Making the best…Pt. 4 by CollegeBum

Making the best…Pt. 4
by CollegeBum

Without further ado, Making the best…Pt. 4

The rest of the week ended up being pure hell. I was overjoyed and exhilarated from the experience of my first threesome and couldn’t believe how lucky I’d been. Unfortunately, life insists you ride the roller coaster and just when you’re at the peak it takes a sharp dive back down.

Nicky and Jess we’re out of state visiting some of Nicky’s cousins, Maggie had to work every evening and night, and while Michelle had been anxious to hang out again, I was afraid of her getting attached to me again. This meant I had to spend the rest of the week cooped up in the house with Christi. She’d spend hours during the day hitting on me and trying to break my will.

She’d walk around the house in short shorts that fit snugly against her ass and white, see-through tank tops with lacy black bras underneath or the smallest bikinis she could find, on the pretense she was going to go swimming. For some reason she’d never actually make it out back to the pool to go swimming, though. When we’d pass each other in the hallway she’d “accidentally” bump into me and graze my crotch with her hand. If I was watching t.v. in the living room she’d hop on my lap and try to snuggle in. Towards the end of the week I was becoming so pent up with sexual frustration and desire I refused to even leave my room if Mom wasn’t home.

Two good things did happen that week, though. I got a job at the local country club where my family was a member. I figured I would be needing more excuses to get out of the house and away from my sister. Also, it would be nice to make a little extra money. I would start the following week.

The second, and much more important thing, was that Saturday night my two older sisters came home for the summer. They went to a university out of state and they’d just gotten done with finals a few days before. Jen and Ashley were identical twins and they didn’t really look at all like my Mom or Christi. Like me, they both took after our Dad. They were tall, 5’10”, with slender, but extremely athletic and lithe bodies. Their breasts were small B cups, but still a good handful and their long legs gave them killer asses. They also had the same thin, light brown hair as me. They were two years older than me and I could remember in high school how everyone treated them like living goddesses, which might not have been far off. They really were intoxicatingly beautiful.

With Jen and Ashley now in the house it was finally safe to leave my room again. Christi didn’t dare try and be so bold in front of our older sisters. Jen and Ashley had always been the wild children, but she knew her sexual advances would be too much even for them, and they had been pretty wild. When I was twelve Dad had caught them doing God knows what with their best friends Liz and Krystal.

It was great having them around. I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed them. Maybe part of that was due to the relief they offered me from Christi, but it seemed like we had a lot more in common than we used to.

They insisted on still treating me like their little brother, though. Ruffling my hair every time they walked by and calling me by my unflattering nickname “Dean the Bean.” A nickname they gave me when I was younger. Being the only boy in the house, they’d found my lack/care of control over my, ahem, bodily functions a little unusual. I didn’t mind the nickname much, though. They always knew better than to use it outside of the house.


Sunday morning Christi went over to the school early to get ready for graduation, while the rest of us set everything up for her party. Mom managed to only have 3 or 4 mini crises, quite a bit better than she did for the rest of us!

By noon we were sitting in crappy, plastic folding chairs in the gymnasium and as close to the graduates as possible. We only had to get there an hour early to get these seats! The ceremony dragged on forever. I couldn’t understand why it took 2 hours when there were only 150 people graduating.

I was pretty surprised when I saw Maggie go up on stage to give the valedictorian speech. She looked rather pretty and had somehow managed to make her black graduation gown look good. I don’t remember a word she said, because her whole speech I was lost in thought recalling our night in the park only 7 days before.

Finally, and none too soon, there were caps flying everywhere and the ceremony was over. Christi came over and gave us all hugs, my Mom crying and mumbling about how proud she was. When I Christi got to me, her hug was a little tighter than necessary and I could feel her slightly rub her crotch against my own.

On the way out of the gym I spotted Maggie and told my family I’d meet them at home for the party. As I walked up to Maggie she noticed me approaching and a huge smile broke out across her face. She was absolutely beaming. I gave her a big hug and congratulated her, telling her how impressed I was that she was valedictorian.

“So…I know your sister has a party, but are you gonna stop by mine for a while?” she asked, and then putting a puppy dog look on her face added, “Pleeeaassse.”

I chuckled a bit and responded. “Absolutely. I won’t miss much anyway.”

“Yay! I’ll ride over to my house with you then if you don’t mind waiting a few minutes.” Giving me a wink, she turned around and resumed talking to her family. Julia, her Mom, caught my eye and I gave her a short wave before going out to my car to wait.

Before I’d even managed to get out of the parking lot Maggie had my zipper down and her hand inside of my boxers. I instantly had a rock hard boner and her soft hands felt incredible running up and down my length. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and started nibbling on my ear. Her hot breath in my ear was driving me wild.

With her free hand she momentarily pulled my face towards her and gave me a peck on the lips. Then, in one fluid motion she whipped my cock out of my boxers and had her sweet lips wrapped tightly around it. My head rolled backwards and I moaned loudly, then quickly refocused on keeping the car between the lanes.

It was extremely difficult to stay on the road, though. The loud slurping coming from my waist was loudly emanating throughout the car and every nerve in my body was on fire. This was a dangerous distraction, but getting road head had long been on my bucket list and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity to get it crossed off.

With one hand still on the wheel, I used the other to force her head further into my lap. I was amazed at her skills. Her tongue swirling around my dick felt incredible and she’d worked a hand into my boxers to play with my balls. She was gently rolling them through her little fingers, occasionally giving them a light tug.

I let her know we were only a few minutes from her house and my words seemed to spur her on. She jammed as much of my dick into her mouth as possible and started quickly bobbing. Each time down she would take a little bit more.

Now she’d reached her capacity. She’d get about 6 inches in and start gagging uncontrollably, slobber flying every on her way up. Maggie refused to give up, though. Again and again she’d get the first 6 in and start gagging.

I’d just turned onto her street, still a few blocks away. We were running out of time now and if I didn’t nut before we got to her house I’d have a horrible case of blue balls. I was so distracted from driving I didn’t notice the speed bump coming up. I hit it hard, going about 30 mph. As the tires made contact with the speed bump, Maggie’s head was once again trying to engulf my whole length.

I bumped high up out of my seat and my cock shot deeper into her mouth than before, overcoming her gag reflex and going straight into her throat. Immediately I felt my cum shoot from deep in my balls, through the shaft, and directly down her throat and into her stomach.

Somehow in the midst of my orgasmic bliss I was smart enough to hit the brakes and just stopped in the middle of the street. My hand roughly held her head down, her nose pressed firmly against my pubes. Shot after shot of my full load rocketed down her throat until I thought there was no more jizz left in my body.

Breathing heavily I finally let her come up for air and rested my head against the seat. Still basking in the aftermath of a powerful cum, I drove the last block to her house while she put my member away and zipped me up.


Extremely content, I enjoyed a few sandwiches and piece of ice cream cake while talking to a few kids a couple grades below me. I felt like an old guy, though. They were all still wrapped up in petty high school drama and ragging on teachers. After 45 minutes I decided that I should probably go, so I went up to Maggie to let her know.

“Hey, I’m gonna head out. I should probably get going to my sister’s party.”

“Oh, but you can’t go yet! I still have a surprise for you and I think it’s right about time.” Without letting me say another word, Maggie grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. She led me to the end of a hallway and turned to talk to me more. “So, I’m sure you noticed the other night at the park, that I wouldn’t let you fuck me in my pussy.” I only laughed a little in my head, recalling the fond memory, and nodded. “Well…um….I’m a virgin…and I don’t really have any plans on changing that.” It was a little disappointing to hear, but I let her go on. “I still really like sex. Actually, I LOVE sex, but I’m waiting. I feel awful, though, that you don’t have a nice, warm, wet, vagina to stick your beautiful cock in to. I think I have a solution, though.”

Maggie pushed open the door next to us and standing in all her naked glory was her mother. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor as my eyes bugged out at this beautiful woman. “See, my Dad’s always away on business and even when he is here he doesn’t pay attention to Mom. I figured that since you’re not getting inside my pussy, you might as well get inside hers AND help scratch a certain itch of hers at the same time.”

With that, she smiled and pushed me toward Julia. I didn’t even notice her leave the room or close the door. I was too focused on this gorgeous woman’s body and thinking about my dumb luck.

Julia approached me seductively, her long, swaying hair going this and that way. I finally managed to recover as her lips brushed against my own. With no hesitation my hands started to freely roam all over her body, wanting to feel every square inch of her.

“Maggie told me she already got you warmed up,” Julia said, lightly patting my crotch, “but I still want a taste of my own.” She quickly dropped to her knees and I helped speed the process along by stripping out of my clothes to join her in nakedness.

Thanks to her daughter’s previous ministrations, I wasn’t yet fully rigid. Julia grabbed my semi-hard cock. She ran her hand up and down it a few times and then slapped it against her cheek a few times. The soft “whapping” on her face sent blood flooding into my shaft. Now fully hard, she took my engorged knob into her wet mouth. It felt heavenly as she tongued the slit on my head. Her teeth scraped the soft underside of my cock head as she worked more in.

This MILF was getting me worked up in a hurry and I needed to calm myself down a bit. I pulled her head away and led her to the bed in the room. Gently I pushed her down so that her legs were still hanging over the edge.

Spreading her legs I zeroed in on her sweet pussy. My head approaching its goal, I stopped for a second to admire the small tuft of dark brown pubic hair. I grinned widely as I noticed it was in the shape of an arrow, pointing directly down towards her clit and pussy.

Her aroma was almost overpowering and I could already see her juices dripping onto the bed. Unable to wait any longer I dove straight in. I shoved my tongue as deep as it could go, slowly withdrew, and started lapping at her wetness. Julia’s head rolled back on the bed and loud moans started to fill the room.

She yanked my head away from her delicious pussy by the hair and I looked up at her, a little peeved. “There are a lot of people downstairs and they can’t hear this. You’ll have to gag me. Over there,” she said, pointing at her panties in a corner of the room.

Swiftly I retrieved them and stuffed them deeply into her gaping mouth. Satisfied that would stifle her, I returned to my duties. This time I shoved two fingers into her cunt and licked at her large clit. The panties were helping, but occasionally a loud moan would make it through the material.

I fit a third finger into her honey pot, vigorously working all three in and out. Her juices were now flowing faster and in larger quantities and her hips were bucking wildly on the bed. I had to hold down tightly on her abdomen with my free hand in order to continue the finger fucking.

A little curious, I wanted to see if I could fit a fourth finger into her pussy. A bit to my shock, my pinky finger managed to enter to the first knuckle. As if sensing my surprise, Julia pulled the panties out of her mouth and informed me, “Maggie let me know how long and fat your cock is, so I bought a big black dildo to make things a little easier.”

My curiosity satisfied I returned to work and she replaced the panties in her mouth. Her body was writhing on the bed again and I was eager to fill her with my meat. Working my four fingers in as far as I could, I clamped down tightly on her clit with my teeth and sent her flying over the edge. The moans from her orgasm made the panties almost useless and she was forced to nearly suffocate herself with a pillow.

Satisfied with my thorough pussy eating, I stood up and threw her legs onto my shoulders. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath, I shoved my painfully stiff penis to the hilt. Immediately the pillow returned to cover her screams.

Repeatedly I slammed into her pussy, my balls slapping loudly against her ass. I leaned over and nibbled on her delicious nipples and small breasts. My breath was already becoming ragged, so I rolled us over, hoping a change would help slow me down.

Julia didn’t disappoint as she slowed the pace down, clearly enjoying every inch I had to offer. She was slowly riding me, pulling out until only my head was left in and then just as slowly descending. I tweaked her nipples for a few minutes before moving my hands to her ass and digging my fingers into the soft skin.

This woman looked absolutely incredible on top of my dick. Sweat was running down her body, giving her a radiant glow. Her pussy muscles were slowly squeezing and releasing my thick cock, creating amazing feelings for the both of us.

The ache in balls told me I couldn’t resist for much longer, so wanting to be in control again I rolled us back into a missionary position. “I’m getting fucking close…I can’t hold it for much longer,” I said, starting to lose my breath again.

“Meh ooh. Uck meh ard,” she managed to scream through her panty filled mouth. With the extra encouragement I reached jackhammer pace.

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Fuck! I’m cumming!” I nearly screamed. Several hot spurts of semen began to fill her pussy as I felt it clamp down tightly around my cock. We were both humping crazily into each other, trying to get our orgasms to last as long as possible.

When the last wave of pleasure swept through our bodies, I pulled the saliva soaked panties from Julia’s mouth and kissed her for several long minutes. “You know, you have an incredible daughter. I can’t believe she set this all up.”

“She really is great. She’s been trying to take care of my needs for years. Ever since my husband lost his libido. She’s a fantastic pussy eater, but I really needed a hard dick inside me.”

“What?! You and your daughter?”

“Oh God. I shouldn’t have said anything, but she can lick a mean pussy.” I was speechless. I thought I’d never meet anyone else who’d broken that taboo, and she seemed so happy about it.


Finding out about Julia and her daughter’s incestuous behavior gave me a lot to think about on the way home. I knew incest was wrong, but I also knew that Julia and Maggie loved each other deeply. They were such normal, happy people. Clearly incest hadn’t hurt them at all. Would it be that way for Christi and Me?

When I arrived home the house was still jam-packed full of relatives and my sister’s friends. My absence hadn’t even been noticed. I quickly joined in the discussion with my family. I didn’t get to see them often, only holidays and special occasions, so there was a lot to catch up on.

There was also a lot of the typical crap. My aunts couldn’t believe how big I was and what a mature young man I’d become. My grandma insisted on hugging me every time I walked by her. It was good seeing them all, but by the time things were winding down at 7 I’d had enough of my extended family for one day.

After getting everything cleaned up Mom left to spend the night at Aunt Sharon’s house. She’d decided that Christi could have an actual party as long as she didn’t invite too many people over and Jen and Ashley chaperoned so things didn’t get out of control. Apparently Mom had forgotten who her twin daughters were since they’d gone to college.

As soon as Mom’s car was out of the driveway Jen and Ashley had me carry the keg they’d bought into the house. Within an hour the house was chalk full of recently graduated minors getting wasted.

The three of us decided to join in the festivities and were teaching these kids all kinds of drinking games. We played a few rounds of Baseball, quite a bit of “Fuck You”, and even some Louisville Chugger. I had no idea where we got a wiffleball bat, though. One of us easily won every game we played and were having quite a bit of fun.

Jen and Ashley had to regulate the party still. Mom would be pissed if everything in the house was broken when she came home tomorrow. Using me as a bouncer, they had several assholes kicked out. I think they just enjoyed being in charge, mostly.

A couple hours into the party Christi managed to corner me. “Big brother, you’re going to fuck me tonight,” she whispered into my ear and then lightly bit it.

“Oh, I know. I hope you’re ready for me.”

At first she was so shocked at my words she couldn’t think of anything to do, but then a huge smile appeared on her face and she hugged me tighter than ever. “Oh, thank you, Dean! Thank you so much.”

Honestly, I was a little surprised at my words too. I guess finding out about Maggie and her Mom helped me to accept just how badly I wanted my little sister. We both wanted it and my denying that fact had only made both our lives hell this last week. Well, I was tired of living in hell. That could wait until I was dead.

Half an hour later Christi found me again and wrapped her hand in my own. She led me up the stairs and into my room. I took my shirt off while she locked the door. We lie down on the bed together and I pull her close to me.

Moving her hair out of her face I can see her eyes sparkle with excitement. I let her climb on top of me and we slowly, sensually begin to make out. Her lips feel so incredibly soft against my own and her body is very warm pressed tightly to me. My hands roam down to her ass and into her back pockets. Her kiss intensifies as I firmly grab each cheek.

I move my mouth to her neck, sucking hard, trying to give her a big hickey. I move my head further down and kiss her breasts through her top while she plants gentle kisses on top of my head. I return my lips to hers and she slowly rubs her pubic bone against my own. Every action we make, we do it slowly, letting the passion, lust, and desire build.

After countless minutes I’ve worked her top over her large breasts. I unclasp her bra, but don’t take it off. Rather choosing to let it fall off in due time. My sister’s grinding has slightly increased in pace and my cock is nearly hard, but neither of us rush things. We’re determined to let things come as they may.

As we continue kissing, my hands stroke her beautiful hair and her bra straps fall free from her shoulders. My chest is now the only thing allowing the fabric to cover her breasts. That doesn’t last for long as Christi lifts her body slightly off of me and pulls the bra all the way off, finally freeing her massive globes.

Rolling us over I latch on to one nipple and then the other, flicking the tips with my tongue. I unbutton and pull down the zipper on her pants, but then move back up to rejoin our lips. I run my hands over her breasts and tweak her nipples as our tongues dance between one another’s mouth.

Finally, I move down toward her pussy. I pull my shorts off, leaving only my boxers on, and then remove her denim shorts as well. I gently kiss the top of her thong covered pussy, then pull it off as well. Lowering my head, I kiss a tight circle around her pussy, careful not to actually make contact with her nether lips.

Christi impulsively spread her legs out wide. Pulling back a little, I plant 10, 20, 30 soft kisses on her thighs. I can tell the anticipation is killing her. Not wanting to tease my sister any further, I quickly attack her clit with my mouth.

The slow build-up and teasing must have had my sister on edge, because seconds after I begin my assault her legs lock tightly around my neck and suffocate me against her pussy. I can feel her body convulsing wildly around me as she is hit by her orgasm. Panting uncontrollably, low moan after low moan reaches my ears.

I don’t stop my licking and nibbling until I feel her hands push my face away. Looking up at my sister I can see that her hair has been flung everywhere and is stuck to her sweaty, sticky body. “No more. I’ve waited too long to feel you in me,” she says breathlessly, “I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“I’ve wanted you for a long time too. I just didn’t realize it.”

“Dean, you don’t get what I’m saying. I’ve waited for you. I’m a virgin. I’ve always wanted you to be my first.” I had no idea what to say. This beautiful angel wanted me to be the first to invade her most private region with a penis. She’s waited until I was ready. Well, she wouldn’t have to wait much longer.

I leaned down and pulled her into a long kiss, my boxers falling to the floor. My cock was bumping into her pussy. With a firm grip on the shaft I pushed my head against her opening and looked at her face. She gave me a slight nod and I entered her.

She was incredibly tight and I only went in until my knob had entered, then stopped. We let out a collective breath and I worked the next inch in. I pulled back and humped just the first couple inches in and out for a few minutes. This whole time our eyes never left one another’s.

Eventually I worked enough in to bump into her hymen. Instantly she grimaced, anticipating the pain that was to come. I looked at her for final confirmation. “Like a band-aid,” she whispered quietly. I pull back until only my cock head remained wrapped in her lips. Leaning over and kissing her sensually, I thrust with a great force, break all the way through her hymen, and bury my 7.5” dick to the base.

Listening to my sister scream at the initial pain, my heart broke into a million pieces, saddened beyond belief that I’d caused her such pain. I held her tightly to me as I kissed her forehead over and over again.

After a few minutes of holding stock still inside her, Christi lowers my face so our lips can meet. I see a few tears drying on her face, but her kiss is full of passion. Taking this as a sign to continue, I work my cock in and out of her pussy very slowly.

Now that the pain is gone, though, Christi clearly is getting more and more into this. She grabs my ass cheeks and starts pulling me into her faster. Prompted by her actions, I thrust harder and deeper into her. With each thrust her moans grow louder and more plentiful.

Christi stops me and pushes me off. Quickly she scampers on to her hands and knees, her ass sticking out straight at me. Getting up on my knees I quickly re-enter her glistening folds. “Oh…oh yeah…more Dean…this feels sooooo good. Faster. Harder. Deeper. Harder damnit!”

Turned on by her screaming I become more aggressive. I yank hard on her hair, earning a loud moan of approval. I refuse to let her head fall down towards the bed, instead keeping a firm grip on her long locks. Reaching underneath her with my other hand I furiously rub her clit.

This change of pace from the long, drawn out, sensual build-up to fast and a little rough is putting me on edge. Giving a few final thrusts I feel her pussy begin to clamp down tightly on my shaft as she screams and orgasms. Pulling out I blow the largest load of my life all over her back, nearly pasting the entirety of it.

Exhausted from a long day and this incredible sexual experience I pull the two of us under the sheets. Not giving a fuck about the blood, cum, and juices now drying on our bodies I hold Christi firmly against myself and fall asleep.

Thank you for reading Pt. 4 of Making the best…! I hope you enjoyed it. As usual, all comments and suggestions are appreciated. I should have Pt. 5 up this weekend, but then I’ll be taking a short break to start another series. Either “At the course” or “Acre of freedom.” I would like you all to let me know which sounds more appealing. I know it’s difficult without me giving out the storylines, but whichever gets more comments/replies/messages will be what I go with. Thanks again!

College Bum.

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