Muslim Girl Invasion – Sex Stories

Muslim Girl Invasion – Sex Stories

Hello friends, i am Manas. I like reading Muslim sex stories, Gangbang sex stories, Incest Sex Stories, Maid / Servant sex stories. Now what i am going to tell is inspired by a real story.

I live in West Bengal and back in 2009 in lived in a small town near ind-ban border. We were 4 members in my family. My dad (Dhrubaranjan Mondal age 42 govt employee), my mom ( Reshmi Mondal age 33 house wife) and my Grandmom. We had a house with 3 floor, the 3rd floor however was quite unused as we only lived in the 1st and 2nd floor.

One day my dad decided the rooms in the 3rd floor need to be colored. So 2 painter boys were recruited to get the work done. As it found out that they were Muslim, my grand mom asked my dad not to recruit them but my Dad who was secular didn’t listen. So from the next day Kader (age 25-28) and Moinul (age 18-19) started working on our third floor.

The first day they worked was Friday. The next day Saturday was holiday in my school. At about 12-30 pm one of them called me upstairs.

I went there when Kader said ” Can’t we have some tea? We are working for hours now.”

I apologized and went downstairs and told Mom about Kader’s request. My mom asked not to tell my grand mom as she may not like it. My mom was pious religious and a very helpful and beautiful woman. She took tea to them.

She too apologized to them and said “Sorry aboutt yesterday but i really forgot to serve you tea”.

Kader the senior man who was very well built, said ” Don’t worry Bhabiji, we are accustomed to this. You Hindu families don’t treat us as same as you do others. And also we are from Bangladesh searching for work here. No one cares”

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Now you all know that every day lot of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh come to India. Back in 2009 they could easily entered here.

My mom hearing his words said “Of course not, don’t feel that way. My father too came from Bangladesh in 1971 and since then we live here peacefully. By the way, in Bangladesh where did you lived?”

Then the conversation between Mom and Kader started and Moinul joined later. I felt mom was very eager about talking with them as they were Bangladeshi. The next day Mom served them Pakora and Tea and talked for long hours. I went to the 3 rd floor and saw my well behaved mom sitting beside Kader and Moinul and talking to each other.

After Mom departed, i stayed and heard Moinul saying to Kader, ” Oh boss, this Hindu bitch has fallen fr you ”

Kader gave a smile and said, ” Tomorrow we will fuck the whore out of her, as soon the boy and husband leaves.”

The next day was Monday. I had to go to school. I left home at 10-30 but came back from the back door which I opened secretly before leaving.

I ran to the 3 rd floor but found nobody there. Then i came to the 2nd floor and found my room has been locked from inside. As it was my room i knew there was a ventilator beside and can be seen from the room beside.

So i took a chair and got up to the ventilator and saw my pious Hindu mom has bent down to two Muslim paint workers. Both got their uncircumcised dicks out from their pants and was asking my mom to suck. My mom, though have taken both cocks in her hands was still pretending as she don’t want to suck it.

Kader then forcibly put his dick on my mom’s mouth and she started sucking immediately.

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But It was Moinul’s dick that amazed me! He was just a teen but had a bigger cock than Kader and me too!
After the sucking was done, they laid my mom on the bed which i use to sleep. What made me strange that mom didn’t got fully naked. Her boobs were open but she was still wearing the blouse. And also the saree and ‘saya’.

Kader moved the saree and saya over my Mom’s ass and screamed ” Oh my Reshmi begum, you are so desperate to get fucked that you didn’t even bother to wear a panty!!”

My mom’s name was Reshmi but it was weird to hear Reshmi begum. My mother laughed at his words.

Soon Kader put his dick inside mom’s pussy in one go and she started moaning with pleasure. Her pussy was already dripping wet, so Kader’s cock went in smoothly. Moinul was quick and put his giant cock inside her mouth and ask her to suck it well.

After 10 mins of fucking, Kader pulled his massive muslim cock out and asked Moinul to fuck my Mom’s juicy pussy. Moinul took his giant dick to mom’s pussy and mom started shouting ” No please, I cant take that… It’s too big for my small pussy…”

But before she could say anything Kader put his palm on her mouth and Moinul put that giant cock in her pussy in one hard push.. Although the cock was a massive one, it went in without too much fuss with all the juices flowing in her pussy.. After some time, mom gradually got to the notions and started enjoying the big dick..

Moinul then asked mom to get into doggy position and started fucking from behind while Kader was fucking her mouth…

After few minutes, Moinul started to moan and i realized he was cumming inside my mom’s pussy..

Kader also cummed in her mouth and said ” Oh your Hindu cunt is now filled with Muslim sperm.. You have become one of us now”

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After saying this they took their clothes and went back to their work.. My mom dropped on the bed with cum slowly coming out of her pussy and mouth.

Her hair was all messed up and eyeliner came down to her cheek because of tears of pain or pleasure.. It was funny despite getting fucked by two Muslim bulls she was wearing everything.

Slowly she got up and went to adjacent bathroom to wash her face to wash her mouth and cum filled pussy. The fucking sessions went for almost 9-10 days before the work came to an end.

I saw everyday from the ventilation window, my mom getting fucked by two Muslim guys in my bed in various positions.

One thing which was common was Moinul, the 18 year old kid with a giant cock, always cummed inside mom’s pussy and Kader either in her mouth or on her boobs.. and she never got completely naked during the fucking sessions.

It was in the last day, when the work was completed, my mom went to the 3rd floor and got fully naked in front of them. The two Muslim boys were very happy as they took pictures of my mom’s naked body. The next day they went away but this didn’t end here..

My mom got pregnant with Moinul’s child a few weeks later.

I must say it was Moinul’s child as he was the one who always cummed inside her.. This was going to give my Mom a huge problem. My mom called her elder sister ( Nandita Paul, age 35, nurse at Govt hospital) who lived with her family in Ranaghat, to solve it for her…

After she came to our house, another story started…

I’ll continue that fucking story in next part. Comments welcome.

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Muslim Girl Invasion – Sex Stories