Loosing Virginity To A Virgin Maid

Loosing Virginity To A Virgin Maid

Hi, I am Anil from a tier 2 city Warangal in Telangana. My age is 24 with an average built body and an average dick. After reading my 1st series, ‘Outdoor Fun With A Muslim Girl’, a boy named Collin mailed me. He wanted to know about Saba.

After some intense discussion, he explained about his 1st sex experience. I turned his sexual description into a story for you guys. So this story is about a rich and spoilt kid named Collin. It’s about his 1st sex with a young maid. The narrative will be from his perspective.

I was 20 at that time and our maid was around my age. Her name is Mani. She used to nurse my grandmother and used to sleep 2 rooms away from my bedroom. She was a beauty with a nice structure and a handful of boobs. She used to wear just the chudidar without any chunni to cover her cleavage.

I never had sex before. So I was very much drawn towards Mani and her cleavage would make me go crazy. Her dress would reveal her perfect shape. But still, I used to maintain a distance because of class differences.

My grandmother found her in our village and brought her to the city as a maid. My mom also never treated her normally. Everyone used to scold her.

One night while going to the toilet I heard her crying softly in the room. Everyone was sleeping at that time. This was the first time I got to approach her. So I went near her to ask what’s the problem.

Me-“What happened, Mani, why are you crying?”
Mani-“Your mom scolded me for breaking a dish.”
Me-“Oh, I am so sorry, Mani for what my mom did to you.”

Mani-“It’s okay. This happens every day. But the only thing is that I don’t have any friends to share my feelings.”
Me-” Oh I will be your friend, Mani. Please feel free to talk about anything with me.”

Then she talked about her life in the village and all. All this while my eyes were shifting from her lips to her boobs and cleavage. My lust was increasing. I thought of a plan immediately. When we were done talking she went to bed. I saw that she sleeps on the floor.

Me-“Why do you sleep on the floor?”
Mani-“Because this is how I sleep. I don’t have a bed.”
Me-“You can come and sleep in my room. I have a huge bed.”

Mani-” No, how can I sleep on your bed? That too when you are there? That’s not good. Your mom would kill me.”
Me-“Don’t worry about my mom. You can come to my room when everyone has slept and can go early in the morning. I won’t tell anyone.”

She hesitated for some time thinking about my proposal and finally accepted. After she entered I closed the door and went to my bed. She followed me. We were on both sides of the bed. Then I started removing my dress.

Mani-“What are you doing? Why are you removing your dress?”
Me-” I sleep without anything. That gives good and peaceful sleep.”

Mani-” Okay. But I am here na today?”
Me-“I don’t mind sleeping naked in front of you. You are my friend now.”
Mani-“Okay, your wish.”

Her eyes were fixed on my body as I removed one by one piece of dress. When I was completely naked I looked at her. Her eyes were wide looking straight at my limp cock.

Me-“What are you looking at? Never saw a cock before?”
Mani-” No I didn’t. It’s big.”
Me-“You should see when it’s hard.”
Mani-“Oh, ok.”

Then I fell on the bed and she also came and slept beside me in the same blanket. We had good space between us. We were on our sides when Mani spoke.

Mani-“You know what? After coming to the city no one treated me properly as in the village. You are the 1st person who cared for me.”
Me-“Oh come on you are a good girl. And remember we are friends I’ll do anything a friend could do.”

She said thank you and started crying. I turned towards her closer and placed a hand on her hands.
Me-“Don’t cry ok. I am here for you.”
Mani-“You are the only person who treats me like a friend.”

Hearing this I moved close to her. Now my face was an inch away from her ear. She could feel my breath on her neck. She shivered. I slowly whispered in her ears, “You can feel comfortable with me. If you want you can also sleep naked. It will relieve some stress.”

Hearing this her breathing became heavier. She said with a very low husky voice, “Okay.” I removed the blanket over her and she got up. The bedlamp was on and I could see her stripping naked. She removed all her dress and stood there. Her white colored boobs shine in the visible light.

Her little brown pussy was surrounded by little hair. I admired her beauty for some time.

Me-“You are so beautiful, Mani. I never saw a girl naked and so gorgeous.”
She shyly said, “Thank you. I too never saw a boy naked.”
Me-“Ok come on now get into the blanket and sleep.”

She came into the blanket and slept to the other side. Her back was towards me. I already got an erection and was going crazy seeing her like this. In a husky voice, I asked her how she is feeling.

Mani-“It is so good sleeping naked. I feel relieved.”
Me-“Yeah it is so good like this.”
Saying this I slowly moved towards her and placed my hand on her waist. She jerked. My dick was an inch away from her ass.

Mani-“Oh, what are you doing?”
Me-“Making you more relieved.”

I moved my hand further onto her belly and found her navel. I played with it for some time while she was giggling and breathing softly. I then moved further completely pressing myself into her back. My dick poked her in her ass. And she sighed sharply.

Mani-“What is that?”
Me-“It’s my dick. You can touch it if you want.”

She then found my dick in her ass crack and held it with her hand.

Mani-“It’s so hard and big.”
Me-“That is because of you.”
Mani-“Is it?”
Me-” Yes, Mani”

While she explored my dick I took my hand further up to her boobs and held her boob in my hand. She gasped. Oh damn, she has amazing boobs. I moved to her and started kissing her neck and shoulders which made her go wild. She was holding my dick harder whenever I gave a lick.

I fondled both her boobs one by one for some more time while she played with my cock. Then I turned her to lay straight and immediately went for a kiss on her lips. First, she didn’t respond but after I again started to press her boobs she kissed me back. She was still holding my cock.

I then went for her boobs and took them in my mouth. I took her nipples in my teeth and sucked them. She was giving moans. Then I reached for my treasure. While sucking on her boobs I placed my hand on her bushy mound. I moved my hand in circles over her outer labia. She was already wet.

I caught her clitoris with my thumb and index finger and started pressing it. She was screaming. I immediately locked her mouth with mine and continued my assault on her clit. After 2-3 minutes of clitoral stimulation, she came heavily on my hand and drenched my bed with her juices.

She let out a huge groan in my mouth and her body raised while her juices came out.

Mani-“Oh god that was amazing. I never thought I could cum without actual fingers inside my pussy.”

Me-“Are you relieved now?”
Mani-“Oh yes damn it am so relieved.”
Me-“If you permit me I’ll give you more.”
Mani-“What you want?”

Me-“Take my dick in your pussy”
Mani-“Oh yes definitely. Please give me your dick. Fuck me now.”
Me-“This is gonna pain.”
Mani-“I’ll take it. Please. Fuck me.”

Then I got up and spread her legs wide revealing her beautiful pussy. I admired her pussy for some time and slowly rubbed my cock on it.

Mani-“Aah that’s so nice. Put it in yes put it in.”

I slapped her pussy with my dick and teased her. I circled it’s top around her pussy lips. She was going wild. I placed the dick head at the entrance and tried pushing. Only the top went in and her screams were on. I immediately placed my hand on her mouth so that she doesn’t make any sounds.

Then I removed completely out and again pushed in slowly. Half of my dick went in and came in contact with a stopping. It was her hymen. Now I know she will scream when her hymen breaks. Then I took her panty and put it in her mouth and again covered by my hand.

Now using all my strength I pushed myself further in. My dick went all the way inside ger pussy tearing the virgin wall. She screamed like hell but her sounds muffled up by her panty and my hand. She was beating her hands on the bed.

I stayed like that for some seconds and removed the panty. I immediately put my mouth and started kissing her. She was giving light screams into my mouth. Again I got up and covered her mouth and started slowly fucking her. For initial strokes, she was screaming.

Gradually her sounds came down to moans. Hearing her moans made me hornier and I increased my speed. I caught hold of her boobs and pressed them hard. She covered her mouth and was enjoying my fuck. I fucked her like a horse. I sensed my orgasm building.

I didn’t want to cum in her pussy so I removed my dick out and stroked fast. I had the best orgasm of my life. I erupted like never before. My hot cum flew out of my dick and landed on her face, boobs, and stomach. After I completely drained my juice I looked at her and she was all covered in white.

She didn’t have her orgasm. So I immediately put my fingers to work and inserted them straight into her pussy. I told her to cover her mouth. She did and I finger fucked her pussy. I found her g-spot and pressed it hard. She squirted her juices out and breathed heavy.

I slept beside her and we shared a passionate kiss. I then lifted her in arms and took to the bathroom to clean her up. There was blood all over the bed. we removed it and slept naked cuddled up. In the morning she took the bedsheet and blanket and threw them away in a pond.

She gave me a new bedsheet and blanket. After that, we had countless nights together.

So that was an amazing 1st-time sex experience of Collin. I hope you liked it. My series will continue but a few people are asking me to publish their stories. I am always open to chat at [email protected] Please leave your feedback or experiences.

Loosing Virginity To A Virgin Maid