Manju – My sex kitten

Manju – My sex kitten

This story is about my sexy escapades with my sexy anni, Manju.

Just a small short intro about me. I am pursuing my 3rd year engineering. Good looking
guy but do not hit the gym regularly and not so keen on building six packs. Though i look bit lean but quite strong. Guess, will stop here and move on the heroine of the story Manju my beloved anni married to my cousin.

She looks like a real south Indian actress with a perfectly sculptured body to die for. Mostly wears sari and always conscious about her dress and the dirty look of onlookers. She is perfect homemaker. Oh forgot, she has a son of age 5. Even after a son, the beauty of anni just didn’t fade, in-fact she has matured and ripped fascinatingly. Have been watching and eyeing her from the day she married my cousin. Even though i get along well with both the burning desire inside me hardly seizes to fizz out.

Now coming the most important of the lot the stats of my sexy manju anni, weighing around 60 kg. The most tempting of the lot is her boobs measuring around 34 they are like pointed bazookas erect and firm. Then comes her meaty ass bums which is really hard to resist. with anni often in sari tied tight her ass bums really protrudes out wanting to pat them gently at first and then madly spank and bang them.

Though we live a same gated community, but separated by towers. I love to spend considerable amount of time at their home as my cousin is busy with his
business which he has just started. More than that she has degree in engineering, the same stream as mine and i get lot of doubts cleared from her. If you read
the fine lines i always love to be in the company of hers, lustfully enjoying her beautiful body, the erotic fragrance of her and most importantly her boobs and ass which i am a fan off.

She repeatedly asks me, “you are smart, but why do you always have lot of doubts ?”. To which i always grin wide and tell, “No one clears my doubts better than you”.

And she also asks about my girlfriends. All i have are girls who are real good friends. With my sexy anni completely occupying me there is no chance of anyone taking that place.

Like said, she always prefers to be in sari, true to her tradition and rural upbringing. And mostly importantly she would wear sari in such a way that her navel is exposed when she is at home and when she goes out she would properly cover them. The choice of her blouse always amazes me. They are always transparent and its easy to make the color of her bra. I have poked fun at this and anni always says you talk too much but have never changed.

When i am at her home i always catch the arousing glimpse of her sexy jugs swaying to sides when she walks around and a glimpse of her boobs. Couple of occasions she has caught me staring at her boobs and ass, but as never shown a stern reaction to it. It encouraged me, but had to really careful as it could jeopardize the complete relationship between the family.

Though their sex life was perfect. But now-a-days with my cousin being busy with his business, he hardly spends time with her. There was a growing depression within her which was quite evident from her talks.

There was wedding coming up in the family and everyone was busy with their shopping. I was at home enjoying my study holiday and instead of busy being with
books in my room at home, i was busy spending time with my sexy anni in the pretext of clarifying some doubts.

Me: Anni, have you completed your wedding shopping ? Almost all the family members are busy with it.
Anni: Huhh !! No. (she said in a stren voice)
Me: Why ?
Anni: Your cousin just doesn’t have a tiny fraction of time to spend with me. How could i expect him to accompany me to shopping ?

There was genuine sadness in her eyes which i could not take it.

Me: Plz dont feel. Since its the early days of his business, brother is busy with it.
Anni: Huhh !!
Me: If you want i could accompany you to shopping.

I could see a spark in her eyes.

Anni: I don’t want to disturb you. You should be concentrating on the studies rather than accompanying me to shopping.
Me: no problem anni. when shall we go and where ?
Anni: If you are okay, we can go tomorrow.
Me: What are the things are you planning to purchase ?
Anni: a nice sari, matching jewels and sandals.
Me: thats all. no other accessories.
Anni: No, thats all. others i have, the chain etc.
Me: I did not mean that.
Anni: then what ?
Me: Plz dont take me wrong. a friends of mine owns a shop of inner garments. In case you want will take there. A new and big shop stuffed with latest and imported ones.
Anni: Ummm, will think it out.

Felt happy that anni has not rejected it out right. I was guessing, tomorrow she would surely ask me to take to the shop.

Nexy day left early to manju annis home. she was ready and waiting for me to come. She was dressed in a black sari which was suiting like hell. Being fair skin the sari simply enhanced her beauty two folds. With a slight milky skin of her waist seen it was real tempting view. just cannot resist looking at them time and again. Abandoning any further thoughts asked her,

Me: Anni, can we can start ?
Anni: sure. was waiting for you.

Anni after closing the doors was leading me. Always allowed her to lead so that i could i can see her ass bums sway to sides. We reached the parking lot and hopped on the car and started driving. I was bit tensed since she did not open her mouth about the inner garment purchase.

Me: Where should we head to ?
Anni: shopping.
Me: I know that. any shop that you have in mind.
Anni: Shreya’s boutique.
Me: Okay. Thats all.
Anni: Yes.
Me: Sure ?
Anni: Yes.

Guess, she was teasing me. A thought occured to myself.

Anni: Have you purchased ?
Me: went lask week, accompanied with parents.
Anni: You were telling about the shop yesterday. owned by your friend. Can we go there first.
Me: (was jumping inside) sure .
Anni: just wanted to see … not sure if i would purchase them. You know your cousin is orthodox, not sure if he would like them.
Me: No problem. If you like we could buy.
Anni: Ok.

With all the happiness, was driving towards my friends shop. Had called him yesterday and told will be coming. Unfortunately he is not in town (happy for me)
and he told will inform the manager named sapna to take good care.

Reached the shop. Its was big with large mannequin of females in kinky dress. Seeing them anni was taken back. I without any second thought moved inside, introduced to the manager and was looking at anni, she was gazing at those dolls.

We were taken to a room inside, which is were special customers are treated. They would bring in latest collections, imported stuff and they would dress a doll to get a feel and then one could try them if needed.

Anni: It might be a little odd if someone sees me here with you in this underwear store.
Me: Anni, its Victoria Secrets lingerie shop. None of relatives would come here.

Anni, ignored me and went ahead to check the inner garments in there.

Sales Woman: Mam whats the size.
Me: (shamelessly, ignorantly and spontaneously) its 34.

Both my anni and saleswoman were shocked. I recovered and knew the blundered that i had committed, but actually had a catalog. Pointed towards it and told just
read the measurements from there. They were bit revealed. my sexy anni had a wicked and mischievous smile on her lips.

Anni: its 34C

I had decided i am going to surely suggest some. She has creamy white skin so white would have worked well, but I was looking more in the area of dark colored ones. Who knew they had so many different dark shades ? I fingered the fabrics as my mind wandered thinking about her and as if caressing her assets. I was mad and horny. I had to readjust my cock as it started to harden while I fingered through the pile of panties. I just hadn’t found the one that excited me on that particular level.

She started at the bras. She was touching and alternately holding onto various bras, holding some against her chest, checking tags.

And so, I helped. I picked out lacy panties, and pointed out the special padded bras which the ads said would push the breasts together. Then I picked up some thong bikinis and held them out to her. “Have you tried these?” Her eyes got wide.

At last i found out, a black satin bra and matching high cut satin bikini panties. Was impressed with the softness and loved the way they failed to cover. Moved closer to anni and held it to her.

Me: Anni, i really like this, can you try ?
Anni: (bit taken back) What ?
Me: sure this should suit you. Please try it.
Anni: (unable to show her anger) keep it there.
Me: Anni, this is real soft.

Was actually touching the inner portions of that satin bra and was shamelessly looking at her bazookas. Was feeling as it i was touching them. And then showed it to anni asking her to take a look at it. Repeated the same with bikini cut pantie. Was having a hard time controlling my erection.

The sales woman came to my rescue. She was telling that this is one of the latest imported models which is selling hot. She convinced my anni to at least try them.

she has selected few models kind of regular models, which was not so impressive. So gestured the sales woman to promote the bikini styled and padded bra to which she nodded promptly. She took out few smooth bra and pantie pairs and started detailing to my anni, was able to convince her to try them instead of regular ones. She took out few padded bra and matching panties and my black satin bra and matching high cut satin bikini pantie.

Once inside the trail room, she was greeted by the giant mirrors on all sides expect for the door. She gazed at her beauty right from head to toe. She saw how her boobs protruded and her meaty ass. She smiled thinking how every men ogled at her beauty and shamelessly raped her with their lustfully eyes.

She was already intoxicated by those kinky clothes and just made her think of fucking. Removed the pins which kept the pallu from falling. Let the pallu down. She admired her stunning boobs which were constantly trying to pop out of her blouse which were finding it really difficult to hide them. She moved her chest bit forward and was enjoying her beauty.

She smiled. Slowly and gently with her hands started caressing her melons. Placed her hands below her tits and slowly upped them. The look of those melons oozing out made her crazy. Then she slowly moved down to her waist and started caressing her waist and then poking her navel hole. A tiny gasp left her mouth. She was started to get aroused.

She placed her hands on her blouse hooks and started to remove them gently and With every hook removed those melons were rushing to fill the free space created. She took off her blouse and moved her hands to back and started to remove the bra hooks and placed her bra beside her blouse. then she slowly started allowing her hands to move over her boobs. gently squeezing them. playing with the nipples which were erect. she patted herself telling you have a very beautiful body.Then I focused my attention towards the bra and panties which were hanging and waiting to be trailed for fit and comfort. I was not sure to what with start from and then my eyes landed on the black satin bra and panties which suresh had selected.

I took them and was imaging the scene when he was convincing me.

He was touching the inner portion of the bra and panties telling how soft they were and how it will suit me. While he was touching and playing with the bra and panties it felt to me that he was literally touching my naked flesh. My boobs and pussy.

with already aroused this made small amount of pleasure liquid ooze out. I was enjoying the attention that i was getting from him.

Started to wear them. It was real smooth. Butterly smooth. The fit was perfect.

My boobs were looking huge. It just enhanced them erotically.

I cupped my boobs from below and shaked them such that they were perfectly in place. I traced my cleavage line and allowed my fingers to explore them. I was really feeling the heat even when those the fan was working in full speed.

Then I lifted my sari and moved my hands beneath them and started to remove the panties. In the process I was able to see my naked meaty ass bums. I gently tapped them and loved the way they juggled due to the impact.

I took the satin pantie and started to wear them. Loved it instantly. Its just hugged my ass bums and was soft to my pussy. The public hairs felt real comfortably having them. I touched the panty to feel the softness and it aroused me completely.

I started to rub my hands over my pussy which was already wet. with every touch of I was feeling as if suresh is touching my pussy. Was completely aroused.

I imagined suresh inside the trail room standing beside me. Real close. I could feel the hot air exhaling from him. Pushed him face first against the mirror.

He could see me in the reflections sucking his ear and whispering to him, “I couldn’t stand it anymore, all these clothes just make me think of fucking.” Still holding him hostage with my body against his, against the mirror. I moved my hands down to his back and smacked him lightly on the ass.

I then rolled his earlobe in between my teeth, which sent shivers up his spine, and then kissed and sucked on his neck, which just erected a tent in his pants and turned to rock hard. After sucking and kissing his neck and ear, i flipped him.

He was gazing at my tits which popped out of the top like ripe fruit waiting to be bitten, and his mouth watered at the thought.

Placed my hands on his chin and moved them up. Kept the eyes in the same level.

I planted a kiss on him while still holding him by the chin, and moved my pointed tongue in and out of his mouth in a teasing fashion. I leaned onto him and could feel my tits against him, begging to be freed. I reached down and grabbed his cock in owning fashion, running my hand down the length of it and playing with his balls.

I smiled and he was anxious.

Now, its was my turn.

Pinned her to the mirror and started to plant kisses on them and slowly inserted my tongue into her and was tasting her sweet saliva. Then slowly moved down sucking and kissing from her neck to her tits, which were oozing out. Placed my hands on them slowly started to squeeze them all the while caressing her meaty ass bums behind.

Placed my hands on them and started to squeeze then madly. Its was causing a mayhem in me. Started to moan out of excitement and could feel her pleasure liquid starting to ooze out. my hands started to caress her pussy. And she let a moan out of excitement.

Started to hear my phone ring, came back to my senses. Was standing with the sari lifted, my hands inside my pantie and just in bra at top. Was sweating profoundly. It took some time before to realize that i had to attend a call from my husband.

husband: Why took so much time to pick up the call ? Were you asleep ?
Me: No. I am outside. Came for shopping.
husband: Oh !! forgot that you told me. How is the shopping going on ? Have you finished purchasing ?
Me: No. just started.
husband: I called to inform you that, I might need to travel and will be away for 10-15 days.
Me: Oh !! again. Our relatives wedding. What are we going to do ?
husband: I have talked to them. Explained the situation. They understood but were adamant that you should be attending the function.
Me: How can i attend with you. No i will not go.
husband: Okay. Give me sometime, will make appropriate arrangement. Okay carry on with your shopping. Got to go.
Me: Okay.

Quickly tried other bra and pantie sets and all looked perfect. And opened the door and came out quickly. There was suresh waiting outside and was eager to know how the fit was.

I was eagerly waiting to see the expression on her face when she walked out of the trail room. She came out and looked drenched in sweat. She was wiping with her pallu of her sari.

Me: What happened anni why are sweating so much ?
Anni: fan was not working properly.

Anni enquired with the sales woman about the location of rest room. When she left rushed to trail room to check if the fan was not working. Switched on and it was spinning in full speed. Tried couple of time and it worked flawless. Then it struck to me as to why anni was sweating. mischievous smile let my lips.

she came out from restroom fresh and handed over all the ones selected. Was eager to see if she had selected the one i suggested. But she did not tell anything. She gave a sharp look when i enquired. Felt really sad.

Me: Really sorry anni. Guess, made a mistake. Should not have crossed my line by selecting and suggesting a bra and pantie. Really Sorry.
Anni: Why you are feeling bad. Was pulling your legs. Out of all the ones, its the one which you have selected is suits me really well. Soft and soothing. (she was blushing and teasing me.) You have a sharp eye and observe a lot. should be more careful.
Me: happy that you loved it.

was kind of feeling happy that she liked it. felt a small victory towards enjoying her. Wanted to press more today as she is already in groove.

Anni was thinking what happened to her ? Why was she dreaming about me and having a steamy session of sex. But she was enjoying it. The very fact of just the dream made her pussy wet and wild. And the attention that i was getting from him, made me real happy which i was longing for sometime from my husband.

I was at cross roads as to continue in this path or remain as loyal-wife-to-a-busy-husband who stopped appreciating me, my beauty and having stopped making love to me. I still loved my husband. Cannot dream of cheating him. However hard i think, the intriguing smile of suresh makes me weak. Decided to follow my heart and listen to my feelings.

Next we moved towards her destination of her choice which was shreya’s boutique which was in a famous mall.

Me: Anni why do you always wear sari ?
Anni: Why ? am i not looking beautiful in these ?
Me: sure you look stunning. But have you tried leggings ? they would look real stunning on you. Pointed to couple of sexy aunties who had worn a skin tight legging and were stunning. Really.
Anni: No. They look too thin and sexy too.
Me: what did you say anni .. (though i had heard them perfectly. was waiting to see if she repeated it.)
Anni: (coming to sense) No, guess they wont suit me.
Me: No, they will look real good on you. Love to see you in those. Plzz anni you should try it. It will enhance your beauty. Was just adamant.
Anni: No.
Me: (was desperate to make her buy one). Even at the lingere store, you were not convinced at my selection but after wearing that you felt real soothing and you also praised me about my selection. Anni, i will not recommend you anything which doesn’t suit you. Please .. Please

the moment suresh remained of the lingerie store, the steamy dream came back to haunt to me. Was speechless for sometime thinking about it. The way he was squeezing my tits, kissing them, caressing my ass and stroking my pussy … and all this made my pussy wet again.

Me: Anni .. Anni .. what happened. not feeling well.
Anni: No. I am fine.
Me: so can we go ahead to purchase few leggings of my choice ?
Anni: What are you doing ? I am not sure if they wud suit me. (putting a tame resistance, but with wet pussy i am sure i would have accepted anything that he would have told.)
Me: Okay. What shall we do is we could buy a couple of legging from a normal store. if they suit you and you like them will get them better ones later. Is that okay .. anni this is a fair enough deal.
Anni: why you are so admanant …
Me: Anni Plzz … plzzz
Anni: okay okay will do.
Me: thanks anni. Will not let you down at any cost. You are my treasured possession.
Anni: (feeling blushed) Oh !!

we reached the shop and she went on searching for the sari and i was enjoying her waist which is very clear through the sari. As she went on checking, I was looking at her my back which was swaying in rhythmic manner. Anni’s bra was clearly visible through the transparent blouse of hers.

As she was looking through the saris I went closer to her and said, I will help you and started suggesting her few.

There was this sari with shades of red which was transparent. Took it and just kept it on her shoulder and said this will be beautiful to your face and to your creamy body with good shapes. Anni was surprised and taken back by my words. She gave me an intriguing look, but kept quite.

Seeing this I lowered my hands to her butt and caressed it slowly and ever so gently and said you look really beautiful. She felt something new but controlling herself she said, stop it.

Me: Anni, I will tell you something about the sari.
Anni: I am listening..
Me: like.. Saris makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous. For you, Georgette, Chiffon, Heavy Mysore Silk saris and transparent ones really look beautiful. In these saris you look very beautiful and sexy. Deadly combo.

And handed her a red Georgette sari which was transparent and a lacy shell blouse and told her to trail it. She had already selected a light green sari. She took it towards to trail room. Its always pleasure to see the sexy lady walking with those meaty ass swaying to sides.

After trying both the saris she was impressed with both and decided to purchase them.

Anni: i am tired now. Can we have some ice cream ?
Me: love too. anything with you is fine for me.

I had decided to follow my heart and it told to have some fun with suresh. So decided to tease him little bit. Once i located my favorite ice cream parlor shop, moved fast towards it and asking him to follow me. Knowing he would love to see my ass moving whenever i walked.

The sari seemed to mold themselves to her shape more so than usual and with that extra bit of swaying i am sure i was teasing him madly. Entered the shop and stood in the queue and he also followed standing real close to me which i did not miss to notice and he was lusciously gazing me from head to heel. It was making me real aroused and weak in my legs.

Standing in the counter, ordered my ice cream. unusual to me ordered a cone ice cream with some toppings and just slid a tad back knowing that i would hit upon him. I did and told that i lost balance and bumped into him.

He too was alert and not to waste this opportunity put his hand on my back trying to hold me, and then let it slide down. His hand brushed over my waist, then slid further, pressing hard against her skin and moving further down to her ass caressing it completely.

feeling heavenly.

Anni: (Feeling his hand exploring over my ass, i turned and smiled at him.) Found what your looking for ?
Me: (with a sheepish smile) yes, think i have looking directly into her eyes and then at her juicy lips.

the ice cream parlor had very few customers. She had spotted a secluded location and started moving towards it. after getting a ice cream for me joined her.

Me: nice private spot.
Anni: yeah, its our usual location. So shall we start.
Me: what ?
Anni: Ummmm eating the cone ice cream ?

I was watching as her tongue slid out of her mouth, licking up the length of her ice cream cone. The motion brought to mind her licking other things of mine. Shaking my head, smiling, i started to each mine. Anni, was Smiling too and licked her cone. And looked into his eyes directly.

Though we chatted in between, but my eyes always wandered to her tongue. The ice cream sliding across her tongue as she licked the cone up and down, and around its circumference. I could not help but begin to picture my cock in the ice cream’s place. And with this thought, my cock rapidly became erect. I had to readjust, but this just served to draw her attention.

Anni: What are you doing ? anything disturbing ? (she was giggling)
Me: No. Nothing. Its all perfect.

She was still licking that cone ice cream over it with her broad side of the tongue. making sure all is even. Her hand does not move the ice-cream instead she has held it steady. Her head moves forward and around. Her tongue twists to reach the hard to reach places. When she encounters those toppings she would lick over it. I had the hard time imagine it to be my cock.

She continued the torture, slowly alternating between long licks and short swallows of ice cream. Her steely eyes watched me with every lick, guess she knew exactly what she was doing and it made the entire experience all the more delicious for me.

While she was busy licking her ice cream few fellow down on her chest and some on her lap. With both her hands dirty with ice cream she looked at me helplessly and asked,

Anni: can you do a favour for me ?
Me: anything for you anni.
Anni: i have spilled some ice cream on me can you clean that up. My hands are dirty with ice cream and this is melting fast.
Me: sure anni will do.

I took my hand kerchief out and started to wipe the cream out with it. Cleaned them. But she said it is somewhat sticky and wanted water to wash the particular area out. So dipped my kerchief inside the cup of water and start to move to towards her for further cleaning.

Gradually, water from the hand kerchief started to seep into her blouse. And i was cleaning in fact gently rubbing the ice cream out. Anni was enjoying and i got lot more bolder too.

And slowly moved it down, down and further down and now I am pressing her boobs as though cleaning her dress and she further lay back and made it more comfortable. I was not sure and started to rub it even harder and then I told the place is wet and rubbed with my bare hands as saying to give heat,so that would dry that region out and while doing so I took the total circumference and squeezed it. Guess, it was slightly harder and she said its paining and told me to stop in a stern voice.

Anni: enjoyed ? had fun ?
Me: Ummm what anni ?
Anni: (with a mischivous smile) did you enjoy the ice cream ? cleaning ? liked it ?
Me: really loved it. more than mine loved watching you eat. Wish i could see that again.
Anni: you are expecting too much.
Me: anything more ?
Anni: what ?
Me: Is there anything other that you need to purchase ?
Anni: Hummm .. if you have time i would like to purchase a sandals for wedding.
Me: Oh !! i know a place which has lots of models and its a unique store with absolutely no salesman. everything is assisted via computers. Only in billing do you find person.
Anni: sounds unique and interesting. Shall we (adjusting her sari and then picking up her bags and starting to get ready)

We got to the parking lot. And on the way had a feast of her ass swaying sideways. Did not fail to notice that the swaying of her ass was bit too much than usual. Which was quite surprising to me. Got into the car and drove for about 30 minutes crawling thought the weekend traffic and reached the complex.

as there was a lot of persons waiting in queue for lift from parking lot, suggested we walk little distance to climb some 10-15 steps which would led to another set of lifts which could be free and we could easily reaching the shop.

Imaging those steps the devil in me woke up and was jumping up and down anticipating the way annis ass would sway when she walked through the steps. Convinced my sexy anni its totally a waste of time to wait for the lift as there are lot of people waiting and moreover its just few steps to climb.

Anni: i understand your desperation, but guess we could use the lift.
Me: desperation ?
Anni: of not to waste time and use the stairs
Me: since its already crowded, told we could use stairs. in case, you are not keen we can wait for the lift.
Anni: see the lift is coming. Wait think we can get in.

Once, the lift arrived i zoomed in pulling my sexy anni literally with me and got into the lift and moved to the end and there were already couple of old aged woman who were standing there. I went to the last and made anni to stand just before me. Off course there was not wild intention in making the sexy lady stand in front of me in a crowded elevator.

the elevator became full and they were trying to fill in every little space available. Before anni there was this family with small kids. With elevator fully crowded and the swaying of the elevator moved sexy anni to move side to side.

It was impossible to ignore with the sexy lady of my dream standing before me really up close and i was able to inhale the erotic fragrance of her body. This thought surely erected a tent down under. And i could feel my growing manhood touching her ass cheeks.

There was not way she could move due to lack of space. The warmth of my hips pressing into her was arousing and sensual. Was waiting to see any reaction from my anni, but there was not.

So i slowly placed my hands on her sexy ass bums. first, as if it was accidental.

My sexy anni slightly looked me without turning fully and i could see a smile on her face and i could sense she was enjoying it. So gaining confidence and knowing there is going to be a very short duration, i gently squeezed her ass bums and then started circling on her ass.

Totally unexpected, my sexy anni began to move her hips side to side, looked like she was massaging the ever-enlarging cock of mine which was poking her ass. It was making her really hot and was expecting her juices to started to flow. but just then the elevator reached the desired floor and the we had to get down.

Once she got down the floor she adjusted her sari properly and started walking as if nothing happened. For me i was unable to control the erection and it was protruding inside my pants.

with the shopping covers from previous purchase tried to hide them. Didn’t notice the covers which i was carrying were from the lingerie shop and it just made things more worse.

Anni: see we easily got into the lift. there was no need to walk those steps. how was the ride ?
Me: (with confused look and with mischievous smile) ride was real fun. wish i could have lasted longer.
Anni: Umm humm !!
Me: Anni, there is the shop that i had mentioned. Shall we.
Anni: sure. this looks real big one.

Allowed the sexy lady to enter so that i cud catch a glimpse of her ass as always which was sizzling hot and tempting like hell. Went inside and we were greeted by a
sales women who enquired us and directed accordingly. I simply followed the ass of my sexy anni blindly. With lust completely conquering me and it was oozing out of my eyes which were religiously following the way her ass swayed to sides during her cat walk.

Suddenly she stopped and i just did not realize and crashed into her. Humm into her ass actually. she was jolted so as me.

Anni: what happened ? What are you dreaming about ?
Me: You .. i mean was thinking what type of sandal suits you.
Anni: really ?
Me: yeah
Anni: so tell me what suits me ?
Me: since you have a nice body and sexy back, i am sure high heel will suit you. they will simply enhance your beauty.
Anni: chee dont talk like that
Me: i just told what i felt. i am sure you have seem my recommendation before .. so you should try it.

Anni, just shrugged off and went to look of for some sandals which she normaly uses. She picked up few after checking her size.

Me: Anni, now that you have decided to go for normal sandals. Can i select few ?
Anni: hummm okay.
Me: Anni, you sit here. will come back with few sandals which i like.
Anni: Okay.

Searched, stumbled to select few sandals which i thought will suit her and to the sari that she had purchased today. Reached near her and pulled the small chair and sat near my sexy anni.

I wanted to touch her feet, feel them and gently caress them while i helped her wearing them. I was hell bent in making this into reality.

Me: anni, plz dont struggle in wearing those sandals all by yourself. just place your feet on my thighs. will help in wearing the sandals and then you can check then with a small cat walk.

Anni: hey !! no i will try them all by myself.
Me: Anni, plz do as i say. and dont talk further. you really deserve this.
Anni: (with all the hesitation in the world agreed reluctantly) okay.

My heart began racing, as she lifted her right leg and placed it on my thighs. The beauty of her foot made me quietly exhale deeply, I could barely handle the excitement. My hands were shaking my dick was secretly growing in my pants. I glanced at her toes, which were perfect from a recent pedicure, and hot pink. I reached over to the top of her foot, glancing for just a second, and felt her toes.

The feel of those toes cupped for even a second in my hand made a whole new rush of blood inside my cock. Then groped the top of her foot and i brought my other hand to her sole, and began lightly tickling the perfect foot. Then grabbed onto her ankle to hold her feet together, and lifted them up right in front of my face so that i could closely stare at them.

I looked back at my sexy anni. She was seeing me in a seductive manner and said

Anni: What are you doing ?
Me: (shamelessly) enjoying and admiring the beauty of your toes. i love them.
Anni: bad boy. when will you wear those sandals ?
Me: Mind if I smell them ?
Anni: Of course not!

Then looked luscious at those feet. The toe tips round and from the side you could see the tip of her big toe tip up slightly. Who would waste such an opportunity ? certainly not me.

I started to glide my fingers across her shapely soles while my left hand gripped her ankle and top of her foot. I could see my finger pushing between her toes. Finally when i got to her baby toe, I actually wiggled it between my thumb and forefinger. I gently pinched her baby toe and held it in place while looking back mischievously at my sexy annis twisted mouth and disapproving stare. I held her foot in place, despite her objection.

Although i was tickling her, it was delicate like her foot itself. I began touching her so gently and lovingly, gliding my finger under her foot and across her soles; then from her heels to her under-toes. Although she tried to pull away, her foot was quite trapped by to enjoy. I held her heel with my left hand and bent her foot to an arch with her right hand and guided her big toe to my lips. I could see her toe between my front teeth and tongue enjoying the taste of her toenail. I nearly came in my pants.

Then i slid on the new high heel sandal, and buckled the ankle strap. She stood and walked up and down a bit. The sexy high heels made her look great and her ass real stunning, and I could not take my eyes off of her. I was back with two more pair of high heels. I lifted her foot and kept it on my thigh and unbuckled the ankle strap and caressing the sides of her foot. She sat as though nothing unusual was happening, and to the passerby the sight was a real surprise.

Couple of young girls passing commented how lucky was the lady to have such a caring partner and they loved the way i knelt down and has placed her legs in my thighs. And also longed their partner also did such thing. Hearing this my sexy anni was blushing.

In between she had selected few sandals for the wedding. And before i could get on further work on her foot her cell rang and she came to her senses seeing the caller name. It was her husband.

All the blushing and excitement turned into hard feelings. She felt she has cheated her husband and was feeling really ill.

She picked the call.

Anni: Hello
Husband: where are you ? still shopping ?
Anni: Yes, wrapping up. Should be at home in another 30 minutes.
husband: okay, i am at home and waiting for you.
Anni: Oh !! will be there soon.

Anni, after disconnecting the call, got up and picked up the sandals and started to move towards the billing telling me to hurry up. I too followed her leaving behind the high heels which i had selected for her and moved after her picking up the covers. Asking her

Me: what is problem ? what happened ?
Anni: nothing, your brother is waiting for me at home and asked to come soon.
Me: why ?
Anni: dont know. take me to home as fast you can plzz.
Me: sure anni told with heavy heart.

We quicky wrapped up the sandal purchase and headed towards parking lot and zoomed towards home. Was able to zip through the traffic and reached home. My cousin brother was there and was packing his things and moving to room to collect the things required. Seeing us he greeted us and told to his wife,

husband: good that you have asked him to accompany you for shopping.
anni: hummm .. packing your luggage ? going somewhere ?
husband : yes, something urgent has come up. need to meet with the suppliers to finalize on few pending things which should be resolved at the earliest.
Anni: Oh !! (with disappointment in face)
husband: i am sorry, just cannot afford to postpone this.
anni: and its for how many days ?
husband: its will be for a week. worse it could extend for another week.
Anni: Oh !! thats bad, what happens to wedding for which we had planned to go ?
husband: have talked to them and explained the situation and they seemed to understand. but they are expecting you. so, i have talked to mama and mami regarding this and they told will take care.
anni: but they will be going couple of days before the marriage and will stay for few more days after. i cant stay that long.
husband: thats gud point, i didn’t think.
me: can i ?
husband: sure
Me: i will be traveling to the marriage and be returning on the same day. If there is no problem for anni, i shall accompany her. Will take proper care. dont worry brother, will see to that she doesnt miss you (winked at my sexy anni and she was giving me a hard look)
husband: thats nice, (looking towards his wife) thats solves. guess going with him is not a problem for you. he will take good care of you.
Anni: Okay.
husband: (looking at anni) you know off-late there have couple of thefts here. So, have asked mama and mami to send someone to accompany you at nights.
Me: if there no issues for both of you, i can accompany her. moreover its study holidays for me and i could get few thing clarified if i stayed here.
husband: (looking at me) thats fine. you guys get along well and if its for studies i am okay.
Anni: Hummmm …. okay

I was literally jumping with unbound joy.

And looked at anni who was bit tensed as i was to accompany her for a week and given what had happened today. But felt that my sexy anni was also longing for the for steamy sexy session which she as deprived by her husband. And it was working to my favor. She hardly resisted my advances.

Anni: when are you leaving ?
husband: i have a flight to catch in another 2 hours and i need to go soon.
anni: shall i arrange dinner ?
husband: no. i almost ready and have booked a cab, and should be here any moment.
Me: happy jouney. will leave now.
husband: okay. make sure you come for dinner.
Me: okay. anni will come around 8 pm. got some clarifications which you can only clear.
Anni: umm … okay.

Reached home. hit the bathroom and got freshened up. Clock to struck 8 PM. Parents enquired about the arrangements and i told them that i will be sleeping there. And i could also get few doubts clarified.

they were okay. my mother had called her and talked if she was okay. My mother told that she had aked you to have dinner there. Hearing this, dashed towards her home.

Took few books, started the bike and reached the block where my anni leaves. Was in shorts and t-shirt. Pressed the calling bell and waited for my sexy angel to open the door.

She opened the door and was looking real stunning. she too had freshened up, wore a black ciffon sari and she had worn it real tight. and as usual a transparent matching blouse which revealed the bra under it. She greeted me and asked to come inside.

went past the angel and the fragrance was really mesmerizing, it was from the jasmine flowers on her hair. once inside, i looked at the sexy angel who was trying to close the door and was about to lock them. Her back was even more tempting, that ass in the tightly worn sari was protruding out madly. just could not take my eyes of them.

Anni: (with a mischievous smile) are you hungry ?
Me: without any doubt.
Anni: what you want ?
Me: whatever you have ?
anni: have made chapattis (smiling and teasing) come lets have.
Me: Sure.

I did not want to do things in a haste. Wanted anni to fully comply to me before enjoying her. moreover have a weeks time to achieve it. During dinner we talked about general things. After finishing she started to clean and i was watching the tv in hall. After sometime, heard a scream. Rushed to the kitchen from which it originated and saw my sexy angel lying on the floor.

Went near her and lifted her up. she was able to stand on her own. But when she tried to walk, she was feeling pain.

Me: Anni, you should have been more careful with the water spilled on the floor. Is it paining ? Where are you feeling the pain ?
Anni: Its paining. I am not able to stand properly.
Me: Its okay anni, will apply some ointment. Please come will help you in reaching the hall and will make you to sit on the sofa.

Telling this put her left hand on my shoulder and i placed my right hand on her waist and started to move towards the hall. Made her sit on the sofa. But she thought laying on it will be better and laid on it.

Saw the sexy angles amazing ups and downs of her body and the fact that her sari was slightly off showing her navel hole and ample waist skin. Did not want to miss the opportunity. But with my sexy angel wincing in pain, i stopped staring at her lustfully and started to think on the required medicine or gel to applied over it and reduce the pain.

Rushed towards the bedroom and got a pillow. Raised her head and inserted the pillow below and made sure her head rested on them.

Anni, felt happy with the way i was rushing here and there to get things to make me feel comfortable and enquiring with genuine care about the pain and looking at various option to reduce the pain at any cost. I even told that, this pain would go away if i took some rest by lying down.

I was adamant that we need to apply some move which will surely provide relief from the pain. And got that from the medical kit. Gave it to my sexy angle and asked her to apply. she took that and tried to get up, but she could not do so. She was wincing in pain. I tried to lift her by placing my hands on her neck , but she was unable to get up as she was experiencing acute pain.

Anni: leave me. Will lay down for sometime after which i will apply move.
Me: If we apply the move now, you will get relief from pain soon.
Anni: Its paining. Its difficult for me to get up.
Me: Were is it paining ?

Anni: leave me. Will lay down for sometime after which i will apply move.
Me: If we apply the move now, you will get relief from pain soon.
Anni: Its paining. Its difficult for me to get up.
Me: Were is it paining ?

Sexy angel had pointed to her waist, left leg and left toes as the areas in which she is experiencing pain. I slowly touched her toe area and asked to point the location where she is experiencing pain.

Asked my angel to show her leg and without waiting for reply slightly lifted her sari up and started to apply move around her toes. after applying on her toes stated to move towards her ankle passing over her ankle chain.

Anni had closed her eyes and was thinking there is so much wrong with this whole situation I cannot even begin to understand it. Something cold touches my leg, my eyes snap to him, the cream is smeared on his palm, he focuses on my leg and applies the medicine so carefully… Almost lovingly… What the hell is wrong with me?! I look away and try to ignore the desire which was gaining its own heartbeat within me, if I’m not careful it will take over.

My hands were moving her sari slightly up as when i started to apply the medicine. they were weaving magic on her. she was was quite and was enjoying the way i was caressing her toes, ankle and legs while applying the medicine. I was totally aroused feeling and rubbing her legs.

As i was tracing my way up for applying the medicine, i lifted her sari accordingly. though i had moved the sari covering her left leg, the portion of her sari covering her other leg was also starting to raise and exposed it too. It was amazing to see the luscious and seductive meaty legs. the highlight being the view was really up close and was feeling them too. Sure it erected a down under. I simply wanted to squeeze her meaty thighs madly and enjoy the softness of it, but was really keep a close tab on my feeling as it didn’t want to spoil this at any cost.

But, my sexy anni was taken back by the way i was massaging and applying the medicine and she was surprised by the fact that i was in control even when the beauty of the sexy lady was in display when all others were eagerly waiting to see when her pallu wud slip showing off her meaty jugs or her sari move aside to show her meaty waist and melons.

After applying the medicine on her toes, ankle and the complete length of her legs, i did the most unexpected thing of actually pulling her sari and petticoat down her legs covering them fully. and then asked my sexy angel,

Me: what are the other area in which she is experiencing pain.
Anni: to which she pointed to her waist area.
Me: to apply the medicine in your waist area wud want you to either lay down on your chest or lie down sideways so that i could apply the medicine properly.
Anni: (without thinking about the consequences anni lay herself on her chest) okay

I was blown away by the beauty of her ass. Wanted to tease my angle more. So, though of some kinky ways to tease. I placed my hands on them and asked my angel,

Me: if she is experience any sort of pain.
Anni: yes, apply the medicine properly.
Me: Okay. but to apply the medicine you need to loose your sari so that i cud easily apply.

Anni, without thinking too much started to loosen the sari a bit. With both her hands behind she as starting to pull her sari down from her ass, so that i could apply the medicine properly.

Me: Anni, dont struggle ? I will do it myself. you need to take complete rest.

After this, i placed both my hands on her waist at either sides and started to move the sari downwards. The moment my hands felt those silky smooth waist meat, i just could not control myself. I was about to burst down-under.

The sari, started to moved down, but stopped beyond few. Since, anni had tied the sari real tight, i was not able to move it downwards as i wanted too. And, i was confused as to how should i do it.

A thought occurred to me that i move the sari all the way upwards and her ass gets automatically exposed. Was totally confused as how to proceed.

Anni, seeing me looking confused, just lifted her body (below waist) upwards. Sensing it, i just rushed my hands inside it and started to lookout for the place where anni had pinned her sari and petticoat together. Unpinned it.

Now, asked my anni to lift her ass upwards so that i could remove her sari. Started to remove them and it exposed the back satin petticoat that anni had worn beneath.

Then i told to her, that i need to untie her petticoat so that i could apply the medicine. After telling this and not waiting for a response from my her, untied it. After un-tieing it, pulled her petticoat down. Now, her panties were exposed.

Wow !! Its was polka dotted pink pantie. Now, it was time to pull that too down for applying medicine.

Took the medicine and started to apply them on her back and then on her ass. Slowly started to apply them in a circular motion. I was waiting for her to enjoy the way i was applying the medicine as she had done while i had applied on her legs.

I did not want to miss the opportunity at any cost and started to feel her waist meat while applying the medicine, pinched her ass bums gently and squeezed them occasionally. And, she was feeling the heat and excitement. Couple of time she moaned and covered it up telling she winced in pain.

I wanted to pull the pantie more down. So tried pulling it, but could not do so. I figured it out that since, she was laying down, her front side of pantie was pressed against the sofa and it wud hard to remove them.

so, i inserted my hands beneath her stomach and tried to pull the pantie bit down. in that process gently caressed her pussy over the pantie and felt her public hair too. she immediately moaned a bit “iss aaahhh”.

Seems there was pleasure liquid oozing out of her pantie. Its was wet. Felt my earlier applying of medicine had a real arousing effect on her. So decided not to waste this opportunity at any cost.

Then asked the sexy lady to sleep one sided so that i could apply the medicine on her waist folds. She gently lifted her hands and started to move. With her pallu of her sari already down, the movement presented me the amazing view of her boobs held captive inside her blouse. They were trying to pop out of her blouse. She slept one sided with her ass facing me and she had covered her pussy with her hands.

Damn, this sexy lady is teasing me, a thought occurred. Not damped by this, adjusted myself to see if there is any way i could see her pussy, but she had fully covered. But the sight of her navel sitting right in the middle of her luscious waist as mesmerizing. Really was intoxicating.

Then slowly took the medicine and started to apply on her waist and allowed my hand to advance towards her pussy. She didn’t resist it. So started to moved towards her pussy and stared to feel her public hair. Tried to remove her hand which was covering her pussy, but she did not allow it. I was really mad.

To make it more erotic, i started to remove her sari and petticoat. she was just in her panties and that too showing her meaty ass bums behind and hardly covering her pussy at front.

With unable to remove her hands, thought of another route to reach her pussy. inserted my hands right between her thunder thighs and squeezed them. My sexy kitten was slowly but steadily losing her self control and was getting excited. Then moved my hands upwards towards her pantie and squeezing the seductive meat all along. And anni, wanted to tease more, so she did not allow my hands to proceed further and stopped the movement by sandwiching my hand between her naked thighs.

Me: anni, please leave my hands alone. they are on a mission.

Anni, slowly parted her thighs and released my hands which were caged there. And not to waste this moment, i in a swift motion pulled down her pantie to her knees.

she, felt its hard to contain and she wanted to see what and all i was going to do and was fully prepared for the excitement and steamy ride.

Now, that she did not resist the pull down of her pantie .. i removed it completely and started to sniff them. I rubbed the crotch of her panties over my nose … inhaling sharply the scent of hers. It was so sexy that I was as close to her pussy as I would ever get.

After getting intoxicated and lustfully gazing at her naked ass bums and what not .. i placed my left hand on her shoulder and right on her waist and made my sexy kitten to lay straight. she was blushing, but had her pussy covered with her hands.

I stood up so that she could see the size of my erection down below. And she too did it and mischievously smiled as if she was thinking what wud happen if the monster tool was inside hers.

Now, i placed my fingers on her forehead and started to caress her luscious meat and started to move down towards her nose, settled down on her lips teased them before moving towards her chin and the to her neck. Without stopping moved towards her chest and blouse area for mad exploration. planted my fingers on the hooks of her blouse. inserted a finger into her blouse and tried to scoop out her melons. she gasped .. “isss aaaahhhh”

then moved further down to her mesmerizing navel hole. circled around her navel .. teasing the meat around it .. poking them gently and then playing with them. then it automatically slid further down to her pussy area. she safe guarded her pussy with both hands. tried to insert my hands into it, but could not get into, but was able to stroke and pull couple of her pussy hairs. she cried out of pain and she moved my hands aside.

with unable to conquer her pussy, concentration moved to her waist and navel hole. without wasting any time, buried my face into her navel and started sucking and licking it. exerted more pressure and started to lick and suck her navel hole .. she started to moan bit louder and louder. She was in heaven and was enjoying it. she placed her hands on my head and started to kneed my hair.

The act of kneading my hair was an encouraging sign.

Slowly moved both my hands upwards towards her melons and started to squeeze them. She, unable to bear the excitement tried to stop me from squeezing her melons, but could not succeed. Then moved my lips to her ears and started to suck her ear lobe. she had goosebumps all over her. she tried to move her head to sides to escape but could not from by firm control. she moved her hands around my neck and she started to pull me more close to her.

Ours lips meet for the first time. Heavenly feeling. I was feeling every inch of her soft tender and smooth lips. Started sucking them madly. She, unable to bear the excitement caused, she too was madly sucking mine and kneading my hair with her left hand and her right was on her pussy busy rubbing it.

With lips pressed firmly together, tongues lightly caressing each other, we started getting tied up in a very passionate kiss. We were kissing each other, without parting our lips, and madly sucking on each other’s lips.

Lip to lip, pulling gently, upper lip, then lower lip, a tongue here, and there. Very warm, very wet, and oh, so, sweet.

Then tried to enter her mouth. She parted her lips and I started to explore her mouth. relishing the sensation of my tongue gliding over hers, sucking her lips she moaned bit louder. I catch her lip and then her tongue, and suck them madly. she tried to pull away, but could not, and i started to suck them even harder, drawing deep into her. her tongue, and mouth, are now completely enclosed within mine. Barely able to breath, she begins to tremble.

She started to moan, scream and gasp for air. wave after wave of pleasure courses through her body. I loosened my grip on her tongue and said one word, “beautiful” as i continue to kiss her, softer, sweeter, and slower.

Seems it will take an eternity for me to come down from the best kiss I ever had. After that steamy kiss, i asked my sexy kitten

me: anni, shall i remove ? (pointing to her blouse)
Anni: you have already removed all .. did you ask then ? why now ?

Then as if obeying her orders, i started to unhook her blouse. moved them to sides as if i was preparing my self to read a book and started to open them. the sight of her melons caged inside that traditional bra made me completely aroused.

Was finding it difficult to control the erection. looked like i wud spray them any time. such was the aftermath. I made my sexy kitten to sit on the sofa and removed the blouse. While removing it had a great darshan of her hairy armpit. then slowly hugged her and started to crush those meaty melons and nipples against my chest. planted my lips on her shoulder and started sucking and kissing them. she responded by hugging me tightly and crushing my tshirt behind.

Then moved towards the bra hooks and started to unhook them. Removed it and threw it down. she was completely naked. The dream of seeing my sex kitten naked was getting fulfilled.

hugged her again, this time more tightly and started to caress her bare back. After playing with it for sometime, made her to lie on the sofa again. now was lustfully gazing at the beauty from head to toe and finally zeroed at her pussy.

She tired to see as to where i was looking and once she found that i was madly gazing at her pussy, she tried to cover them with her hands. I was ready this time and did not allow her hands to cover them. she thought, she had never allowed her husband to look at her pussy in day light and all he could see was during night and that too in dark. But, here i was gazing at them lustfully under lights.

Me: Anni, i love you.

and then started sucking her erect nipples. sucked madly thinking it would serve pleasure milk, but it didn’t. After sucking it, started to squeeze her melons.

Moved my hands to her pussy. Slowly caressed them. With my middle finger started to part the lips and started to feel the spongy flesh. Inserted my first two fingers into her and then arched my thumb back and thrusted into until it rested against her clitoris. Now i twisted, thrusted, and vibrated my hand to drive her wild. she was moaning madly and seems she was reaching an orgasm.

She tried to stop me fingering her pussy by calling .. “suresh enough .. plz stop”.

But, i was in no mood to listen and i kept fingering her and then the pleasure liquid started to ooze out. Wet’ed my hands and started to trace through her thighs and reached the sofa. It was completely wet.

she came to her senses and saw her dress thrown in all directions. pushed me aside and collected all her dress and rushed to the bathroom and bolted her inside. I just could not react in time to hold her from escaping. but she had successfully.

Washed herself, got dressed and was thinking how long it had been since she had reached and experienced it. I moved towards the washbasin to wash my hands which were drenched with her pleasure liquid. Before washing licked them cleanly, was totally aroused. After washing took a cold water bottle from fridge and sat on the sofa and started drinking it. It tasted bit different. Mind wanted more of my kittens pleasure liquid.

she came out of bathroom all dressed up. she did not sit on the sofa, instead moved bit far and started to see tv.

Me: why are you standing there. come and sit near me. already you are experiencing me pain in leg and hip.
Anni: now its some what better.
Me: will apply the medicine tomorrow morning, so that you will be alright. (all the while i was looking at her melons and waist through her sari)

Seeing, the way i was eyeing her assets she quickly checked if the sari was covering her areas properly and adjusted accordingly. She was really quite and it was making me really uneasy.

Me: What happened anni ? you are so quite.

Walked close to her, caught her hands and pulled her to the sofa and made her to sit. Sat beside her.

Anni: What should i talk.
Me: anything. Are you angry at me ? Really sorry then.
Anni: sorry for what ?
Me: for all the things happened …
Anni: you are not the sole responsible for that. I am also equally guilty in it. felt i lost my self control and started to wander about which i should not have done.

I was bit revealed that anni was not mad at me. Happy for the fact that she to enjoyed and was carried away by the pleasure and excitement.

Me: Can i tell something, but please do not mistake me at any cost. (all the while holding the sexy lady hand in me and gently caressing them)
Anni: first you tell me what is it. then will decide if its right or wrong.
Me: Guess no. will not tell it. If i tell it and in case you mistake me then its completely a bigger problem to handle.
Anni: Okay … tell me what is it. will not think bad about you.
Me: (mustering all the courage started to tell my feelings towards her) at the very first instance that i saw you during your marriage, i fell for you. You were real stunning and attractive. I always imagined to spend all my life with you and only you. I have always longed to see you all day long. waiting for that slight slip of your sari which will expose your beautiful and stunning assets. they are simply irresistible. I have always wanted to admire and enjoy the beauty of yours up close and completely naked. And i have tried few time feeling your body, gazing at your exposed waist in sari and what not.

Anni, was completely stunned and was looking at me trying to digest the things which i was telling with even blinking. she felt really tensed.

Me: Off late you were not getting the same attention that you used to get from my brother due to his latest business ventures. It was clearly evident from your actions that you were longing for the care, warmth attention and appreciation. I could not see this. moreover you have trying to get conceived for the second child for couple of years now. I simply wanted to help you. I could not see you depressed. Thats when i thought, what is the harm if i could help you get conceived ? If that happens you will be really happy and so would it too. Anni, i am sure you will not deny this.

Anni: hey !! you are really young. you don’t know anything. stop it.
Me: anni, i am studying 3rd year engg: and i perfectly know how things work.

She was feeling happy that i was thinking and taking good care about her. With the recent developments it was becoming quite hard to reject. And i was also afraid to accept the things at very first instance. Thought will try to doge and talk him out of this. Thought will try to buy some time before which i give him the green signal.

Anni: give me some time to think about these things. we should not rush. and its also bad that i would be cheating my husband which i cannot do.
Me: if i can i would have married you now itself, made you my wife and wud have done all that i had told.

Anni: married no way. i cannot cheat my husband. plz understand.
Me: plzz try to understand my feelings. i really wanted to have sex and want to conceive you. love to see you carry my baby. plzz
Anni: (thinking hard) give me few days to think over, then we can talk about this.
Me: No anni. i really really wanted to help you. don’t you see the affection and care that i have towards you. try to understand my feelings.
Anni: Okay, okay. let this marriage and other things get settled then we can do it.
Me: thanks aunty .. really thanks anuty

After thanking her, unable to control my happiness i simply pounced on my sexy kitten and she was totally not prepared and expected it. laid her down on the sofa and got on top of her. started to suck her lips madly.

Before things can proceed further, we experienced shaking mildly. few things on the table started to fall down. People in the nearby flats started to scream. lights started to appear in all the flats and people were freaking out and running out madly yelling “Earth Quake”.

We got out the compromising position. Anni, adjusted her sari. i pulled the shawl out and wrapped it over my anni and told to move outside as fast as she can. she asked to follow and i duly obliged. though it was mild, the fact that i was an earth quake made everyone frightened.

We assembled in the open space and waited for couple of hours before returning back. Was thinking when, everything was set right and with anni also agreeing too the shit earth quake came and spoiled the complete party.

It was already 3:30 in the morning and we both were feeling sleepy. After entering the flat, she asked to sleep in the hall and lock the door properly and moved to her bedroom without waiting for my response and closed the door.

Was left stranded in the hall. Was completely mad as to what will anni do the next morning. Will she agree or play the obedient-wife ? If she back tracks what to do ? how will i again convince her, now that she clearly knows my intention. There were lot of things going through me and i dont remember when i slept.

I had a nice sleep and woke up by 9 PM when my sexy kitten had jolted my out of my sleep. I was aroused and there a nice tent erected down below and she did not miss to notice that and smiled mischievously.

She asked to take bath. I had a bath and brushed well. was getting myself prepared for lot of french kisses. She asked me sit down and asked to watch TV as it would take another 10 minutes for to finish cooking and went to the kitchen. She Came in after 15-20 minutes and asked me if I was hungry. I said no so she said we would have some chat till you feel hungry.

She came and sat down on a chair and started changing the TV channels to see if there is any good program going on. In the mean time she also started talking to me. She said she never expected that we would get so close this fast. we where talking and laughing.

Anni: what is that you want.
Me: what is that you can give me.
Anni: You should be telling me what you like and I will try our level best to give you that.
Me: Shall I tell you what I like and want?
Anni: sure tell it.
Me:I like you and I want you at any cost.

Anni, did not reply.

Me: why are you not replying ?

She without uttering any word, left to kitchen. I was also feeling very bad. After some time she said come lets have dinner.

We moved to the dining table and she served me dinner. she was not having any smile on her face. Though looked as if she was a little angry. she was looking very sexy. She wore a blue color sari and blue blouse. Each time she went to kitchen to pick up something her ass was swinging which just great to watch.

She also started having dinner and we started speaking again. She never picked the topic of my liking towards her. When we were about to finish the dinner .I asked her once again, that she did not reply to what I asked.

First she said I think it’s never possible and she also said I could not imagine to cheat my husband. I have never even thought of any relationship with someone other than my husband.

I said, but you promised to give me whatever yesterday. She kept quiet and started clearing the dining table and taking things to the kitchen. Though she was a little upset about the whole thing she asked me to sit down as she will clean the utensils and come.

She moved to the kitchen and i moved to the hall and started watching the TV. I thought if I had to get her, it’s today or never. I got up & increased the TV volume slightly, bolted the front door and slowly & silently moved to the kitchen.

she was washing the utensils, without giving much time I held her tightly from behind and the plate she had in her hand fell down and broke. I held her with one hand on her belly and the other around her neck and started kissing her on the neck. She tried to kick me with her leg, but I held her tightly. I just somehow managed to push her entire body towards the slab and managed to get her hands washed and closed the tap.

She asked me what is this, this not fair on your part to do this to me.

I kept quiet and turned her towards me and put both my hands below her arms and hugged her very tightly that there was hardly any gap for even air to pass. This was the first time her entire boobs were pressed against my chest. She was trying her level best to push me aside, but I was too strong for her .As I am taller than her, I lifted her in the same position and came out of the kitchen to hall.

I held in the same position and made her to sit on the sofa and started kissing on her lips, she turned her head back and tried to move back.

rather tamely, She started telling please leave me.

Me: please anni, please don’t try to push me. If you come my way it’s going to be enjoyment for both of us. I love you anni.

That did not stop her resistance.

I lifted her and rested her neck on my right hand and her knees on my left hand and sat on the Sofa. she was laying like a baby in my hands. I held her head strong in my hands started kissing her on her lips and with great struggle I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and started playing. She was just lying idle and allowing me to explore her body, but there is no fun if the female doesn’t respond. So I also stopped kissing her and she was just lying like a baby in my hands. I asked her if she was angry with me.

She said “yes”.

I said, “I love you very much”.

she turned her face not looking in to my eyes.

I again hugged her slowly against my chest and started teasing her ear lobes with my tongue. I also inserted my tongue all into her ears and she started laughing as she started feeling a tickling sensation.

Suddenly she asked, “if someone comes to know about this what would happen”.

I told her why should some come to know about this and how would anyone suspect something like this is happening unless we do something that comes to haunt us. I was at last relived that her problem is only if someone comes to know about this.

Now I got all my courage and started the fore play once again. I started kissing her from the forehead, eyes cheeks and neck and slowly moved down to boobs. They were really too big for her blouse to hold. I then made her lie on the sofa and kissed from forehead to her toe, she had her legs rested on the arms of the sofa.

I just stepped back to admire the beauty kitten. She was simply stunning.

I again moved close to her and moved her sari from the belly portion to have full view of the belly, she was looking great exposing her belly I kissed on her belly for a long time holding her folds in the side of her stomach. Again I got up kissed on her lips and came to the belly portion and inserted my index finger in her naval, played with it exploring the circumference of it and then started kissing her naval madly. inserted my tongue in her naval and tickled the inner flesh for a very long time.

she was gasping for breadth and started to moan unable to hide the excitement. By this she had given up and she started responding back. she circled her hands around my head and started to kneed my hair. she was trying to push me closer to her, so that it wud be difficult for me to do what i was doing i.e licking her navel hole. I was sure she was already wet inside by then. But then I did not want to undress her so fast. I started looking into her eyes and asked,

Me: now do I have the permission to explore you ?
Anni: yes, but only for once and we will not repeat this again.

I agreed. It was almost 11 AM by then.

Now I was sure we going to have a steamy session of fun and excitement. She slowly got up and sat on the sofa and I dug my face to her belly and she caught hold of my head very tightly. I again started kissing her belly portion madly.

then asked her to stand. I went behind her and started exploring all the exposed part of her flesh between her blouse and the sari and neck above and below the blouse. She has started enjoying all the moments by now. I then inserted one of my hand into her bra and caught hold of her boobs and with the other hand I kept feeling her belly and extra curves around her belly. I did this for sometime. she was totally hot inside, damn horny and she for the first time turned and hugged me tightly and started kissing me madly on my forehead, cheeks, lips, neck and then on to my chest. she was uncontrollable.

She then removed my tshirt and started kissing all over my chest and then lied down on my chest hugging me. I again made her lie on the sofa and started kissing her on her legs raising her sari a bit.

I started kissing all over and started licking all across her feet, her feet almost pink in color and very soft. I then rolled her sari and underskirt up to her knees and started licking up to her knees. She was enjoying all the action. Slowly raised her sari along with her underskirt a little more that her panties were seen. I could see that pantie was wet to a large extent by then I kissed on her thighs and slowly dug my face to her wet panties, she caught hold of my head tightly with her hands and started moaning.

I then rolled the sari and underskirt back in position and made her stand, She stood up hugging me and this time I was sure it was with all love and affection.

Me: do you like me now.
Anni: yes.
Me: do you love me.
Anni: yes.
Me: I want to see you naked and enjoy every damn inch of you.

she did not reply but, just hugged me tightly. Hugging her I said I want to see you completely naked for which she just lifted her head looked into my eyes and kissed me on the face once again. I was for sure that she was totally in my control now. She then pointed towards the bedroom.

I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. it was well done bedroom with a large king size bed. I slowly put her on the bed. I sat next to her and wanted to enjoy her for a long time. I pulled her and made her lie on my chest and rested myself on two pillows.

I told her if I was her husband she could have had sex three or four times a day, for which she smiled and kissed me. I then told her that, I would ensure that you enjoy sex to fullest and if I was allowed to have sex with her for next few days. For which she said no this should be the first and last. I told her only till her husband returns lets have all the fun, she just kept quiet for that and kissed me. I was sure that next 10-15 days is going to be real fun for me. I was just unable to imagine a matured lady like my sexy kitten is lying in my arms.

without wasting any time i started kissing her on her lips, and then inserted my tongue inside her mouth started playing with her tongue. She smelled very good. We did this for a long time. she broke the passionate kiss. stood out from the bed and said needs to drink water.

after she came back from the kitchen after drinking water, I then slowly removed her sari from her shoulders and undid the tucked portion from the petticoat. And then removed her sari completely. She was looking stunning in the petticoat and then slowly removed the hooks of her blouse and started kissing her boobs and the cleavage. dug my face on hers boobs and started biting her nipples over her bra. She was wearing that black satin lacy bra which i had selected for her. She teased me by laughing mischievously.

I then went down to the knot of her underskirt and removed the knot with my teeth, but did not allow the underskirt to fall on the floor all of sudden. Underneath she was wearing that bikini cut black satin pantie. I was overwhelmed with joy. I held that petticoat and slowly removed the underskirt down kissing her on the panties, sides on the panties and turned her around and started kissing her on her ass cheeks. I started kissing on her thighs.

If I had describe her from bottom to top .well polished nails, two golden rings on the middle fingers of her legs, Golden anklets on both the legs, black satin bikini cut pantie, two golden bangles each on both hands, a ring in the middle finger of her left hand and well polished and long nails in the left hand, a chain hanging slightly below her black lacy bra, and a mangal sutra, ear rings, brown color round bindi and a little sindoor on her forehead.

Really stunning. I just felt like eating her raw. She was looking great. I just moved a few steps back to see and enjoy her beauty; She put both her hands on her face and was not able to look in to my eyes. she was feeling shy. I asked her to remove her hands and look at me. she said she is feeling shy. I told her anni you look beautiful like this and let me see you completely please remove your hands. You will look good only once your face in uncovered. She again repeated that she is feeling shy.

I told her that you at least have two pieces of clothes on your body now. After sometime you will not even have that and then what will you do?

I slowly removed her hands from her face and gave soft kiss on her forehead on the sindoor and hugged her tightly, for which she responded very well. She was totally hot by now. I slowly again kissed her on her back and tried remove her bra hooks with my mouth. I managed to do that and started kissing her all over her back and in the mean time removed one string of the bra from the right hand, but she did not allow the bra to fall down, she kept both her hands on the cups of the bra held that close to her boobs. Then I came to her front and asked her to put her hands down and she said no. I then slowly caught the center of the bra and pulled it to free both her boobs together. She had two large globes beneath the bra. I told her that I couldn’t imagine that this 34 size bra held these two huge pair of globes. She hugged me tightly and said in my ears that she generally wears one size lesser bra so that the size of the globes are not exposed to people.

I then sat on the bed and made her stand in front of me and started playing with her boobs. I took the tits to my mouth and bit them slowly and she enjoyed every moment. I made her to sit on my lap so that her boobs were close to my face and started kissing and taking the portion of her boobs inside my mouth. In the mean time I placed my left hand on her panties and started playing with her pubic area. inserted into it and she had shaven it.

She was aroused. she was close to orgasm by now. And I slowly inserted my index finger into her hole and slowly started rotating it so that she enjoys it. After some time I made her stand and encircled her so that my hands started exploring her ass and my face rolling over her belly and boobs. I slowly held her ass cheeks inserting my hands inside her panty and removed her panties up to her thighs and started kissing her upper thighs and her lower tummy.

Then I slowly took the panties to the ankle and she caught hold my shoulder to lift her right leg and I removed it from the leg and then the same repeated with her left leg also.

Now my sexy kitten was in front of me totally naked. she then removed my pants and my underwear. I then put her left leg on the cot and the right leg on the floor and went below her and faced her pussy. and started licking slowly giving her maximum enjoyment. I then started inserting my tongue deep into her hole and she started morning a bit louder. She said she cannot wait any more and asked me to take her fully now. It was close to 4 hrs without the actual session just by teasing each other’s body.

I continued in this position for some more time and then I made her lie on the bed on her back and put her legs on the floor and I sat on the floor and put both her legs on my shoulders and positioned my face to her pussy lips once again and drilled my tongue as deep as I could into her hole. She started mourning very loudly. I then removed my tongue and started licking all around her pussy hole and slowly rose to her belly portion and to the naval hole now and all this action was running both of us crazy. I then went up to her boobs and I took both the boobs into my mouth as much as possible and then finally reached her mouth and inserted my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue for a long time and now she was totally restless and asked me to perform the actual action.

I then went down and placed my dick in front of her pussy hole and wide spread her legs with my hand. I had some difficulty in inserting my dick into her hole. She then held my dick with her fingers and placed it in the right place and I slowly started pushing it into her hole and she started mourning again. I then slowly increased the speed of stroking my dick in her hole and she was just enjoying it. I was now about to cum in her hole, I somehow controlled myself and reduced the speed so that I don’t cum this fast and once again slowly started moving my dick front and back and did the same thing for almost 15-20 minutes so that we have max pleasure and could not control after that and released all my cum into her giving me and her a lot of relief.

We slept in the same position for some time after the game. I was lying on her body after the session teasing her with my tong and my fingers. She at last started talking, she said that this is the longest session she had in her lifetime and she sounded thankful for the wonderful time that I had given her.

She came sat beside me and held my dick with her fingers and started massaging my dick. She once in a while pinched my soft skin with her nails. She also held my balls and started playing with it.

She said in a low voice that she has to take bath and get to her household work. I told fine lets bath together.She was just looking into my eyes when I told that, I then kissed her once again on her fore head and her eyes. Then removed the bedspread from her body and was admiring her beautiful body once again.

Kissed her on her boobs and neck. I then got of the bed and lifted her in my arms and started walking towards the bathroom. On the way I was just looking deeply into her eyes. she was blushing in my arms.

She asked me, do you love me so much.
I said yes.

She asked me, what is so special about her.

I placed her on the slab in the wash room and made her face the mirror and put my hands on her boobs and told, tell me anni who would not like to have you as his own.

She took a towel and tied it across her chest and tied her hair as a bun and I caught hold of her by her neck once again and put my tong deep into her mouth once again started playing with her tong and had her tong in my mouth also. We had a deep kiss making our tongue dance in each other’s mouth.

After some time I made her sit on the slab and lifted her towel so that I could see her pussy hole clearly and started kissing her around her hole and then slowly once again inserted my tong into her pussy hole and started rotating my tongue inside her hole and she started moaning with a bigger sound, she held my head tightly against her pussy and I did that for at least 5 minutes and made her cum again. I then lifted her in my arms and made her stand. she was just in the towel.

I took her to the shower and put on the shower and as the water dripped from the shower I again started kissing her with more vigor and took my tongue inside her mouth and now it was a mix of our saliva and water. Now as the towel was totally wet I removed her towel and made her stand naked. I went down on my knees and lifted her one leg and started kissing her from the toe slowly moved to the upper portion to her knee, upper thighs and ultimately to her hole once again and made her moan to the core. I then made her lie on the floor and went above her and inserted my penis in to her hole, and started fucking her once again. She was just lying on the floor totally naked and I was on her pushing my penis into her hole with great vigor. she was reaching the climax and so was i. the moaning started getting loud. i could not control and started to cum for the second time inside her.

after laying in the same position for sometime. the got up and started to take bath. I took the towel and started to dry my sexy kitten. She then told me to go the drawing hall, as she wants to get dressed. I kissed her and hugged her and told her that I want to see her getting dressed. I then moved back and wore my pant and shirt and sat on the cot.

She went to wardrobe & took out black color pantie and a similar color bra. As she was wearing the bra, I went behind her and helped her wearing the hook and adjusted her straps with my hands inside her bra and then inserted my hands in to the cups and pressed then once again.

As she wore the pantie fully, I went and put my face on her pantie and kissed on the hole onsite the pantie, she was smelling great there and then she wore her underskirt and her blouse which was same in color and she then she wore her sari I asked her to were it way below her naval and she readily obliged.

we were hungry after that steamy session and i told to my sexy kitten that i would be bringing a parcel for her also for lunch.

While on the way to hotel to get her favorite briyani, a thought crossed why don’t i quickly visit the lingerie store and get a sexy and kinky night dress for her.

Reached the hotel and gave the order. was told it wud take another 30 mins to ready them. relayed the information to my kitten. started my bike and left towards the store.

reached there and ran in and asked the manager to show some night dress. browsed through the catalogue. wanted to buy the below in which my kitten will be stunning and completely arousing.

Manju - My sex kitten
Manju - My sex kitten
Manju - My sex kitten

But decided against it thinking it wud too early. so decided on a silky smooth satin nightie which had a very lacy and transparent front around the area her boobs were and had a nice deep cut running along the length of her thighs. imagined my kitten in this and it erected a tent down under.

Manju - My sex kitten
Manju - My sex kitten

paid and purchased it. and rushed towards to hotel to get the parcel. raced through the traffic and reached the home in a swift. just before i cud open the door, saw couple of additional slippers outside the entrance.

i knew who it were, they were my parents.

Aaahhhh !! they have come to check how we were. and since, they were leaving today to attend the marriage function at native place wanted to see and enquire what were the plans of my annis. Had lunch without talking much due to parents presence. discussion happened and plans were discussed. told them will drive to the native place with anni, attend the marriage and return back the next day. to which my parents reluctantly agreed to.

My sexy kitten was happy with that plan. Midway through the discussion dozed away. Seems she to slept shortly my parents left.

she woke me around 8 pm. She told, she had just woke up too.

anni: what do need for dinner ?
me: just you anni (rather sheepishly)
anni: Ahh !! stupid.
me: anything anni.
anni: whats that cover ? did you buy anything at that lingerie store.
me: anni, close your eyes. there is a surprise for you. i really liked it the very first time i saw. so i bought it for you. plzz you need to wear it today. have some plans for it.
anni: whats is that you have purchased ? show me ?

before i could show it. he cellphone rang. it was his husband.

anni: hello
husband: hello, its me. how are you.
anni: good. and you ?
husband: gud.
anni: how is the progress with the work ?
husband: perfectly shaping
anni: gud to hear that.
husband: what are you doing ?
anni: was watching tv

I was getting restless as my anni was spending lot of time over the phone. got up went near her and patiently listened to the conversation for few minutes.

hugged her behind. she let a small gasping voice. gave a terrified look and tried to push me away using her hands. but could not succeed. tightened my hands around her waist and was exploring and fingering her navel. she was starting to get excited. i was poking her ass with my erect tool. she was blushing.

she told to her husband there is someone at the door and had to check who it was asked it she can put him on hold. she pressed the hold button and turned towards me. caught my cheeks as if a teacher was about to punish a kid and squeezed them telling, don’t do dirty things like this when i am talking to him. if he comes to know about this, it will be bad.

me: nothing will happen. okay will not disturb you. but you need to promise me that you will be accompanying me to a place within the apartment and you should wear the dress that i had purchased.
anni: no will not.
me: then will make noise and keep hugging you, squeezing your assets till you end the call.
anni: why suresh ? what do you want me to do
me: like i said earlier.
anni: okay .. leave me now.

allowed my kitten to escape from my clutches. she spend another 20 mins talking to him.

after she came, we had our dinner and got settled ourselves before the TV.

anni: what did you get for me ?
me: its a dress
anni: i know that. can i see it ?

I took the case out of the cover and pulled out a large rectangular white box. No markings at all. No maker’s marks, no shop marks – nothing but white cardboard.

she took the box and started to open it. heard the rustle of tissue paper. Then i held the dress up. For me it looked like a black vinyl nighte. Floor length,
a thin material, pretty much see thru, it had small straps came down to a low V which highlighted the swell of her breasts, the material being so thin I could see her nipples though the nightdress.

It simply blew me.

anni: You expect me to wear THAT ? (she shouted)
me: well yes. you have promised me.
anni: how am i supposed to wear something like this. i just cant.
me: I thought you’d like it as a bit of fun
anni: Why should I like it? It looks very uncomfortable if not impossible to wear

I was totally broken. made a sad face.

anni: why did you buy those ?
me: wanted to see your beauty in those and have a steamy session of sex at a very special place
anni: what special place ?
me: once you wear it. will take you there. it would be mind blowing.
anni: was teasing you. will wear them. looks real sexy.

I was happy and stepped towards her and put my hands on her hips, I caressed her, her back was against the wall, leaning in I softly kissed her on the lips, she leant forward a little a returned my kiss. I felt her hands rest on my upper arms as I again leant in and kissed her, harder and a little more frantic, I was getting more turned on knowing how arousing would she be in that sexy nighties. she was returning my kiss here in the hall of her house.

“Mmmm,” she moaned into our kiss, I pressed my body against her, letting my hard cock press against her near naked belly.

“Oh,” she said disappointingly as I broke our kiss.

I took a half step back looking into her eyes I slowly let my right hand drop from her hip down her leg until I reached the bottom of her sari, I could feel her fingers clenching my upper arms as I bought my hand round and cupped her mounds, her eyes flickered, her breath caught, she licked her lips.

“Oh dear,” she panted as my fingers worked their way into the leg and thighs and caressed her pussy lips, she started to sigh and push her body against my hand, she opened her legs a little wider, giving me an invitation to to keep going slowly I worked my fingers all around her pussy.

“Please,” she moaned.

I asked, please what ?
she told, you know.

Oh god, put them in me, put your fingers in me, touch me, please me, PLEASE she told.

I slipped my fingers into her warm, wet pussy, making sure my fingers brushed against her clit.

Oh my lord, that feels so good suresh, please don’t stop at any cost.

I ran my fingers over her clit now more and more, rolling it between my fingers, she was gasping for breadth now, her fingers clenching and unclenching on my upper arms, her eyes tightly closed.

don’t stop, please don’t stop, she told.

but, that’s what I did. I stopped.

slid my fingers from her and took a step back.

she asked me what happened ? Why did you stop?

I smiled.

kissed her on the lips and whispered to her, trust me. it will be okay.

gave her the dress and asked to wear them in front of me. she took the dress and went to her room. closed the door.

when she came out, missed my breadth. was completely blown away. I then noticed her nipples were hard and pushing against the material, I could see them quite clearly, she followed my eyes to see where I was looking, she smiled, turned and she headed towards the kitchen. I followed behind, taking in the view of this mature woman in her night attire, I could see the satin nighte swaying as she walked, a rather delightful sight. she did not wear any pantie or bra for that matter.

once in the kitchen, I took her in my arms and kissed her again, she responded by returning my kiss, “I want to see you,” she gasped into my mouth.

I stepped back. collected the shawl from hall and handed it over to her and told,

Are you ready ?

Got into the elevator and pressed the button for the top floor.

she asked me, What’s on the top floor ?

the roof, i answered and moved closer to her. and looked longingly into her eyes.

a smile burst across her face and she knew that look. she knew what i had in mind for the roof. Moisture instantly started to build down under.

she was driving me wild.

We got to the top floor and took the stairs out onto the roof. Halfway up the stairs, i pulled her into me and kissed her roughly. No words passed between us as i pushed her up against the concrete wall, pulled her nightie up and shoved my hand into her panties seeking out to check her wetness.

my lips were on her neck and my fingers moved back and forth over her clit. Nothing else existed in the world for those few moments, nothing but my lips on her neck, my fingers now wet and sliding over her clit, dipping into me with every third or fourth stroke.

I withdrew my fingers and licked them clean, one by one and said, I want to see all of you. show me your body.

Anni: no not now. you were telling there is something special out on the roof top that you wanted to show me. what is that ?
Me: ahh !! yes. totally forgot seeing your beauty anni, you are totally wet right ?
anni: if you tease mine like this how will it hold .. it will surely leak. and it is

loved the way my sexy kitten was elaborating about them. never ever had seen anni talk like this and it was making me feel aroused. i was hell bent on having a mad and steamy session of sex on roof top.

climbed the remaining steps and out onto the roof. It was a beautiful, cold night. she walked out and enjoyed the view of the night .. the stars and the seductive moon. As she walked out to see the view, i took my hand, spun her around and kissed passionately.

A long passionate kiss that started out with our lips matched up perfectly. Our mouths opened together and your tongue began playing. Our tongues were darting around and exploring each other, feeling the warmth and moisture of each other’s mouths. Kissing her has always erected a tent down below.

I continued to kiss and gravitated toward the wall by the rooftop entrance. With her back against the wall and my hands explored her body madly. I cupped her breasts with my hands and ran my tongue all over her neck and down into her cleavage. grabbed them and squeezed them madly. she moaned out of pain and excitement.

I started to pull her nightie upwards. she stopped me and said, strip your clothes.

me: anni, why ?
anni: (in a stern voice) strip down your clothes.
me: what dont you do it.

she pounced on me and took my tshirt off and pulled my shorts down in a flash along with the underwear. i was standing completely naked with stars shining above me and the sexy lady in a stunning lacy satin nightie before me.

she was gazing at my erect tool which was saluting her. she licked her lips. our eyes meet and she let a mischievously smiled. she quickly went down on her knees and was facing mine in close range. she began to tease me by gently patting them. i held her by her hair and started to pull towards me. she resisted and asked to stop, which i did.

Now she began using her hands and lips to rub my legs and thighs. squeezed it occasionally. and she started to caress the insides of my thighs which are very sensitive and does give great pleasure. she keep doing this for sometime. she gently touched my balls with her fingers, lifted them, weighed them, massaging them, rubbing her face all around them.

she held mine tightly and started to run her fingertips up and down the shaft. I was already hard on. she continued this for several minutes, stroking and squeezing. seems her closed lips were experience the heat that’s radiating from my shaft, the wetness from the tip, and the pulsing from the head. she was getting aroused and it was evident with the vigor of her grip on mine.

she let her lips apart. felt the perfect sensation of my cock-head slipping between them. her tongue started to glide over mine and was happily tasting the pre-cum that was oozing out. she continued to suck mine with her tongue for a few moments, savoring the taste.

she was excited. I was on the clouds unable to contain the pleasure she was dishing out.

she needed more and can no longer content with just sucking only the head. she let her lips follow her hands further down my shaft, and even further still, until her hand hits the base. she was sucking harder. sucking furiously. she dragged her tongue along the underside of my cock, and then massaged the head. it was magical and i was in heaven. she was sucking mine back into her mouth this time and she was doing it quickly and taking it deep, all the way, until the head pressing against the back of her throat. her lips are wrapped tightly around the base of mine. she push her head forward a couple of times, grinding my cock into her throat.

she settled into an easy routine, sucking in quickly and deeply. From time to time she stopped everything and grabbed my shaft like she would grab a handle and squeeze it real firm but gentle, and this brought out a big drop pre-cum which she sucked and licked it clean.

next she sat bit higher and brought her nipples all over my cock teasing them and at the same time sucking to too. took the erect shaft of mine and started to slap her boobs and nipples madly. she did it 10-15 times. then she put mine in between her tits and started to play with it. she was finding it difficult to achieve what she wanted as she was still in her night dress. she pulled her straps down and slid the nightie out. then she repeated and mashed mine in between her naked tits.

she held mine together with her tits and started to rub mine with her melons. she was using my precum oozing out to lubricate. she was squeezing her melons and nipples. it was turning me mad.

Then she did something i enjoyed, sucking my balls, kissing them, sucking them, feeling their heat. she was gentle, as they are tender. she was running her tongue up my shaft and all around it, lightly but firmly, stopping to kiss here and there. Slowly, she started to lick the head, around and around, slipping her tongue over mine slit across the “V” area. she started to suck fast and hard and after some point she slowed it down. she was toying with me arousing and calming me in cycles. I was in heave and mine was like a ticking bomb waiting to explode anytime.

I started to move about, thrusting at times. i grabbed her head and started to pull closer to me. i wanted mine to be inside her mouth all along. Mine was getting really hard, she was toying with mine. i was about to explode. And exploded.

i cummed into her mouth and she started swallowing it down madly. i pulled it out and burst the rest on her face, lips and tits. when i was done shooting, let a roar of victory and she was licking and enjoying every inch of mine dripping from her face.

after she licked, she saw me, smiled and told,

anni: i have never experienced such a pleasure in my entire life. this was amazing experience and i really enjoyed it. sorry if had accidentally bitten yours.
me: that’s lovely. happy that you enjoyed. see i told you, it will pleasure. you should start to believe me.
anni: yes.
me: now that you have tasted mine. its my turn to taste.
anni: what are you telling
me: now, i will tasting yours i.e i will licking and enjoying your pussy hole. shall i start.
anni: (covered her pussy with her hands) no, you should not.
me: no way anni. i am etching to taste yours.

and not waiting for what my sexy kitten was saying hugged her. felt those naked boobs brush my bare chest and get crushed against mine. then my lips automatically started searching for hers. kissed her slowly but passionately. then cupped her meaty melons in my hand and started to lick them.

her nipple grew quickly and grew harder as i started licking them and i really loved to taste her erect nipples. with the mad sucking, her other nipple to grew equally rigid as soon as my tongue started fondling her there. for several minutes, i moved from one nipple to other. i was caressing them with my tongue resorting to broad strokes and sometimes short thrusts with just the tip. Besides the feel of her nipples, I took a lot of enjoyment in the way, she was moaning and getting excited with the pleasure.

“Mmmmm, suresh, I really like that,” she murmured to me, moving her upper body and presenting her breasts to my eager mouth.

As I licked her nipples, I could faintly smell the delightful aroma of my kittens pussy as it started producing her juices. She noticed it too. it made her concerned rather than giving her pleasure.

anni: please dont eat mine.
me: i am surely going to eat it. yours is making me real mad.

Before resuming my very pleasurable activities with her breasts, I gazed with admiration at her beautiful pussy with the fair skin and the soft hair. i was thinking how could one pass up the opportunity to bury his face in a gorgeous place of delight, such as she has between her legs, and eat and lick and suck, was beyond me. I shrugged it off as her husband’s loss and got back on the job to resume what we both enjoyed so much.

Within a few minutes, I could smell the heavenly aroma of her pussy and see how she was starting to moan. Since she was highly aroused, I wanted her to enjoy one orgasm from my licking and sucking her breasts and another from my eating her pussy.

I wanted to try it too so, while cupping her lovely breast with one hand, I reached down to begin massaging around her clit with the other. She was extremely wet, and her clit had swollen so much it was pushing its way out from behind its protective hood. I gently held her inner lips and began slowly stroking her. Instead of just licking, I drew one of her luscious globes into my mouth and started sucking while my tongue continued caressing her areola and nipple. my kitten, turned to moans of bliss, and the erotic movements of her body grew stronger.

When I switched my attention from the first breast to suck and lick on its lovely twin. she cupped her hands either of them so her gorgeous globes were being presented to me, and I took advantage of that. Shifting my weight slightly enabled me to hold her in place while I moved my mouth from one breast to the other and, at the same time, my hand was able to caress her clit. her warm, slippery juices felt delightful, as did the way her pussy was moving up and down against my hand.

“Ooooh, suresh, that’s so wonderful! Keep doing that!” she interrupted her soft moans of bliss to arouse me.

I did keep doing what she wanted so much.

My mouth switched back and forth between her arousing breasts, pleasuring them and myself, while my hand continued gently massaging her clit. As her pleasure mounted, her movements under me became more and more erratic and her head tossed from side to side. My face remained pressed tightly against where we both wanted it, with my mouth continuously working, while my hand stayed with the fingering of her pussy and the thrashing of her lower body.

“Yes! Yes! I’m cumming!” she cried out joyously.

Her pussy fucked harder than ever against my hand while her legs jerked back and forth, bending at her hips. I was able to continue massaging her clit and to keep my face pasted against her breast, licking the nipple and areola in my mouth for as long as she was cumming.

When she climaxed, her body gave a sign of satisfaction, her pussy thrusting against my hand and her legs stretching out toward. After her orgasm, she completely relaxed, her eyes closed, her arms sprawled at her sides and her legs spread.

waited till the sexy lady regained her strength.

anni: that was wonderful and I know this is going to be even better.
me: wide grin

Kneeling, with my arms wrapped around her thighs, my face was inches from her beautiful pussy. with my face so close to the origin, the scent was stronger and better. A plentiful amount of her pleasure liquid was available for me and I began my feast by licking all of it from her thighs, then her belly, then all around its source. I finished by licking every drop I could find that had come from her pussy. By the time I was finished, she was already cooing with pleasure from the feel of my tongue against her bare skin. her moans grew louder when I started licking the smooth, soft area between the origins of a pair of inner and outer lips. Slowly, relishing the way her flesh felt on my tongue, I licked up to where the labia are close together. Continuing my slow advance, I probed the seam between them, reveling in the feel of her soft, spongy inner lip on one side of my tongue and the slick wetness of her outer lip on the other side.

When I reached the end of the inner lip I continued licking upward and let my tongue caress, reveling in the softness of her pubic hair. With the utmost delicacy, I stroked the top of that cover, indirectly caressing the precious love button that was pushing its way out from underneath. As my tongue moved back and forth, I could feel a small change in the way she was moving on her hip and, when I curled my tongue under the hood and gently fondled her clit, the result was even better. Her movements became stronger; she moaned loudly and my nose detected more of those delectable juices as they ooze from her.

I wanted to take as long as I safely could to bring her to a climax so I brought my tongue back down to the origin of the other pair of lips. After pleasing my taste buds with the fresh juices, I started licking more vigorously. As my tongue slowly traveled upward, I could feel and hear her reactions as she became more aroused. This time, instead of licking her, I stopped at her clit hood.

After caressing her there, I raised my face briefly to enjoy the sight of what I was doing. Her pussy is a thing of great beauty, with her creamy skin and curly, silky smooth black hair surrounding her pussy lips that were now engorged and a dark red in color.

Gently, I separated them with my fingers and gazed at her clit, equally swollen and equally ruddy. The precious love toy had completely pushed its way out from under its protective hood. In the center of all this loveliness is her adorable pink hole itself, dripping wet with the fragrant juices it was producing. To make everything even more wonderful, she was thrusting her pussy up and down even harder against my face.

anni: I really love the way you’re eating mine and I hope you’re not going to stop.
me: Of course I wouldn’t.

my sexy kittens pussy is far too much fun, and too much of a treat for all my senses for me to want to stop for more than a few seconds. Once again my tongue got busy just below her precious love hole, this time probing into the edge of that delightful pink place and catching the juices that squirted out.

It felt fabulous to me too, and tasted just as great, as my tongue slowly started up first one side, then the other of the place that was producing the delicious juices. Besides probing the edges, I was exploring under her inner pussy lips, delighting in the flavor and texture of this very sensitive place. As my tongue moved upward, crossing from one side to the other and back, I dipped it into the fresh nectar being produced. When I sneaked a peak at her, she head tossing from side to side with a grimace of intense pleasure on her face, and I knew she would be cumming soon.

After licking and probing all around the sides of her lovely pink hole, I reached the top edge. Pressing my face even more closely, I inserted my tongue and curled the tip up, massaging just below her clit. she was moaning loudly. Her legs squeezed my temples, holding me an extremely willing prisoner. her hands grabbed the back of my head, pressing me against her pussy, a place I very much wanted my face to be. While her hip flexed back and forth and her ass bounced up and down, I clung to her thighs and kept my mouth securely clamped on her clit. Through all her frantic movements, I continued sucking and licking, both of us totally enjoying the way she was cumming.

Once again, when she climaxed, her pussy slammed upward, this time into my face, and her legs straightened out over my shoulders. Her arms and upper body jerked once, violently, before she sagged back. Her hands released my head and flopped out at her sides while her legs remained draped over my shoulders. I removed my mouth from her clit and my tongue started tasting up the nectar, first from her thighs, then from her pussy lips and all around the outside of her love hole.

There was an ocean more inside, but I left it there because I knew we would both want to fuck next and the juices would be needed to serve their natural function of lubrication.

I was totally aroused and she was in heaven and was still moaning in excitement and had covered her pussy with her hands and her neck thrown back. boy she was stunning and divine.

Me: i just cannot resist the urge to fuck you. plz want to do
anni: no way .. already mine is dripping madly .. it has seen more in a single day … so noway.
me: ahhh !! thats bad. with all the juice flowing down, its going to silky smooth entry and out. plzz
anni: naughty .. no way.

she tried to move away. I was up to her moves. caught her and held her captive within my hands.

me: anni, We can’t waste time. love to fuck you here under the stars has been my fantasy for long. noway i am going to let this go free.

I pushed her to the walls and then started to use my mouth and my hands lightly pinching and rolling her nipples. Her pussy was soaking wet, craving any attention.

I started rubbing the tip of dick up and down across her clit. The next thing she knew, i was inside her and held still for a few seconds. She wanted to stop right then, but it felt so good.

A wave of erotic lust enveloped my body which I struggled to control.

Slowly I began to move my hips back and forth. The more I went into her, the more my dick became wet.

My body began to break out in a sweat.

As I got used to my flesh being inside of hers, my thrusts began to increase and she was beginning to moan more and more.

It was not long after that I was pumping her hard. The roof top was filled with squishing sounds of sex mixing together and flesh banging against flesh. I held her hips in my arms as they went back and forth, squeezing every bit of flesh I could.

she was sweating like hell.

I could feel the muscles inside of her beginning to grip my dick harder and harder. As the pleasure increased, She would also dig her long nails into my flesh. I guess it was a way of her handling all the sexual pleasure she was experiencing.

I began to moan and grunt as the sexual pleasure overtook my virgin body. I knew I was about to come and discharged them completely inside her.

i was grunting, struggling to milk every drop of cum I could out of me. My heart was pumping a thousand times a second.

It was amazing.

After I was sure that no more cum was inside of me, I threw my arms around her hot body drenched in sweat and kissed whatever part of her face i could.

And the weird thing was, I had this urge to scream out “I love you” to her the entire time. We lay in each others arm for sometime.

After getting exhausted, i asked the sexy lady to cover her with the shawl. picked the all our dresses thrown around and handed it her. wore my shorts and lifted the sexy lady in my hands and walked towards to the flat. we crashed straight into the bed as we had to travel for the wedding reception.

need some sleep. rest too.

i slept hugging the sexy lady and we where in scoop me position. ramming my erect tool into her ass crack.

woke up around 12 clock. She had already got up and was busy in kitchen. She was wearing my favorite sari. looked stunning. lovely morning darhsan.

went to kitchen all nude and hugged the sexy lady from behind and started to kiss her. she enjoyed the hug.

anni: chi .. you are nude. wear something.
me: why anni. i love to be like this.
anni: its getting late. we need to travel to attend the reception. we planned to start around 12, but its already late. can you hit the bathroom and try to get ready. i am preparing lunch. go fast.
me: no way. i want a kiss.
anni: ummm .. why ?
me: love to taste those seductive lips of yours.
anni: umm humm

I just turned her around and took her face in my palms and started to suck her lips. Its was delicious. we were madly exploring each others mouth .. invading inside, tasting the saliva and sucking the tongue. real passionate one.

she pushed me aside and we both were gasping for breadth. she pushed me aside and showed the way to bathroom. i duly obeyed. started towards bathroom, but before going pinched her luscious waist exposed by her sari.

We got ready. she wore a black legging and a matching top that i had got for her. she told its really conformable and i was in heaven when i saw her. went near her and hugged her real tight and told,

me: anni, thanks for wearing it. you look real stunning and sexy in this. I LOVE YOU.
anni: feeling happy that you are taking care of me like this. love to see this for ever.
me: sure anni.

packed our bags and started our journey.

We’re driving together on a highway, one of our favorite places to camp or watch the stars. It’s a cool but somewhat sunny. she was dressed in black legging and a top. nothing sexy in it. she was looking real homely in that. I was wearing shorts and a matching tshirt.

We were expecting to be on the road for about five hours to reach our relatives house from which we had planned to go to reception. I was driving and she was beside me as a navigator even though i knew the route very well.

anni: shall i drive half the distance ?
me: drive ? you ? first try to get license and then we can plan for hitting the road for a long drives.
anni: yeah, i should seriously consider learning driving. your cousin is does not have time to teach me.
me: anni, why do you worry. I am there. will teach you driving (smiled mischievously).
anni: driving you … i know what you are planning … (she to giggled)

We were a couple of hours into the trip when she’d asked,

anni: feeling tired ?
me: no way anni. with you beside is there a reason to ?
anni: Well, the least I can do is to make the drive a bit more enjoyable for you. and the sexy lady winked at me.

She reached over and started to caress my cock through my shorts and, of course, it immediately started to stiffen. I had no complaints when she took the initiative. Once she felt my cock growing rigid. she leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on my cheek and give a little lip-tug to the lobe of my ear. I did my best to remain more focused on driving.

she licked my cheek with her lips. I thought that we’re going to share a romantic kiss and was getting prepared for it. instead her hand went immediately to my chest and squeezed them. she started to kiss me on my neck and was making me crazy.

i was aroused but the car didn’t waver on the road. my feet stayed in place against the gas pedal. she move towards me to tickle my neck, giving soft kisses and her lips caressing it.

These were not desperate, sloppy kisses like I make when I am in passionate. These are gentle and carefully placed, slowly teasing me and turning me on. she was little excited, and I’m practically dripping in my underwear.

she used her index finger to fiddle with my zipper, slowly inching it down and unbuttoning my shorts, but not opening them. she haven’t stopped kissing me yet. she them moved to my chest and was leaving wet love bites over there as she moved down, trying to avoid bumping into my arm on the wheel. her breath is hot and when they felt on my skin it kindled the burning desire to enjoy her. she lifted her hand and trailed a finger as gently as possible across my stomach and to my navel, and then she pulled my shorts and undergarments down enough to grant her access to mine.

I am hard now, and I want to give you pleasure. My body tingles and aches for yours, and I pull the edges of my shorts down, revealing my penis. My hands are
shaking and my body is practically aching for her. I sneak a peak and the road ahead is empty.

She started out slowly sliding her mouth up and down my tool, which felt absolutely amazing, but she did stop to stroke it occasionally and also would caress or lick my balls. I think only the fact that I had to be somewhat focused on driving kept me from cumming immediately. Her cock sucking left nothing to be desired and I was hoping that, from this point, I would have many opportunities to enjoy it.

while I was driving so I reached under her to cup her hanging tit. It was restrained by her bra and her dress but I could still feel her hard nipple pressing out and that made me wonder if sucking my cock had her pussy wet. I was pretty confident that I could make her cum while I was driving even if I was limited to using my fingers rather than my tongue. Thinking about her tits and her wet pussy had my cock growing even thicker as it pushed me even closer to an orgasm.

She remained focused, though, just as I remained focused on keeping the car between the lines even though I wanted to lean back and close my eyes.

Fortunately, we were on a pretty straight, not very busy section of highway so I had the cruise control on. If I hadn’t, I think I may have floored the accelerator pedal as I started spurting into her mouth with a groan. She swallowed my load and continued to suck me off until I was completely spent, then let my cock fall from her mouth and straightened up, moving to re-seat herself properly.

me: We’re going to have to take a lot of road trips. That was outstanding.
anni: You don’t have to be driving for me to do that.
me: will absolutely be returning the favor as soon as I can. In the meantime, I will take care of you the only way I can at this point.

I reached over and placed my hand on her thigh then slid it up along with the hem of her legging. Not only didn’t she resist, but she spread her legs as she made herself more comfortable. When my hand reached her panties, I massaged the front of them before slipping my hand inside. Her bush was trim and I could feel the blood trying to return to my spent cock as my fingers passed through it.

I found her pussy overflowing with juices as I’d anticipated and easily slipped a finger inside her. She moaned softly as I slid my finger in and out a few times before focusing on gently caressing her clit. I glanced over, seeing that her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open as moans continued to slip out.

I couldn’t see anything else indicating what was going on except when I quickly glanced downward to see her exposed panties with my hand working hard within them.

Once again, the blood wanted to return to my floored cock as I forced my gaze away from her panties while I continued to alternately caress her clit and slide my finger in and out of her hot, wet pussy. It wasn’t affecting my ability to drive so I’d have been more than happy to continue for the remainder of the trip but I could feel her pussy becoming even wetter and more engorged each time I slipped my finger into her. She was also rocking her hips and moaning more continuously so I knew that she was approaching an orgasm. I was happy to be able to provide her with such pleasure.

I didn’t try to get her there any faster once I knew she was on the verge. I just kept up what I’d been doing since it seemed to be working just fine. She gasped just as her body started shaking and I glanced over again to see the look of passion on her face. I kept going as she rode out what appeared to be a long and intense orgasm, stopping only once she’d let out a long sigh. At that point I reluctantly slipped my hand out of her panties and slipped my finger into my mouth, tasting her pleasure liquid.

my hand goes to the gearshift, the blinker already on, and then parked on the side of the road. then pounced on the sexy lady. was on top of you in broad daylight. the seat is now reclined as far back as possible. her hips look particularly enticing in this position.

the only privacy we had was none.

mine was pressing against hers and I’m sure we’re sharing fluids through. asked her to remove her top and her legging. she was on just bra and pantie. It’s chilly, but my heart was racing, and sweat drips between her breasts. I pull aside the fabric of her panties and mine makes perfect contact with hers. I was perfectly aligned with my body against hers. I press my body down and penetrate into her, pushing deep inside. I grit my teeth and groan through them, utter pleasure encompassing my body as I join in with hers.

I take a moment to relax, and then slowly pull my hips backward. her hands moved to grasp my thighs and stopped it. she was holding me tightly. I shove my hips back down as far as possible inside you. I move again, grinding my public bone against yours. Another groan escaped her clenched teeth and i was aware of the moaning sounds she was making. I was pressing my body against hers and my arms around you as I move back and forth. her breath was coming fast, and I’m having trouble not holding mine. she was gasping, and moaning harder. her mouth having trouble staying closed, and my hands are still gripping her thighs. then we hear the sound of another engine in the distance.

reached up to check it. got a little panicked, pulling my body closer to hers. We are almost out of sight of any other cars, but I’m not certain of this, so we lay, frozen in the moment, entangled in each other. her face is captured in my mind like this, mouth open, focused and yearning for more of me. I feel your warm breath against my face and our eyes make contact.

The car is still passing us when I decide I can’t control myself anymore, I tighten my vaginal muscles around you and stare deep in your eyes. The unexpected pressure and the lustiness in your eyes make me grab you tighter. I relax and then tighten again, my muscles tingling with desire, and the car finally passes us.

Immediately I pushed my body up and away from her, pulling my penis from inside. I begin licking her pussy, her labia, pulling and sucking, and she was moaning. My mouth is vibrating against her pussy. i was rubbing in and out of her clit and vaginal opening, but the taste of her wetness is driving me so wild and I’m longing to get mine inside her aching pussy.

I move up and you guide mine into your longing pussy. I can feel you push your hips upward to meet mine, and mine was slipping into yours effortlessly since yours was dripping with wetness. I started ramming yours. first gently and then picking up speed. you started to moan loudly.

I was watching her as the orgasm shakes her body body and controls me, and it only makes me feel hornier. I forget the existence of everything else.

she was moaning loudly and was on the verge of an orgasm. mine was twitching against her pulsing labia and clitoris. grinding against her greedily, reaching for her orgasm. and she twitched her body and let a grunt out. she has reached her peek and was cumming. wet juice started to flow. I was still ramming her. the feeling was making me aroused and was too waiting to explode.

as she returned from the heavenly feeling, she caught hold of my head, placed her hands on either side and looked straight into me eyes. her lips were twitching in excitement. I was thrusting even deeper inside her once, twice, and then three times, mine starts bursting and spurting threads of heat deep inside. I watched her face and I think I can feel my cum coating her vagina in jets. We come down together, floating on clouds, my body collapsed on top of hers.

I stayed inside her for some more time before pulling out. with sun now setting as we enjoy the after affects of the orgasm we shared, smiling at each other, not speaking. After a few minutes, we return to our senses and get back to normal in our seats.

A few words are shared, here and there, buckling seat belts. both our hairs were in a mess, but I leave it as we drive home. she was so beautiful sitting next to me.

reached our relative place. as time was short we went ahead with getting ourselves ready to attend the reception. I got dressed in pant and shirt and was waiting for my kitten to come.

The greogous walked out of the room in a stunning blue chiffon sari and a matching sleeveless blouse. She had worn the sari way below her navel and her navel was clearly visible in that transparent sari. the blouse of hers was revealing the sensational curvature of her melons and the deep cut blouse was exposing her cleavage. real mouth watering.

I was dumbstruck. Was gazing at the beauty with my mouth opened. she was real stunning.

anni: what are looking at ?
me: you look sizzling hot.
anni: Umm hummm
me: i am sure everyone wud be eyeing you in the reception.
anni: Oh !!
me: love your blouse. have never seen you in sleeveless.
anni: i had one. but did not wear it.
me: love the deep neck line of the blouse .. revealing a lot of cleavage
anni: Chi !!

and then she turned around. teasing me.

me: i thought your neck line was deep .. but your blouse back is even more deeper. sizzling hot anni.
anni: stop it.

she started to adjust her sari along her waist to reduce the amount of meat exposed and used her free hair to cover her back. surely she was looking divine.

we reached the reception arena. she casually mingled with the relatives and was busy talking and laughing with them. The only job for me was to make my lust filled eyes follow her all along. I could see few males eyeing her.

after the reception, we were told there is a small party organized. the thought of dancing with my sexy lady raised tent below as was finding it hard to control the urge.

There were the usual drinks and refreshments, minimal decorations, soft lighting,and a small, live band playing music. We helped ourselves to a drink and since this was an anonymous dance party we were given masks which we wore and wondered around. The crowd was still small in numbers. The band was playing a good mix of dance music from some era which i was not sure off.

She put her arms around my neck, rested her head on my shoulder, and pressed her breasts into my chest as we have been doing for sometime now. was comfortable. was exciting to hold her like this. As we moved together, I felt my tool was awaken by sudden rush of blood and as it brushed against her. I let my right hand drop down her hip a little lower than normal. She noticed, but said nothing, silently telling me it was okay.

With the alcohol making me feel mischievous. I pulled her tightly towards me. We danced to the slow beat of the band, rubbing our bodies together like a couple of teenagers just discovering the opposite sex. My arm rubbed along the side of her bra covered breast and she pressed tightly into my growing groin and we kissed softly. Her tongue pressed against my lips and met my tongue.

My fingers spread themselves against her ass and was feeling them. Squeezing them. Feeling my hot hands on her bare ass, she twisted to try to once more get away. She knew if i kept moving my fingers, i wud find out just how wet she was and how excited she was. As the dancing progressed, she became bolder, demonstrating she could dirty dance with the best of them. She moved up and down and around his body, briefly stopping at strategic points. As she got bolder, she pressed the top of her head against his pants, and then ran her hand along the center as she worked up. She could feel mine growing as she caressed it through my pants.

I reached her ass, grabbing it tightly with both hands. A smile of approval played across her lips. Waves of pleasure began to move through her as she pressed against me. The music was still driving us to keep moving, but we pulled together in an embrace of lust, moving our hips in unison, fucking through the clothes. Even though there were at least a considerable amount of people on the dance floor, it suddenly felt like only two us. One man, one woman, drawn together by pure, unadulterated lust.

she was dancing for sensuality more than technicality. She incorporated a lot of moves to make her breasts jiggle and sway her ass left, right, front and back. She often rubbed her hands over herself and spreading her thighs. was mesmerized at her sensual dancing. she was reveal the wild side of her.

at one point, She clutched at her chest with her left hand, rolling her head back in lust. i simply stopped dancing and tried hard to hide my erection. my

desire to explore her was burning hot and she fueled it favorably.

she stopped dancing and smiled at me.

don’t remember the song which was playing, and the smooth beats were made for suggestive dancing. She then twisted around, so that her ample butt was pressed
against mine. She leaned back into me and started dancing a little. My hands fell naturally on her waist, and she swayed with the music while giving me a little show of what her ass is capable off. She arched her back and wound her waist with the music, and i gripped her waist tighter as her ass rubbed into mine. After a while, i got blonder and allowed my hands to roam across her body.

She stopped dancing abruptly and grabbed my hands. She spun around and looked me in the eye. she slid her hand down to my butt, and gave a healthy squeeze.

She continued dancing, becoming more and more suggestive. She was getting hotter, and I wanted her to step it up and make it more seductive and hotter as hell.

Midway through the song, she is grinding against my body and breathing heavily. I can feel her face becoming clammy as it rests against the side of my face.

Her hips are moving in a circular motion, grinding against my crotch as she moved her hips forward. I grind my hips back against her body, knowing she can feel me getting hard. Not wanting to show the rest of the people my obvious erection, I move my hands down to her ass and hold her hips against mine. I can hear either a groan or a moan come from her mouth as our hips grind against each other. I was totally aroused. If she is as aroused as me, she must be soaking wet.

She speaks over the music, into my ear,

anni: Let’s go up to the balcony and do it.
me: Are you serious?

She giggles for a moment before answering me. As the song is ending, she says,

anni:You are such a silly boy. if you want to have some fun follow me.

When she finishes speaking, she spins out of my arms and disappears toward the back of the dance floor. There she was waiting for me in the secluded balcony.

I walk up to her from behind and wrap my arms around her waist. She stands up straight and moans softly.

I keep one hand on her waist, holding her body close to mine while the other hand moves up to her breast. Softly, I knead her breast, unable to control my desires anymore. Her back arches toward me and she starts kissing my neck. I turn my head toward her and start kissing her. Our kisses are soft and quick at first but slowly grow longer and more passionate.

Her breasts feels wonderful in my groping hands. After a few seconds, I feel her nipple grow hard under her dress. she attempts to turn toward me, but I trap her body between me and the island, asserting control of the moment. My hand moves up under her dress and moves to the front of her body. Pull her pallu down exposing her meaty jugs. her legs part a little, giving me access to lift the sari upwards.

My hand dips down inside her panties. The bottom of her panties are wet, letting me know she is indeed excited. Using my two inner fingers, I move up and down the outside of her labia for a few seconds, causing her to moan softly. Her labia are soft and smooth, just like her mound. Her labia feel like silk to my fingers. My fingers collect some of her juices as I press my hand down toward her entrance.

I whispered in her ear, you are totally wet.

I dip a finger between her labia and push it inside her vagina. She is soaking wet and coats my finger with her sticky juices. My hormones are starting to get the best of me and I can no longer resist the temptation to please her body.

My lips move towards her neck as I slide my finger slowly in and out of her vagina. Her eyes are closed as she moans softly and sweetly, responding to the affection of my hand. I bury my finger deep inside of her, feeling her hot juices squish against my finger. Her sweet moan rings in my ears.

I slide my coated finger up over her swollen clit and hear her moan loudly just as her body starts to shudder. Feeling her body shudder against me drives me wild. I grind my hard dick between her ass cheeks. My finger circles over her hood a few times as her legs spread further apart. I cannot wait to fully undress her and taste her sweetness.

Just as I dip my finger back inside her inner walls, an announcement goes out on the pa address system. We both growl at the interrupting our fun. I slide my finger inside her sticky, hot honey pot one more time then remove my finger. Just as she begins to turn toward me with a look of desire in her eyes, I slide my coated finger inside my mouth and suck her juices off it.

anni: I can’t believe you stopped.

she starts moving her fingers up and down the length of my raging hard dick, through my pants. My hips rise in response to her touch which elicits a smile from her. After a few times, she wraps her hand around my manhood and starts to slowly stroke me.

She smiles and says in a soft voice, “I can’t wait to finish it and taste your hard willy down there though.”

My face is beginning to blush as I hear the words come from her mouth. My body is so fired up and can’t wait to feel her and have her feel me, touch her and have her touch me. our lust took over our bodies. she gives me a soft kiss on the lips. short and sweet. I kiss her again. I suck the bottom of her lip into my mouth. The kiss turns into another kiss and another kiss, each one longer and more passionate. I grab a hand full of breasts and squeeze them as we make out. The sounds of our smacking lips fill the room.

anni: Let’s get out of these clothes.
me: sure anni.
anni: yes.

she seemed to win the race of who can undress quicker. I stare at her beautiful body as she stands in front of me naked. My fingers fumble to finish removing my socks and I almost fall over my own feet. Stumbling, I grab the wall to catch myself then begin laughing.

she rushes over to me and pulls me close, our naked bodies touching each other. burning desire all over us. I hold her close to me, using our body heat to keep us warm on the cool night. The yellow-tinted street light shines through the window which covered with white, sheer curtains. Our bodies crash onto the couch in front of the window. The yellow light shines on the side of her face and shoulder. I want her more than I have ever.

My hand gravitates between her legs as we sit facing each other, our lips intertwined. I can feel her hand wrap around my hard dick and begin stroking me as
my finger slides in and out of her steamy vagina. We break out kisses just long enough to catch our breath. our moans filling the room. was wondering if our moans were overwhelming than the band music. This position lasted for a minute or so before she adjusted her body and pushed me down onto my back.

our body slides down the couch until I am laying flat on the couch, her body on top of me. I can feel my hard member pressing against her mound, just inches from pure ecstasy. Having other ideas, she spins around and straddles my face. I grab her hips and pull them down to my face as she leans forward and grabs the base of my dick with her hand. She places her open mouth over the top of my dick and begins twirling her tongue around the head.

My tongue slips between my lips and begins lapping at her swollen, wet pussy. I start dipping the tip of my tongue inside her dripping lips. The taste of her juices are sweet and enticing, making me want to lick until there are no juices left. I gasp as her warm lips slide inch by inch over my raging hard on.

My tongue darts inside her walls and starts fucking her insides. Her moans on my dick feel great. I will not last long if she continues to suck me with her experienced mouth. Wanting her to orgasm quickly also, my tongue moves up over her swollen clit. I circle her clit with the tip of my tongue. She rewards me with a series of moans. Her hips begin to grind my face so I run the length of my tongue up and down her slit, connecting with her clit and dipping inside her vagina. Her hand strokes the base of my dick as she deep throats the majority of me member. Her warm, wet lips are almost too much for me to handle. I try to concentrate on my task in order to last longer, but it is no use. The teasing and arousal that has been building up for hours is all rushing like a freight train towards the tip of my dick. My hips are thrusting up and down as I try to gasp for air while licking this gorgeous woman on top of me.

me: I am going to come.
anni: Give it all to me

Hoping she is close to an orgasm as well, I hold her hips tightly and suck her clitoris inside my mouth while using my tongue to flick inside her hood. She stops what she is doing for a moment to moan and catch her breath. Her hand continues to stroke me quickly as her strong moan fills the room. She slides her warm lips over the tip of my head once more, making me moan on her clit. She sucks the top few inches of my dick until my hips thrust toward her. She takes the length of my dick deep inside her mouth as I begin to orgasm.

Over and over my semen sprays in her mouth like a broken water main. I hold onto her hips with all my might as my body jerks in reaction to the pleasure overload which lasts for several seconds. She continues to suck, but the tip of my dick is very sensitive at this point. I gently roll her off the couch onto my carpeted floor, taking her with me. She ends up on her back. I slide down between her spread legs and wrap my hands around her hips. My tongue slides up and down her slit a few times before centering it’s attention on her aching clit. I slide a finger inside her sopping wet honey pot and curl my finger, searching for her “G” spot while my tongue glides over her clit.

Within seconds her hips are bucking against my face and hands. I grab hold of her inner thighs from underneath her legs in an attempt to keep her from bucking me off of her. Her sweet, seductive moans flow from her mouth over and over.

My tongue moves like in a blurring motion as I slide a second finger inside of her and pump them in and out of her hole. It does not take long before her body is twisting and turning, shaking and shuddering underneath me. Her juices are coating my face and fingers as her muscles clasp down hard on my fingers.

anni: that was awesome.

I am hard again and wanting more. She is still panting as she looks up at me with a “take me now” expression.

I position my dick between her legs and prepare to enter. She gives me a long kiss and says,

anni: Go slow at first. want to last really longer.

I lift my hips, reach down and guide the tip of my dick inside her vagina. I swear I can feel my dick grow another couple of inches harder as I slowly push my hips down on top of her. When I have filled her, I pause a moment for both of us to adjust. she pulls her legs up to shoulders, amazing me with her flexibility. I plant my hands on the carpet and slowly begin thrusting my hips, pushing my dick deep inside of her tight pussy. Her contracting muscles combined with the warmth inside her feels amazing. We both moan as I slowly increase the speed. I can hear our sweaty bodies smacking against each other as I push deep inside of her.

anni: Yes, yes, yes. ( she moaned and encouraged me)

The sound of her breathing deeply is such a turn on to me. I lean in and give her a quick kiss before sucking on her neck. Her body quivers the moment my lips touch her neck. Her hips start thrusting toward me as our bodies begin moving in unison.

Our bodies dance in the shadows of the room, the room filled with moans and groans. Our bodies slam into one another as the passion builds toward a climax. A night full of seduction and passion is culminating into moments of pure lust and desire. Our bodies clash against each other for several minutes. I look down and watch her breasts bounce up and down as my hips thrust against her body. A look of pure passion is expressed on her face. I slide my hands under her and press my sweaty chest against her chest. Her shuddering body underneath me pushes me over the edge. I quickly thrust my dick as far deep inside her twitching inner walls as I can go.

she releases her legs then plants them into the carpet. Her back arches while she grinds her hips into me. I spill my love juices deep inside her, sending her over the edge. Together we climax, releasing all my desires inside her. After several last thrusts of my hips, our bodies lay in a puddle of sweat. She smiles softly, her face glowing like an angel in the soft street light.

anni: Kiss me. (she demanded)

Our lips smash against each other as we exchange saliva. Our tongues dance inside each other’s mouth. I slide my body off to the side and hold her close. We continue to kiss for several minutes, rekindling the burning desires inside our bodies.

After several minutes of lying still with minimal movement, we are able to regain enough strength to sit up. We sit face to face with each other, her legs lying on top of my legs. I pull her in close and give her a deep kiss. My hands moving up and down her ribs, enjoying the touch of her body.

Collected all our clothes and rushed towards the restroom to get dressed and wash ourselves from the aroma of lust, semen and what not. got decked up and walked towards the exit with sun soon be coming up.

After returning i was really busy with my college. Lab and exams i just could not devote any time to see my sexy lady and she too insisted me to give priority to studies. Once, completed was eagerly waiting for the weekend family get together.

I was set in popular themed restaurant in the city. Relatives are coming together to spend quality time. And i was very much eager because form me and my sexy kitten were supposed to attend it. It was a mix of older people and few kids.

I was eagerly waiting for it because i was to meet the sexy lady after a long time. While returning from college called my sexy lady to make sure she get ready.

reached home. got freshen’d up and reached my kittens house. pressed the doorbell and was longing to see my sexy lady. few seconds passed after which heard some movement inside and she opened the door.

The sight of the sexy lady hit me like a hurricane.

she was dressed in kurti and leggings. the kurti not sure if this was normal size but for me it looked pretty short and the side slits was more than normal. and the best part was the leggings … Uff just could not take my eyes from her. the leggings she wore was damn tight … really skin tight and it was exposing the shape of her legs … thighs which was meaty and could easily defeat the most famous thighs of south actress ramba.

I just could not takes eyes of her ass … for few minutes was gazing shamelessly at her super hot thighs and ass. was interrupted when phone rang and the attention of all fell on me. i was acting as if i was struck by something and hardly a word came out. the beautiful angel asked me …

anni: what are looking at ?
me: should we go to the hotel ? change-of-mind shall we proceed to bedroom instead ?
anni: chi dirty fellow. we need to go.
me: seeing you in this .. hardly can i resist.

pointed towards my tool which was saluting her shamelessly and told,

me: you are simply irresistible. legging and short kurti damn explosive. mine is dancing as if its completely intoxicated.
anni: no dirty talks

She turned back to walk and asked to close the door. and i was there shamelessly admiring her ass. Ufff those twin globes of hers was damn hot. ahhh the sight was divine. the movement and swaying of those twin globes was damn erotic … i just could not control. had a hard time controlling it. i was shamelessly staring at her leggings. instead of looking at her eyes/face i was looking at her thighs .. ass and was enjoying the sexy show.

her awesome ass and legs stayed exposed in that skin tight legging. It was revealing the shape of legs and was totally making me mad. the short kurti with deep cut she wore hardly covered her ass and if she lifted her hands bit more she would reveal her hip flesh. walked towards her. reached close enough such there was almost zero gap. can smell the fragrance of her hair. the erotic aroma from her armpit was driving me real crazy. bent down on my knees and reached the bottom of her legs. looked up. Aahhh … the contours of her twin globes was simply amazing. real fucking hot.

with my fingers started caressing her legs over leggings. reached her thighs. squeezed them. she moaned. started squeezing her inner thighs madly.louder she moaned. moved the kurti which was partially covering her ass with my mouth. caressed her sexy twin globes. traced the boundaries of her panties with my fingers. Aahhh … damn fucking hot was the feeling.buried my face into her ass and started kissing and squeezing them.

before i could proceed more my cellphone started to beep. the host had called to check were we where. they were close to the location and asked to make it soon. I planted a wild kiss on her lips before grabbing her ass bums and squeezing it madly before actually grabbing the keys.

The sun was going down and would set within the next hour or two. Her hand rested on top of mine as we drove. We chatted as we drove. I pulled her to me about a dozen times to kiss her because her lips were so soft and I missed kissing for a couple of days. Hands were always touching each other both sexually and not and we were always kissing each other as and when time and place permitted.

Manju - My sex kitten

We pulled up into the restaurant. I leaned over and put my hand on her neck pulling my kitten for a kiss. Her lips parted and our tongues briefly greeted one another. My hands moved down to her melons and started to gently squeeze them before we parted. She smiled and kissed my lips one more time before we got out of the car.

She walked ahead of me as always. I really love to see walk ahead of me all time, no complains. I loved watching the way her ass swayed to sides while she walked. Divine and heavenly sight. The fabric was tight against her butt and rode her curves with each step. How I just wanted to smack it. She obviously knew I was enjoying the show because a few steps from the door her walk changed. Each step became more accentuated and her hips flared to each side more than before causing her butt to bounce sexily with each step. She did a sexy little turn while slightly pushing her chest out knowing exactly how to draw my eyes.

Manju - My sex kittenManju - My sex kitten

It was an forest themed restaurant. Great food, decent service, and nice atmosphere. The music wasn’t too loud and the waitresses were cute. she walked beside me and I wrapped my free arm around her. as the restaurant was dimmly lit and i was taking my chances. My hand dropped low enough to almost appear indecent for a public place. It was mostly on the outside of her butt and thigh. I love the thinness of her dress because I could feel the panty-line as well as the flexing of her muscles with each step. It was always one of my favorite ways to feel her body move in public. It was both sexually and sensually exciting. I pulled her closer to me so I could feel better as we walked.

found our relatives seated and waiting for us at a table in the corner. I was bombarded with hugs and welcome homes. I did my best to hug them back. Hands were shook and greetings were passed. Me and my sexy kitten sat at the long table. I took a seat at the head of the table in the corner with my kitten to my left and in the other sides was flanked by an elderly couple.

I answered as many questions as they threw at me about my college studies and future plans. I felt a food slide in next to mine and move slightly passed under the table. I looked over to see my kitten look at me briefly with a smile before diving back into conversation with the others. I scooted in my chair as much as I could and rested my hand on my kitten’s thigh again. She never took herself out of the conversation, but she lifted my hand before putting it and sandwiching it between her thighs. we were all conversing and i was having a great time feeling the inner flesh of thighs.

The food was of course the equivalent to the best food ever tasted. I went back to playing with my kitten’s thigh and enjoying the night. Sitting quietly and touching her, I started to daze a little. I wasn’t involved in any conversations so I just sat there and zoned out. A few minutes went by and I looked to see my kitten glancing at me. There was something in her eyes that I couldn’t pinpoint. The subtle shift of her leg as she got more comfortable. It seemed completely natural. I kept lightly playing with her leg. I fingers started to travel farther down to her knee before returning high up on the top of her thigh. I didn’t think much of it at the time. I was just doing what I love to do. Touch her body. That sexy, smooth, warm body. Her legs were incredibly smooth. I let my fingers move from her thigh to her knee then down the back of her calf just a little. Completely smooth. The realization instantly caused a stir in my pants. The feel of fresh shaved legs has always been a turn on for me.

she looked over and winked at me. She knew was I was thinking about. I went back to playing with her thigh. My pants were a little uncomfortable now that there was less room available so I had to subtly adjust myself to relieve some of the pressure.

Manju - My sex kitten

She started to do things to keep my attention. She would slightly part her legs so I could rub my hand along the inner portion of her thigh to the inner portion of her knee and back again before closing them again. She would do this every few minutes. Her thighs were so warm. So inviting. The whole time she kept the conversation going. I watched them but I also watched her. She looked beautiful tonight. Ear rings, makeup, necklace, dress, hair. After a minute or two of what would appear to be inappropriate from anybody else in the restaurant, she started to slowly pull her arms in, squeezing her chest together and lifting them up so for a few seconds before she let them down again. It was when she did it a second and third time that I figured out what she was doing.

She was keeping me rock hard.

She slightly got up from the chair to pick something up and it was enough for me to pull the chair more closer to me. I had plans though. She was keeping me hard. It time she felt a little frustration too. Five minutes passed I continued caressing her thighs. Slowly, I started to inch my way higher. Not by much. Just a little at a time. Slowly teasing toward her inner thigh. Her legs were still together so my fingers gently stroked both of them at once. Gently, I pushed down a little and pulled her closest thigh toward me effectively opening them a little more. My hand didn’t move as much as before because I thought the higher I got the more obvious my actions would be. Instead, I stretched my pinky as far as it would go until it gently encountered her panties.

Manju - My sex kittenManju - My sex kitten

She deliberately looked at me with a warning look but I just sipped at my drink and ate a chips with pasta trying not to let the mischievous smile show too much. Surprisingly, she didn’t push my hand away. I positioned my hand so I could rotate my wrist to allow my pinky to travel the outside of her panty line as far up and down as it could. The position was a little awkward for my wrist but I was willing to endure it to play with her. The fact that we were in public sitting at a table with our relatives I was millimeters from touching her pussy was so unbelievable. And my pants were that tight so it was uncomfortable. But so far…definitely worth it.

I could tell her panties were thin. When I moved my pinky down, I could feel each of her lips. I started to travel down the left side and then back up on the right. Then down the right and back up the left. Or down one side and up the middle while pushing in slightly. If she was getting any pleasure from it, she didn’t let it show.

She tried to distract me by directing some of the conversation to me but I was able to continue with my soft touches without visual trouble. In my mind was thinking about how soft her lips felt and wished I could use my tongue to gently lick from the bottom to top between her lips like I was doing with my finger just then. However, not letting those thoughts slip into the stream coming out of my mouth was rather difficult.

When the conversation turned again I looked at my sexy kitten. When she blinked, I could swear her eyes closed for a split second longer than usual. Her chest rose and fell a bit more than normal. The only reason I noticed this was because her nipples were showing quite well through her bra and the thin dress.The sight of it made my cock twitch.I wasn’t thinking as clearly as I should have been. Totally aroused.

Manju - My sex kittenManju - My sex kitten

I slide my pinky under over her thin leggings and panties. stroked her pussy from bottom to top. I could feel it completely and it was causing a physical tremor through out her body. As soon as it did she reached for her water and drank deeply.

I tapped her hand with my free hand and urged her to come close so I could tell her something. She leaned in close and looked at the table as she waited for me to whisper in her ear. Instead, I inhaled the scent of her shampoo and kissed her ear lobe.

“you definitely smell good enough to,” I moved my pinky along her inner lips again for emphasis, “eat.”

She must have been more turned on that I thought because she didn’t respond with anything but a smile and a nod. When she leaned back in her chair, she pushed her chest out for a split second knowing I would be watching her movements and drew my eyes to her hard nipples.

Back into the conversation she went. And back to work I went.

I didn’t push the boundaries much. I just touched her pussy from top to bottom. Sometimes, the long stroke would travel all the way to her knee and then back again. Every now and then, I had to feel it. I would push right up against it, circle it once and then back down.

She tapped my hand to get my attention.

anni: Can I have my purse? I have to use the bathroom.
me: No way. I cannot miss this fun.
anni: you will not regert it. do as i say.

I reluctantly retreated and handed her bag to her. She excused herself and walked to the bathroom. That sexy sway was enticing my eyes away the entire way. I drank some more juice and caught up with the others yet. I took this time to show them I was still paying attention. Absently, I stroked my cock gently through my pants. It felt good. I needed relief.

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I got a whatsup text.

anni: You have me so totally wet right now.

I smiled reading it.

me: Would it make it any easier if you knew I was gently touching myself right now under the table?

She didn’t respond for a bit. Eventually, my phone vibrated again. I was greeted with a picture of wet pantie. that was instant dick raising.

Manju - My sex kitten

me: come out and i want to feel for myself.

She came out a minute later. We locked eyes as she walked to me with a grin on her face. When she sat down she had her hand snaking under the table to run along the length of my hard cock straining against my pants. She fought me a little bit and wouldn’t spread her legs. So I touched her thighs and even her calves enjoying their smoothness.

Over a few minutes, I think she got distracted with the conversation again because her legs relaxed and spread just a little. Bingo. I started my long travel from her knee right up to her lips but stopped when I felt no fabric resistance. She mischievously smiled in response but made no other visual indication. When she went to the bathroom, she must have also come out sin panties.

anni: show me your hand
me: what is that you are going to give me ?
anni: you surely will be surprised to receive it.

telling it, she handed over her wet pantie to me. the moment i felt her soaked pantie in my hands it was sensational. Wanted to rub it completely all over my face. inhale the erotic smell and get intoxicated in it. but, could not do so. so placed it my erect tool and started to synchronously move my hips in a too-and-fro-motion.

I took it as an open invitation.

So I started with the outer portions of her lips again. Up and down. Down and up the center so my pinkie touch both lips at once and then moving to the outside. Slowly. Gently. It was during the super gentle stroke that I also noticed the absence of any hair. She had shaved completely as well. She was so smooth that I licked my lips in anticipation. How bad I wanted to lick her pussy lips and suck on them. How bad I wanted to lick her clit hard with my tongue before sucking and nibbling on it as well. I wanted to taste her. I wanted to pull my finger from her and just suck what little juice is on it off to savor the flavor. But I didn’t.

Her pussy started to get some of the attacks again. I would start low and move up along her inner lips and then swirl around her clit again before moving back down. Once, I went down and grazed over her opening. That was the next little visual cue I got that she was concentrating a lot of controlling her reactions. She gulped more water. She sat back with her arms crossed and even twisted a little which pushed her body a few more inches under the table. She wanted me to reach better. And reach her better I could. From this angle, I could use my pinkie and ring finger on my hand to tease her. This worked amazingly because I could split my fingers on either side of her clit or use them both to just circle it a few times and rub it.

I know she liked the light touches, but I could tell by her subtle reactions how much she loved when I put a little pressure on her. She crossed her arms under her chest and lifted her tits up a little. Her nipples were still pressed against the fabric and hard. When she knew I was looking and nobody else was, her thumb would graze over her nipple which apparently was directly connected to my cock because when she did it, I felt myself twitch. I wasn’t sure if it felt good for her or if she was using it to tease the hell out of me, but I liked it.

And for the few half hour, I was playing with my her pussy lips and clit while we all conversed. One thing not going down was the rod in my pants. I had to stop teasing her or it would be very uncomfortable saying goodbye to everyone.

To make it worse, as she started to get up, she insisted on “patting my leg” when she was telling me it was time say good bye. This “patting” was more like a few quick firm strokes over the length of my erect and explosive ready cock.

I adjusted as quickly as I could and was able to get myself pointed straight up and under my belt which made it look relatively normal in the restaurant lighting. We shook hands, traded hugs and said goodnight and parted our ways.

As I got into the vehicle, she nearly jumped over the center console and kissed me deeply. Our tongues fought for control at times and barely touched during others. The kisses ranged from soft and sensual to a full blown tongue war. My hands moved down to her legs and slide under over her legging to cup her ass roughly. I loved that ass. Then I reached between her legs and touched her pussy again feeling how intensely wet and warm she was. She was nearly dripping she was so wet. I thrust two fingers as deep as they could go inside of her feeling her pussy wrap tightly around them.

anni: home now.

I slowly pulled my fingers out before pushing them into her again over the thin fabric she was wearing. Twice, three times. And then in fast succession effectively fucking her with my fingers right there in the dim parking lot, she kissed me deeply again and moaned into my mouth while grabbing roughly at the back of my head. I pulled my fingers out.

me: I can’t wait to get home and suck that juicy pussy.
anni: You better drive fast.

Contd …

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Manju – My sex kitten