Mom fuck by my friend sai

Mom fuck by my friend sai

Hii friend I m abhi kumar from kolkata…I m new hear …plz co operator I do silly mistake … But my content will make u cum.
This story is about my mom bandana.

This is a story how I help my friend fuck my mom.

Mom is not very fair in colour but she is very sexy with her figure 34 28 34 .she has a great boobs and butt. Mom is old generation women but very curious the be morden so she wear kurta , moder nighty at home , even jeans some time , she usually wear saree , main thins is that she love watch hollywood movie but with hindi bengali dubbed so back to the story

I m abhi and I m studying in a college doing my bachelor’s degree so … I use the up and done from my home . I have very few friend so I was fully concentrating on my study . I like one girl of my senior class but never try to move forward . One day I have to go to shopping with my mom so mom came to my college to pic me.
As she is morden she wore jeans and a shirt and came in scooty to pick me.

All the teacher and serious class boys stir at my mom like a hungry dog . Becz mom has a great figure and her shirt is so tite her boobs just like to come out of shirt which give a sexy look … Now I came to mom and say a senior boy name sai take my mom pic.
Mom was bending as her scooty key fall on ground .. half boobs r fully visual so he took the pic and saw me comming he stopped then we went to shopping and back to home.

Mom fuck by my friend sai

Next day college sai my senior came to my and want to talk to me in free time I got surprise . But he told me that he know I like the girl of his class . He told me that he will help my for this . I became very have happy and made my friend and slowly slow I became close to that girl as well as a close friend toward sai. I use to talk sai regularly. Now few day after I propose that girl and she accepted that I was so happy I went to sai and said thanks bro …. Becz of u r got my girl . Sai also became very happy and ask for treat . And we went to kfc.

We just talk that I ask him why don’t to have a girl friend .. he said maitrey women more .
I said ooo thn what type o women u like tell my i will help u
He said I like someone who me u can’t help to me
I said I will definitely help u … It may be any one
He said promish me .. you will help me
I said ok pakka promish.
He said leave you will get angry
I said why I will get angry … Idiot
He said leave all that what r do your father do
I said he is a business man vest serious country in buisness
He immediately said and your mom
Mom is house wife … Stay at home
He said … Is she have any boyfriend
I said no she is very conservative

He said with smile you r kid no women is conservative it may be she did not get the write persone
I said – I think u r write she get bored at home .
She like moder thing very much
Said said – I like your mom plz don’t abey plz
I said – but she don’t want any boyfriend sai
Sai said- you said you will help me u promish me .
I said – ok but if she get to know I help u I will gone
He said you r so sweet I will set a plan just u help me

I thought something immediately he said look your mom get bored at home and want to have fun in life I assure you it will be secret I realy like her

I said ok but what I have to do…
Sai- just one a facebook account and i will send her a freind request .
Thn I came back to home and ask my mom mom you get bored at home na
Bandana- yes dear
Me- let me show you something to make new friend
Bandana- ok
Me- I mAid my mom id in facebook
Mom- what is this .
Me- many new people will send u friend request accept them and have chat
Uplode video ,recipe, your beautiful pic etc
Mom found it very interesting
Thn I went to my room

At night I went to my vedroom open my mom account and say
Sai friend request I accepted that
Sai – hii

Now mom was only I just want to see what my mom say- hello
Sai- what is your name dear
Mom- my name is bandanA
Mom- what is your name?
Sai- sai dear
Mom- where do u live
Sai – in kolkata
Mom- kolkata I also live in kolkata
Sai – ooo kolkata where
Mom- bhaalA and you
Sai – salt lake.
Sai – can I see your pic**( actally I have given vidya balan pic as my mom like her)
Mom- when one of her old pic in saree
Sai- wow you look like biya balan in saree
Mom blushed – and said -. Don’t say lie
Sai- no you realy look like her

Look her smile just like your . Look her hair just like yours . Look saree wearing style just like yours
Mom became happy said thank u but she is more beautiful
Sai – who said dear vidya balan look her saree wearing style . Her west ( kamar) is visible with navi and pallu is little short bole is seen more if your dress like her you will definitely look more beautiful and sexy than her.
Mom – became very have and said – ooo is it so thn I have to try this .
Sai sure sure 0lz show me pic thn.
Mom – ok show me yours
Sai +- send her body pix with bout his face
Mom- what you have done you don’t have face .
Sai – no dear I don’t like my face I like my body so I send it to u … Any way I will so you my face but later becz I don’t like it
Mom- ooo no problem
Sai – how is my body
Mom- hahaha your body just like hritik
Sai- thank u thank u
Mom- what r u doing
Sai – cunningly said I am thinking about you in transparent saree and with same pose but I know more hotter pose thn this
Mom said- ooo that kind of pose

Sai done google and send some model pic in saree below his nevel pinup hair shown Little bit and pally is very small and blouse is slevess .
Mom+- wow it look very extra sexy
Sai- it you dress u like this any men will be dewana of your
Mom- ooo realy
Sai – yes

Then they said bye and went to sleep next day in college sai said I have talk to your mom she enjoys chating…
Me-ok I enjoy chating … I have helped u
Sai said no I want your help until I make your mom my girlfriend . I said how you will do so… Sai said just india mom tho have photography at home.

Then I came to my mom and said I met a studio owner he said if your give some model pic I will give you 5000 rs. Mom got happy ..
I wait for 2 day and said mom I do not got any model to shut .
Mom- can I shut the pics . I can be the model
Me- r u sure
Mom – yes.. but photo shut is which kind
Me- it’s simple some hot pose in saree
Thn I make a set and mom wore a transparent saree and gave the same pose as sai send mom pics
It’s look so hot that can’t explain thn I got 5000 rs and mod got this pic

At night sai came online and mom send this pics … Sai was shocked and said


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Mom fuck by my friend sai

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