My Aunt And I Became The Last Human Couple – Part 4

My Aunt And I Became The Last Human Couple – Part 4

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That was the best night ever. Maasi and I were alone in the bed, in each other’s arms. It was like a dream.

I slowly woke up the next morning. I was feeling really dizzy and was not able to make out what actually happened. Was it a dream? or did all that happen actually. My brain slowly started bringing me to consciousness when these thoughts slowly went through me.

Now I was perfectly awake. I quickly opened my eyes to look around, maasi was not there. I was very sure that we actually kissed last night and it was not a simple or small kiss. It was a very long kissing session of two love birds. I wanted to see masi.

I stood up and saw that she was standing in the balcony, looking outside. She was in her nighty. I loved that nighty as it was really light and was very silky. I slowly walked towards her without letting her know. Then, I wrapped my arms around her belly, and she gasped.

She must have got scared since I suddenly came. Then she looked back and got normal. She smiled and said, “Good morning.” We both were feeling really shy because of what happened last night. I said, “Did you sleep well?” She said, “Yeah! I had one of the best sleep I’ve ever had,” while giving a cute smile.

I blushed and softly gave her a kiss on her lips. She blushed back. And then everything started becoming hot. I could feel my breathing getting faster as my dick got rock hard. It was clearly visible through my boxers, and maasi started smiling. Then she pulled me tightly towards her and gave me a tight kiss.

She said, “I want you to kiss me. Kiss me hard,” I said, “I can not resist feeling your soft lips. I can kiss you forever”. I could feel her breath getting faster, as well. We both were kissing beautifully in the balcony – with the beach behind us.

I then grabbed her and took her towards the bed. She said, “Oh, my strong tiger! I see where this is going,” laughingly. I laughed back and said, “Yes, and I love where this is going.”

I threw her on the bed and jumped towards her as well. She said, “Come on, come over me. I want to feel your lips. I started kissing her neck. Oh lord, that soft neck of hers! I loved everything. She said, “I love you so fucking much!”

I laughed and said, “Wow! you’re getting dirty with me, huh?” She laughed back. After a lot of kissing, we both just fell down on the bed beside each other and laughed and were very happy.

Then masi noticed the bulge in my boxers. She said, “Well, look at that! Your little tiger down there is really excited, isn’t it?” I replied, “With such a beautiful woman beside me, I can’t control it!”

She said, “Do you want to see me?” I said, “I already see you! Your beautiful face is what I love to see all the time!”

She said, “Not that! I mean… Do you want to see me naked?”

I got amazed. I said, “I have always wanted to! Your face, legs, and everything about you is amazing! I can’t imagine how I would react when I would see your naked body!”

She said, “I’m all yours, Suraj, do whatever you want! I love you so much!” I replied back, “I love you too, maasi.” She gave me a naughty smiled and said, “Then what are you waiting for? Tiger, come right here!”

I jumped towards her. Starting with those soft feet of hers! I started kissing every inch of her legs. Her legs were the favorite part of her body for me. But I knew this was going to change when I would see those beautiful big tits of hers! And her big ass!

I moved my hands around her legs as I moved up towards her thighs. Those plumpy and bulky thighs of hers were beautiful and soft as fuck. I could feel the warmth building up as I moved towards her pussy. Then her nightdress got in the way.

She said, “Undress your maasi, you dirty boy!” while laughing. I gave her a naughty smile and pulled the nightdress away. There it was! Her naked body right in front of me. It was way better than I had imagined it to be. Her big natural tits! They were like melons and her beautiful shaved pussy!

I was speechless. She was blushing and asked, “Do you like it?” I said, “Oh my god! I fucking love this. You are so beautiful, masi!” I jumped and started kissing her. She said, “I am really horny, Suraj!”

I said, “Yes, maasi, I am really horny for you as well! Kissing you had already got me so hard, and now looking at that sexy body of yours! I feel like my dick is going to blast.”

She said, “I want to see your cock, Suraj.” I said, “Yes, maasi, wait a minute first, let me say hi to that beautiful pussy of yours.” She laughed and opened her legs wide for me. I crawled down and gave her pussy a kiss. I could feel her breathing very fast. I then shoved my face into her pussy and started licking it.

Masi was now at the top of the sky! She was moaning and shouting really hard. “Just like that, you little asshole! Lick you maasi’s pussy! Eat it just like that!” Her moans got me harder and harder. She was talking really dirty, and I loved it.

I got dirty, as well. After eating her pussy, I said, “You want me to see my cock?” She said, “Yes, Suraj! I can’t wait to see that big dick of yours.” I pulled my boxers down, and my dick bounced up. I was shocked as it was looking bigger than usual. Maasi’s magic had really worked on me!

She was shocked and said, “Oh my god, Suraj! that is a really huge dick!” I smiled. She pushed me down, and I fell on the bed. She started crawling towards me like a cat giving naughty smiles while her tits were hanging down.
I said, “Come on, maasi suck that cock hard! I want to feel your mouth!”

She said, “Yes Suraj! Don’t worry! Maasi will suck your cock, and you will love it!” She first spat some saliva on my cock and then started stroking it. It felt like heaven! Her soft, beautiful hands really knew how to give a nice handjob.

Then she slowly put her tongue on my dick and started licking it like a lollipop. And then she completely took it inside her mouth and started sucking it. I was feeling really good. It was my first blowjob. I was so lucky for getting my cock sucked by my own maasi!

Then, we changed to the 69 position. I was licking her pussy and asshole while she sucked my cock. Her saliva was all on my cock, and we both were enjoying it. I then stopped her and said, “Maasi, I want to fuck you.”

Maasi said, “Oh, you dirty boy! You want to fuck your maasi! Okay, Suraj! I’m ready to become your bitch. Call me a whore! I am your bitch, and you can fuck me all you want! Fuck me, Suraj. Fuck me.”

I pushed her down, and she fell on her back. Her face and her boobs were facing me as I slowly started rubbing my cocker around her pussy. It was the missionary position. I said, “Are you ready, bitch? You slut! Are you ready for my cock?” She said, “Yes! fuck me, please!”

She suddenly stopped me and stood up and ran towards the almirah. I asked her, “What happened?” She said, “Wait a minute, Suraj!” She returned with a condom, and I asked: “Where did you get that from?” She said, “I picked it up from the mall.”

I laughed and said, “You were planning for having sex with me since that long?” And she gave me a naughty smiled and nodded. She slowly put the condom on my dick and said, “Haha! The condom is not fully fitting you! But it’s alright for now. We’ll get the bigger size later. Okay?”

I said, “Yes, maasi.” She then said, “Okay let’s do this. Come put your big cock inside me and fuck me, Suraj!” I put her in the missionary position again, and then I slowly inserted my dick inside her pussy. It felt like heaven. We both were shocked.

Maasi shouted with joy. She was loving the feeling, and so was I. She said, “Oh my god, Suraj! You are so big! I don’t know if you will fit inside me.” I said, “Don’t worry, maasi.” I then completely penetrated her. She was moaning loudly.

I started stroking her, and then I increased the pace. Maasi kept shouting, and I loved the feeling. Then I said, “Come on, maasi, become my bitch! Stand like a dog, and let me fuck you in the doggy style!”

Maasi obeyed and said, “Yes, Suraj! I am your bitch, and you are my dog. Come fuck me.” I inserted my dick inside her once again and then fucked her in the doggy style. Maasi’s moans kept getting louder and louder. I could feel her heat inside her pussy.

She shouted, “Oh my god! I am going to cum.” And then she did come! She was laughing loudly with joy and was shouting, “Thank you, Suraj! I love you and your dick! I feel so good! This is the best orgasm ever!”

I said, “Maasi, I want to cum on your face.” She said, “Oh, you dirty man! Want to spread all your sperm on my face? Okay, Suraj! Come on! Get your cock in front of my face. I want all your hot juice on me! That yummy thick cum of yours! I can’t wait to drink it!”

I removed the condom and put my dick in front of her. She started stroking it and sucking it. I was very close to cumming, and then I finally came! I had never cummed so much sperm in my life. Masi’s face was completely covered with my cum, and she was laughing with joy.

I rubbed my cock against her face to get the remaining sperm out, and then she started licking and swallowing all of that cum on her face. She said, “Wow! that was really fun, wasn’t it?” I said, “Yes, maasi! I love fucking you. I can fuck you forever! Thank you so much for becoming my bitch!”

Maasi smiled naughtily and kissed me. She said, “Hahaha, Suraj! I love fucking you too! You can fuck me whenever you want! Now I am more like a girlfriend of yours!” I laughed and said, “Shall we go and get cleaned up?”

Maasi gave me a naughty smile and asked, “Do you want to have a bath with me?” I said, “Yes, and we might have some fun there as well!” Maasi laughed naughtily, and then we headed towards the bathroom!

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My Aunt And I Became The Last Human Couple – Part 4