Life Is All About A Second Chance

Life Is All About A Second Chance

I am Archana I am 31 years old. I am working as a primary teacher in a school for the last 10 years. I have been living as a divorcee for 7 years. I have a son of 6 years. With this son, I have been living at my parent’s house. My husband left me when I was 3 months pregnant. Then he put the divorce case in the court.

5 years later court declared divorce and I judicially separated from him. Due to the divorce and the long process, I was disturbed mentally, physically and economically too. I closed my doors for all. I was living in a small room and a small mind.

I had lived with my husband for nearly 6 months. Of which he fucked me irregularly for 15 – 20 days and I got pregnant in those days. In those 7 years of separation, I hadn’t seen any penis. But every night I felt horny and I felt bad for my situation.

One day a man and his family came to my house with a proposal for a second marriage. The man is 35 years old and he was doing nothing. I couldn’t call him jobless because he was illiterate. He didn’t even know the alphabet. They openly told us his story.

His wife ran away with her boyfriend after one month of his marriage. The boy was tall, 6 feet and with a dark complexion. He was doing the gym every day so his body was tight and six-packed. When I came with a teapot he was looking towards my cleavage. And I saw saliva was dripping from his mouth.

I am near about 5”5 in height. My weight is 55 kg. And the figure is 33-35-37. My boobs are compact and tight. Nipples are seen coming out from my blouse as I use tight blouse. My stomach always remains open because I wear sari below the novel down the waist.

My bumps are of 37 inches broad and look like a blown balloon. Bones of buttocks are coming outward that attract people behind me when I make dig dong movements of them. Many boys might have dreamed to handle my background. I am whitish in color.

I am not interested in marriage. But my parents told me to forget the past and move on. Open the door for the opportunity. But I said to my parents that boy was doing nothing at all. He was eating and sleeping only and I am postgraduate and he was illiterate. How could I manage with him?

My parents told me that the man belonged to a good family. They had enough farms to continue their live hood. I was thinking in the night while masturbating that I had closed all the doors of my all holes for a long time. Now it is time to open it. Anyway, I should move forward and open the doors of my holes.

So that day during taking a bath I applied a lot of soap on my shithole and vagina. I cleaned both the holes and said to myself ding dong bell has rung now open both the doors. Finally, I said yes to the proposal for a second marriage. I took a second chance. And life is all about a second chance.

We should always take a second chance in our life. Within one week my marriage was arranged. My marriage took place in an old temple. And only my parents and his parents were present in the marriage ceremony. And in his rented car I went to his home which is located in a small town.

We came home at 3 pm. House was a big one made up of big stones and soil. Big 5 rooms were there and one big bathroom. On the same night, my first night was arranged. After some rituals, worship and formalities women in the house told me to go inside the room.

His sister came to me and gave me a big slap on my ass and told to me enjoy it. She pushed me into his room at 9 pm. I came inside and I saw my second husband Pavan was sitting on the cot. It was well decorated by the women in the house. There were flowers on the bed.

My husband got up and locked the door from inside. And he came to me. He came to me put off his shirt. I first time saw his six-pack muscles and frightened that he would fuck me very hard. I had a thought that his first wife might have run because of his hard fucking.

He picked my mouth up and kissed it like a hungry tiger. He put his rough tongue on my whole face and licked my chicks and my lips. Then he bit my lips. I said, “No.” But he didn’t listen to me. And he inserted his tongue into my mouth forcefully. He bit my upper lips. I shouted.

He kissed my mouth, tongue, upper lip, lower lip, my forehead. Then he made me lie on the bed. And he came to me and bit my nose hardly. Then by his hands, he pulled my ears downwards forcefully. I got angry with his actions. Then he spat on my face for 4 – 5 times.

I felt dirty. But before I said anything he licked my whole face by his rough tongue. Then he removed his pants. Now he was in his underwear and I was in a sari. He widened my legs with his hands and jumped in between my legs. Although there were a sari and his underwear I felt his strong cock into my pussy.

He was making strong movements in underwear on a married woman in a sari. Then by his action, I felt erotic. And then stood up and removed his underwear. And a horse-like big cock came out. He had a lot of hairs around his penis so his penis was looking like a lion.

It was about 9 inches long and 3 inches broad. I was frightened by this big cock. My first husband’s cock was too small to fuck me properly. I had urination by seeing such a big penis. I said to my husband, “Sorry, I have urination. I will be back in 2 minutes.”

He laughed loudly and said, “You are going to urinate too early. My first wife urinated many times in the bed when I fucked her.” I said nothing on his comment. And then asked him, “Where is the bathroom?” He said, “Don’t worry dear this is the bathroom.”

He shook his penis in his hand and show to me. Then he lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bathroom. His rough hands were touching to my ass curve. Then put the light on and locked the door of the bathroom. And he ordered me, “Urinate in front of me.”

I felt shy I said, “I can’t urinate in front of a male.” But he said, “I am your husband do what I said it’s your duty.” I thought this is the time to open my back door in front of him. So I made my back towards him and lift up my sari and petticoat and drag down my panty till my knees and sat down.

I made my two very fair balloons fly in the air. He might have seen my bare bottom. He might have measured my nude buttocks. But I couldn’t urinate. I was feeling shy. So I was just sitting bottomless. I said to him, “I can’t urinate please go outside then I can do.”

He said, “May I help you to urinate? I had an experience.” Before I said anything he said, “Bend over and lift up your sari and petticoat.” I did what he said. Then he came close to me and dragged down my panty to the earth. And then he forcefully pushed his middle finger into my shithole.

His whole finger went deep into my asshole. It was dry so it gave me a lot of pain just like a small rod into my hole. After seven long years, my backdoor was opened by someone. And I said loudly, “Welcome.” He gave me 4-5 strokes in my asshole by his middle finger.

I was moving forward and backward. I was moaning with the movements of my buttock. This gave the musical moments to my body. Then he increased the speed of his finger up and down. He gave me a powerful stroke by his middle finger.

His middle finger went very deep inside my shit hole and my vagina began to urinate at the same time. He put his finger inside the shit hole forcefully until I was urinating by making a big sound. That was a great scene to watch. His finger was inside my anal and I was urinating for 2 minutes.

After I finished my urination he removed his finger from my asshole. I took a bucket of water and washed my vagina with his hands and he washed my two buttocks too. And then he came out of the bathroom. I wear my panty onto my bumps and wore sari properly and came out of the bathroom.

He was sitting completely nude in front of me and he was shaking his penis. I felt shy by his action and I looked down at the earth. He said to me, “Come on and sit on my thigh.” I said nothing just go forward and sit on his nude thigh near his penis.

But he said, “Lift your sari and petticoat. Then drag down your panty and with your nude buttocks sit on my thigh.” Then I stood up. I felt shy I lifted up my sari and my petticoat up to my novel. Before I did something he came forward and dragged down my panty down from my legs.

Now I sat on his thigh with the nude bottom. And felt very cool when I sat down. My buttocks touched to his rough thigh. He had hairs on his thigh those were touching to my bare bottom. Then he inserted his thumb into my wet pussy. I held his big long penis in my hand. I began to shake it.

Now it became rigid like iron. I felt it was the time to penetration. Then he lifted me up and lied to me on the cot. Then he lifted up my sari and petticoat up to my waist area. As my panty was already drawn by him I was nude inside. Then he unhooked my blouse and removed my bra.

And squeezed my boobs hard and pulled up my nipples upward. By both of his hands, he was pulling my nipples in an upward direction. It made me erotic. My nipples became very hard. Now fire began in my pussy. I was ready to fuck now. Then he massaged my boobs hardly. He made my boobs red.

Then he kissed me for a long time. He sucked my nipples one by one. And he bit many times my nipples. And then he lifted me and turn me around and made me lie on my stomach. Then he came to my ass globe and started licking it. He was licking my both ass globes. He was putting the tongue into my shit hole.

He was literally eating my shit hole. He was slapping my white globes. He was making my ass red. He was biting my ass chicks. I was very proud of my education as I was postgraduate. I was doing a job as a teacher. But today one illiterate and the jobless man was eating my nude ass and I was enjoying the moments.

What a scene that was! I thought where my pride went, where my dignity went, where my attitude went. Now, what was my education doing, when one illiterate man was eating my asshole. I was in deep thought and now he was in full force. He lifted me and turned me around again.

Now I was sleeping on my back. He again lifted my sari and my petticoat up to my novel. And then he widened my legs and came in between my legs. My vagina was ready for him. Then put the big head of his penis on my vagina. I felt after 7 long years someone knocking my front door.

Before I think more he gave a powerful stroke and half of his penis moved inside my vagina. I latterly cried. He took a sigh. And he removed his penis. I felt relax. But at the next moment, he came inside with triple force than earlier. I was near about dying by his powerful stroke.

But he didn’t care he gave me 5 strokes in a row. His penis went very deep inside me. I could feel his penis up to my novel area. I was moaning loudly. But he didn’t stop. He was fucking me like a big bullock. He was going inside and inside. He was stroking my pussy hard. He was fucking me nonstop.

I was uplifting my hips and trying to help him. He was spanking my nude ass at the same time. He was fucking me hard. He was fucking me in every second. He was giving me 3 strokes in a second. In one minute he was giving me 180 strokes. I was moaning louder and louder.

I was thinking he might be breaking me in two parts. He was on my body and fucking me a hard bear. Cot was making noise and giving the music to our lovemaking. I was in heaven at that moment. He was giving me hard and harder shots.

I was shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me in pussy, fuck me deep. I am hungry from seven years, fulfill my desire, tear my pussy, fuck me.” He was giving me powerful and more powerful strokes. Then he immediately removed his penis from my pussy.

He took my legs on his shoulder and again began to fuck me hard. Cot was making more noise this time I said to him, “Go slow cot would break.” But he was not in the mood of listening to me he was fucking me harder and harder. He gave me one strongest stroke in the vagina.

I felt his penis might have come out from my shithole. At this moment cot broke down and we collapsed on the ground. But he didn’t care. He pulled me down to the ground lifted up my legs in the air and inserted his penis in one stroke into my vagina. As I was half nude only sari and petticoat was on my body.

My ass felt the coolness of the ground. He was squeezing my boobs hard and fucking me hard. He was fucking me on the ground. He was fucking my thirsty pussy hard. I was fulfilling the demand of my pussy. Now he was holding my body tightly and he increased the fucking speed. I knew its time to cum.

Then he gave me the strongest push and filled my pussy by his white fluid. He collapsed on my body. He rested on my body for 5 minutes. Then he removed his penis from my pussy and washed his penis with my petticoat. He fucked me 4 times that night. This was the most memorable night of my life.

I enjoyed my first night in the second marriage. Fortunately, I got a very good husband. He was jobless so he was fucking me all the time. He fucked me in the ass. He fucked me in all my holes. He fucked me before latrine and after latrine too. He fucked me in the toilet, kitchen, bedroom, and in every room.

He fucked me in all positions. He asked me to wonder nude when no one was at home. He fucks me every day. He doesn’t sleep without fucking. So I am doing very well in my second life. I got whatever I need. Friends, sometimes we got our goals in second chance.

If we fail sometimes in our first chance always take a second chance. Who knows it might give you better than first. Friends, I believe and experienced it. ‘Life is all about a second chance.’

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Life Is All About A Second Chance