Lucky opportunity with married school friend

Lucky opportunity with married school friend

Hi, I am Arjun from Bangalore. I am 31-years-old and married. I have an average-built body and a height of 5’11’’. I have a charming face which I make use of the fullest. 🙂

This story is about how I ended up fucking my married friend Ashwini.

Let me give you a brief background about myself. Since my teenage, I was a very horny guy. I had a great fascination with boobs and I never missed a chance of glancing a cleavage of school teachers.

Since school days, I had a lot of female friends and I used to flirt with most of them a lot. Amongst them was Ashwini. Ashwini was tall, wheatish in color with boy-cut hair and at that age, she had small but firm breasts. She used to wear a bra under her shirt and she used to make sure that boys notice it.

She was very bold, never shy of discussing things. Whenever I used to flirt with her, she always responded positively.

Lucky opportunity with married school friend

We seldom talked about sex-related topics as we both were curious at that age and we even kissed once and fondled each other’s body. But as we were students, we didn’t have enough opportunity to try anything further than that and that thing ended there.

After that, I never heard from her. Though we were friends on facebook, we never spoke with each other.

Three years back, I got married to my wife. As I have an average dick size of about 6 inches, I mastered my foreplay skills by reading online articles and watching porn so that I can satisfy my wife.

After marriage, sex was amazing for a few months. I used to make my wife cum twice or thrice just through foreplay and again during intercourse. But later, due to some differences, we started fighting a lot which seriously affected our sex life. We hardly got intimate 2-3 in the last one year.

Due to the lack of sex, I started getting frustrated. Just when I accepted this as the fate of my life, my life took a turn.

There was a marriage in my hometown for which I took 2 weeks off from my office. My wife didn’t get leaves and hence I visited my hometown alone.

I was very happy to meet my parents after a long time.

One day, I went to a mall for some shopping. To my shock, I saw Ashwini there. Her appearance changed a lot compared to her school days look. She was looking extremely hot. She was tall, her boobs were large, tall hair.

Ashwini was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt and a very tight light blue jeans. I could see her panty line over her jeans. Her ping bra straps were visible and looking at her armpits kind of made me horny.

I immediately went to her. Initially, I thought I might have to remind her who I am but to my surprise, she immediately recognized me and gave me a hug.

We went to a nearby coffee shop and started catching up on the lost years.

After a lot of chit chat, I came to know that she was now married and had a 9-month-old kid (that made me a bit disappointed).

But she said that she was having a lot of problems with her in-laws as they were very orthodox and her husband always takes the side of his parents because of which there is a lot of tension between her and her husband. She was now living with her parents along with her kid from the last 6 months.

Even I shared my problems with her. After talking for a while, she suddenly said, “I still remember how we used to flirt with each other in school. Those were the best days. We used to think that after marriage we will do this and that with our partners, but look how we both ended up”.

To cheer her up, I said, “you look so hot, you can still do whatever you want with anyone” and winked at her.

Ashwinismiled and said, “you haven’t lost your charm even after marriage. You still manage to flirt and impress a girl. But let’s face the reality, who would want to be a married mother of a kid”.

I said, “you still look like a college girl and I know the skills you possess, anyone would be lucky to have you”.

Ashwini got impressed and jokingly said, “Uff Kartik, enough. If you weren’t married, I would have kissed you.” Even I laughed at this.

Before I could reply, she continued, “you know what, there was a movie that was released 15 days back. I heard it is a good one but I couldn’t go as I couldn’t find anyone to go with. Would you like to go and watch it? We can continue or discussion there.”

I took the hint and immediately agreed. I booked a corner seat. As the movie was released more than 2 weeks back, there was less crowd.

The movie started and the lights went off. She wanted to say something but due to the loud noise of the movie, I couldn’t hear. So, she came so close to my ear that her lips touched my ear. I could smell her awesome perfume. That drove me crazy.

I moved my one hand and kept it around her. She didn’t say anything. After some time, I started playing with her bra-strap on her shoulder that was visible due to her sleeveless top.

Ashwini gave a naughty smile and leaned her head on me. That encouraged me and I started moving my hands on her back over her top. She also adjusted in a way I that I can move my hand all over her back.

Now I was just playing with her bra hook over the top. She was breathing heavily but she didn’t move. She kept her eyes on the movie screen as if nothing was happening. After a few minutes, she moved a bit, took her hands to her back and opened the hook of her bra over the top itself. I was shocked and equally excited.

I again moved my hand around her shoulder and slowly from the side of her armpits, I entered my hands inside her top and pressed one of her boobs over her bra. She almost jumped.

As she had already opened the bra hook, it was very easy to slide my hand inside her bra, but I took my time. I was playing with her nipple over the bra and she was breathing heavily. I could feel the swollen nipple even over the bra.

After playing for some time, she put her hand under her top and removed the bra completely and put it in her purse. I got my hands out and again put it in her top, but this time from the opening of her neck and grabbing the entire boob in my hand. It was much bigger than my wife’s and the nipples were of the size of grapes.

I started pressing it very hard and whenever I pressed her boob, she squeezed my penis hard. After some time, I gathered more courage and moved her top a bit and started sucking her boobs. To my shock, there was milk in it as she used to feed her baby.

I drank all the milk from one of the breasts and kept pressing the other one very hard. Then she pushed my head out as she was scared that someone might see us. But she was turned on by now. She opened the button and zip of my jeans and started stroking my dick.

Soon she slid my underwear down, moved the seat armrest up and took my dick in her mouth. I was stunned by the daring act of this girl. She started sucking my cock like a pro.

After some strokes, I told her that I am about to cum yet she kept sucking and I unloaded all my cum in her mouth. She drank it all.

Lucky opportunity with married school friend

She kept licking my dick to wipe any remaining cum. She was as desperate for a dick as I was for a pussy.

Now it was my turn to return the favor but as soon as I put my hand on her jeans, she got a call from her daycare that her child was sick and she needed to pick him. She said that she had to go.


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Lucky opportunity with married school friend