takes me with him. After a lot of persuasion (to my surprise as to why he was avoiding me ) he took me along and within a month (of sexless days and night ) we settled down.

I observed that sometimes while sleeping he used to get huge erections (and I used to get horny) but still he would not touch me. I after about six months into marriage was still waiting for him. All my efforts to seduce him went in vain and he used to avoid me. I had frequently started to ask him to hook my bra etc etc and had even given him a strip show but of no avail.

I began doubting him that he has an serious commitment and is of faithful types and then one day I burst out and demanded explanation. He calmed me down and denied that he is seeing any girl . Meanwhile during all these days, my aunt in law would call me and ask ‘ Kobita, sob theek aache toh (Kavita everything is o.k or not )’.

That day, I called them and blamed them for ruining my life and in burst of anger told them that I, even after six months into the marriage, am still virgin despite my trying hard. There was a lull on their side and as my aunt in law disconnected I heard her saying to somebody ‘ jaar bhauy chilo, satyo holo(the fears have come true)’.

That night sky came crashing down on me as Deep sat with me and offered me drinks and told me that he is a gay. I laughed at first and then weep and asked him as to why did he then spoil my life. He felt sorry for me and said it was due to pressure from family and he tried hard to change but could’nt. Both of us weep and when we slept we did’nt know.

Next day, he as usual went to office and again begged for my forgiveness. After he went to office I cursed myself and my family and perhaps everyone in this world. I then got ready with mind made up that I would seek divorce and start my life again. Fortunately I could book myself a evening flight from Delhi.

I got ready wearing a saree with sleeveless blouse and packed my bag. I wrote a note for Deep that I am flying to Kolkatta. Just as I was planning to move out the door bell rang. It was my father in law. (I would try to translate our conversation )He looked at me and asked ‘ Kobita, you are going somewhere ‘. I replied ‘ yes, back home ‘.

He sighed and said ‘ aami bujhte pari, tumi onek raygay aacho (I understand, you are annoyed )’. Then he asked if I can make some tea for him. I rudely said that I would be late to catch my flight (even though I had some six hours but I desperately wanted to move out of that place ). He insisted and I could not refuse as there was a command and request both.

I made him tea and while having tea he kept mum. He then said ‘ I took early morning flight to come here and am without baggage ‘. I understood and gave him Deep’s T shirt and a Pyjama. He asked me to wait till he freshens up and then he would talk. I dumbly sat and after bathing he came out.

He then asked me about the incident which I narrated graphically to him and started sobbing. He listened to me intently and consoled me. That made me weep and I hugged him saying ‘ aamar ki hobe’. He also hugged me and kept on consoling me. As gradually I was returning back to normalcy and tried to move out of hug,

I realised he was holding me tight and one of his hands was on my waist while the other gently rubbing my bare back consoling me. As I compel myself out of his hug, he softly held my cheeks saying ‘aami bujhchi(i understand), don’t weep ‘. His fingers caressed my cheeks removing tears and hair strands from cheeks and then his fingers touched my lips as if there was hair also.

He gently pressed my lips with his fingers saying ‘ kedon naa, kedon naa (don’t weep)’. Looking straight into my eyes he then asked me ‘ tumi Deep kay sodhrabar chesta korecho’. Before I could reply he gently pulled me and I rested my head on his broad chest and amidst sobs said yes.

He was now holding me from my waist and I felt his both his thumbs in a synchronised way moving up and down on my belly button area. It gave me strange sensation and immense pleasure. Being a woman, I knew his actions were not to soothe his daughter in law. I thought of pulling away but then it was stoking my desires and I was in dilemma.

He then kept his chin on my right shoulder and rubbed his chin over my bare skin. It had devastating effect and my whole body had goosebums. I felt his hot breath over my bare shoulder to neck area and even though I had stopped sobbing and weeping he kept on saying ‘ don’t weep ‘ and continued with his actions.

His actions were gradually but at steady pace stoking my desires and with each passing moment arousing me more and more and giving me pleasure. I anxiously waited for his next step and he kept me waiting for quite some time before I felt a tinge of wetness on my neck. My FIL was now licking my neck by faintly touching his tongue over my neck.

I whimpered in his arms and he held me with his arms. Almost immediately, I felt my pallu slipping gradually. I was thoroughly enjoying and assisted him by myself pulling it down. Now with both exposed shoulder he rubbed his cheeks over them blowing hot and started cursing his son. He mumbled ‘ ki bokaa chele aamaar(what a fool my son is) ‘.

As his lips and tongue gently kept on caressing my both shoulders via my neck, his one hand caressed my ass and the other one’s fingers sensuously kept on moving and playing around with my waist and thumb found way into my peticot and massaged gently just above my panties. I could feel my nipples getting erect and my breathing getting more and more erratic.

I was having a mental battle, wether to proceed any further with my FIL or move away, saving face of both of us. I felt that either I stop him now or else I will be blown away by the Tsunami of pleasure piling up inside me.

As I decided to move away his cheeks rubbed against my cleavage and my ripe melons made my decision so weak that it collapsed and before I knew I had already emitted a escatic moan, more like a baby weep, uuuuummm aaaaannnnnmmm aaannnmmmmm ooooonnnhhhmm oooonnnmmm.

He responded by gently caressinging my ass and his other hand got the courage to climb up to my melons, gently in lookout for my nipples from over the blouse and bra and simultaneously inserting the tongue into the valley of my cleavage and licking it as if tasting something.

His hand, which was on my ass doing caressing job, found its way inside the saree and petticoat and it mildly hurt as the string of peticot squeezed my waist but the pleasure was more. He gently caressed my ass from over the panties and then it went inside my panties and rubbed it. All his actions were so gentle.

His other hand, moving circularly over my melons finally succeeded in locating my erect nipple and soon I felt a gentle pressure of his teeths on my nipples from over the blouse and bra. I again emitted a moan, closing my eyes, my fingers gripped his hair and I literally pressed his face on my melons.

He nibbled on my nipples and then went back to my neck, all the while making me feel the hotness and wetness of his tongue. He licked my shoulders and in between his teeths held my blouse and pulled it away from my shoulders one by one. It exposed my shoulders and his kisses and licks only aggravated the goosebums.

His one hand was now busy removing my saree while playing around my waist to ass and other gently squeezing my melons. My mouth was full of saliva which I kept on gulping and used my tongue to keep my lips wet. I desperately wanted him to kiss me and without kissing me his hands and mouth were giving me the pleasure which Deep should have given me.

My hands crept into his T shirt feeling his chest and in my eagerness to be fucked it went down and gripped his hard dick.

I expressed my impatience by squeezing his dick hard and he responded by starting to unhook my blouse. My saree was already down on floor and my blouse fully open with just bra in between his playful tongue and my melons.

He patiently removed my peticot and I eagerly did away with his T shirt. I wanted to feel his naked body and I must admit that while he was poetic in undressing me I was crude, greedy. He had expertly whipped up my passions and desire and I was totally wet, oozing continuously and making my pussy totally ready.

He removed my bra with his tongue licking around my nipples, making me restless as he would not touch the nipples. Finally, I was in just panty and he in birthday suit when he again hugged me. Our skin to skin contact drove me to extreme and I was by now continuously moaning and started to beg

‘uuuumm aaannghhh eeeiissssss pleeassse ekhooooon aaahhh koorooooo naaaaa aaaaaarr ummm ooopppeekkkhaaaa hhoooiiiii naaaa ummmmmmm ( please do it now I can’t wait any more ). His cheeks rubbed against mine face and neck and then his tongue licked my lips.

Uffffff, even today when I remember all this I get wet and horny and excuse me for those feelings are beyond any words in any language. His lips finally met mine and there was lot of slurping sound as he sucked and licked my lips before allowing my tongue to explore his mouth and play with his tongue.

All this while, his hands cupped my melons applying just right amount of pressure to enhance my pleasure while softly tickling my nipples with his nails. It was like a dream to me and I kept my eyes closed out of pleasure and the escatsy. I then felt pressure on my shoulder and I sat down on that sofa.

I opened my eyes to have a look at his tool and there was no limit to my joy on seeing his monsterous dick arching upwards towards the ceiling. It was a surprise to me as at 52 years I could not believe that somebody can have this type of erection. He smiled at my expression but said nothing. He came over me and started kissing my nipples and then sucked them.

I could not wait and kept on moaning and begged. He was in no hurry and kissed me from head to toe bruhsing his face vigorously over my trimmed pubic hairs. I wanted his dick so badly and the sexual pleasure was beyond my control.

I begged ‘pleeeaseeee dhukiyayyyy daooooo naaaaa aaaar thaaaktaaaay paaarriiiii naaaaaaaa uffffff aaaahhh pppuuurooooo gaaaaa teeeeee moonaaaayyy hoooiii peeeprrraaayyy chooolchaaayyyy aaahhhhh ummmmmm ( please penetrate me, I can not wait any longer, it seems ants are all over my body roaming around ).

This time he obliged me, he expertly positioned himself and I did the rest by greedily thrusting my pelvic upwards to swallow his bulbous head of that monsterous dick. He came crashing down on me, pushing his entire length deep inside me and pinning me down on sofa.

I felt to have been opening up the unexplored territory ( by Vikas and Shishir da) which was like opening the doors of heaven. I felt the fullness. He started to stroke me gently while playing around with my melons and kissing my lips. I was in heaven, I had longed for it and finally my father in law was giving me a tour to heaven.

I had only one thing to do, just enjoy and express my joy by moaning, which I did. Oooohhhhhhh aaaahhhh hhuummmmmmm ummmmmm oooohhhh baaabaaaaa rayyyyy kiiii suuuukkkhhhhh aaaaahhhhhh ummmmmm uffffffffff aaaamaaarrr aeiiii shoreeer rer aaagooooonnnnn koooorrrroooo hmmmmmhhhuuu.

I moaned and talked and expressed my gratitude to him while being fucked nicely (i remain indebted to him till date). His constant slow speed of fucking was now hurting me and I wanted to reach my orgasm quickly.

I requested ‘ baaabaaaa jooorayyy jooorayyyy karooooo pleeeaseeeeee ( FIL do it fast ) and he spoke for the first time since he put me on this journey of sex ‘ choltay dayy, aalpooo aalpooo koraayyy aaannnandoooo ta nayyy, soootiiiii boli to aarrr Deeeep er oporay raaag taaa nei,

oi bokaaaa chooodaaaa jonnnay eeiii torrrr motuuuuunnnnn sooondooooriiii kaaaayyyyy chuuuuddddtaaaaayyy paaarchiiiiiii aaaaaahhhhhhh ufffffff kiiiii maaaaallll taaaaaa tuuiiii hmmmmmmm, taakkaaaaa pheeelayyyyyy oooiiii aaajjjjj oobdiii aaammmniiiiii aaanaaandoo paaayeeeniiiii Kkkkoobiitaaaaaa (let it continue at this pace, get pleasure in small bundles,

to tell you the truth, I am no longer annoyed with Deep because it is due to him that I am getting opportunity to fuck a beauty like you, I have spent so much money but did’nt get pleasure like you are giving me Kavita). I was flattered and I too praised him for his ability to fuck so nicely at this age.

I felt his pace increasing gradually and he was muttering ‘ aei nayyy kobitaaa aei naaay kobitaaaa ‘. I was nearing my orgasm and encouraged him ‘ hhhayyyy kkkorooooo ummmmmm baaabbaaaaaa daaaooooooo aaammmaayyyyy bbbhaaaloooo koooraayyyyyy hmmmmmm daaaooo and I opened the sluice gates of my dam and moaned

ohhhhh baaabbaaaaaa aaamaaar hhhoooeeeee gaaaaeeloooooo ummmmmmmm kkiiii suuuukkkhh baaabbaaaaaa kkkorrrroooooo eeekkhhooonnnnn ttthhhemoooo naaaaaaa joooraaaayyyyyy hhhaaayyyyyy uuummm aaannghhh uuuoooonnnmmmmm uffffffff ‘. He was now rapidly pumping me and continued doing so for several minutes tilll he erupted.

My nipples were swollen but a deep satisfaction engulfed me. He was deep breathing sitting next to me on sofaa. We gathered our breath and my hands roamed all over his chest and I said ‘ you came here to fuck me ‘. He said ‘ no, but when you hugged me your boobs did the trick ‘. I said ‘ your son did’nt find them attractive ‘. He said ‘let us discuss’.

I stood up all nude, shamelessly posed seductively in front of him and said ‘ sofaa tay theek koray holo na, bedroom cholo, kothaa aachay (in sofa it was not properly done, lets go to bedroom and discuss ‘. I walked nude in front of him swinging my ass seductively for I was now thinking of another fuck by this daughter in law fucker. He too followed me all nude.

Though his dick had lost erection but it looked magnificient between his legs. He went to bathroom and came back washing his pubic hairs and dick. After him I cleaned myself. He looked at me and said ‘you have got magnificient body and are a very good ‘. I asked him ‘ can you do it again’. He said ‘ sure but after some food ‘. I said ‘ I feel like you are my husband’

My FIL pulled me near him and kissed me. I kissed him back and our tongues played with each other. He cupped my boobs and played with my nipples, never exerting to much pressure.

His experience in cuddling and playing around a woman’s body was evident to me. He was again whipping up my passions and I was again letting out occasional moans expressing my level of passions. He licked my nipples in slow circular movement, never sucking it but just lapping his tongue over my erect hard nipples.

I just closed my eyes and from my previous experience I knew he would keep me waiting and do the unexpected. He was gradually moving down and I started praying to sex god that he licks and sucks my pussy. My mere anticipation of being licked and sucked at my love hole by my FIL made me wet.

He was now licking my belly button and his hands had cupped my boobs with his thumb and fingers very gently twisting my nipples circularly in both clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. I was riding high and with each passing moment my passions rode higher and higher. He suddenly stopped and asked me to suck his cock. It was just semierect with a little hardness.

I held his cock and started sucking his cock. I licked the head fully removing the foreskin. In no time I felt his hardness growing leaps and bounds. As his erection grew I greedily took more of his cock inside and sucked hard and played with his testicles. It was no more semi erect and just few minutes of work and it was again arching upwards.

I greedily tried to swallow his entire cock but he stopped me ‘ neetay parbenaa, nisaans rukhbe kobita, aadhek hi nao(you can not take full, you won’t be able to breathe, take half only ‘. I tried again and failed. I licked the entire length and spitted on his balls and massaged gently. I was wet down there but not dripping. He asked me to give some oil. I pointed towards dressing table.

He got up and brought almond oil. He then applied oil on his dick and asked me to massage it. Then he took lot of oil in both hands and they literally clamped on my pussy. His one hand massaged vigorously my pussy and other gently my boobs while I slowly massaged his dick. Then first his one finger, then second finger entered my love hole and kept on with vigorous massage.

It was rough treatment but gave me immense pleasure. I moaned heavily, ooooooiiiiiieeeee baaabbaaaaa kiiiiii korchoooooo ummmmmmmmm oonek bhalo lagchayyyyy ( oh father what you are doing, it feels good ). I forgot massaging his dick for the pleasure was immense and I dived deep into it. I turned towards him and buried my face into his broad chest.

His other hand now came over my ass and his oil soaked fingers started to rub my annus. I brushed my face over his chest in escatsy and found his taught nipple. I began sucking his nipple and he responded by fingering my pussy and anus simultaneously. I moaned and in between moans sucked his nipples. My tap of my juices had opened and were flowing wetting his fingers.

I again demanded ‘ baaabaaaaa dhukiyee daaaoooo pleeeaseeee aaaaghghghhh ummmmmm aaahhh oooeeiisssss . He asked me to take up doggy position. As I took doggy position he applied more oil to his dick and massaged again breifly my anus and pussy. I felt he was positioning his dick on my anus and before I could react, I felt his dick tearing apart my rectum and probing deep inside.

I was breathless but strangely (as I have read in this site about tremendous pain ) I felt only that my annus’ s elasticity has reached maximum limit. I stood still and he gave me few moments to accomodate his monster inside me.

Then he began pumping me slowly. The brief shock had evaporated and I found this as pleasurable as the previous one.

I was literally taking all his load as his both hands kept on moving between my boobs and waist with continuous thrust after thrust. Both of us were moaning uuummmm haaahhhh oooohhhh eeiioosssss hmmmmmm. As his speed increased his fingers entered my pussy and kept on fingering me at same pace as his thrusts.

He exclaimed ‘ oooohhhh kobitaaaaaa aaaarrrr ttuummmaaarr kkkoohkhhooon hobaayyyy aaamiii kaaachaaaa kaaaccchiiiii aaacheee ( how far are you from orgasm, I am very near to it). I replied ‘ bussss aaarooooo ektooo haaaayyyynn korooooo baaababaaaaaaa koroooo ummmmm oooohhhhhh maaagoooo pagolll hoe jaboooo aei suukkkhhhhhh aaayyyyy hmmmm (just a little more, yes yes do it father, oh my good mother I will go mad with this pleasure).

He briefly stopped giving thrust and fingered me and slapped my ass two three times and again pumped me. I shreiked ‘ ooohhhh maaaaaaaagoooooo aamaaar ummmmmmmm hoeeeeeee ahhhh gayloooo (oh mother I have orgasmed ) ‘. He pumped me at his maximum pace and held my ass tight. Soon he gave me 3 – 4 powerful thrust that I could not balance and fell.

He pinned my ass with his crotch moving vigorously in circular motion,keeping his entire dick deep inside me. I could feel massive jerks of his dick on my rectum and gradually these jerks subsided and he collapsed by my side gasping for air. It took about 10 – 15 minutes before we could speak. He demanded food, I was also feeling hungry. I again took bath and he joined me.

He asked me if I still wanted to go back. I said ‘ you said you will discuss ‘. He smiled and kept on preaching about family prestige as I served food. After having food he called Deep and asked him to come home early. When Deep came there was no sign of our activities in afternoon.

Deep sat quietly as my FIL said ‘ I cannot allow you to defame our family name which took three generation to build, now you suggest how to taclke the situation ‘. Deep weep and I really sympathised with him. After lot of heart touching talks between father and son my FIL said ‘ all can be covered up provided Kobita gets pregnant and agrees to stay with the family ‘.

Both looked towards me. At the time when this incident happened I was just 23 years old girl. I didnot understand then what was being asked of me. At that particular moment, I was just simply a sexually (by FIL) satisfied woman expecting just a comfortable life. I mumbled ‘ and who will make me pregnant ‘.

Deep hung his face in shame and my FIL said ‘ artificial insemination, I will arrange it, you just need to come with me to Mumbai ‘. I meekly nodded. My FIL said ‘ o.k then tomorrow we go to Mumbai ‘. Deep expressed his inability to come and looking towards me he said ‘ you go with baba, he will manage ‘.

For next 20 days, it was like honeymoon to me. I was sexually filled up getting fucked minimum three times a day. We went to Goa as well and there too I experienced lavishness and materialistic world. I was happy. We then returned back to Delhi and with all seriousness my FIL said ‘ we will be going to Mumbai again next week for further tests ‘. Deep just nodded.

Instead of taking me to Mumbai he took me to Kerela and it was honeymoon revisited, though of shorter duration. Again after few days he called me to say to be ready for another trip. I informed him that I am having mensuration cycle and not free for next few days. He came down again and took me to Mussorie. There he fucked me day in day out.

I was surprised and even asked ‘ at this age you manage to do more than a young guy ‘. He replied ‘ it is just Yoga, right food to keep sexual desire alive and a beauty like you ‘. We stayed there for about 10 days. That month I missed my mensuration cycle. I happily informed him and Deep. I didnot understand why Deep murmured ‘ be safe and cautious Kobita ‘.

My FIL came after few days and got my pregnancy confirmed. He took me with him to Kolkata. I was accorded a very warm welcome by my inlaws. My family also was very happy and I too forgot that I am pregnant due to my FIL and not Deep. I felt nothing for Deep even though he kept on calling me and enquiring about my health.

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Kavita Fucked By Father In Law