Lucky 9 by One-red

Lucky 9
by One-red

The three of us slowly got back into our usual routine. Summer holidays were coming up soon. Not sure how the kids would adjust to all of us being home 24 hours a day.

Lucky had settled into his usual routine of having me to himself all day. I new exactly what he wanted from me depending on where he took me. If he just wanted a quick fuck he would sit by the kitchen bench or the living room sofa. I think he had got me conditioned to his ways. Whenever he barked I would go to him and strip off. Always checking the doors were locked now.

I tried doing what Kim had done laying him down and rubbing his cock. But he was not interested. He wanted me under him holding me down with his weight. The mornings were usually fairly casual. I would lay down for him and he would lick me till I was nearly coming then he would mount me and come fairly quickly. I think he just wanted to get rid of the nights semen. He would usually make me come once or twice.

After he had been fed he would sleep the rest of the morning then after lunch he would summon me upstairs. He had found a new game for me. he would get me on the bed and lick me till I was nearly coming and then stop and step back and watch me. He seemed to know exactly when to stop. Then he would grab my hand and drag it between my legs and watch me while I gave myself an orgasm. Where the fuck had he learned this. I quickly learned to do it if ever he stopped licking me. He would often do this a couple of times before he mounted me. I was turning into his complete bitch slut.

One afternoon he summoned me to lie on the ottoman. This usually meant he would fuck my mouth. I was not over keen on this as I didnt get a lot out of it as he would often walk off after he had filled my mouth and throat with his semen. But for some reason today he didnt. He started licking me but he was different today he was licking my bum more than usual. Then he straddled me making sure he had a good grip and then I could feel him ramming into my bum.

Oh god no I haven’t got any lubrication on my bum.

He became more and more forceful until I felt the end go in.

Oh my god that hurt.

He then carried on ramming against the resistance until he probably had half of his dick in my arse. He then carried on pumping away for ten minutes finally getting it all in. Then he steadily pounded away at me for another fifteen minutes.

I was not keen on Anal as there was no pleasure for me. But the thought of him abusing me and doing something I didnt want done was too much and I had a small orgasm.

Then I could feel his Knot banging against me.

Oh god I couldn’t take that in there.

Then a couple of hard pushes and it all went inside me.

I thought I was going to split. It was agony.

Lucky lay on top of me locked inside me. Normally he could pull free in a few minutes but I held him much tighter and he lay there for nearly twenty minutes. All the time he was locked he was sticking his tongue in my mouth.

I have to say I have never has such little pleasure with Lucky. I hoped this was not going to be his usual routine.

He did eventually pull out. Then he started To lick me. He soon made me orgasm. Then he licked my bum. I think he realised he had hurt me. He then licked me and made me come again.

He gave me a look as if to say sorry but if I want to do it again I will.

He then wandered off.

I went and showered and started doing dinner for the kids.

I heard the bus pull up and shortly the two of them came in. As usual Kim came and gave me a hug.

Thats it off for six weeks. This summer is going to be great.

OK go and get showered dinner will be ready soon.

They always showered together so it would often take a while.

We had just sat down to eat when the phone rang. It was Suzy.

Are the kids off school yet we would like to come over and see you.

Yes they’ve just finished. When will you be over.

Tomorrow about mid day.

We heard the girls pull up. Kim was straight out the door to greet the girls. Me and matt went out to help with their stuff. We got them all sorted up to their room. I notice Kim had not got her bra on under her t shirt. She had the most pointy little nipples ever. I am not sure this was for the girls benefit. I think she had a bit of a crush on Jenny.

We had a bit of a hug and a beer then had dinner.

Its always lovely to see you is this visit for anything in particular.

Yes it is. We have got a small photography business going we have nice little house and we think we are ready to start a family. We need to ask Matt if he would like to help us out. We dont want to adopt and we dont want to use a clinic.

Wow how do you want me to do it. Wank into a test tube or something.

No dont be daft we want to do it old school. We would like you to be involved in their life as much as you can. If you dont want to be thats ok.

Wow again I cant think of anyone I would like more to bring up my children. Which of you wants the baby.

We both do but whoever gets pregnant first. Then the other can try again later.

Well I would love to. Suzy me and you have had sex. Jenny how do you feel about that side of things.

I’m ok I think I am probably looking forward to it.

I was a bit worried as I been coming inside mum for a few months and she hadn’t got pregnant. But that might be to do with Lucky’s semen.

That night I grabbed Suzy’s and Jenny’s hand and led them up to my room. I quickly stripped and got into bed. I watched as they both undressed each other. Then they started kissing. I had and erection from watching them. Jenny came over to the bed and I sat up and lay her half on the bed and started to perform oral sex on her. I waved over to Suzy to join us. She came and lay at the side of her. Suzy leant over and Kissed jenny. Very soon she was coming. Then I moved to Suzy. As I started on her Jenny got up on the bed and sat astride Suzy’s face. Pretty soon they were both coming.

I kissed the pair of them and asked who wants to be first. Suzy said that jenny was to go first but she just wanted me with her the first time.

I lay jenny back on the bed I put a pillow under her bum and Knelt between her legs. I brushed my dick against her opening. I reached down and kissed her and said are you sure about this. She put her arms round me and said yes. I slid my dick slowly into her and started to slowly pump in and out. She was starting to enjoy it and reached up and kissed me.

Faster, faster oh yes thats it. Oh yes I’m coming. It was just as well she came when she did as I was about to come too. I quickly came leaving my dick in her for as long as I could and collapsed at the side of her. I hugged her to me her hard little nipples sticking in my chest.

How was that.

That was really nice. You are the only boy I have ever met who I would want to do that with.

Then Suzy who had been kneeling on the bed watching all the time lay at the back of jenny and put her arm round us.

I hope you have saved some for me.

Give me a few minutes.

We lay there for a while and fell asleep.

I woke in the night to some ones mouth round my dick and a pair of legs up by my head. It was too dark to see who it was so I just started licking what was in front of me. It felt like jenny again.

I thought it was Suzy’s turn.

It is I am just getting you in the mood. Dont stop what you are doing.

The side light was switched on and I looked up to see Suzy looking at me from between jenny’s legs.

Lay on your back. she said.

I extricated myself from Jenny’s legs and lay back. Suzy mounted me and started humping away on top of me. Jenny was knelt at the side of us. I placed a hand behind her bum and pulled her to sit over my face. She quickly sat astride me.

Can you prop the pillow under my head. Jenny folded the pillow to raise my head and I continued to lick her. I noticed Suzy’s hands were now cupping Jenny’s breasts. I reached up and put my hands over hers. Pretty soon jenny was orgasming pulling my face hard into her soft lips. Suzy started coming at the same time they both collapsed on top of me. We lay together until the morning. I woke up first and carefully extricated myself from the girls. I went and made tea and brought up three cups. The girls were waking up. We had our tea.

Any more for any more before I have a shower I said Laughing.

Apparently for the best chance of getting pregnant we are not supposed to overdo it.

After my shower I popped in to check on mum and Kim. As usual they were wrapped round each other.

I’ve brought you tea. I said sitting on the edge of the bed.

How’s Jenny mum asked. She thought it might be a bit awkward for her the first time with a man.

She seems happy enough.

I went to the barn to feed Lucky. We were keeping him locked up while the girls were here.

After breakfast we went out for the day not getting back until late. We sat and watched Tv and had a couple of beers.

Ok who’s going where tonight.

Jenny said you can have Suzy to yourself tonight. The two of us went to my room, I assumed the three of them would go to mums room. But mom told jenny to take Kim to her room and she would sleep on her own.

I think mum and jenny had probably planned this as Kim was a little bit in love with jenny.

It was nice to have Suzy to myself. I kissed her and slowly undressed her.

This is nice you will always be special to me. You were my first girl.

I wish you had been my first.

We lay in bed talking for quite a while then I turned over and gently 69ed her. Pretty soon we were making love. I had forgotten how nice she felt. I managed to stop from coming until she had orgasmed.

That was nice she said. What are the chances are of us all finding each other. I dread to think where I would be if it wasnt for youu and Mum. I think Kim is a bit in love with Jenny you know, and me and mum are a bit in love. A lot probably. You and mum brought me and jenny together. I think the four of us quite fancy you.

I think mum understands and she knew she would have to give you up. Its nice that we all know what’s going on and there is no jealousy. I worry for Kim being in love is difficult when you are young.

We know. I dont mind jenny having time with her. God we are one big dysfunctional family arent we but it works.

We fell asleep until the early hours. I woke and lay there looking at jenny sleeping naked. I carefully got out of bed and slid her legs off the bed and started going down on her.

Mmm thats nice

Go back to sleep.

Yeh like thats going to happen. Come here. She sat up on the edge of the bed. Just pop that in here she said guiding my penis into her mouth. Pretty soon I was solid. I lay her down and slowly slid my penis into her. We gently fucked for quite sometime before she orgassmed. Pretty soon afterwards I came too. We lay there until it was time to get up. Mum popped in with tea when she heard us stirring.

I’ve brought you tea. We sat and drank our tea. Suzy signalled me behind mums back to go. As I left the door I saw mum climb into bed with her.

I popped into Kim’s room with tea. The pair of them were wrapped round each other. Judging by the state of the sheets they had had a very active night.

Can I keep this one and take her home Jenny said.

This routine continued until the end of the week. On the nights when I had Suzy I would ask mum if she wanted to join us or if she wanted an hour with her first. She usually jumped at the chance.

It finally came to the day they were leaving. Kim took mum upstairs.

Can I go with them mum.

You can if they will let you.

Jenny said she wants to keep me and take me with them.

I think she just wants to make you feel wanted. They both adore you and me and matt do too.

Do you know what they have been through to be together. If you went with them eventually one of them would be jealous of you. That would probably split them up then the other one would hate you for doing that. At least here you get time with them with no incriminations. And they love the time with me and you.

Me and you will just have to care for each other when they go. You know I will do anything you want any time you want.

I might hold you to that.

We went down and after lunch we saw the girls off.

I took Kim’s hand and led her upstairs. I gently stripped her off and lay her on the bed. I draped her legs over my shoulders and started licking her. I probably gave her four orgasms before I climbed in with her. We stayed in bed until mid afternoon. Matt bought a couple of sandwiches and beers up.

You two ok.

Mum said I will have to go and check on lucky. He has been locked in most of the week. Why dont you stay with Kim.

Before I had got dressed Matt was naked and climbing in with Kim. I was about to lean over and kiss them both but they were already snogging each others lips off.

I went into the barn with some fresh food for lucky. He jumped up and pushed me over the old feed trough. Then he mounted me straight away. He must have been going for a couple of hours on and off. He wouldn’t let me up between fucks. I think he was punishing me for neglecting him all week. I think he gave me at least half a dozen orgasms. It not always easy to tell as I lapse into a sort of daze after I have had a few.

Glad to have you back Lucky.

I got up and went in and showered myself down and had a bath. I think Matt and Kim knew where I had been.

I went down and prepared dinner. I guessed they would be a while. I know Kim can be a bit insatiable. Not that I’m complaining.

We got into the usual routine then two weeks later we got a call from the girls. They were both pregnant. I told Matt the news.

Wow Mum I’m going to be a dad. Two dads.

Two weeks later mum put the house on the market and we moved a mile from where the girls lived. Mum thought the girls would probably need a bit of help. The new house was quite a bit smaller than the old place and Kim paid a third towards it. So Mum had a shed load of money over. She transferred quite a bit of money to me.

On our first night there the three of us went to bed together. I was 69in Kim and mum was watching me with a smile. She reached round and parted kims lips for me and then she licked Kims Bum.

Kim started orgasming she was screaming out in pleasure. Kim usually orgasmed quite quietly.

Wow Kim where did that come from.

The first time Lucky gave me an orgasm I screamed really loudly. After we had done I went home and Grandad asked me what the screaming was. I quickly said there was a load of rats came from behind the kennel. After that I never dare scream out.

Thats Ok there are no close neighbours here you can scream as much as you want. Now turn over and let me try Mum said laughing.

After the girls had their babies we spent a lot of time running round helping. Then as they settled into a routine Suzy would often drive over to us and I would take the babies out in the pram for a walk. Suzy would say to Kim. Jenny’s at home if you want to pop over and see her. She would be on her bike in a shot. I would give mum a couple of hours with Suzy.

And we all lived happily ever after

or did we.

Over the next few weeks Lucky seemed to show no interest in sex or anything for that matter. We took him to the vet who told us Lucky probably only had a few weeks to live. He had cancer.

Mum would lay downstairs with him on the rug. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. Mum lay him on his back and took his penis in her mouth to try to have one last fuck with him but he couldn’t get an erection.

We took him to the vet to have him euthanised. We couldn’t wait with him. The vet took him into their kennels until he could fit him in. There was a Doberman in the next cage to him. They sniffed each other and there was a sort of connection. Lucky was led out to the surgery and the doctor administered the injection.

Everything went black. Then Lucky woke up.

Where the fuck am I. He looked down. these aren’t my legs. His spirit had transferred to the Doberman. He sat there in a daze when his owners turned up to collect him. It was a young woman and two girls about 14 and 17. On the ride back he realised his dick was getting hard. He looked down at it and gave it a lick. YES that will do.

The end

or is it.

Do you want me to continue the lucky saga

Was there too much romance and not enough sex.

Do you want more coercion as per chapter 1

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