Life With My Ex-Girlfriend At Her House

Life With My Ex-Girlfriend At Her House

I am 23 from Mumbai have a 6 inch tool. To say about my ex Laxmi (name changed) she had a dark complexion but very hot structure with big boobs curvy figure and round ass which always attracted me.

Before starting the story just to let everyone know i had a very good sex life with my ex whenever we used to get a chance sometime at my home sometime in car also and also had phone sex regularly But the incident that i am narrating today took place a year back at her house.

So that was a Sunday and me my girlfriend did not had any plan to meet on that day because she did not had any chance to get out of her house. My day was going as usual till i received a message from her in which there was only written be ready and come out in 20 minutes and stand near turning of her house and i was happy after reading that message. I got ready and went near her house and usually i used to in bike but that day i took car because i wanted to have some fun . waiting in car 30 minutes passed and no call or message yet.

Finally got her call after 45 minutes of waiting and first thing she told me that she can’t come out i was very sad but still we were talking on phone because i desperately wanted to meet he that time i noticed on the opposite street her mom going somewhere and waiting for auto i asked my girlfriend where your mom is going? For which she asked me did she get into auto? I said yes. Then was the best moment of my life when i heard her saying then come home fast. I was shocked and asked her what are you serious?? She said just come fast and don’t have much time as mom will came back in an hour. I just got an instant hard on because i knew what is going to happen when i reach her home.

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Without wasting any time i went and knocked on her door and i realized that door was open i went inside and closed the door and she was standing behind the door in just one small white towel tied around her which was hardly covering any of her big assets her cleavage was clearly visible and her big boobs was trying to come out of that towel and after seeing this my dick got even harder and was hurting .

Soon first thing i did went close to her and turned her around and had a look at her round jumbo ass and her ass crack was visible through that wet towel i got close to her and pushed my hard dick into her ass crack and soon her breathing increased i then put my hand around and pressed her boobs her nipple was erect and started licking her earlobe which made her even more crazy now she starter pushing her ass hard toward my dick and i wanted to rip her ass apart.

She then turn around and whispered let’s not waste time mom will come soon and took me to her bedroom and pushed me back towards wall and she removed her towel in very seductive way now she was standing nude in front of me showing her plumy curvy body and came closer to me and we smooched soon my tongue was discovering in her mouth and i was pressing her boobs with my right hand and i inserted my left hand in her ass hole and finger-fucked her

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After about 5 minutes she just bend down and touched my dick and opened my track pant i was not wearing any innerwear to her surprise she just looked up and gave me naughty smile and straight away put my hard 6 inch cock inside her mouth and gave blowjob my hands were pushing her head hard toward me and she was rubbing my balls with her hand which made me go crazy. She always used to give me awesome blowjob but that day i was feeling even better without wasting any time i exploded huge load of cum in her mouth my cum was overflowing from her mouth but she did not waste a drop and drunk it all.

And now it was my turn to satisfy her i pushed her onto bed and pushed her leg apart and started licking her pussy she was already wet with precum she had some pussy hair and i always loved hair near her pussy. I put my tongue deep inside her pussy and she was screaming ah.. ah… ahh ….and pushed my head hard and soon she release cum i licked all her juice.

But still we were feeling very horny and she asked me to give a quick fuck. I also wanted that and my dick was hard again till then i push her legs apart and she guided my dick inside her wet sticky pussy and my tool went in easily i started stroking her in missionary position started slowly and then pushed hard inside and she started making noise and we both used to speak vulgar Hindi while fucking as we both enjoyed it very much. So soon as i started pushing harder she started screaming and telling chod mujhe tere lund dal aur andhar dal (lund means dick in hindi.

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She wanted me to fuck her harder) this talk made me even horny and i pushed real hard and soon she reached climax and after 5 minutes as i was about to cum i told her she told to cum inside and that i again exploded inside her pussy that was the best feeling i have ever had that was the first time i cummed inside her pussy. She also loved the feeling of my hot cum inside her pussy.

As it was getting late i had to get ready and leave house because her mom would come anytime

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Life With My Ex-Girlfriend At Her House

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