Kumar learns about her wife’s lesbian acts.

Kumar learns about her wife’s lesbian acts.

I would like to thank Sexylemon for editing the story for me.

Hi friends. I have posted this story on other sites but did not finish the whole saga . I am going to write multiple parts. I hope you like it.


My name is Kumar. I am 24 years old and working in a MNC in India. I am married to a 22 year old girl, by name Bindu, half a year ago. We had an amazing honeymoon period, fucking like rabbits. We now live in an apartment. My wife is a housewife. We have a maid, Roshni, who cleans the place in the morning. She would start cleaning by the time I leave for the office. I sleep in late on weekends, and by the time I wake up Roshni finishes her work and leave.

One Saturday I woke up early, needing to use the restroom. On my way back to the bedroom I saw my wife preparing breakfast in the kitchen. She was still wearing her nightclothes. Her hourglass figure made me hard immediately. I wanted to have some fun, so I looked around to see if Roshni was still cleaning. I did not see her, so I assumed she had left.

Just as I started towards Bindu, Roshni came into view. Roshni is 21 years old and has a son. She has a nice figure with bigger ass. She is dusky but looks quite sexy.

Roshni grabbed Bindu from behind. I was shocked. My wife did not give any serious reaction. Roshni squeezed my wife’s boobs and kissed her neck.

Bindu giggled and said “Stop it. Kumar might wake up at any moment. If you’ve finished your work, leave.”

“Please ma’am. Let me suck your boobs. You ate mine yesterday with chocolate sauce. Let me suck your nipples at least.” Roshni said.

“Not today. You can do everything on Monday. Now go home and get your ass fucked hard by your husband!!” Bindu ordered sourly.

“Don’t be jealous ma’am. I know you’re an ass virgin. Why don’t you ask your husband to fuck your ass? I saw his dick’s outline one day. It is good enough.” Roshni said.

Bindu said “Be quiet. I’m not jealous. I can’t ask my husband to fuck my ass. He might think ill of me. It’s late. You leave now.”

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Hurriedly I went back to my bed as Roshni began to leave. I lay down, shocked by their talk. I wondered how long my wife had been intimate with Roshni.

That night when Bindu and I were about to have sex I thought about the morning’s conversation. It excited me. I started licking Bindu’s pussy furiously. She asked me to fuck her.

In one movement I thrust my dick into her pussy. She moaned loudly. I started to fuck thrust harder.

My wife started moaning. “Ahhh. More!”

I slowed down and asked her “What’s between you and Roshni?”

She was perplexed “What are you talking about?”

I started to thrust into her again. She was moaning loudly. I knew she was about to cum. I continued fucking her and asked “Do i fuck better than Roshni?”

She shouted “Yes!!!” and climaxed. Her vaginal muscles contracted, which made me orgasm as well.

It took two minutes for us to regain our breaths. I pulled Bindu onto me, and began to rub her pussy with my knee. “Tell me.”

She looked sheepish. I gave her a smile . She grinned and asked “How’d you know?”

I explained that I saw the two of them in the kitchen. While I talked, I squeezed Bindu’s nipples.

She closed her eyes in pleasure and said “We’ve been doing things together for two months.”

I said “Tell me the full story.”

Bindu began “It started two months ago, when you were about to go to Mumbai for a week. You fucked me in all positions the night before you left. I had a backache the next morning. I asked Roshni to apply zandu balm to relieve the pain. She started to do so. Then she slowly started rubbing my hips. I started to feel good. One of her hands reached my umbilicus and she inserted a finger inside it. It gave a tingling sensation. I lay down on my back. Roshni started kissing my stomach. She put her tongue in my umbilicus and rolled it around. That made me lose control. I held her hair and pushed her face lower. She understood that I was liking it. She put her hand onto my hips and slowly got it inside my pants. She reached for my pussy and inserted a finger into it. I moaned and pulled her face towards me and kissed her hard.”

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“When we stopped kissing each other Roshni looked me in the eyes, smiled, and took off her jacket. She was not wearing a bra. She quickly put her breasts to my mouth, and I started sucking on them and biting her nipples. She got excited. She quickly removed my shirt and bra. I let her take control because I was a bit tired from last night’s session. The maid started biting my hard nipples. She got lower and removed my fabric saree.”


By this time I was getting excited and I inserted my finger into Bindu’s pussy. She stopped the story, kissed me, and continued.

She said “Roshni started kissing the inside of my thighs. She then started to lick my pussy. I held her head to my pussy, squeezing with my thighs. She was licking me furiously and rubbing my clit. I was nearing my climax. When I hit my orgasm she didn’t stop licking. Roshni lapped up all my juices. She raised her head, licked her lips, and swallowed. She then kissed me. I could still taste my juices on her lips and tongue. She took off her pants and sat on my face. I started licking her pussy. She pushed her hips into my face. I started licking rapidly and she began to moan. With my hand I roughly squeezed her breasts.”

Roshni asked me “finger her ass.”

I said “I wouldn’t put my hand in there.” She made a sigh of disappointment.

Her face lit up and she ran out of the room and came back with a carrot. She sat on my mouth again and told me “please ma’am, put this in my ass.”

I said “ok ” and began licking her pussy.

I then placed the carrot in ass and started to ass-fuck her with it . She was enjoying it. Within a few minutes she climaxed. I let her juices squirt into my mouth. She stepped off of me and kissed me. We made out for a couple of minutes.

We lay next to each other for some time, and Roshni thanked me.

I said “I should thank you too. Kumar left before he satisfied me.” Roshni hugged and kissed me again.

I asked her “Why were you asking me to finger your ass?”

Roshni grinned and said “My husband Shyam fucks me daily and we both like ass sex. He was out of the city for the last five days. I was really missing him. When we were playing I felt my ass was left out. So I asked you to fill my ass.”

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I smiled. “No problem Roshni. I had a good time with you. Kumar is out for a week. You will have to satisfy me until he comes back. Is that ok? ”

She said “I wanted you to say that ma’am. ”

We embraced and got out of bed. Afterwards we did chores naked. Roshni stayed in the apartment for two days. During that time we bathed together and fucked each other a lot.

On the last day she pleaded with me to piss on her. At first I refused but she made me do it. She enjoyed it. Later I gave her a bath. She left when her husband got back. Bindu finished her story.

I continued fingering her and said “You pissed on Roshni!!?”

Bindu replied “I know it sounds disgusting. But she seemed to like it.”

I asked “When did you become interested in women?”

Bindu smiled and said “You know Ramadevi, my friend?”

I said “Yes.”

Bindu continued “We were roommates in college and we used to have sex.”

Her stories made my dick hard. I kissed her. She pulled me closer. I got in between her legs and started pushing my dick into her pussy. She widened her legs.

Bindu told me about some of her experiences with Roshni. One story was when Roshni went onto the balcony naked to get something, and saw a boy of 18 in the opposite building looking at her. Roshni immediately rushed back inside and closed the door. That made me excited and I fucked Bindu harder. I climaxed in twenty minutes, by which time Bindu had orgasmed twice. We slept naked, hugging each other.


There is still a lot in store friends. If you like my story send me comments. I will try to narrate my next stories in a more erotic way. Bye.

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Kumar learns about her wife’s lesbian acts.

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