Lara”s pride and arrogance is destroyed completely

Lara”s pride and arrogance is destroyed completely

David was lying in his bed, deep in thought. A sense of hate and revenge burning through him. He thought of Lara. He felt a deep need to destroy her. Destroy her completely.
Her arrogance, selfishness and pride made him so furious. He couldn’t stand it one bit. He thought of something. He smiled.

Lara came home around 7. Her boyfriend’s party was tonight and she decided on a stunning Red dress, stiletto’s and the necklace Eric (her boyfriend) gave her a month ago. She thought of wearing pearls, but decided against it, since David her Ex gave it to her a while ago. The thought of David made her smirk. Poor, poor David.

She lost her interest in him. As simple as that. She liked Eric. Eric came into her life when he was still seeing David. Eric and her had an affair. David had found out and he was furious. She was indifferent to his anger and dumped him through text the next day.yes, through text. They had been together for a year! she ignored him completely after that and laughed at him when she was with her girlfriends and he tried to talk to her. She also made remarks of him being poor and worthless.

Lara looked stunning in her knee length dress. She had spent more than an hour or so doing her hair alone. Her chestnut hair was extremely thick, and had grown up to her lower back. She was ready and walked out of her house into the lane. It was dark. Suddenly she heard her name. Before she could turn around a handkerchief was taken up to her nose and she fainted.

When she stirred, she realized that she was sitting on a chair. A mirror was in front of her. She was naked. suddenly she was extremely self conscious. The lights were bright and the room was big and empty. She was in the middle of the room all tied up completely. She couldn’t move an inch. Her mouth was tied so her screams were just small muffles and moans.

The door opened and David walked in. First she was angry. then, It shocked her. She had no idea what he was going to do. He first placed a vibrator in her ass, without a word. She moaned , her eyes pleading a bit in the mirror. He felt her breasts and squeezed it hard. He then fingered her a bit. She was helplessly wet and shaking.

Then, he took a pair of scissors. He felt her hair a bit. It was soft and beautiful. He intended to change it all. She shook hard with the vibrator in her ass. Her took the ends of her hair and slowly cut a couple of inches. Her eyes were large with fear. Next, he placed he scissors in her hair at the length of her neck and waited for her reaction, then SNIP SNIP. her hair was now cut to an uneven short bob. Tears streamed down her face. She was helpless. On top of all of it the vibrator made her body ache.

” it’s not over yet”, he said. The thought of her losing her hair, made him hard. He then placed the scissors behind her ears and cut through roughly. Her hair was now like a guys although a bit shaggy. Then he searched for something in his bag. Then he brought our some clippers. Her eyes were huge and her vision was blurry because of the tears. She tried to scream.

He placed the clippers at 0 And switched them on. The sound filled the room. He placed the clippers at the middle of her forehead and brought it all the way up to the back of her head, then nape. Then he did another strip, and then another. Most of her hair was completely buzzed in 20 minutes. some hair was present just at the sides of her head and behind her ears. She looked like grandpa Einstein. She shut her eyes. She Was too embarrassed to look at herself. She couldn’t believe she could look this ugly.

He left on the siDes of her head with hair. He took the scissors and cut them so that they were just an inch long. She did look like a bald grandfather except that her hair wasn’t grey and that she wasn’t smooth bald in the middle. yet.

He intended to leave the stumbles of hair on in the sides. It was basically just a step of hair a cm long in both sides that started at her temples and moved through behind her ears to the nape of her neck’ sides. he then wet her hair in the middle. He took out shaving cream and a razor. He made her hair completely smooth bald in the middle.

He paused for a bit. He smiled and He admired his work.

After wiping her head, he started feeling her bald and stumbled of hair on the sides. It made him so hard. She didn’t open her eyes for a minute. “Open your eyes and see your ugly self baldy,” he ordered her . He turned the vibrator extremely high.” Look at you! Your a carbon copy of my grandfather,” he smiled. She was crying so hard and shaking up and down the chair. The vibrator and the embarrassment combined made her pee in the chair. He smirked and asked her to lick it clean, or that he would take pictures of her immediately. She bent down still shaking and licked. He held her by her head

With a hand. He snapped a pic of her anyway. Then, he made her sit down in the chair again. He brought out the clippers and shaved the rest of her hair. he took out the razor, shaving cream and water again and shave her head completely bald. Then he shaved again and again till her head looked like a cue ball.

He wiped her head and felt her head with his hands nice and well. He revolved his hand round and round her bald head. Then he placed one hand in her head and the other in cunt. With one hand he fingered her hard and with the other he felt her shaven head . He did this for almost an hour. She was dripping wet. He knew she couldn’t help it but he said ” If you’d told me you loved being embarrassment I’d have done it everyday for you baldie!” Then he took out some kind of a lotion and poured it down her head massaging it.

Then he did the unexpected. He took out the razor and shaving cream again. He applied the shaving cream on her cheeks, chin and eyebrows. She was horrified. First he shaved her eyebrows. Then her cheeks and chin. He shaved her cheeks again with shaving cream. “I’ll shave it everyday if you want, slave” He smiled kindly.

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Lara”s pride and arrogance is destroyed completely