Kim Returns and Trouble Follows by Janetiamher

Kim Returns and Trouble Follows
by Janetiamher

Hi, everyone in my last chapter I dealt with John’s use of steroids to build his body bigger and faster. However, they were turning him into another person making him moody and mean. I was glad that DeRonda was there to get him to stop using them because I am not for sure he would have stopped for me. I was also shocked to have found out that DeRonda was his Aunt and not just a friend.

I had also attended one of DeRonda’s swingers party. I was hooked on her parties right away, I loved the people that were there and all the fun they were having. I really loved my fun with DeRonda especially since her and I was going to be spending a lot more time together.

Kim my very best girlfriend and I had not seen much of each other for a while. It seemed like she was out having her own good times with some other guys she had met. I figured she would have stopped over during Thanksgiving, while we were off from school but she did not. In a way, I was glad what with the problems with John and all. It gave him and me the time we needed to get closer than we ever were before.

I had truly fallen madly in love with him after spending my whole week off with him. I enjoyed being with him, I enjoyed everything that we would do together from going to his Aunt’s, taking in a movie or going to the mall for some fun. The sex between us has always been off the charts and when his aunt or my dad would join us; we all would fuck the night away.

I returned to school early in December. I waited for Kim by her locker until she finally showed up for school. I watched her as she walked toward her locker. Kim had on a long fall type coat that was unbuttoned. Kim had a pair of black knee high boots on, nylons and a very short skirt, which just barely covered her pussy not to mention that big ass of hers.

Her skirt had a scooped out neckline in it. I knew she had to have a brand new push up bra under there as her big tits were popping out of her skirt. Her breast jiggled and shook with each step she took down the hall. All the guys were staring at her well at those big bouncing tits of hers

“Damn girl talk about looking like a slut,” I said as Kim got near me.

“Hey it takes one to know one,” Kim replied as she hugged me. Kim added, “I have missed you girl friend.”

I hugged her back as I replied, “I have been waiting for you to stop over on the weekends.”

“What my boyfriend opps ex boyfriend not getting the job done?” Kim asked in a smart ass tone

I stood there beside Kim as she opened her locker, Kim bent over to get something out of the bottom of her locker. That girl did not have any panties on under that skirt. When she bent over you could see the whole bottom of her ass and her hairy pussy hanging down.

“Girl did you forget your panties today?” I asked her with a smile on my face.

Kim replied as she reached into her coat pocket, “You mean these,” as she held up a pair of panties.

I told Kim she was crazy they would send her home dressed like that. Kim told me she hoped that they would. I told Kim if she wanted I would skip school with her today. I told her we could go somewhere and catch up with each other on what we had been doing.

“That sounds like a plan but lets leave after our math class,” Kim replied.

I told her OK but I could not figure out why she wanted to wait until after our math class. Our math class was third period, I told her I would see her then.We are not in the same classes the first two periods. I went to my first class and I stood by the door, I saw Kim walking to her next class.

Kim had a string of boys of all ages following her. I would have to say that she was giving them all a good show. I watched her even drop her books and she bent over right in front of them all. The guys all gave out catcalls when they saw that big ass of her sticking out from under her skirt.

I saw Kim look my way as she flashed me a smile and a wave before she went to her next class. I blew her a kiss as I shook my head at her. That girl was up to something. I just could not figure out what it was. I watched her going on down the hall with those guys following her.

Our third period finally got here; I was already at my desk when Kim walked in. The guys followed her to the door giving her catcalls right through the door. I watched Kim as she made her way to the teacher’s desk and she placed a bright red apple on it. Kim made her way to the desk beside me.

“Oh you the teacher’s pet now are you?” I asked Kim with a smile.

Kim looked at me and with a big wicked smile she replied, “You don’t know the half of it.”

I have to tell you that our math teacher was new this year. He was 25 or 26 years old, good build with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was from California so we all figured he was a surfer dude. All the girls at school had a crush on him. As to myself, hey I would fuck him in a heartbeat.

Kim sat down and when the teacher walked in he went to his desk. He picked the apple up and he looked toward Kim. He just stared at her as a smile came over his face. I looked at Kim and I saw why he was smiling and staring at her. Kim had her legs spread wide apart. I knew he had to be looking right at her hairy pussy. He stared between her legs for a while before busing himself at his desk.

I leaned over to Kim and I said, “Kim you were showing him your beaver.”

Kim replied, “What’s wrong with that he has seen it before,” as she gave me a big smile.

I could not wait for this class to end so I could find out just what she meant by that. Our math teacher kept staring at Kim from time to time and each time he did Kim would flash that beaver of hers at him. Hell I had thought about dropping my pencil to get myself a look at it.

The bell rang and as we both left his class, I saw them both give each other a long look and a big smile. We hurried to our lockers grabbed our coats and we ran to my car. Once inside my car Kim scooted over and she wrapped her arms around me. Our lips met in a deep long passionate kiss. I could feel my nipples going hard and my pussy start to throb as we kissed.

Kim broke our kiss as she said, “I have missed you Janet.”

“I have missed you to Kim,” I replied. “Where have you been?” I added as I drove from the school parking lot.

Kim told me that she had been out having some fun on her own. Kim told me that she started to feel strange hanging around with John and me. She said that she realized that she did not really love John as much as she thought she did. Kim told me that John is a great fuck and fun to be around but that she was still a little hurt over him dumping her for me.

“I am not mad at you or anything Janet, I just did not like how he dumped me I guess,” Kim said rather sadly.

I could tell she still had feelings for him but she just did not want to show them to me. I had noticed that before with her when I did talk to her on the phone. She would ask about John but then she would tell me it did not matter as she was over him. I could tell that she still had a lot more feelings for him that she was letting on. Something in the back of my mind told me that she wanted him back and would get him back no matter what it took.

I saw it again, when I explained to her that John felt like he had left everyone in town down with not finishing in first place. I told Kim that he was not like the John we knew in High School. Kim told me that she had run into him while she was at the store a while back. She told me he was yelling at someone over something and she had walked over to see.

Kim told me that John had yelled at her and told her to mind her own business and to leave him the fuck alone. I noticed a small tear forming in Kim’s eye as she told me about it. I did not tell Kim why John was not himself; I figured she did not need to know about him using steroids.

“It hurt me Janet when he yelled at me,” Kim said. “The man I love…” “That I used to love I mean,” Kim added.

I heard the man I love over everything else she had said. I knew she still had powerful feelings for him. I felt sorry for her in a way while angry at the same time because I loved him so much. I thought to myself do I hug Kim or punch her. I decided on neither instead I just took hold of her hand.

“Kim I am sure John was just a little troubled that day,” “I will see to it that he apologies to you for yelling at you,” I said.

“Don’t bother Janet,” Kim replied as she turned away from me. “I am so over him,” Kim added as I seen her wiping away more tears.

I patted Kim’s hand as I replied, “It will all be OK Kim you will see.”

Kim turned to me and said, “Why you dumping him?” “Just joking Janet,” Kim added with a half ass smile.

I held my tongue as I pulled into the parking lot at his apartment. This was the first time I had ever felt jealousy boiling in my blood. I wanted to kick her out of my car because I knew Kim still wanted him badly. I once again held my angry in check.

“John’s at college, Janet we can’t get in,” Kim said as I parked my car.

I told Kim I knew how to get in and that we would be OK as we walked to his apartment. We walked up to his door and I pulled out my key. I unlocked the door and I turned to Kim as we entered his apartment.

“OH you have your own fucking key,” Kim stated in a rather jealous tone of voice.

I did not say anything but damn it I sure felt like it. We went in and I told her to make herself comfortable. I went and got us both a glass of wine. When I came back into the living room, Kim was sitting on the couch looking at some Polaroid photographs that were lying out on the coffee table.

They were some photos we all had taken last weekend when DeRonda had come over to play. Kim was looking at the one of DeRonda and me playing with that double-headed dildo. I could see the look on her face; it told me that she did not like what she saw.

“So now you both are fucking this old bitch,” “Did she taste as good as I do?” “John could do so much better,” Kim said in a rather loud tone of voice as she tossed the photo to the floor.

I could not stand it any longer; I placed the two glasses of wine down on the coffee table. I picked the photo up she had threw onto the floor. I put it back onto the coffee table. My body tensed up and tingled but not sexually. I was pissed and angry as I got right up into Kim’s face.

“Look bitch you do not have the right to judge, John, his Aunt DeRonda or me.” “All because you think your fucking little heart is broken,” I yelled. “Now if you want to talk fine but if your going to act like this then I should just take you home Kim.” I said as I glared at her. I gave her one of her own half ass smiles as I added, “And yes she tasted better than you.”

Kim was in shock I think as I watched her jaw almost hit the floor. So was I as I stood there in front of her looking right at her. For the first time in my life I had stood up for myself to Kim; something I had never done before. Kim closed her open mouth and she took a sip of wine. I was waiting for her to jump up and slap me or jump on me.

Kim reached out and she grabbed at my crotch with her hand as she said, “I am checking to see if you had grown balls Janet,” as she smiled like the old Kim would. “Did you say that she is his Aunt? Kim added with another smile as she looked at the photo again.

I sat down beside her and I filled her in on DeRonda being John’s aunt. I told her about going to my first swinger’s party and just how much fun it was. I also told that I was looking forward to going to another one of her parties. I told Kim that I would see about getting us all together just us girls so she could get to know DeRonda.

“I know you will just love her Kim if you meet her,” I said.

Kim gave me one of her lovely smiles as she replied, “I might enjoy that it sure looks like you were,” as she looked at the picture of us having fun with the double-headed dildo. “Sorry for being a little jealous,” Kim added.

“Oh I am working at John’s dad car lot as well,” “just three or four hours a night after school,” I said. I could see that made her even more jealous and I loved it.

“But enough about me,” “What the hell is up with you and our math teacher Tim,” I hurriedly asked so she could not say anything about me working. I sat down beside her onto the sofa.

Kim smiled as she started telling me about how she ran into Tim while she was out one night. Kim told me that she had planned to come over to see us. She told me she had stopped at the store when she ran into Tim our math teacher.

Kim told me that she had on a pair of skintight jeans and a very revealing top. She told me that her tits were damn near hanging from her top. Kim said she had seen him but did not think too much of it. That was until she saw that he had followed her into the next aisle.

Kim said, “I could see that he was stealing looks at my tits.”

Kim told me she walked over a little closer to him never looking at him. When she got near him, she bent over to get something from the bottom shelf. Kim told me that when she did her big heavy tits somewhat just rolled out of her top. My big tits where swinging back and forth when I realized they had fallen out. I just stood back up with my tits hanging out in front of him.

I looked at him and said, “Oh Mr.______ hi.” He was staring right at my tits hanging in front of him. I gave them a little shake before I scooped them back into my top as I said, “Sorry about that sometimes they get away from me.”

“Kim isn’t it, it was quite OK you should be proud of those and please call me Tim when not at school,” Tim replied never taking his eyes from her tits.

Kim told me that they talked for a while standing there in the store. All the time he was just staring at her big tits. Kim told me she could see that he was trying to hide the boner he had. Kim said she noticed he had just a small amount of food in his shopping cart.

“Cooking for your wife tonight?” Kim asked him with a smile.

Tim smiled back as he replied, “I am not married Kim and I live alone.”

Kim smiled sexily back as she asked, “Need some company for dinner?”

“I do not think that would be a good idea with you being my student and all,” Tim replied.

“Hey I am 18 and I won’t tell if you don’t tell,” Kim replied as she bent down a little while giving her boobs a little jiggle.

Kim told me that he agreed and she followed him to his apartment, which I found out is right down the road from here. Kim told me that they had barely made it through his door before his hands were on her tits. Tim closed the door and he scooped both of her tits from her top as he pushed her up against the door.

“I hope you don’t mind you have gotten me horny,” Tim said as he started to manhandle Kim’s big tits.

Kim replied, “Not at all,” as her hand went to the front of his pants.

She started to rub his cock through his pants as he played with my tits. Her hand was rubbing on a nice big cock as well. Tim had both my nipples hard as he started to lick on my nipples. Tim sucked at my tits while I played with his cock through his pants. I could feel my pussy dripping with my juices in my jeans as I felt that big cock.

I pushed him back and I dropped to my knees in front of him. I did not give him time to react as I removed his belt and unzipped his pants. Tim’s pants fell down to the floor leaving him standing before me in just his underwear. His big cock was bulging from his underwear.

I hooked my thumbs on his underwear and I pulled them down. His big hard cock sprang out. My pussy got wet when I saw his cock spring out as it did. Janet his cock was at least nine inches if not more. His cock had a big dick head with big heavy veins running down the shaft. I took his cock into my hand and I started to pump my hand back and forth on his huge cock.

I looked up at him from my knees with his cock in my hand milking it as I said, “I hope you do not mind I am hungry.”

I wrapped my mouth around his cock as I started to suck his cock. Tim only moaned never saying anything. I sucked as much as I could into my mouth and I used my hand on the rest. I could taste his pre cum oozing from his cock as I sucked on it. I tongued his pee hole tasting more of his pre cum, it stringed from my mouth as I licked the underside of his cock.

“Put it back into that lovely mouth of yours Kim,” Tim said with a small series of moans.

I took his cock back into my mouth and I started to bob my head up and down on it. I reached down with one of my hands and rubbed my pussy through my jeans. The couch of my jeans were all soaking wet. I rubbed my wet throbbing pussy hard as I bobbed my head on his cock. I wanted to feel his cock buried in my pussy. I could take it no longer I stood up, pulled my jeans off, and threw them to the floor.

“Fuck me with that big cock,” “Take me from behind,” I said as I put my hands to the door leaning down with my ass sticking up.

Tim did not hesitant at all, he got behind me and he took a hold of his cock. He rubbed it between my legs as he told me how wet I was. He then placed his cock at my pussy and he pushed forward as I pushed back. I moaned softly as I felt his big cock slipping fully into my pussy.

“OH Ahhhh yes fuck me,” I screamed out as I felt his cock touching the bottom of my pussy.

Tim started to slide his cock in and out. I was pushing my pussy back against him each time he drove forward. Tim reached around the front of me as he grabbed my hanging tits with his hands. Tim started to plow that big cock in and out deep and hard. God Janet he was slamming my pussy so hard with his big hanging balls swinging into my clit from below.

“FUCK me, fuck me,” I cried out as Tim fucked me so hard he had my head banging into his door.

“Shit you going to make me cum,” I screamed as I felt my pussy start to twitch on his cock.

Tim just slammed his cock into me faster and harder. My wet pussy got wetter as my juices started to flow from it. I could feel my juices running down my thighs and my legs as Tim pounded me even harder. Tim started to squeeze my tits hard, which only made me cum again. Tim was making me have multi-orgasms on his cock, no one but John had done that before Kim told me.

“Fuck shit fuck,” I heard Tim scream out as another orgasm rocked my body.

Tim buried his cock deep up into my pussy as he pulled my tits back toward himself. His big cock throbbed a few times before blast after blast of his cum filled my pussy. I had another orgasm when I felt his cock blowing his nut in me.

“AAAHHhhhhh,” I moaned loudly as he pressed me against the door.

Tim kissed the back of my neck, as I stood smashed against his door. His cock still buried up in my pussy. A few minutes later Tim stepped back as his cock fell from my pussy. My pussy was over flowing with his hot cum.

My pussy twitched as his cum was too much for it to hold. It started to flow from my pussy. I even heard it plop onto the floor under my pussy. I felt Tim spin me around and he pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me deeply and passionately as we swapped tongues.

Kim looked at me and she saw that I had my hands down my half off pants. Her telling me all this had me horny and I had been fingering my pussy. Kim smiled as she leaned toward me and our lips locked in a deep passionate kiss of our own there on John’s sofa.

I ran my hand under Kim’s skirt to her hairy pussy. I found out that she was just as wet as I was. Kim told me take my jeans off. When I had them off Kim had me lie back down away from her.

“Let’s rub our pussies together like we used to when we were younger,” Kim said.

“MMmmmm that sounds like fun,” I cooed back at her.

We both opened our legs like a pair of scissors. Kim’s legs upward and mine out side way. Kim moved toward me on the sofa as I did the same until her hairy pussy was against my hairless one. Kim closed her legs as I closed mine.

Our pussies were tightly against each other. We both rocked and squirmed making our pussies rub together. Kim grabbed my leg as she used it to help her grinding her pussy into mine. I swear it felt as if our pussy lips were kissing as we both squirmed on the sofa.

“AHHhhhh,” I moaned as my pussy had an orgasm against hers.

Kim’s moans followed mine as her pussy started to squirt against mine. She may have been peeing I was not for sure. I thought to myself as my body returned to normal; damn it I am going to have to scrub the sofa again.

Kim and I sat up and we kissed deeply with passion. This felt like the old Kim that I had grown fond of as we kissed; not the bitter, jealous person she had become. We finished our glass of wine as she told me that she had been seeing him as well as two other guys. I asked her who the other two guys were. Kim gave me a little strange look and then shook her head no.

“Com on Kim you can tell me,” I begged.

“Well I have been fucking my brother Bill,” Kim said.

Before I go on, I should tell you that Bill is 23 years old not to mad looking neither. Ever since I had known the two of them, they always fought. Neither of them ever had a nice word to say about the other. Bill was single and still living at home with Kim and his mom.

“How did that come about?” I asked her.

I was home alone one night and I got horny thinking about John. Kim told me flashing me her half ass grin. No one was home so I thought it was safe, I got naked onto my bed and got my toy out. I was laying there running it in and out of my pussy with my legs high in the high. I was to into my dildo to have heard that Bill had come home.

I was in mid orgasm screaming John’s name out as I pumped that dildo in and out of my pussy. As I came back down to earth from my orgasm, I lowered my legs to the bed. I saw Bill standing there beside my bed with his mouth hanging open. I was not for sure when he had came into my room.

I looked at him as I said, “Bill get the fuck out of my room.”

“I don’t think so sis,” Bill said as he sat down on my bed.

I pulled my sheet up to my neck covering my whole body as I replied, “Bill, you better or I will tell mom.”

Bill just looked at me giving me a smile as he said, “Yeah and I will tell mom just how big of a slut you are.” “I know you have been fucking just about every Tom, Dick and Harry.” “Oh and John who must be pretty dam good,” Bill added as he picked up the dildo and shook it at me.

I looked at my brother Bill and I said, “You don’t know anything Bill. “

Bill replied, “Oh I don’t,” as he showed me the instant camera in his hand.

I looked at him then at the camera in his hand; Christ did he have pictures of me playing with my toy. I looked back to him as I asked, “What do you want from me to keep your mouth shut?”

“Well for starters you can hang those big lovely fucking tits of yours back out,” Bill replied.

I thought for a second or two then realized showing him my tits was better than facing my mom’s wrath. I pulled the sheet down from around my neck exposing my breast for him to see. Bill sat there gawking at my tits as I stuck them out giving him a good view of them.

“Kim your breasts are so lovely, so round and so very big,” Bill said with a smile never taking his eyes from my boobs.

“Do you really think they are lovely Bill?” Kim replied.

“They sure are Kim, they are a lot bigger than I thought they were,” Bill said as he stared at my big tits, which caused my nipples to get hard.

“Would you like to touch them?” Kim asked with a big smile as she placed both her hands under her breasts pulling them up.

“I have touched tits before Kim, just not as big as yours,” Bill replied as he rather put his head down.

Kim dropped her tits as she reached out and she took a hold of her brother’s hand. She brought it up to her tit where she ran her brothers hand around her tits bringing it back to one of her nipples. Bill rubbed his finger against his sister’s nipple. Kim’s nipples grew hard at his touch.

“Damn sis your nipples are so huge,” Bill said.

“Yes they are and it must be from all those guys sucking on them,” Kim replied letting go of his hand as Bill’s fingers rubbed her nipples. “Go ahead and kiss my nipples if you want to,” Kim added.

Bill lowered his head to her nipple. He kissed one then the other. Bill went from one boob to the other kissing them. Kim could feel her pussy twitching and throbbing as her own brother was getting her horny again.

“Use your tongue on my nipples Bill I like that,” Kim cooed softly.

Bill stuck his tongue out from his mouth. God Janet I was shocked when I saw his tongue. It was so long it was almost snakelike. I had never seen such a long tongue. It looked just like the tongue from that guy from KISS she told me. Bill licked at his sister nipples and twirled his tongue around them.

“Go ahead Bill suck on my tits,” Kim moaned out.

Bill placed his mouth over one tit and he started to suck on it. Bill moved his other hand to Kim’s other tit where he pinched at her nipple. Bill suckled on Kim’s breast for a long time working back and forth sucking on each of those lovely big tits of hers. Kim put her hands to her brother’s head and pulled him off her tit.

“You’re making me horny Bill,” Kim moaned out as she pulled the sheet completely off her body.

Kim has revealed her nude body to her big brother as he sat there beside her. Kim grabbed his hand again but this time she ran it down between her thighs. Kim parted her legs a little running her brother’s hand against her hairy pussy.

“You made my pussy all wet playing with my tits Bill,” Kim cooed out as she started to rub his hand over her pussy lips.

“Damn sis your pussy is wet and so fucking hairy, Bill replied looking into his sister’s eyes.

Kim lay back onto her bed and she spread her legs. Bill started to rub his fingers along her pussy lips for a while. Then he split her lips with his finger. Bill slipped a finger up into his sister’s wet pussy. He started to slide it in and out. Kim started to rock toward his finger each time it slipped up her hole.

“Put more fingers in me Bill,” Kim said pleading to her brother.

Bill slipped another finger in and he ran them both in and out. Bill went ahead and slipped another finger into her pussy. Kim moaned and squirmed on her bed as he fingered her pussy. Kim told me that Bill seemed to know his way around inside her pussy.

Bill curled his three fingers up into his sister’s wet pussy touching her sweet spot. Kim moaned even more as she felt his fingers rubbed against it. Bill started to see saw his finger back and forth against her sweet spot. Kim could only moan and she shook, as it felt damn good.

“You like that sis?” Bill asked, as he rubbed even harder on her sweet spot.

“YES aHhhhhh,” Kim replied as she squirmed on his fingers

Bill got up onto his knees as he moved closer to Kim’s hairy pussy. Bill ran his fingers in and out of her some more. Bill pulled them out longer enough to stuff his fingers into his own mouth. Bill tasted his sister’s love honey. Bill slipped another finger making it four fingers that were buried in his sister open pussy. Bill curled his four finger up into his sister pussy feeling the rough sweet spot of her pussy. Bill dug all of his fingers into Kim’s sweet spot.

“AHhhhh shit Bill watch out…” Kim was barely able to scream out.

Kim pussy twitched and throbbed as her orgasm rushed over her. Kim jerked on the bed as her pussy juices squirted from her pussy wetting every thing even Bill’s face. Bill just pulled his fingers out and he buried his face up into Kim pussy.

“OH BROTHER Ahhhhhh,” Kim moaned out as Bill slipped his long tongue up into her pussy.

“God Janet his tongue felt almost like a cock in my pussy, “Kim said with her eyes wide.

Bill used his tongue deeply in his sister’s hot pussy. His tongue felt like it was everywhere deep up inside her pussy. Kim grabbed him by his hair and she pulled his face tighter into her pussy as she ground her pussy into her brother’s face. She told me that she never felt a tongue as long as her brothers did as he snaked it in and out of her pussy. Bill was fucking her pussy with his tongue.

Kim told me that Bill just kept fucking and licking at her pussy with that snake like tongue. Kim told me that his tongue made her orgasm repeatedly. She said that she had to push him off her pussy, as she just could not cum again. Kim said his face was all wet from her juices.

Kim said she sat up and she kissed her brother for the first time ever. It was strange to be kissing him but also very erotic Kim told me. Kim licked at her brother’s lips and wet face as she tasted her own pussy juices from his face.

“Damn sis you sure do squirt,” “I had not figured you for that,” Bill said as he broke their kiss.

“I never knew you had such a long tongue brother,” Kim replied with a smile.

Kim wrapped her arms around her brother as they kissed deeply again. Kim slipped her tongue into her brother’s mouth. Bill’s tongue soon slipped into hers. My pussy started to throb again as we kissed Kim told me.

Kim slipped her hand to the front of her brother’s pants. However, Bill just pushed her hand away. Kim looked at Bill with wonder when he did that. Kim put her hand back to his cock but her brother took a hold of it pulling it away.

“Bill let me feel your cock,” Kim said to her brother almost begging him to let her touch it.

“No, because you will laugh at me just like the other girls do,” Bill replied looking away from him.

“Why would I laugh?” Kim asked Bill.

“Because I have a really small dick that is why,” Bill replied shyly.

“Bill with the way you finger and use that snake tongue of yours any girl would love that,” Kim replied feeling sorry for her brother for the first time ever in her life.

“Most girls I have been with never gave me a chance to show them what my tongue can do.” “As soon as they saw my cock they would laugh,” Bill replied. “That rather throws the mood off if you know what I mean sis,” Bill added looking sadly at Kim.

Kim pushed her brother back onto her bed. She got along side of him on her knees. Kim reached up to his belt and undid it from his pants. Bill did not stop her this time he just lies there. Kim pulled his pants and his underwear down at once.

Kim looked down at her brother’s small cock. Kim told me that his cock was a tiny one almost baby like. His cock was rock hard standing there. Kim said it was only about four inches long if that. Kim told me that it was the smallest cock she had ever seen on a guy before.

Kim took her hand and she wrapped it around it. Her hands covered his whole cock. His cock was small, but at least it was a nice fat cock, Kim thought as she started to pump her hand up and down on his cock. Kim moved working her way between her brother’s legs.

Kim used her tongue on the head of his little cock licking at it. Kim flicked her tongue into his pee hole. Kim took her brother’s cock into her mouth where she started to suck and bob her head on his cock.

“Ahhhhh sis that feels good,” Bill moaned out.

Kim had all of her brother’s cock into her mouth. Kim told me that she had no trouble getting it fully into her mouth. Kim started to suck on his cock as if it was a straw in a drink. Kim reached down with one of her hands and she rubbed her brothers little balls as well.

Kim started to bob her head up and down on his cock again as she played with his balls. Bill moaned softly as she did. Kim flicked her tongue across the head of his cock for a while as she used just two fingers to on his tiny cock.

“Sis I am going to cum,” Bill screamed out as she pumped his cock and used her tongue on his little dick head.

Kim took her brothers cock back into her mouth and she started to suck and bob her head on it. Bill jerked and rose up off the bed as Kim felt his little cock twitch in her mouth. Kim just kept sucking as her brother shot his load of cum into her mouth. She took all of his cum into her mouth, swallowing all of it.

“Mmmmm your cum taste good brother,” Kim said as she licked her lips while looking at Bill.

“Thanks Sis and I mean for everything,” Bill replied pulling his pants up and getting off her bed. Bill bent over giving his sister a quick kiss and as he walked from her bedroom, he said with a smile, “I would not have told mom.”

Kim just smiled back at him. She lay back down in her bed when she felt something jabbing her. She pulled her sheet back and saw that her brother had left his instant camera on the bed. Kim opened the back of it thinking it would expose the film. However, she just smiled as she saw there was never any film in it to begin with.

Kim looked and smiled at me as she finished telling me about her and Bill. She saw that I had been rubbing my pussy. My fingers were all wet from my juices. Kim took my hand and she brought it to her mouth. Kim licked at my fingers before she sucked each of them clean of my juices.

“After that night with my brother Bill, I could not for get that tongue of his Janet,” “I had to have him lick my pussy again,” Kim, said as she licked the last of my juices from my fingers.

“So you have been having fun with him ever since,” I asked.

“Yes every chance I get but I have also been seeing someone else as well,” Kim replied.

“Who?” I asked moving closer to her on the sofa.

“Your dad,” Kim replied.

“MY Dad,” I said.

Kim told me yes and that she had been going away with him on weekends. Kim told me he would take her to the next town over get a hotel. She told me that they would fuck the weekend away only leaving to get something to eat.

“My dad never told me he had been seeing you,” I replied, as I did not know about the weekends as I was here with John.

Dad also never told me about it on weekdays when I was home. To be truthful I was at first a little hurt because he had not told me. Then I was more pissed about him not telling me. Since I had been fucking him on the weekdays, when my mom was not home.

“I told your dad not to tell you Janet and if he did I would not see him again,” Kim said. “You’re not mad are you?” Kim asked smugly like.

I believe she was trying to get my goat with doing my dad. However, it was no concern of mine and I did not really care if she was or not. After all, I knew I was still daddy’s girl; well I was last night at least when I fucked his socks off him.

“Not at all Kim,” “Daddy can do who ever he wants just like I can,” I replied.

“Yeah right Janet you do who John lets you do,” “Or who he tells you to do,” “John says fuck them and you roll over and spread your legs like a good little slut,” Kim replied loud and harshly.

“John does not keep me on a leash like I was his pet or something KIM,” “Nor does he make me FUCK anyone I do not want to FUCK KIM,” I said loudly as I got off the couch and started to slip my jeans back on.

“I didn’t make you mad did I Janet?” Kim asked showing a half ass smile.

“No it’s getting late and I need to get you home and myself home that’s all,” I replied with my back to her.

In reality, Kim had pissed me off again with her smart fucking mouth. In addition, I did have to work tonight as well. I drove her home not saying a word to her. I pulled into her driveway and just sat there waiting for her to get out of my car.

Kim looked over at me as she said, “Sorry if I upset you Janet, but you know John is just using you and when he is done with you he will dump you just like he did me.”

I turned to Kim and I saw she had tears flowing down her cheeks as she got out of my car. Kim slammed my door shut as she walked away. I felt like getting out and giving her something to cry about however, I just sat there my hands tightening on my steering wheel. I kept telling myself over and over do not let her get to you.

How could Kim be so loveable one second then a total bitch the next I thought as I drove to work? Did John dumping her turn her into what she had become? Is she like that because of me; was it my entire fault? My mind was racing with thoughts like those and these. Was Kim trying to drive me from John? Was Kim right about John just using me as if I was his toy?

Kim got what she wanted as I parked my car at work. I had tears cascading down my cheeks. Kim had won this round as I had left her get to me.

This brings to a close Chapter 13. A little long but I hope you enjoyed it and as always please let me know that you did. A new Chapter will be out very soon.

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