Life With Aunt Jess Pt 2_(4) by hornykip50

Life With Aunt Jess Pt 2_(4)
by hornykip50

This an edited version of PART 2. The original ending didn’t go over well with the readers. And truth be known, I didn’t much like it either. I hope this one goes over better.


Jess and I jumped out of bed and made a beeline for the bathroom. We used the toilet, showered and got dressed. Grammi had breakfast waiting for us when we went into the kitchen. “How was prom?” she asked as we sat to eat our egg and sausage biscuits.

“It was wonderful,” Jess answered dreamily. “We danced most of the night. Chet had fun playing air guitar with Tom and a bunch of other students in our school. He really cut loose.”

“Yes, it was a blast,” I agreed as I wolfed down my biscuit.

“So, Mom. Why does John want to talk me?” Jess asked Grammi.

“He asked me to not tell you. He did say that whatever it is, you have earned it.”

“We should get going,” I said standing and taking our empty plates to the sink. I went, then, to Jess’ bedroom and collected my tux. I needed to take it back to the rental shop. Once I had everything packed in, I gave Grammi and Pap hugs and kisses and got in my car, ready for the two hour trip back to Sandusky. “I’ll race you baby,” I called out to Jess as I pointed my car toward the highway. Jess was driving herself as she would need to come back home later in the day. She had go to school in the morning.

We stopped once on the way for a necessary rest stop visit. I also needed to stretch my legs a little. I took a short walk around the roadside park while Jess used the facilities. I was leaning on the front of my car when she came out. She stepped between my legs and kissed me lovingly. She broke away and said with a little chuckle, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. What’s it been, an hour?”

“Yeah, about that. I just need a few more of your sweet kisses to get me to your house safely.” How could I argue with her on that. I put my arms around her and kissed her long and passionately. My tongue searched her mouth and wrestled her soft yielding tongue. I could feel the heat rising between us. Jess pulled away. “We need to get going before we get too hot and do something foolish.”

“I read you loud and clear. See you at home.” I kissed her again and got back in my car. I followed her out to the highway and we were on our way. A few miles down the highway, I got a wild hair and passed Jess. I pulled in front of her and resumed my previous speed. Of course Jess wasn’t going to let this be the end. She hit the gas and sped around me. When she pulled in front of me, she slowed to about five miles an hour slower than before. Rather than slow to her pace, I whipped the wheel and passed her again. This game went on till we saw the exit we needed to get home. At that point, Jess cut in front and stole the lead from me. I would have to remain behind until we pulled in the driveway at home.

“Good race, lover,” laughed Jess as she exited her car.

“Yeah, you cut me off at the last minute,” I complained. “Typical woman driver… Close your eyes and stomp on the gas.”
“Just shut up and kiss me… It’s been almost and hour since I tasted your mouth.” We kissed and headed for the house. Dad was just stepping out as we hit the porch. “Good morning John.”

“Just barely,” Dad said looking at his watch. “Hi kids. Have a good Prom?”

“It was great,” Jess said. She gave Dad a hug and a kiss on his cheek. “But, our time after the Prom was much more fun.”

“Okay, that may be more than I need to know.” Dad looked at me with a sly look. “And how did you do? “

“I was great… Not to be bragging, or anything,” I crowed. Jess slapped me on the back of my head. “Okay… I didn’t do so good the first time out, but I think I made up for it.”

“Yes, you made up for it, but don’t get too cocky.” Just then, Mom joined us. “Hi Janet.”

“Good morning, Mom,” I said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hi, Honey. What prompted the kiss?” She hung close and looked square into my eyes.

“Jess kissed Dad, so I thought I should kiss you.”

“But you could have planted it here.” Mom pointed to her lips. I stepped in closer to her, pulled her close and gave her a deep open mouthed kiss. “Woo,” Mom panted when I broke away. Jess chuckled as Mom fained a swoon. “So… Chet…. Jess… How are things going?”

“Jeez, Mom.”

“You can have him tomorrow, Jan,” Jess assured her.

“What about tonight?” Mom asked.

“He needs his rest,” Jess said.

“Change of subject,” Dad interrupted. “I need to talk with you, alone Jess. Sorry, Chet, I cannot let you sit in. And don’t worry, I won’t try anything.” He hooked his arm in Jess’ and led her to his office in the house. Mom and I went into the kitchen and I helped her get lunch together.

A half hour later, lunch was nearly ready and Jess and Dad came into the kitchen. She came right to me and threw her arms around my neck. “I have a summer job, Baby!” she said excitedly. “John gave me a job as a design intern at the furniture factory.”

“Wait… What furniture factory?” Mom asked “We don’t have a furniture factory yet.”

“Not yet,” Dad said. “We have been talking about it.”

“Yes,” Mom recalled. “So we are doing it? Can we make a go of it?”

“Absolutely. Mom told me that if I could convince her of a market, she would fund the expansion. And with Jess’ designs and our on-sight lumber mill, I think we can hit a niche that needs to be filled.” Dad put his arm around Jess’ shoulder and gave her a knowing nod.

“So, does this mean…?” I asked.

“Yes, Baby,” Jess said taking me in her arms. “I will be staying here this summer. Oh, I can’t wait to have you every night!”

“What’s Mom and Dad going to think about that?” asked Mom.

“They will say, ‘We finally have the house to ourselves.’” I said smartly.

“That… and that they will miss me,” Jess added.

“Lunch is ready,” Mom interrupted. We sat and ate our lunch in near silence. What we did talk about was Jess’ new job. She was giddy with excitement over the prospect of showcasing her talent for design. I think she was also excited about spending the summer under the same roof as I and what that entailed. She made her intentions fairly clear to me. While everybody was focused on their meal, Jess was focused on driving me crazy with her roaming hand under the table. I locked eyes with Jess, trying to get her to take it easy with her advances. She simply winked and squeezed my inner thigh.

Mom looked slyly back forth from me to Jess. She must have been wanting to know just when she was going to get her chance. Jess caught her looking and gave her the stink eye. Mom chuckled and returned focus to her lunch. “What was that about?” Dad asked her.

“What do you think?” I sneered. “Just about killing you ain’t it, Mom?”

“What is, Mom?” asked Kat.

“None of your business, young lady,” She answered. Kat finished her plate and skipped out of the house to enjoy the weather. Pat hurriedly finished his meal and ran out to be with Kat. “Do you think those two will end up like these two?” Mom asked Dad while motioning to us.

“They are close and seem to be inseparable. I just don’t know,” Dad observed. “We need to keep watch of them.”

“See what you started,” Jess said jokingly as she kicked my shin.

“What I started?” I growled. “Who was the first to kiss who?”

“Oh, it’s been so long ago I forget, exactly,” she snickered.

“Yeah, you forget. How convenient.”

“Do you want to fight about it? Let’s not do it in front of the adults.” Mom, who was just getting a drink from her glass of lemonade, heard that and almost choked. Dad laughed as well. “Jan, will you take care of the dishes? I was going to help you, but I have this thing that needs to be settled… Right NOW.”

“Of course, sweetie,” Mom said. “Try not to be too obvious.” She knew exactly what we were doing. Jess grabbed my hand and dragged me to my room. I did my best to act like I was following unwillingly.

Once the door was closed and locked behind us, Jess jumped at me. She threw her arms around my neck and locked her soft hot lips on mine. Not wanting this to end, I kissed her back with as much heat and passion as she was giving to me. My hands started at her shoulders, but I started slowly moving them south and soon they were resting on her upper thighs. I pulled her groin closer to mine so she could feel my desire. “Mmmm,” Jess cooed without breaking the kiss. Her hands fell to my butt and squeezed my cheeks. She finally broke the kiss just long enough to say, “Make love to me.”

I looked into her eyes. Her pupils were dilated to the point they looked black. I knew she was needing me and bad. I locked my mouth on hers again and explored her wet mouth with my tongue. She sucked it tenderly. I began pulling at her clothing. Jess broke the kiss again and helped me undress her. She unbuttoned her jeans. I peeled them to the floor. I looked up her legs to where they met. I saw her pink panties were moist already. I allowed my nose to graze her pussy. I sniffed hard, inhaling her musky aroma. Without standing up straight again, I hooked the waistband and pulled them to join the jeans at the floor.

Jess yanked her top and bra off in one swift move before I returned to full upright position. She then stepped away from her jeans and panties. I wasted no time getting myself naked. I pulled Jess back to me and pressed my nakedness to hers. I allowed my hands to roam her entire torso. I first caressed her ample breasts. I lightly pinched her sensitive nipples, causing her to take a deep breath. “I want you inside me Chet. I want you inside me now.”

I didn’t say a word as I guided her to my bed. I lay her down and positioned myself to eat her delicious pussy. “No, Baby. I want you inside me. Now.” She spread her legs and pulled me up to wrap her arms around me once more. I lowered my hard dick to just above her wet slit. She wrapped her fingers around the shank and guided me to her molten hole. I pushed forward slowly as my tool invaded her tight vagina for the third time in the last twenty four hours.

Despite it being a very tight fit, my cock was soon as deep inside her as it would go. She locked her legs around my waist as I started rocking up and down into her depths. As we set our love making into an equal pace I covered my beautiful aunt’s face and neck with kisses, licks and nibbles. I was about to leave a mark on her neck when she panted, “No… H… Hic… Hickies.” Without hesitation, I continued my oral exploration of her gorgeous face.

Jess pulled me in deeper with her strong athletic legs. Her pleasure was rapidly building to a crescendo. She arched her back and rolled her eyes back into their sockets just as the spasms of her intense orgasm took hold. She was panting hard and biting my shoulder as she rode wave after wave of screaming pleasure.

Her orgasm was just staring to ease up as I hit the wall. I rammed my man meat hard into her and grunted through my own orgasm. The feeling of my cock throbbing inside her sent Jess over the edge one more time. We came together in loving harmony. Our grunts and her squeals making perfect music together.

I pulled free of Jess’ vice like muscles a couple minutes after we had both spent our loads. I stayed on top of her kissing her passionately as we came off our highs. Once we had recovered a little, I slid to her side and cuddled her for a short time.

We must have fallen asleep, as Mom was beating on the door asking if we were okay. I looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table to see that it was nearly three o’clock. We had been in my room for two and a half hours. I knew we didn’t make love that long. I nudged Jess who was snoring softly next to me. She woke with a start, “Oh…. Uh…. I must have fallen asleep.”

“We both did,” I said. “Mom has been banging on the door.”

“Are you kids still alive in there?” Mom called out again.

“Yes, Mom. We just took a little nap.”

“Oh. Is that what you call it now? Half an hour ago, I would swear you were banging like wildebeests.”

“What is that supposed to mean, Janet?” Jess asked.

“I don’t know… You were making a lot of noise.”

“Okay, Mom. Give us a couple minutes and we will be out.”

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. Jess and I took my rented tux back to the bridal shop. When we returned home we had a quick meal and Jess headed for home.

We all watched movies the rest of the evening. Pat and Kat had to go to bed earlier than I, since they were younger. Once gone, Mom started in on me. “When Chet?” she asked with a slightly impatient tone.

“When what Mom?” I tried to be as coy as possible.

“You know what I am talking about,” she responded, annoyed. “When are you going to scratch my itch?”

“Jesus H Christ, Jan,” Dad said in my defense. “Let the kid recover a day or two.”

“Thanks, Dad. I could use some support right now.”

“You had better break her off a piece, soon, or she’s gonna ride me to my grave.”

“Switch hit much?” I asked.

“I play both sides when necessary,” he chuckled.

“Right. Mom, how bout we shoot for Wednesday? It will give me a chance to build up some stamina.”

“I guess I can wait if I have to,” Mom said with a schoolgirl pout. Her expression immediately changed, “Maybe you can give me a little taste?”
“Dad?” He simply nodded. “Okay. Brace yourself.” I stood in front of Mom and held my hands out to her. She stood holding both hands. I pulled her close and put my arms around her waist. I looked into her eyes and saw a very familiar sparkle. Oh, god… What was I thinking? I felt my pecker stirring in my pants. I saw Jess so much in Mom’s face. Go figure, they were sisters. I ran a single finger down her cheek to her chin. She tried to look innocent. Right. Like she is so innocent. I let my hand fall from her chin to her large heaving breast.

“Not fair!” Mom complained. She made no effort to move away from my hand, or to remove my hand from her chest. I gave her soft tit a gentle squeeze. “Dammit, Chet. I called no fair!” I looked at Dad. He just smiled and egged me on. I found her nipple and gave it a few gentle twists. Her thin silk blouse and lace half cup bra did absolutely nothing to hide the hard nipple suspended inside.

Mom moaned quietly into the nape of my neck as I manipulated her erect nipple. I moved in to kiss her, but stopped just short of contact. I could feel her breath quicken as she anticipated the kiss I was promising her. I puckered slightly and my lips lightly grazed hers. “Oh… Mmmm…” was all she uttered.

Mom licked her lips. Our lips were so close, her tongue whetted mine as well. I squeezed her breast harder, marveling at how soft it was. Jess’ were a lot firmer. Mom’s were larger, however. Mom pressed her chest harder into my hand. I planted a lingering kiss on her warm soft lips. Her eyes went closed as she savored the feeling.

I pulled away abruptly. “I am going to bed. Good night Dad. Good night Mom,” I said as I pulled free.

“Dammit Charles Edward Tuttle,” Mom grumbled. “I know you are hot. I could feel your boner on my leg.”

“I told you we would have our time Wednesday night. Besides… Dad had a boner too. You need to take care of that.” Dad grabbed his stiff prick through the fabric of his jeans and shifted it.

“Yes, Dear,” he agreed. “I could use a little relief tonight.” I heard my phone ring in my room. Saved by the bell. I blew a kiss to Mom and ran to take the call from Jess.

“Hi, Baby,” I said as I picked up.

“Hi. How’d it go? With your Mom.”

“She waited till Pat and Kat were in bed, then asked when we were going to hook up.”

“What did you tell her?”

“Told her to be patient a couple days more. I need to recover a till like Wednesday.”

“Oh, really? Who wore you out?”

“Duh, Jess. You know who I have been with. I have been with her all my life and plan to be with her the rest of it.”

“I hope she knows how lucky she must be to have a terrific guy like yourself. In all seriousness, I love you and can’t wait till I am in your bed every night.”

“I love you very much, Baby.”

“So… Tell me more what happened with you and Jan.”

“I gave in… A little.”

“What’s a little?”

“I hugged her and kissed her. And…”

“And? And what Chet?”

“I squeezed her tit. I squeezed her tit and rolled her nipple a little.”

“Is that all?”

“Yeah. Dad got a hard-on. He actually grabbed his junk right there in front of me. Like it was no big deal.”

“Did you have a boner?”

“Well… Um.”

“Jesus Christ, Chet,” Jess complained. “You are insatiable. Either that, or I am not good enough to keep you satisfied.”

“That would be the former, my love. If you were here permanently….”

“Just about a month from now. As soon as I am done with school…”

“Yes, then we would both be fucked sore. At least for the first couple weeks.” I thought for a few seconds, then continued, “Have you talked with Grammi and Pap about your plans for the summer yet?”

“Yes. They knew it was coming. They are okay with it. John and I talked about me going to the Ohio School of Design there in Sandusky next fall. And that means…”

“That means you will be here with me for the long haul.”

“Absolutely.” I could hear a tinge of excitement in her voice.

“Maybe we should get married.”

“I am not sure we can… and I am not sure I am ready. Yes… I know… We have been together for so long that it will not be that much different, but maybe we should wait till we are done with college.”
“As long as I have you, Baby. I don’t need that piece of paper. And like you said, if we can.” We talked for another hour before we decided we needed to get some sleep. We both would be preparing for finals and graduations over the next three weeks, and would have busy schedules till then.

Though I was very horny and somewhat tense about my time with Mom, Wednesday, I quickly drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of the following summer’s activities, both constructive and recreational. Many of my recreational dreams involved Jess in various bikinis.

The next day was a Monday, just another day. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. School was becoming a bore. The next week would be busy with finals, which means a lot of fuck-off time as we were allowed to leave when we weren’t testing. But this week was shaping up be very mundane, with the exception of my life outside. I found it hard to concentrate on my studies, though, I didn’t need to pay much attention to do well. My mind kept wandering back and forth between my angel Jess and Mom. I love them both with all my heart, so I was torn on the sex thing. I didn’t want to mess up my relationship with Jess. If she ever had a second of doubt about what Mom and I were getting into, I would put the kibosh on it in a heartbeat.

After school, I headed straight home. I wanted to check Mom’s temp, and also call Jess. I needed some affirmation from her whether to continue. I came into the kitchen where Mom was just taking some oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven. She placed the cookie sheet on the counter, looked at me and smiled her warmest smile. “Mmm… Oatmeal raisin. My favorite,” I praised. “What might be the occasion?”

“Can’t I bake a batch of your favorite cookies for no other reason than to be a good mom?” she questioned.

“Forgive me for appearing to be cocky or even arrogant. But, you haven’t made oatmeal raisin cookies for quite awhile. No worries Mom. I know you are just doing this cause you love me”

“Alright. Alright. You got me. Just come here and give Mommy a hug and kiss.” I wasted no time in putting my arms around my beautiful sexy mother and giving her a soft kiss. I tried to pull away, but Mom would have no part of that. She pulled me back to her and said, “You can do better than that.” She opened her mouth slightly and locked her lips back on mine, nearly sucking my face into hers. Her hands quickly found my butt cheeks and squeezed them savagely.

“Mmm… Mom, please,” I begged as I fought to break her passionate kiss. “I thought we were going to wait till Wednesday. You are making it hard… Very hard for me to say ‘No’.”

“Yes. I can feel how hard I am making it for you,” Mom cooed as she moved her left hand around to grab my stiff aching cock. She looked across the kitchen at the clock. “Shit. Pat and Kat will be home soon. Dammit. I gotta get rid of this fire somehow. Can you clean this mess? And put the cookies away? I need to take a cold shower.”

“No problem Mom,” I quickly gave her another kiss and set about cleaning the mess Mom made baking my favorite cookies. Mom ran to her bathroom and quickly got in the shower. Within a couple minutes, my two younger siblings ran into the kitchen and straight to the cookie jar. “Only one cookie each you two. You don’t want to spoil your dinner.”

“Yes Mother,” Pat said smartly. They each took their one cookie, got themselves a glass of milk and sat at the dining room table to do their homework.
I heard the shower go off, so I went to the bathroom door to check on Mom. She was very quiet, so I began to worry. I was reaching for the door knob when I heard Mom sob. I turned the knob, and to my surprise, it was not locked. I hesitantly and slowly opened the door. Mom was sitting on the toilet sobbing into her towel. I squatted beside her, as close as I could, and wrapped her up in my arms. “I am so sorry for making a total ass of myself. This goddamn yearning is getting old. I am sure you are getting tired of me.”

“No, Mom. Well… I feel crowded lately. You know… Like I am up for stud service. I am sorry, that is just he way I feel.”

“Once you fuck me, maybe you will get the freedom you desire.”

“Only… I can’t just fuck you, Mom. I am in love with Jess. That will never change. When I look at you, I see her. When I look at her, I see you. I cannot say I am in love with you, too. But… I do love you very much.”

“So, what are you telling me?”

“I am telling you, that when we get together Wednesday, I will not just be fucking you. I will be making love with you.”

“So you think I love you like that, too?”

“Yes, I do. I know you are in love with Dad and I cannot nor will not change that. But the feelings you have been harboring for me are so much more than the normal MotherSon love others feel.”

“This is what has me so upset, Honey. What if I can’t cool the fire with our ‘Making Love’?” Mom wiped a tear from her cheek. “What if I end up only wanting more? More than you can give?”

“What if you decide your passion was completely misplaced?” I asked.

“No chance of that, Sweetheart,” Mom answered. “I have played this out so many times in my head and in my heart. There is no way you can let me down.”

“Unless I am a lousy lover.”

“Do you love me?”


“Do you love me? Yes or no.”

“Of course I love you.”

“Then, there is no way you could be a lousy lover.” This whole time we were talking, I was rubbing her thigh. My hand was inching closer to her sweet aromatic cunt. Her fur glistened from residual water from her shower. “Um… you are getting dangerously close to breaking your promise.”
“And what promise is that?” I inquired.

“To hold out and make me wait till Wednesday. And… I do have a surprise for you. But, you will have to wait till Wednesday for that as well.”

“I guess I will have to wait. Since I am also making you wait. So… are you feeling better?”

“Yes Sweetheart. I am feeling better. Now, give me a kiss and get outta here.” I leaned up, and she down, and we met with a warm passionate kiss. I marveled at how much Mom kissed like Jess. Their full soft lips felt so similar, that if I were groggy or drunk, I may not be able to distinguish one mouth from the other.

“I love you, Mom.” I stood and left her to finish drying herself and get dressed. I walked into the kitchen and started looking through the cupboards for ideas of what to fix for dinner. I thought it was a great idea to cook for Mom, for a change. I opened the fridge and saw what Mom must have had in mind in the first place. On the top shelf next to the milk were four of the largest porter house steaks I had seen in a long time. I knew what I had to do. I wrapped five potatoes in foil and threw them in the oven. It would be a while before I needed to start the grill for the steaks so decided to peak in on the young’uns to see how they were doing.

I looked over Kat’s shoulder to see her finishing her Math. I looked over her work. All seemed in order and I patted her on the head in praise of a job well done. She looked at me with a knowing smile, gathered her books and took off toward her room to play. I looked to Pat. I wanted to make sure he had his homework done as well. He was doodling as he been done with his work for some time. “Chet,” he asked. “Is Mom okay? She’s been acting a little strange for a few days.”

“Yes, Pat. Mom is doing good. She just has some things on her mind. She will be better in a couple days. I guarantee it.” With that off his mind, he jumped up and ran to Kat’s room to play with her. I looked at the clock. It was nearing 4:30. Time to get the grill going. I went out and got it started and while it was getting up to temperature, I went in to get the steaks seasoned.

Mom was in the kitchen chopping lettuce and tomatoes for salads. She acted happy. Something I hadn’t seen nearly enough lately. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” she asked.

“Which pleasure are you referring to?” I asked, playing dumb.

“You cooking dinner, is the pleasure I am referring to.”

“I felt you deserve a break. If it is only a small one.”

“It is a great gesture, Sweetheart. I will make it up to you.”

“Damn right you will. You will enjoy every bite of your steak. That will be payment enough for me.” I got the steaks seasoned and on the grill while Mom finished the salads.

As I had hoped, the steaks were perfectly cooked. Mom and Dad sang their praises throughout the entire meal. I was starting to get a swelled head from the compliments. Everybody gets lucky once in a while, I guess.

Later as I talked with Jess, I asked her again if she was alright with what I was going to do with Mom.

“Yes. I am okay with that. I want you to satisfy Janet’s lust. And I want details afterwards. Not just ‘Oh, it was wonderful’ or ‘I was awesome’. Nothing lame like that. I want full on ‘I can almost feel what you did to her’ details.”

“Because you want me to do the same for you later?”

“Yes. That would be my reward for allowing you to do it.”

“Oh… Now you are allowing me this time with Mom?”

“Maybe not a good choice of words. But since you told me you wouldn’t if I didn’t want you to…” She trailed off.

“I get what you are saying. And I will say it again. If you really don’t want me to do this, I won’t. Mom will be very disappointed, and she may even be mad. It will take some time for her to get over it.”

“That is one reason why you cannot back out now,” Jess reassured me. “We have built her up thinking we are going to do this for her. She deserves to have this time. Oh… and the thought of you doing it and telling me all about it makes my pussy ache for you.”

“That’s something else we need to think about as well. Dad. He has been such a saint through all this. He knows how Mom feels. He is okay with it and even helps her deal with her needs.”

“He has earned some special treatment. What do you suggest we do for him?”

“I am not sure,” I pondered a few seconds. “I leave that up to you. You are the planner.”

“Dammit Charles! I can’t plan this alone!”

“Charles? Wow you really need my help, eh?”

“Yes,” Jess said. “I do have some ideas. I will need to talk with Janet about it. We may need a couple weeks to get everything set and settled. I will be done with school and moved in here. Then we can give it to him good.”

“Give it to him? Good? Sounds like something bad.”

“You know what I mean. Smart ass.”

“Yes. I know what you mean. And, yes, I think if you were here, we will be more successful.” We changed the subject away from sex. We talked about what she was going to do during the summer. What we were going to be doing over the summer. We talked about graduations. We talked for more than an hour, when I heard Grammi telling Jess to get off the phone and go to bed. I told her I love her and said goodnight.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. I did a lot of nothing in school, had a great guitar lesson, and Mom was in a fantastic mood when I got home. She was just as frisky, playing with my ass, kissing me every chance she got, things like that.

While I was helping Mom get the evening meal together, she stopped what she was doing and pulled me into her arms. “I have a surprise for you tomorrow,” she said cheerfully.

“You told me that yesterday,” I said while caressing her back.

“Okay,” she sighed. “I have ANOTHER surprise for you. This one I can tell you about right now.”

“Well… You know how I like surprises.” I moved my hands from the middle of her back to her curvy ass, giving her cheeks a playful squeeze.

“Oh…” she yelped. “While you seem to be enjoying yourself. I certainly am. I am telling you that the kids will be staying with Grandma Tuttle for the rest of the week. She volunteered. She doesn’t even know we are planning this ‘TRYST’ tomorrow night. Your dad is going to be away at a meeting with a furniture buyer. He is trying to find buyers for his new line of furniture… that he isn’t even building yet. I don’t have a clue why…

“Mom. You’re rambling.”

“Oh… Sorry… Nervous energy… I guess,” she chuckled. I smiled knowingly. “Anyway… We will have the house to ourselves the entire night, tomorrow. And, actually, the rest of the week.”

“Are you going to need all that time?”

“I might,” Mom said as she pressed her body hard into mine. “Jess might want to join us Friday night, as well. I am not leaving her out. She is gracious enough to let me have you. I figure she has earned her place in this triangle.”

“I’ll second that.” I started pulling Mom’s dress up so I could feel her bare ass. I was pleased to find she wasn’t wearing any panties at all. I was also very pleased to feel her smooth skin.

“Mom? What are you and Chet doing?” asked Pat, who I didn’t know was in the house.

“Oh… Shit… Pat… How long have you been standing there?” Mom stammered as she tried in vain to gather her wits.

“I just came in and seen Chet pull your skirt up. Why do you do that, Chet?” Pat looked confused and yet genuinely curious.

“He was just playing, Sweety. He is an adult now and sometimes adults do things like this with each other,” Mom said while straightening her dress.

“I was doing something silly, while I didn’t think anybody else was here,” I added.

“Can I do that, too?” asked Pat.

“When you are older, maybe,” I answered. “Now run along and play. Dinner’s just about ready.” Without hesitation, Pat ran outside to play with Kat until mealtime.

Dad talked all through dinner about the people he would be meeting for the next three days. He talked about the opportunity he might be getting, mostly, because of Jess’ designs. I didn’t say much after being caught playing with Mom’s ass, by Pat. Why he didn’t say something sooner, was beyond me. “Chet was squeezing Mom’s butt,” Pat chuckled nervously.

“Is that right?” asked dad. Dad looked at me with a different gaze than I had ever seen. I just about shit my pants. I had myself convinced he had changed his mind about letting Mom and I have sex. “We’ll talk about this later,” he said with a soft voice. That made me feel a little better, but I was still not quite sure what to think of all this.

Later, just before I disappeared into my bedroom to make my nightly call to Jess, Dad pulled aside and told me, not to disappoint Mom tomorrow. And he also warned me to be more discreet with my play in the future. After our brief conversation I went to me room for the rest of the evening until I was to take my shower and go to bed. Jess, when I called her seemed almost, if not more, excited about my making love with Mom the next night. I still questioned her on whether she approved. She kept telling me, I had to do it. If I didn’t she would be disappointed with me.

Just before I turned in, Mom came into my room. She was wearing a sheer nightshirt and nothing else. I had to catch my breath. It was taken away by her beauty. I could see her dark nipples, they were hard and straining at the shirt. I was sitting on my bed, still naked from my shower. I didn’t wear clothes to bed anymore, anyway. Mom stood I n front of me and looked down with her sexy sparkling eyes. She took my hand and brought it up under her shirt. Her pussy was smooth as a baby’s bottom. “Oh… Mommy… You have shaved,” I cooed.

“No, Honey,” she said. “I got it waxed. Yesterday. I wanted it to be special for our first time.”

“So… This is the surprise?”

“Yes. You like it?”

“Mom. I love the feel of it. So smooth. And wet.”

“Just a little teaser for tomorrow.” I slid my fingers gently across her hairless lips, already slick with her juice. I pressed one tip between and scooped a large drop of her nectar. I brought the finger to my mouth and licked it off. It was like liquid nirvana. “That’s all you get… For now. G’night Sweetheart. I love you.”

“I love you, Mom. Very much.” Without another word, she turned and left the room. Within minutes I could hear her sweet moans coming from their room. I knew Dad was having the best sex possible. Lucky man. With a smile on my face, I got under the sheet and quickly fell asleep.

I woke before 6:00 the next morning. Mom and Dad were in the kitchen eating their breakfast. Dad would have to leave within the next half hour in order to make his flight to wherever he was going. In the foyer, I saw his bags and a large portfolio with copies of Jess’ furniture designs. Judging bey the number and size of his bags, I guess that he would be gone till sometime Saturday.

Mom also had Pat and Kat’s bags ready to spend the next three days with Grandma Tuttle. Knowing we would have the house to ourselves for three days, had me wishing I didn’t have to deal with school. If we could have planned this for the next week, I would have the afternoons off all week long, as my finals all take place in the mornings. Next weekend would be a busy one. My graduation will be on Saturday and Jess’, Sunday. Jess will not be coming on Friday as usual since Pap and Grammi want to be here for my ceremony late Saturday afternoon. The we will follow them home Saturday evening. Jess’ ceremony is early Sunday afternoon. But that was a whole week away. I had more things to occupy my time this week.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” Mom said when she saw me standing there daydreaming. “Would you like eggs and sausage for breakfast?”

“Good morning Mom, and Dad.” I said through a yawn. “Yes. I would like that. And two pieces of toast, please.”

“So, Champ,” inquired Dad. “What gets you up and out so early?”

“Busy day ahead,” I replied.

“Need some vitamin E?” He chuckled.

“No, Dad. I think I will manage without. I am younger than you, after all.”

“Oh… Touche,” Dad chuckled again.

“Why don’t you get in the shower while I get your breakfast ready,” Mom suggested.

“Okay. Have a safe and profitable trip, Dad.”

“Thank you. I will see you Saturday.” I turned and went to the bathroom to do my my morning ritual.

I heard Dad leave as I was exiting the shower. The two young ones were just getting up. I quickly dried off and went to my bedroom to finish dressing, so the kids could have the bathroom. When I was dressed and ready to go, I went to the kitchen where Mom had my breakfast done and waiting for me. I sat at the table and began eating. Mom stopped me momentarily to give me a soft kiss.

Once I had eaten my breakfast, I gave Mom another kiss and started out for school. Grandma Tuttle met me at the end of the driveway. Apparently, she was taking the kids to school and picking them up from at the end of the day. They would be going directly to her house.

We had a graduation rehearsal early in the afternoon. Once we had run through the routine three times, fairly quickly, we were allowed to leave school for the day. This made me very happy, as I would be able to get back to Mom sooner.

I got back home shortly after 2:00 that afternoon. I didn’t see Mom anywhere. I knew she had to be home. Her car was still in the garage. I finally looked in the bathroom. She was sitting in the bathtub completely covered in bubbles. “Oh, Sweetheart. You are home early,” she said.

“We had a graduation rehearsal and then were let go when we finished.” I stood and watched her, more like stared at her, for a few minutes. Finally I said, “I am going to get out of my school clothes and into something more comfortable.” I slowly turned and went to my bedroom. I got completely naked and stood in the middle of my room for what seemed ages, thinking about what was going to happen between my mother and I. I wasn’t sure how or if I should make the first move, and as the minutes ticked by, I became more nervous. Despite my nervous condition, my cock was so hard it ached.

My back was to the door and it was open, so I didn’t hear Mom come in behind me. I jumped when I felt her cool smooth arms wrap around my torso. I could feel her hard nipples pressed into my back as she hugged me tight and kissed my bare shoulder. I tried to turn to face her, but she thwarted my effort by pressing her body the opposite way I was turning. I didn’t need any more direction. Her hands caressed my flat athletic stomach. One first went to just above my pubic bone while the other went to my chest. She then alternated her hands smoothing and playfully tickling my stomach along the way.

After a few long moments, Mom rested one hand at the base of my incredibly hard and throbbing shaft. “You could punch a hole in concrete with this thing,” she said as she wrapped her long fingers around my swollen cock. She slowly stroked my penis as she pinched and twisted my nipples with her other hand. All the while, she was rubbing her ample breasts on my back. I was shocked at how firm they felt pressed against me this time. I swear they got firmer as she got hornier.

“Mom,” I said managing to choke it out of my dry throat.

“What Honey?”

“Please let me turn and see your beautiful face.” She immediately loosen her hold on me and allowed me to turn in her arms. She was nearly as tall as I, almost exactly as tall as Jess, so I was able to look into her warm sexy eyes. I felt shaky and somewhat weak in the knees. I felt the same thing the first time I made love to her sister, my aunt, Jess. At that very moment, I felt so much love for this woman. I locked my lips to hers and started the most passionate kiss I had ever shared with her. Our tongues wrestled for space in each other mouths. My hands had found the soft globes of her shapely buttocks. I kneaded the yielding flesh like stiff bread dough. Mom’s approving moan echoed in my head.

After over a minute, I had to break the kiss and take deep breath. Mom seemed to be stealing all the air I could inhale through my nose. Rather than going back to her lips, I began kissing her cheeks, jaw, and even her eye sockets. Every time I moved to a different region of her sweet face, she pushed her cunt tighter against my rock hard cock. She then, began dry humping me. I felt the familiar tingle that takes over my body just before I cum. “Oh, No… Mom. I don’t want to cum so soon,” I said as I grabbed her hips and pushed then away.

Mom only smiled, took my hand, and lead me to my bed. We laid on our side facing each other. We locked our lips again and allowed our hands to explore the other’s body. I gently ran the tips of my finger on my left hand over the contours of her face. At the same time, the middle finger of my right hand traced the line that is the crack of her fine ass. Mom’s hands rubbed my shoulders, hips, and but in an alternating pattern.

I broke the kiss one more time and whispered, “I want to taste your delicious pussy.” Mom said nothing, but rolled slightly to her back and spread her gorgeous thighs to give me access to her overheated vagina. I started the wondrous trek to her pit of desire. I kissed every spot that I thought was sexy on her. I licked and nibbled her shoulders, the sides of her ample breasts. I suckled her hard nipples, which garnered a deep sigh from her. Mom must have needed to feel my mouth on her sweet meat, as she put her hands on my head and pushed me toward the center of her fire.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I lowered my head to her pussy and drove my tongue deep between her dripping wet lips. I had heard not to go straight for the clitoris, so avoided it as much as I could for a short while. I sucked her puffy lips and lapped at her seething hole for a few minutes. I went back and forth from one lip to the other and drilled my tongue as deep as I could. My hands had found their way to her heaving breasts. I was kneading them and pinching and twisting her saliva slick nipples.

I decided to suck her clit and see what reaction I could foster. First I grazed the very tip lightly with my tongue. Mom jumped and thrust her pussy upward to my mouth. I took this as a positive sign and locked it between my lips while I flicked it with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and thrashing to and fro on my bed. My mouth and neck were starting to get sore from the abuse Mom was inflicting on them with her gyrations, but I kept it up until she arched her back and screamed through a wet gushing orgasm. I looked to her eyes, but they were closed tightly, as were her fists gripping the bed sheet she was soaking. I quit attacking her cunt as her orgasm cycled down. I laid my head on her thigh and listened to her heavy breathing as she came down from the intense pleasure I had just given her.

“Oh… My… GAWD,” was all she could say. She rested a bit while I, in my mind, congratulated myself on doing such a wonderful thing. I petted her hairless pussy, amazed at the smooth beauty of it.

When Mom had calmed some, she said, “That was wonderful, sweetheart. Almost as good as your father.” Reality check. “Now I need to feel you inside me.” She pulled me up so we were once again face to face. I moved between her legs and easily slid my raging boner to the hilt inside her snug pussy. I was amazed at how tight she was. Not as tight as Jess, but I was surprised, nonetheless.

I did not move for a while once I had entered my mother’s quim. I simply rested on my elbows and watched her expressions for a moment. She wrapped her legs around my waste as well as her arms around my neck. “What seems to be the problem, Honey?” she asked.

“Nothing at all, Mom. I am just surprised, that after three kids and making love with Dad all these years, your pussy feels tighter than I imagined it would be.”

“Thanks to all my exercise,” she laughed. “Now please make love to me.” I needed no more coaxing. I started moving slowly in and out of her amazing cunt. I pulled out so the head was all that was still inside her, then pushed back till my balls and pubic bone pressed against her. I continued this motion, increasing the speed and pressure a little at a time. Mom pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply while we made love on my bed.

As I was resting on my elbows, my hands were free to stroke and run fingers through Mom’s silky hair. Her long locks were spread out over the pillow and it reminded me of seeing Jess sleeping in my bed a couple weeks ago. I looked at Mom and was amazed at her youthful appearance. She and Jess could be twins. Or at least closer in age.

I was so lost in Mom’s features and the thoughts of comparison between she and Jess, I had no idea how long we made love. I had not gained a lot of speed. I felt it should last as long as I could possibly make it. I didn’t know if Mom would have me again. I wanted to make this one count. I did come back my senses, so to speak, and pressed a little harder and it had the affect I was looking for. Mom began to moan again and she humped me back with increasing passion.

Soon I started to feel the pressure in my balls building. I needed to cum very soon. I wanted to bring Mom with me when I went over the edge, but wasn’t sure how close she was. That was my inexperience shining through. “I am about to cum, Mom,” I said.

“Mmm… So am I, Honey.” With new determination, I picked up my speed and thrust into her harder and faster. Mom tightened her hold on my neck and began to kiss and bite my shoulder as her orgasm took her over. “Oh… BABY! I AM CUMMMING!”

That was all I needed. I slammed into her one more time and exploded inside my mother. Her pussy muscles squeezed my dick so tight, I felt like I was being milked. My own orgasm was intense to the point of almost being painful. I couldn’t help but yell out as wave after wave rocked my core. “AH… AH….OH FUCK MOMMY!” I grunted very loudly. We were cumming together, and that amazed me as well as just about everything else today.

When I had finished and the last spasm had subsided, I rolled off Mom and collapsed to her side. We wrapped our arms around each other, and kissed softly and lovingly enjoying the time together.

We fell asleep like that for an hour or maybe a little more. When I woke I felt sticky and dirty. Mom was softly snoring with a satisfied glow on her face. I eased myself out of bed, as not to disturb her, and went to the bathroom to clean up. Seconds after I got in the shower, Mom stepped in with me. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You looked like such an angel, I didn’t want to.”

“When we get done here, we need to go get something to eat. I am starving. Do you have any idea what time it is?”

“No,” I said as I lathered the shampoo in her hair.

“It’s after six,” she put her arms around me and held me tight while I scrubbed her hair. “What do you feel like eating?”

“How ’bout we try that new burger place on 16th street?” I rinsed her hair and loaded her puff with liquid soap. “You might want to let go, so I can wash you.” She hesitantly released her hold on me, and I washed her head to toe.

“Burgers sound good, Honey.”

As I finished washing her, I stepped back against the shower wall and admired the lovely lady rinsing herself under the steamy cascade. She looked at me with confused eyes, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“I have never really looked at you before. Not like I see you now. Your beautiful browns eyes. Your smooth, flawless shoulders. The shape of your breasts, and the way they sit on your chest. A little sag, but not bad for being thirty seven years old with three kids. Your flat athletic stomach. Those long sexy legs. And let us not forget that succulent pussy.” My eyes trailed slowly down her gorgeous body as I listed her best attributes.

“You have seen me naked thousands of times. We have been open since before you were born.”

“I know, Mom. But I have never actually given you a good look before. Now I see a different you. A sensual… Sexual you.”

“Do you like what you see?” Mom asked as she stepped next to me and starting soaping my body.

“I have always liked what I see. I just see you in a different way. A good sort of different.” Mom smiled. I don’t know if it was what I said, or if it was the boner I was once again sporting. She focused on cleaning it very well, lathering from the tip to under me balls. I spread my legs slightly so she could get back as far as my asshole. She then moved her hand around to get my ass from the back side. “Be careful not to get soap I inside, please.”

“I know, Honey,” she chuckled. “I am not going to service your member till after I get food. Just so you know.”

“I’ll try to talk it down.” Mom completed her task of soaping me and pulled me under the shower to rinse. Once I was sufficiently cleaned, we both stepped out of the shower, dried each other and dressed for supper.

We ate at the new burger place. It was a small restaurant, but it have very good food at reasonable prices. Mom had a garbage burger, which had everything somebody might put on a bun. I had their simple double cheese burger. We shared a sampler platter of appetizers, which could have been a meal in itself.

When we finished, we headed back home, arriving about eight-thirty. We were so stuffed from the meal that we simply put on a movie and collapsed on the couch. We sat nearly on each other for the better part of and hour, when Mom jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I figured she needed a piss. The thought of watching her relieve herself caused my dick to stir in my shorts. But is was nothing compared to the vision I had as she reentered the living room. She was completely naked once again. “I thought you just had to pee, Mom.”

“I did… But my clothes, somehow, just fell off while I was in the bathroom.”

“Funny how that works, eh?”

“Yeah… Funny.” She sat back on the couch and pulled my arms around her, and threw her legs over mine. Just as we were getting comfortable, my phone rang. “That would be your Aunt slash girlfriend,” Mom said with a hiss.

“Jealous, much?” I asked as I pulled my phone out to answer it. “Hi, baby.” I spoke into my phone.

“Hi, Babe,” Jess said in a husky voice. “Having fun with your mom?”

“Yeah. She’s sitting naked on my lap right now.”

“I won’t keep you too long. I know you probably want to fuck her again before you have to go to sleep.”

“Yeah… Maybe…”

“Maybe, my ass,” Jess growled. “You probably have your dick in her as we speak.”

“No. As a matter of fact, I still have my clothes on.” When Mom heard me say that, she began pulling at them trying to undress me. “Hold on a sec, Babe. Mom, if we get up, it will make things a lot easier.” We both stood and Mom continued her task in earnest. When I could speak again, “So, how did school go?”

“It sucked. It is sucking more every day. I cannot wait to get you to myself all summer long.”

“Do you really think you are going to get me to yourself?” I asked as Mom unfastened my jeans and pulled them along with my boxers to the floor in on swift motion.

“I don’t know… I might get a little… a lot selfish when I have you close.”

“M.. o.. m, oh shit… Might have something to say about that,” I tried to say as Mom swiftly deep throated my aching cock.

“What happened? Do I really need to guess?” Jess inquired .

“Sh… Sh… she’s sucking everything I’ve got t…to offer. OH YEAH MOM!”

“Dammit, Janet!” Jess yelled. “I wanna talk to her a minute, can I?”

“She’ll have to leave me alone for a bit. Don’t know if she can.” I handed my phone to Mom, “Jess would like a word with you.”

Mom spit me out and took the phone from me, “Yes, Dear,” she said. “I am enjoying myself, thank you,” I could only hear mom’s side of the conversation. “Yes, we are expecting you Friday evening. I would like that. Hmm? What do you have in mind?” Since I was not part of the conversation, I decided to gain a little retribution on Mom. I started suckling and nibbling her nipples. She showed her approval by putting her free hand on the back of my head. I spent a few seconds on each nipple. I wanted them both hard and aching like my cock was.

Mom listened for a minute, then said, “Yes he did. How did the meeting go?” A short pause… “Do you think Chet will go along with that?” I moved away from Mom’s breasts and toward her hot pungent pussy. As I moved closer, the smell got stronger, not unpleasant at all, quite the contrary. Her scent made me want to be as close to the source as I could be, to taste her. Mom opened her legs when I got to her crotch so I could get between her lips. “Oh yes… R…igh..t there Sweetie.”

“You’ll have to ask him yourself,” Mom was finally able to say as I attacked her swollen clit and dripping wet vagina. I drove my tongue deep inside to get as much of the sweet nectar as I could. “Oh… Chet, Honey.” Mom tapped me on the top of my head with phone. Jess wanted to talk with me again.

“Hi again, Baby. What are you and Mom cooking up?” I asked, wiping Mom’s juice from my chin and using it to lube my rock solid prick.

“I have a request… I don’t know how you are going to take it,” Jess started slowly.

“I won’t know till you ask,” I replied.

“A little setup first,” Jess continued. “I have been watching porn on the Internet, trying to get some ideas for keeping you interested in me.”

“Jess,” I interrupted. “I cannot imagine ever losing interest in you. Especially since we have just started having sex.”

“I wondered what it be like to see you doing it.”

“Doing WHAT?”

“Having sex with Janet .” She said it as if she were stepping over some unforgivable line.

“Wow when you swing, you swing for the fence, don’t you?” I sighed heavily. Mom, who had been pinching my nipples and rubbing my stomach, stopped short when she heard me say that. She looked at me with wondering eyes.

“I know it may be a lot to ask, Babe.”

“I know you are fucking her now. I just wanna watch.”

“You want to watch me making love with Mom? Are you sure?”

“Yes… To satisfy my curiosity? I am kind of wishing now, I hadn’t set this ball into motion. It might create tension between us and you and John. I wouldn’t forgive myself if that happened.”

“Can I think about it for a while? I will let you know Friday when you come in.”

“Fair enough,” Jess said. I looked to Mom, and she nodded in agreement.

We talked a for a little longer then said our good nights. Mom was getting impatient and nearly raped me as soon as I set my phone aside. Of course, she couldn’t rape the willing. I was looking forward to having Mom again. She jumped, almost literally, into my arms. I caught her and squeezed her nakedness against mine tightly as I locked my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. She wormed her arm between our bodies and down to my raging hard-on. This was difficult as her legs were wrapped tightly around my waist. Her wet pussy crushed against my hip.

I cupped my hands under Mom’s smooth butt, locking my fingers just under her pussy. This allowed me to playfully flick my fingers over the puffy aroused lips. Her heaving chest was pressed hard against mine, I opened my moth slightly and ran my tongue over hers. As I kissed and tongue wrestled with her, my finger found its way between her overheated lips into the steamy depths of her love tube. Her juice began to run down my finger and puddle in my palm. “Mommy is so fucking horny,” She whispered in my ear. “Take me to your bed, now.

I carried Mom to my bed and laid her gently in the middle. I moved between her legs in order to orally please my gorgeous mother. “No, Honey. I just want you in me. You have made me wait for so long, I cannot wait anymore.” I needed no more coaxing. I positioned my cock close to her pussy, but stopped and looked into her eyes for confirmation. She wrapped her soft fingers around my girth and pulled me toward her heat.

I gave in to my animal desires and swiftly slid my penis deep into my mother’s tight cunt once again. As my balls hit home at her lips, I stopped and looked into her eyes, trying to read her. Her eyes locked on mine. Her pupils were so big, they made her eyes look black, rather than her normal brown. All I could read was wanton passion. Mom locked her legs around my waist again, I locked my lips on hers in a hot kiss, and I started to slowly move in and out of her. Mom’s eyes rolled back in her head as we made love with each other.

Mom crossed her arms around the back of my neck. She used her athletic strong legs to pull me deeper into herself. As I hit bottom, I ground my groin into hers. She began to moan huskily as I sped up my rhythm and pounded her sensitive clit with every down stroke. After a few minutes, Mom unlocked her legs. I broke the kissing off and slid down slightly so I could pull her legs up to my shoulders. This gave me the opportunity to drive my cock deeper into her molten hole. “OH, GAWD,” she groaned. “That is what I need! Fuck me harder!” I did as she demanded, fucked with an increased intensity. In a short time, I felt my orgasm nearing.

“Mom… I’m going to cum!” I panted.

“Cum in me, Sweetie. I am almost there, too.” A few more strokes and I could hold back no more. I drove my cock hard and deep as my seed shot forth into my mother’s spasming hole. “OH! AH!” Mom grunted through her cock strangling orgasm.

I came at least a dozen ropes, then simply stopped moving. I wanted to savor the time I could be in Mom. My cock slowly lost its length and girth as I kissed her softly and lovingly. Soon, I was completely flaccid yet still inside my mother.

After a couple minutes, I pulled out and slid to Mom’s side. We kissed and cuddled while making small talk for a few minutes. Shortly, though, Mom fell quiet as she drifted into sleep. I watched her sleep for a few minutes, then slipped out of the bed and sat at my computer. I called up my go to web sight for porn and typed several keywords in the search box. I watched a few MILF videos. My cock was hard and aching again from watching these videos, so I stroked it slowly. I looked back to make sure Mom was still sleeping. She was leaning on one arm watching me with a broad smile on her face. “Caught,” she snickered.

“Jess wants to see me with you,” I said, embarrassed

“Looks to me like you are not completely against the thought.”

“I am not quite convinced I should do it, though.”

“Well, I need to think about that. I just hope Jess doesn’t get mad if I can’t go through with it.”

“She would never be mad at you for that.” Mom slowly moved to kneel in front of me and wrapped her soft fingers around my stiff prick. “We need to sleep. I know how hard it is to sleep when in such a predicament.” She lowered her mouth over my phallus and sucked me deep into her throat. She held me in her throat and circled her tongue around the base of my shaft for a few seconds, then pulled completely off and said, “When you cum, don’t worry about me. I have had enough for one day. I need to rest up for tomorrow. Jess will want both of us, I am sure.”

Mom continued to suck me for the next five minutes or so. She stroked me with one hand while she fondled my sensitive balls. In about five minutes, I felt the pressure building in my balls. With a shot of electricity coursing through my body, I shot my load deep into her throat. When my cock had gone limp, we made it back to my bed, snuggled next to each other once again, and quickly went to sleep.

The next day, school seemed to drag on endlessly. But with a little patience, the day finally ended and I made my way home. I pulled into the yard and saw Jess’ car already sitting there. Out of curiosity, I put my hand on the hood of her car. It was still slightly warm. I didn’t know if it was the heat from the engine or the sun, but I decided she had been there for some time.

I stepped into the house to find the front room was empty. All was quiet. I checked every room on the way to my bedroom. Neither Jess nor Mom were in any of the rooms. I did find them, however, when I opened my bedroom door. They were on my bed cuddled together, naked. Jess smiled at me with the look of a bird fed cat. I knew instantly that they had already had sex. The puddle they left on the sheet confirmed that fact. “Couldn’t wait for me, I see,” I said.

“Sorry Honey,” Mom said. “Jess came in and caught me masturbating on your bed.”

“I just couldn’t let her finish herself,” added Jess. “That would be crass of me to do.”

“So, since you did Mom that service, you are wiped out for me, correct?” I questioned.

“Well…,” Jess smiled rather sheepishly. “I can recover quite quickly.”

“Yes… You are right.”

We decided we wouldn’t have anymore sex that night. We, instead, cleaned up and went to dinner at our favorite steakhouse. When we got back home, we watched a couple movies. We were naked and cuddled together on the couch, of course. We had all had enough sex over the last few days, we didn’t make any moves on each other. Shortly before midnight, we went to bed. Mom, reluctantly slept in her own bed. Jess was with me, as always.

I woke early the next morning with a raging hard on. I knew it wasn’t just a piss hard, as Jess was wrapped around me. Her wet pussy pressed into my thigh, and her breasts and hard nipples were smashed against my chest. As much as I wanted to take advantage of the situation, I resisted. I, instead, slipped quietly to the bathroom to relieve my bladder and get ready for the day. I went to the kitchen and made coffee. I knew Mom couldn’t function without it and was equally sure Jess needed it as well.

I was nursing my second cup of coffee and third dough-nut, when Jess groggily stumble in. She mumbled something about needing coffee. Rather than pouring herself a cup, she grabbed mine and took a large swig. “Oh… I needed that,” she said. She bent and gave me a soft and sweet kiss, then took me cup, refilled it and poured herself one. We drank our coffee and talked about what we were going to do all day.

Almost an hour later, Mom finally dragged herself to the kitchen. She had to make a fresh pot of coffee, as Jess and I drank it all, though I don’t recall drinking that much. We made small talk over the next half hour or so, then I excused myself to do the yard work before Dad got home.

It took me two hours to mow and trim the yard. When I finished, Mom came out and announced lunch was ready. We were just getting settled at the table when Dad pulled into the yard. We jumped up to meet him at the door. Dad barely got in the door when Mom threw her arms around him and covered his face with kisses. Jess pushed Mom out of the way and kissed him as well. When Jess had relaxed, Dad looked at me and asked, “Are you going to molest me that way, too?”

“No, Dad,” I said. “I will just give you a hug and say ‘Welcome Home’. How did the trip go?”

“It went very well,” Dad said as he returned my quick hug. “They were very impressed with Jess’ designs and expressed their desire to do business with us, once we get up and going.” Upon hearing that, Jess squealed and jumped at Dad and kissed him again. Dad pushed her away and said, “Calm down. The deal is not completely sealed yet.”

“Come and get something to eat,” Mom said. We discussed furniture over the meal. Once we were done, we got the dishes and kitchen cleaned up. Once we were done with that, we relaxed for a couple hours in the living room. Jess sat on my lap as we talked idly. The conversation was geared mostly toward the furniture factory expansion. Jess lightly teased me the entire afternoon.

Around four o’clock, Jess couldn’t take it anymore. She had been bouncing on my lap and teasing me with her firm breasts and twinkling eyes. I was getting just a little uncomfortable as well. My cock was straining against my jeans and Jess had wet a puddle on my leg. “Baby, I am so horny,” she whispered in my ear. She punctuated her need by nibbling my earlobe. I pushed her off my lap and stood, revealing my arousal for the whole room.

“If you will excuse us. Jess and I have something we need to discuss… Privately,” I said as I took her hand in mind and pulled her in the direction of my bedroom. When we got near the bathroom, though, Jess stopped short and redirected me to the bathroom. I knew in an instant that she wanted a shower. I was hoping this was leading to other things as well.

Jess quickly disrobed and turned on the water in the shower. I waste little more time getting out of my clothes. We playfully washed each other. Making out the whole time. I pinned Jess against the wall and leaned against her naked wet body. My cock pressed against her lower stomach just above the line of pubic hair on her beautiful pussy. I looked her deep in th eyes as I pulled her to me for a kiss. “I love you so much, Baby.”

“I love you very much,” Jess responded. “I am not losing you to your mom, am I?”
“Oh, hell no,” I snorted. “I will make love her for you to watch, but after that, I kind of hope her appetite is fee for awhile.”

“We should let that lie for a couple days and see where she takes it. I just want you to myself for tonight and maybe most of tomorrow.”

“I want to make love with you so bad right now,” I said as I grabbed her firm ass with both hands and picked her up.

“I can tell,” she said as my rock solid prick throbbed and bounced off her swollen pussy lips. “Lets get cleaned up and into your bed. I gotta have you.” She locked her arms around my neck and kissed me hard, long and deep.

We probably would have stayed in the shower had it not been for the hot water running out. It was starting to cool as we finished rinsing the soap from our trembling bodies. “Shit,” I complained. “Mom and Dad must be in their shower, too. Otherwise, we wouldn’t run out of hot water for a long time.”

“I want you in the bed anyway,” Jess said with a sultry tone. We turned off the water, dried ourselves and headed to my bedroom.

As we stepped into the hall, we were stopped by Dad. He was laughing almost hysterically. When he was able to catch his breath, he asked, “Did you kids run out of hot water?”

“What the hell’s that supposed to mean… Dad?” I asked, knowing exactly why we ran out of hot water.

“What does that mean?” Jess asked. We were both still completely naked but not at all concerned about who saw us at the moment.

“It means, Dad turned the hot water off on us,” I explained to Jess.

“John, you son-of- a-bitch.” Dad turned and went to their bathroom, once again laughing hysterically. “We need to get him back.”

“Let’s let him think he got us for now. I just want to get into you right now.”

“Let’s get it on, Babe.” We went to my bedroom and made love, nearly non-stop till after midnight, when we finally gave out and fell asleep.


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