Me and My Older Brother

Me and My Older Brother

My name is Shane and I am 16 at the time of the story, and my older brother Eric being 17.

I remember it being a vary hot summer, and one late night after my brother came home from a party, I could here him come up the stairs laughing with his friend Ian, They both walked pass my door and in to my brothers room. Sense I was in the next room, I could hear everything through the walls.

At first I heard my brother tell Ian to be quiet, as to not wake me or my dad up, but thinking of how loud they were when they first arrived I wondered if my dad had already been awake. I then heard Ian say “I really need to take a piss, man”. At the same time my brother was walking out of the room. As I heard this I jump out of bed, and ran to the door were we had a joint bathroom that my brother and I often used at the same time, because like our dad, we were comfortable with each other being nude.

I could hear Ian walking to the other side of the room to the bathroom. I got on one knee to look through a key hole in the door.
When I looked through I saw his nice built body, standing by the toilet. As he lifted the seat and began to unbutton his jeans. He then lowered his boxers and pulled out his huge cock. His cock was semi-hard as he took a piss. I could do nothing but gaze with exitment. I then remembered how big his boldge was when he got out of the pool after we all practices for the swim team.

At a distance I could hear my brother walking back to his room.
As I kept looking he finished up, and then he looked at his cock, which was about 8 inch, then he started to stroke himself, my dick instently got hard, and I had wished that I was in the room to help him. He was in the bathroom for about 8-9 minutes jacking off, when my brother walked in. He turned to look at my brother and my brother smiled, and said, “Man, I guess you don’t need me anymore” joking while he said it. Ian quickly pulled up his pants and said, “don’t you ever knock?” My brother told him how me, dad, and he never needed to close the door in the first place, he said he forgot the he could have been in there taking a piss. I laughed quietly at Ian, because of the shame he had on his face.

As I got back into bed, I could hear then both getting ready for bed. My brother Eric slept in his boxers most of the time, and Ian agreed that he would to, as they both got into separate beds, I could hear my brother saying, “fuck this, im taking my boxers off, I can’t sleep in them, there sticking to my thighs”. Ian then said “hey me too, this damn heat is killing me”.

That night I wished that I was in that room too, wishing I was in bed with Ian, and how I would like to suck his cock, then thinking of my brother Eric, and how I had sucked his dick late at night when he slept. I don’t think he ever knew, I don’t think he would mind if he knew.

I desided to take off my boxers that night so that I could jackoff to Ian’s image that was stuck in my head.

That next morning I woke up and put my boxers back on, I walked down stairs to get a glass of OJ, as I walked back up the stairs, I saw my dad walking down the stairs naked, I did’nt think much, but to say good morning dad, and he said, ” you too”. I walked to my room and shut the door to get something. After I finished, I went back down stairs. My dad was still in the kitchen, when he told me to wake up Eric, I said that Ian had stayed over, and my dad went up to get his boxers on.
I knocked on my brothers door, but heard no answer, so I walked in, to see that both Eric, and Ian had still been sleeping in the nude, I didn’t know what to do, I looked over at Ian and saw that his dick was about 9 inch and hard, while my brothers was 7inch, both had their morning woods.

I looked around the room, as if something was going to happen, then I heard my dad say, “Come on boys”. I then had to wake them up, I woke my brother up first, he didn’t really realize that I had woke him up. Then I looked over at Ian, with his rock hard cock. I shoock him while calling his name. His cock moving while I shoock him.He opened his eyes and looked at me and said, “ok, im up”. not realizing that he was still naked. Then he looked a me, then at himself. He quickly noted that I was looking at his hard cock. He covered himself quickly, then looking at me and smiling. I smiled back and walked out of the room to my room.
Ian got up and went to the bathroom, where I was already after entering from my room. Ian walked in on me while my dick was hard, my dick being exactly 8 inch. and being about the same thickness, I kept pissing, and he said, “Oh sorry”. then closing the door. I finished up and went back into my room. I head him go in as soon as I left. I got on my knee’s once again and looked at his big cock, I could feel my mouth water.

Afterwords I went down stairs to eat breakfast, and soon my brother and Ian came to eat too. The hole time at the table Ian keeped looking at me, then turning away when I looked at him. After I was done, I went upstairs to take a shower. When I got to the bathroom, I started the shower and took off my boxers and got in, 10 minutes later I could hear the door open and my brother say, “hurry up Shane, and he began to brush his teeth with the door open, leaving full view for Ian to see me through the class shower doors.

As I looked over to see Ian out of the corner of my eye, I seen him looking right at me. So I began to stroke my self, as if I were washing my self over and over on my now very hard cock.

After we all showered, we desided to go out and do something at the mall, and maybe go to a friends house afterwards. That night we got in late, my dad was already sleepong, and Ian wanted to sleep over again.
The past couple of months I noticed that Eric and Ian had gotted closer, like best friends.

As we all got in bed I could hear Eric, and Ian whispering, then I heard my brother say, that he wanted to suck Ians dick, that was the first time I had ever heard him ever say something like that. Ian agreed, to my surprise. I could hear slurp after slurp, and pictured how it might look, but still being amazed that this was going on so close to me.

I started to realize that over the last couple of months, Ian had been sleeping over a lot, and we all got along so well, that he seemed to be a brother to the both of us, and a son to my dad.
As the slurping went on, I hurd gulp, after gulp, thinking of how Ian’s cum might taste I closed my eyes, and started to stroke myself. I could feel the blood rush to the head of my cock, and I started to stroke it hearder, and hearder. I put my other hand right under my balls, and jacked off, till I started to sweet. I got so hot, that I didn’t realize that Eric, and Ian were in the room with me, I opened my eyes and freaked. I said,”what the hell are you guys doing”. Eric looked at me with amazment, and Ian opened his mouth to say,”Shane, we heard you through Erics room, and were wondering if you wanted to join us?” I looked at Ian, then to Eric. Eric knoted, and said to follow them. I was scared, because I had been looking at these two through the key hole for months wishing I was with them, and now it was happening [still being confused, that Eric wanted me to be there too].

We went to Eric’s room, and they both began to strip me. I stood there still hard, and Ian got on his knees, putting my hard cock in his mouth and sucking on it till it hurt. Eric looked at me and kissed me on the neck, I stood there looking strait into spce as they did this, soon finding my way around this situation.

We all got on to the bed, and I laid down on my back. Eric looked into my eyes, and then said,”I love you Shane, I don’t want you to tell dad we did this, I’m only doing this becuase I love you”. I didn’t care, I just wanted him. Eric looked down at my dick, and grabbed it, he started sucking my dick by first playfuly sucking the tip of my cock. Ian posisioned himself behind Eric, and started to fuck him. I could see the pain in Eric’s eyes, but I knew he wanted it. Ian’s face lit up with exitement as he entered my brother. Eric continued to suck my cock, I have to say it was the best I ever had. I felt my cock start to pulse, and I let a huge load of cum in his mouth, he looked at me as he licked up evey drop. At the same time Ian was cuming in my brothers ass.

After we were done. Eric wanted Ian to suck his dick, so Ian started to suck his dick, I knew Ian was the pro at it, because he did it so well. Without even thinking as I stood there, I turned my brother over on his side, and began to suck Ians cum out of my brothers ass. It tasted to good, I felt so happy as I sucked, and licked every drop as it leaked out of his ass. I could see Ian had a mouth full as my brother came in his mouth, then Ian signaled me to clean the rest of my brothers cum off his cock, I was so happy he asked that.

We all finished up and laid there in bed kissing on another, and huging.

We did this for the rest of high school, and every once and a while we get together to do our bussinus.

I love my brother and Ian for this.

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Me and My Older Brother