Me And My Bhabhi At Marriage

Me And My Bhabhi At Marriage

Hi this is Mihir! My age is 24 years, well body structured with good looks. This is my first time and I am sharing my experience with you so that you can know about me and if you wish you can also enjoy sex with love with me.


This all started when I went to my hometown to attend marriage. All my relatives also came there except my cousin whose wife (my bhabhi) was also in that marriage. All of them were busy attending the marriage including me but my bhabhi was somewhere else. Suddenly my aunt (bhabhi’s mother-in-law) asked me to search for my bhabhi and ask her for my aunt’s medicines. So I went to search her and I found her in ladies room. She was feeding her 3 yrs. old baby, and at instance I saw her boobs. They were mind blowing. For some time I starred them continuously and my mind was totally blank.


After that she saw towards me and asked me, “Mihir! What are you looking for?” and she covered herself immediately. I replied, “Aunt is asking for her medicines.” So she then took out the medicines and handed over me and she smiled very desperately towards me but I was even unable to smile but though I gave a little smile and left from there. Suddenly she called me, “Mihir, come here, that medicines are for after meal. Here are the correct medicines.” I went back and gave those medicines back and took those medicines from her hand. But she holds my hand and asked me, “What did you saw?” “Nothing” I replied. “Don’t lie, come-on be frank. After all I am your bhabhi right? So come-on speak up”. “You are gorgeous bhabhi” I replied, holding her hands. She smiled and said “I know”. And she pushed me and said “Go right-now, we would get in trouble if somebody gets to know about all this things. Go we will talk about this later.” “Okay” I replied and went to my aunt and gave her medicines.


But who was caring about medicines, I wanted to go back to bhabhi and hug her and kiss her lips and suck her boobs. I was wondering how to get back to bhabhi and suddenly my mom called me and told me to take bhabhi at market as she wanted to buy some jewellery. I immediately agreed and said yes and took her to the market in my car.


During driving she was sitting in back seat with her baby and I was driving. I was continuously starring at her through mirror. After some time she started feeding her baby again as market was far from that place where marriage were held. I decreased the speed and was continuously looking at her boobs through mirror. She was smiling starring at me and she was trying to seduce me.


I drove the car through a road where the traffic was very much less. When she noticed that I am taking too much time to reach to market, she asked me, “Why are you taking long runs?” And I was speechless and I was able to just reply, “We will reach soon bhabhi”. It happened 3 times during that run. But there was no response through her side or my side. We both were confused what to say and from where to start.


We reached market and she bought all the things she needed, while I stayed in car and we headed back towards marriage-hall. But suddenly she called her mother-in-law and said that we are going to their house as her baby needs some feeding as their home was near from the market. So she disconnected the call and said me to take the car at home.


We reached at home and I asked her, “Why did you lie to aunt?” She came towards me, hold my hands and said, “I didn’t lied, I m really going to feed my baby”(i.e. me). She pulled me towards her and hugged me and hold me very tightly as like she was hungry from years. Actually my cousin (bhabhi’s husband) was not really good husband, so she was in a search of love.


Then she was murmuring slowly in my arms and was very desperately hugging me. Firstly I felt like its wrong. But my dick was out of control and it got erected. Then I kept my thinking out of it and let my feelings come out and I also hugged her very tightly. I started kissing all over her neck, chicks and lips. She also smooched me very wildly.


I slowly started pressing her boobs. Her nipples were erected and were seen through her blouse clearly, as she had to feed her baby so she was not wearing bra. Firstly I pressed them gently and then I put her hand on my pants. She started rubbing gently and we were smooching each other. I asked her to go to bedroom. She agreed and we directly went to bedroom and she pushed me on bed and came over me and started smooching and started taking off my shirt and pant.


After some time I was totally nude and she was making me horny. I took off her saree and blouse. Now she was wearing panty only. She started kissing all over my body and slowly started sucking my dick. She was awesome at it. I was now going to cum. As it was my first time, I was gonna cum in her mouth. I tried to push her but she refused to take off my dick from her mouth. I shouted, “I m gonna cum”, but she ignored me and drank all my cum which felt so good.


After my ejection, she still continued to suck my dick and swallowed all my cum. After sometime, she came on me and slept and hugged me tightly. She continued saying I love u, I love u so much.


Then I asked, “Why did you swallowed my cum?” She replied, “I was thirsty for it from more than 3 years. You know about your cousin. He never fucked me after our baby. So now I am feeling like heaven after eating your cum”. And then I started smooching her.


Slowly I kissed all over her body, neck, shoulders, boobs, armpits, and stomach, sucked her nipples hardly and went down to lick her pussy.


Her pussy was so wet and hot. Though it was little bit black in color but it really smelled so good. I started licking it with my tongue and inserted two fingers inside her pussy. She was so wet and her taste was really awesome. I started fingering speedily. She was turning on. She pulled my mouth inside her pussy very hardly, rubbed her pussy on my mouth and I kept on licking her pussy. After approx 07-12 minutes she also jerked off in my mouth. She was so tasty that I can’t express in words.


We slept for approx 20 minutes together nude and then again she was horny.


She started with sucking my dick. Then we came in 69 position and I started licking her pussy. She was getting wet very quickly. And then she got up and sat on my dick and put my dick in her pussy and started fucking. She was so desperately stroking on me and the feeling was so good. For few minutes she kept stroking and slowly she increased the speed of stroking.


After that I came on her and I started fucking her and I was pressing her boobs so hardly and she was feeling so good. She kept on shouting, “Fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” and I kept on giving her strokes very hardly.


Now she wanted my dick in her mouth. She started sucking my dick and my balls too. She kept on sucking and I sucked her nipples and drank some milk of her. It was thick and also tasty.


She then turned her back towards me and I fucked her from behind. She bend down and I kept continue fucking her. For 20-25 min we enjoyed a lot of sex with different positions and then I was going to cum. I did told her that, “Bhabhi, I m gonna cum.” “Cum in my pussy and plz continue fucking me” she replied. I kept on fucking her and I jerked off in her pussy. But she was still not satisfied. This condition of a girl can be only understood by a girl who is fucked and had not enjoyed sex for long time. She then also kept sucking my dick and she drank my cum that was remaining on my dick.


I will not give this moment as sex, but I will tell in this way, we did made love with each other. And I wish to make love with her daily. She is really very good in bed. Every-time it’s not about sex.


So if any girl or bhabhi needs satisfaction in sex, contact me.

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Me And My Bhabhi At Marriage