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Me and mere do yaar

Me and mere do yaar

I am vikas. Here is I am in front of u with a stories of my one girl friend. This group really excites me and I wish to share my fantasy with the group.

Now the stories in her words.
I am a normal girl 25 years of age. Normal means good in looks and also have fine figure. I wish I cud make love with 2 guys at a time. I wouldn’t like it to be painful but love to hear abusive words from the guys. So here am what I wud love to have.
I Sohan and Ashish once decided to get our fantasies true. Sohan is a bit fat and Ashish has really nice body. From our conversations I know that the best thing about Sohan is, he likes to play with the pussy, eat it hard enough and could keep doing it for as long as I wish. Ashish on the other hand likes to lick the boobs, see me in different positions and call me all sorts of words. So for me it was the best combination.
We checked in a hotel. After dinner I was accompanied by the 2 guys in my room. I was wearing a long skirt with a slit from the thigh. And a top with a very deep neck and open back. When we reached on our floor, Ashish started caressing my back and calling me words… Meri jaan aaj tujhe vo maza dilaunga jiske liye tu zindagi bhar tarsegi. Tujhe shauk hai na Randi banne ka aaj tera shauk pura karunga. Dekh mera lund abhi se kitna mota ho raha hai. Bas tu andar chal fir ghusata hun teri choot mein. Tere doodh itni der se dikha rahi hai upar se vo ab poore choosonga aur katunga….Sohan also got worked up hearing all this and said… Mera lund to iske andar jaane ke liye kab se tadap raha hai. Is randi ko chod chod kar aaj iski poori pyaas bujha denge. Iski choot ki khusboo sunghane ke liye kabse mann kar raha hai. So I put my both hands on their lunds and carressed them….. Ghabrao mat mein tum dono ki pyaas bujhaungi aaj….
We went in and I sat on the bed. Sohan sat on the floor and started touching my legs then thighs and picked my panty. He tried to insert his finger thru the panty only. Ashish was busy in taking my top off and he started massaging my boobs. So I half laid on the bed with my feet on floor. Ashish massaging my boobs and Rohan playing with the cunt. Slowly and very romantically Ashish took the top off and started making shapes with my boobs. They r big and attracts the sight. He was getting mad for those. And below there. Sohan split my legs, took off the panty and made circles with his finger. He threw the panty on Ashish and wildly started kissing my cunt. He split my legs even further and inserts his finger. I was completely getting mad. Both the guys took off their clothes and their lund in hand I was sitting on the floor now and they on the bed trying to insert the tool in my mouth. My mouth was full with 2 lunds going in one by one and some times together. When I made them really content by massaging chewing and kissing their lunds they grabbed my hand and lay me on the bed on my tummy. They wanted to have a look at the back hole. One of them tried to enter his finger in my gand and they both kissed and caressed my peeth (back) and licked the gand and chutad. Both the guys were getting mad. Now they only wanted to enter my cunt.
While Sohan tasted my boobs and I licked his lund Ashish came over me and put his lund in my choot. He inserted in very wildly. I was amazed by how much he can control and ride me for so long. Ashish didn’t cum and let Sohan enter me. Sohan picked me from waist and said… Chal ghodi ban ja… Teri gand maroonga mein. I acted on his command. Now while Sohan tried to enter my gand hole Ashish stood in front of me and I licked and chewed his lund. He loved the way I rolled my tongue on his dick. He kept playing with my mumme saying that tera doodh nikalunga aaj. Suddenly with a gr8 force Sohan entered my gand and I was dying with pain but he wont stop… He kept on moving ang fucking… He rolled me over him and now I was sitting over him with his lund in my gand. Ashish took advantage of the situation and tried to enter the cunt.
Then we decided this posture where Ashish was lying on his back and his lund in my choot and Sohan in my gand… Great moment that was… I wish there was another guy So that mein uske lund ko bhi choosti aur ham charon ko mazaa ataa… Jab dono holes mein gaand hoto swarg jaisa mazaa ataa hai… We did till all three of us were done. Fir ham teenothak kar choor ho kar so gaye… Lekin Sohan ki to laure mein pata nahi kyaa hai… 2 hr baad aankh khuli to vo fir ghusane ki koshish kar raha tha… Mein bhi peeche kahan rehne vali thi… Ham dono ne fir ek-dusre ki pyaas bujhai aur so gaye…
Oh guys I m too horny after writing this and wish all of you could lick me thru right now…
With Love…

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Me and mere do yaar

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