My Best Friend’s Mom: Part 2 by SLCPunk1_0_1

My Best Friend’s Mom: Part 2
by SLCPunk1_0_1

“Seriously?! STILL?!” Mike exclaimed, walking into the kitchen.

His mother was naked, except for a pair of red heels she’d been wearing when I got there this morning. She was bent over, holding the kitchen table for support, her nipples brushing against the mahogany top. This was the first time in the last two months that I’d skipped the WHOLE day of school.. and I spent it inside every hole in her body. We took breaks in between, but mostly we just kept fucking. This would be my 5th orgasm, which doesn’t seem like a lot given the nearly 8hrs I’d been there, but as the day went on, my stamina had increased.

My first nut of the day was a satisfying, albeit fully clothed standing-quickie. I had been waiting down the street, watching for Mike’s dad, Tony, to leave. Once I saw his car drive off, I waited a few minutes, then made my way to their house. I walked in and found Rachel standing at the kitchen sink rinsing dishes from breakfast. She said hi and offered me something to eat, but I ignored her, I only had an appetite for one thing.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard tool out through the opening. Standing behind her, I reached under her dress and found she wasn’t wearing any panties. I startled her, and her body twitched as a reflex, but relaxed. She continued washing. I held the back of her dress up with one hand and used my other to guide myself into her slit. She leaned forward slightly, sticking her butt out to give me a better angle. Once my tip found its mark I released it and slid in. I trembled and let out a sigh of pleasure. She paused for a second to savor the feeling of a fresh hard cock in the morning, but still she said nothing. I instantly built up a steady rhythm and began full-force-fucking her while she washed, almost pretending like she didn’t know I was there.

I came quickly and quietly. My mouth was open but only a barely audible gasp came out, almost as if I’d cum so hard that it’d knocked the wind out of me. I just stood there with my eyes closed, feeling my jizz spraying inside her, one single powerful stream, like a fire hose. I released her, stumbled backwards towards a chair and collapsed. I heard the sink turn off and I opened my eyes back up. She dried her hands with a towel and fixed her dress. Then she looked at me.

“NOW do you want something to eat?” She asked with a grin.

“Sure Mrs. Palmer.” I said as I tucked my sticky semi-hard dick back into my pants.

That wasn’t the only thing I ate today. She’d taught me how to go down on her, so naturally I had to return the favor. We 69’d in her bed a little while later, both of us cumming in each other’s mouths. Then after a breather, I had her ankles behind her ears and came in her ass. We took a short nap before she had to get up and start some house work. I helped her since I’d been such a distraction all morning. This also gave me time to recover. Then she rode me on the couch before leaving to run some errands. I got some studying done, and when she got home it was almost time for school to get out, so we decided to get one more in. That brings us to where we are now.

Rachel and I were both very focused, and didn’t even stop to look at Mike. We knew it was about the time that we should be stopping and getting cleaned up before his dad got home, but I neared orgasm and was jackhammering the shit out of her cunt, and of course she didn’t want me to stop either. So Mike was naturally surprised to see us still naked and fucking. WE were then surprised to look up and see him standing in front of us with his stiff prick out.

He better not be expecting me to let him tap-in, not when I’m this close. But he just sat down on the chair in front of his mother. Without any direction needed, she moved to her right, staying bent over with me still pounding away. She placed one hand on his thigh, and the other around his shaft. Then she opened her mouth and lowered her head. This was much more impressive than it may sound, since the chair was much lower than her, even being bent over. So with her legs still straight (in heels), getting fucked from behind (hard I might add), she leaned over and was rapidly slurping away at her son’s cock. Knowing time was of the essence, she was sucking hard and fast, nearly as fast as I was going. I could see it was good by the expression on Mike’s face. Of course we’ve double stuffed her like this before, some people call it an ‘Eiffel Tower’, or a ‘Golden Gate Bridge’.

“Oh, God, oh God!” I started saying.

“Oh God, oh God!” Mike said almost mimicking me. Man his mom was really working him, that and he’s been in class all day while I’ve already cum 4 times.

“Oh God I’m gonna cum!” I said loudly.

“Ahhhh!” Mike exclaimed.



“AHHH!!….” I came.

“AHHH!!…” And apparently Mike did to.

Rachel immediately stood up, pulling Mike’s cock out of her mouth and me out of her snatch. She threw her head back, swallowing her son’s jizz like a shot of whiskey, then she ran out of the room. Mike and I quickly got presentable. He just had to zip up his pants, but I had to go find mine. By the time I found them and got dressed, Rachel came walking out of her room looking like a million bucks! Her dress was on, her hair looked great, she even did her makeup. She went from Slutty-Housewife to Susie Homemaker in minutes! She was pretty amazing.

It had been several months since I’d found out about Mike and his mom, and joined in, becoming an additional sex toy to keep her happy. This was the first time I’d seen her in over a week. With finals going on and graduation around the corner, I’d been very busy. Taking the day off to spend with her was a little treat to myself.. And to her. Mike was equally as busy with school as I was, plus he now had a girlfriend!

Her name is Nikki, and they stated dating 3 months ago. She was pretty cute (for a nerdy chick) and I liked them together, but this meant that he had even less free time to spend in his mom. It even seemed like he had less desire to… This was crazy to me because there’s no way Nikki looks as good naked or was as good in bed as Rachel.. But there’s something to be said about Strange I suppose, and about not having to share one’s lover with one’s best friend (or your own father for that matter). But they lost their virginities to one another (as far as she knows), and fell in love.. I wasn’t complaining, more for me I guess.

They met at a college tour and found out that they lived in the same city, albeit went to different schools. Mike was headed out of state for school. This was sad, but it’s just part of growing up. I on the other hand was going to school locally. This wasn’t some community College, we live in the northeast, and I had been accepted to an Ivy-League that was less than an hour away. I was an excellent student of course, but it didn’t hurt that both my parents were alumni and now professors there.

My father was a Chemist and my mother was a Biologist. They met when they were students there, graduated, and went to work at the same pharmaceutical company. Then they had me, realized that their careers were too demanding to have a family, so by the time I was 3, they had gotten hired as professors at their Alma mater and moved here. They like it, they could still do research, but now it was whatever they wanted to do. They occasionally did consultant work for private companies, which paid great, and is where my dad was now. He left last week and was going to be in Chicago for the summer. My mom was doing some personal research with grad students, which meant I’d be free once school got out in a few days. I already had my summer planned.. Fuck. Mike’s. Mom.

That night at dinner I ate like a horse, famished from a hard day’s work. That night I laid in bed, trying to do some studying for my finals, but mostly I was just thinking about Rachel. I was going to have 3 full months to Fuck her all day long. I’d go over as soon as Tony left, and stay until he got home. What’s more, is Mike would be spending a lot of his time with Nikki, so I’d really have his mother all to myself! It was going to be great! Just thinking of her gave me a hard on, and I reached under the covers and into my boxers, but before I could even get one stroke in, I yanked my hand out just as my mom walked in.

“Hey sweetie, I’m heading to bed.” She said. My parents gave me a lot of freedom, and they trusted me, but they weren’t big knockers, always walking right in. She came up and gave me a kiss on the forehead and tussled my hair a bit, then turned and walked out.

I felt my cock ache, but this wasn’t for Rachel…. My mom was pretty, she didn’t look like a porn star the way Mike’s mom did, but she was certainly pretty. She wasn’t big on makeup, and she wore her hair down without any styling. Her clothes were nice but they didn’t show any skin, no low cut tops or short dresses, and she rarely even wore heals. Part of this was for work, she had to look professional at the school, but even on her days off, she still dressed modestly. Nothing about her said ‘sexy’ or ‘look at me boys’, which is why no one ever did. You can imagine that when Rachel went to the store, every guy who walked by did a double – take, but that wasn’t the case with my mom, Patricia, or Patty.

All this aside, I had been looking at my mother through new eyes ever since finding out about Mike and his mom. As she walked out, I stared at her ass, she was wearing a long tee shirt, something that tons of mothers wear. It wasn’t tight and reached her knees, and she’s worn it for years without me glancing. But over these last few months I’d started noticing things. Like that she doesn’t wear a bra or panties under her sleep shirt. So when she walked in I clearly saw her nipples pointing through the thin white cotton. Her breasts were nice, a large B I’d estimate, but very perky and the nips always seemed erect. When she walked out I watched her butt cheeks press against her shirt with each step, no panty lines. She was thin, not that she exercised regularly, she was just a naturally petite woman, but she had broad hips, presumably from being pregnant with me. It wasn’t a fat ass by any means, in fact it stuck out nice and round, but compared to her thin upper body, it was certainly bigger. To be honest, you’d think that a skinny woman with a round ass would be something that would turn many guys heads, but when she never wore anything that showed her figure, how were they supposed to know it was there!?

I reached under the covers and took ahold of my penis again, still hard. I started stroking myself slowly, relaxing. I laid back and closed my eyes. Rachel appeared behind my eyelids, the image of her eyes looking up at me with my prick held tightly between her lips. Her mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft, at the same pace as my hand. I’d like to say my fantasy stayed there, but I’d be lying. Rachel’s face transformed into that of my own mother. Same image, my cock being sucked by shiny red lips, but the eyes looking up at me hungrily begging for my cum, where my mom’s. I kept stroking.

I never saw my mom as anything other than my mom. Until that first time I saw my best friend sinking his meat into his own mother’s juicy twat. You hear incest, or about a parent having sex with their children, and it’s immediately a bad thing, or it’s some sort of sexual abuse. But that’s not what I was witnessing, they were both fully engaged, enjoying it, not caring that it was his mother, or her son. It made me at least think of the possibility of being with my own mother. It didn’t happen over night, I didn’t just walk in the door and look at my mom and think ‘damn I want to Fuck her!’. Whenever I tried to look at her and imagine us having sex, I couldn’t, and I wasn’t aroused. It was several weeks after I started screwing Rachel before I saw my mom as attractive.

It was a weekend and she was doing some cleaning around the house. She was wearing a pair of shorts that she’s worn around me a hundred times, but this time I walked into the living room and she was on her hands and knees reaching under the TV stand. Her butt cheeks were spread wide, her shorts griping them tightly. I know the fabric was too think, but I swore I could see the outline of her snatch. I backed out of the room and ran into mine. I whipped my cock out, it was rock hard, and began beating off in the middle of my room. I shot my load onto the floor within minutes and just stood there. I couldn’t believe the reaction my body had to looking at my mom as a sexual being, I felt bad, but it didn’t stop me. I began trying to catch glimpses of her, trying to look down her shirt when she leaned forward, that sort of thing. I even told Rachel about my new attraction to my mother. She was supportive about it, even suggesting that I make a move, but there was no way I could risk it.

The first couple weeks of summer went by without a hitch. I spent every weekday at Mike’s house screwing his mom. I had her to myself every day but two. I didn’t mind if Mike was there, it gave me longer breaks to recuperate. I had asked him once, not long after I found out about them, if he minded that I’d joined in on their tryst and if it bothered him to see me fucking his mom. He said no, She was the one using us, we weren’t using her. I guess that’s true, but even I had to admit that I got jealous when I watched them together. Not about the sex happening right in front of me, but of all the times I wasn’t around. When I went home, he stayed, he could have her when I couldn’t. If his dad when out to do errands on a weekend afternoon, he fucked her… if his dad went to bed early, or stayed at work late, he fucked her… she would even give him a bj when she came to say goodnight!..

I was certainly sexually satisfied with Rachel, that’s why I hadn’t put any effort into finding a girlfriend. So if it’s not pent up sexual needs that drew me towards my mother, then what was it? Rachel was more attractive, and I’d wager that she was more adventurous in bed too, plus she wasn’t related to me! I spent months thinking about it, and I came to a two part conclusion.

The first was ACCESSIBILITY. I was jealous that Mike lived with his mother. It’s sounds silly to say it out loud, but hear me out. I had enjoyed MILF and incest porn long before I found out about Mike and his mom. The scenes often play out where a young man is home with his mother and the dad leaves, or the son comes home and his mother is by herself, needless to say they start fucking. They’re stupid of course, because people don’t just start having sex with family members like it’s no big deal. But the idea of coming home and having a woman there who just drops to her knees and starts sucking my cock was tantalizing. Or whenever the mood strikes you, you just bend her over and stick it in. While I got Rachel quite a bit, Mike gets her more conveniently, he’s not limited by a schedule the way I am. Some of you are probably thinking, so you just want to be married, or have a live in girlfriend so you can have sex more often? … That brings me to my second point.

NAUGHTINESS. How often have you heard of someone who cheats on their significant other for no apparent reason? They have a good relationship, they have a great sex life, and their partner may be gorgeous.. Yet they still cheat, perhaps with someone less attractive than the one they’re cheating on! So why do it?… Excitement! Danger! It’s forbidden, naughty and taboo… especially when it comes to incest! You hear about female teachers having sex with underage male students, and you ask, ‘she’s pretty, why couldn’t she go get a guy her own age?!’ Which of course she could, but the forbidden aspect of the relationship is a turn on for her.

This is totally the case with Mike and his mother. Fucking all afternoon is great, but it’s the secret glances they exchange, the quickies when his dad goes for a jog, and the nervous blow jobs when he’s in the other room that make the relationship exciting. And that’s what I want! It’s not that I want my mother, I just want a woman that I can screw whenever we want, and the danger of not wanting to get caught.

None of it matters of course, because I hadn’t thought of a way to initiate things with my mom. I needed a way to come to her and let her know that I wanted to have sex, without completely freaking her out and having her tell my dad, or sending me to therapy. I would say things like ‘you look really pretty today’ or ‘I like those pants on you’. The problem is that they sounded like normal compliments a son would give his mother. Of course I couldn’t very well say ‘damn you look hot mom!’ or ‘you have a sweet ass!’. So how do I show interest, or find out if she’d have any interest in me?? I have no idea. But for now I still have Rachel to Fuck, that is, until the next day.

Mike called me and told me that his dad had surprised them last night with a family trip to Australia. They’d be gone the remainder of the summer. They were leaving in two days but his dad had already taken off of work so they could go shopping and pack and stuff… all that mattered to me was that my summer of fucking apparently ended yesterday. I hung up the phone and just stared blankly. I tried to console myself, knowing that it was just a couple months, and then they’d be back, and since I wasn’t going far for college, I could still see Rachel on a regular basis. I had actually arranged my classes to be all on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, leaving me Tuesday and Thursday to spend the day between her legs. That did make me feel better, but this still sucks. However this could be just the motivation I needed to make a move on my mom. I spent the rest of the day and night thinking of strategies for how to proceed, but nothing seemed good… and the next day it didn’t seem to matter.

It was a Saturday morning, and I had slept in. It didn’t matter, I had no plans, so I could’ve stayed in bed all day, but I figured Id get up. I found my mom sitting at the dining room table with her head in her hands, and I asked her if she was OK.

“Yes.. Have a seat.” She looked up at me, she wasn’t crying but she looked as though she had been. I sat down across from her, scared to hear what she had to say.

“Is dad OK?” I asked.

“Oh, yes, nothing like that, I actually just got off the phone with him.” That relaxed me a bit. “Brandon, your father and I are on a trial separation, that’s why he took the summer in Chicago. So that we can try being apart.” She looked at me, pausing for me to say something, but I just stared at her. “We were both supposed to be dating, meeting new people, but I haven’t been, Im just not comfortable with it, but it seems he is, and now he’s met some one.”

“So… you’re getting a divorce?” I asked.

“No, not necessarily, he’s doing what he’s supposed to do.” She started tearing up again.

“Why did you guys even do this!?” I asked, angry. She looked at me for several minutes, deciding if she should say.

“He slept with his assistant.” She said flatly.

“Wait, and you didn’t divorce him for that?” I was angry at my dad, but angry with her as well.

“I don’t want to be single again, it doesn’t suit me, plus… I sort of blame myself, like I wasn’t enough for him.” She was crying now.

I moved next to her, and held her, consoling her. I wasn’t angry now, I felt bad for her. My desire to Fuck my mom had immediately been replaced by a desire to help her. Over the next week we became incredibly close, I was all she had. We cooked together, sat on the couch watching movies, we talked and laughed. I asked about work and if there were any men there that she’d consider going on dates with. We even set up a dating site profile for her. It was really the blind leading the blind, because while I was now a stud in bed (thanks to my experience with Rachel), I’ve never actually gone on a date, or had a girlfriend. I didn’t really have any advice to give.

The dating site was a success, and over the next week she went out with three different guys. I’d help her pick outfits to wear, and give my opinion on how she should wear her hair, but the options were limited. Her wardrobe was very basic, not a single ‘little black dress’ in her closet. And she wasn’t willing to go get her hair done, so the styling was limited to straight and down. But regardless, she went on the dates, and had a nice time, but that was it. She would tell me how it went, and always ended with ‘but I wasn’t really that into him’, so there was never a second date. The dating site started out hot, getting 6 dates in two weeks, but quickly burned out. The number of compatible men in her age range in the area wasn’t large, and most were weeded out through messaging before they ever went on a date. You might assume that my mom was just being picky, but she really wasn’t, there’s just a lot of creeps out there. So then she was back to square one. I pushed her for info on men at the university, but she was hesitant. Everyone there knew she was married and knew my father, so they weren’t trying to get involved in possible drama there. But eventually she said a name, Tom.

I didn’t know who he was, but my mother spoke highly of him. He was a dean, and he over saw the mathematics department. He had a Doctorate , a couple Masters and a handful of Bachelors degrees. I told her to ask him out, but she refused, said he would never be interested and that was that. But then, less than a week later, she came home and burst in the door.

“We’re going out!” She yelled. I came running in from the living room.

“What? Who?”

“Tom and I are going out Friday night!”

“Really? That’s great mom! How?”

“Well, we ran into each other and he asked how your father was liking Chicago, so I ended up telling him the truth. Then one thing led to another and he asked if I’d like to go out and I said yes!” She was beaming, in shock. I was happy for her.

She spent more time getting ready for this date than she’d spent on all the other ones combined. She didn’t necessarily look any different, she just tried on more outfits before settling on one. She was nervous. When Tom arrived, I answered the door and introduced myself, I could see the appeal. He was tall, 6’5” I’d guess, with a good build. Not muscular, but fit. He was very handsome for his age, a silver fox. He looked more like an actor who would play a college professor on TV rather than be an actual professor. My mom came down and they exchanged pleasantries before she gave me a hug goodnight. He made some joke about not keeping her out too late that made me roll my eyes, and then they left.

I spent the majority of the night playing CoD, which made the time fly. It was after 11pm before I realized how late it was. I started checking my phone and looking out the window nervously, as if I was the parent. It was an hour later before I saw lights pull into the driveway and turn off. I peaked out between the curtains and saw them laughing. I smiled. I was relieved that everything was OK, and happy that they’d had a good time. They chatted for a minute before he leaned in and kissed her. This wasn’t just some first date goodnight kiss, they were grabbing at each other’s neck, faces and hair. This went on for quite a while, but I watched.

Then abruptly he stopped and pulled away. He sat up straight and leaned back a bit, looking down at his lap as he did something. It was unmistakable, he was pulling his dick out. He looked at her, gesturing for her to go down on him, you could read his lips ‘come on, do it, please’. I felt myself getting angry. I couldn’t believe this guy, pressuring my mom to give him a blow job on the first date, and so tastelessly. But she didn’t look angry, she was covering her face, but you could see a smile. She was embarrassed, sure, but not offended. And she wasn’t saying no or getting out of the car, she was considering it. I felt a forming erection stir inside my shorts. I unzipped them and pulled it out, it swelled to full strength in my hand and I began to stroke softly. I watched intently, hidden by shadows, peaking through the curtains. I almost whispered the words ‘don’t do it’, but the truth is I wanted to see. Finally she went for it, falling face first into his lap. Instantly his jaw dropped and his eyes closed. Her head didn’t disappeared completely out of sight, I could see it rising and falling, not fast, but steadily. I couldn’t help but watch his face, his expressions. His look of pleasure told me how good my mother’s mouth was. His head was rolling from side to side, eyes still shut, silently mouthing the words ‘fuck yes’, ‘oh God’. I was jealous. I could see his breathing increase, he was getting close.

“Ya that’s it mom, suck it” I muttered to myself. It wasn’t until now that I realized I’d been jerking myself off the whole time, and I too was approaching climax.

I watched her going a little faster now, Tom opened his eyes and looked down at her, he grabbed the back of her head, pushing her to go faster. I too started going faster. He threw his head back, I could tell he was moaning. But my mom didn’t stop, she slowed down greatly, but she continued to suck him, finishing him off completely. Then I came. I reached down and cupped my free hand in front of my pick just in time to catch the first shot of jizz before it sprayed onto the curtains. I managed to catch it all without taking my eyes off of the scene outside. I finished just as my mom sat up, licking her lips and wiping the corners of her mouth with a finger. I ran upstairs to my bathroom and washed my hands, then quickly I changed and climbed in bed. I waited in the dark for a couple minutes, listening. I heard the front door open and close, then the sound of Tom’s car pulling away. The desire to have my mom was renewed.

The next morning I found her in the kitchen making breakfast, she was nearly singing to herself. I’ve never seen her this happy. She told me about the date, they’d gone to a nice restaurant, then to have drinks and go dancing. Naturally she left out the part about the driveway-Bj. But she said how much she liked him and couldn’t wait to go out with him again. But this was short lived. All weekend went by without her hearing from him, then that week at the university she was never able to find him, until the following Friday came around.

That night there was a gala at the university. A big formal occasion with all the faculty, and numerous alumni and donors. All week she had been hoping that Tom would ask her to go with him, but that hadn’t happened. I tried to convince her that he was probably just busy and that she’d be sure to see him at this event. My mom was obligated to attend, and even though she was upset, she got into a formal evening dress and went. I had the place to myself for another lonely Friday night home alone.. God I couldn’t wait for Mike’s family to get back! Not only did I wanna screw his mom’s brains out, but he was my best friend, and we should be hanging out until he moved.. But it was still 3 weeks away. I occupied my evening playing video games, and was just about to put in a movie when the door flew open and my mom came in. She ran upstairs crying, I heard her bedroom door slam shut. I just sat there, unsure of what to do. I needed to go find out if she’s ok, she was home really early, but she didn’t seem to want to talk. I figured I should try anyways.

“Mom? Are you ok?” I said, opening her door slowly. She was sitting on her bed, still in the gown. She was crying heavily, it took her a few minutes to compose herself enough to speak.

“Tom’s a jerk!” She sobbed. “He USED me!” the image of her going down on him flashed in my mind, “He was at the gala with another woman, apparently he’s quite the player!” She’s obviously had a couple drinks tonight.

“What do you mean he used you?” I know I shouldn’t have asked, but I couldn’t help myself.

“He made me suck his dick” I’ve never heard my mom use profanity before, “well.. He didn’t make me, I wanted to, I love giving head!.. But still, he pulled it out and begged me, knowing full well that he had no intention of seeing me again! And I did it, because he was handsome, and the first good date I’d had, and once I saw his cock I just had to taste it, he didn’t even need to beg, just pulling it out would’ve been enough.” She was rambling, staring at the floor as she spoke. She was talking to herself more than me, honestly I think she forgot that I was even there.. “and it was so good! I was so horny he could’ve fucked me right in the front seat and I would’ve done it! I’d have fucked ANY of those guys I went on dates with! I didn’t care that they were dumb or boring, or that we had nothing in common, I just want to get laid! Making a guy cum in my mouth is a close second, but God damn the next guy I go out with I’m just going to tell him to bend me over and Fuck me rather than taking me to dinner!” Then she turned to look at me suddenly realizing that I was standing there.

Her eyes were wide, probably replaying everything that she’d just said in front of me. I was stunned, I couldn’t believe that was what was going through my mother’s mind. She stood up like she was going to say something but she hadn’t found the words yet. I too was searching for the right thing to say, but I couldn’t focus. All my brain power was devoted to thinking of something to say that I lost control of my motor functions, sort of like when a person is laughing and they let out a fart, they didn’t mean to. So seemingly without control I blurted out 4 little words.

“I’d fuck you mom!” Why did I have to say it so loud!? If I’d been quieter I could’ve tried to play it off, she was looking right at me and there was no doubt what I’d said. My immediate reaction was to retract the statement, say something like ‘that’s not what I meant’, and go from there, but I thought to myself this was my chance. If I back peddled now, I might never get to this point again, so instead I decided to double down. “I’d love to fuck you mom, I’d bend you over right now and fuck the shit out of you!”

“I know what you’re doing Brandon” her expression had softened, “you’re just trying to make me feel better. But no guy wants me, not your father, not Tom, no one.”

“I want you! I’ve wanted you for months! I check out your body when you aren’t looking, I jerk off thinking about you, and when you were sucking Tom’s prick, I’d wished it was mine!” I was just yelling everything now, I had no control over anything I was saying.

“You saw us?”

“… Yes, I saw you guys pull in, and when you started going down on him I just kept watching, I was jealous.” There was no sound for several minutes. I’d said all I needed to, and she was processing it.

“You should go to your room.” She said, turning her back to me.

Well there you have it, I said everything I could’ve said and I got the reaction that you’d expect. I turned and walked out. I went into my room and closed the door and just stood there staring blankly at the floor. I couldn’t believe what I’d said to her, I felt sick, I wish I hadn’t said anything. Not in the same way you regret saying something that you really didn’t mean, because I meant what I said, but God only knows what she was thinking right now. She was probably mad, disgusted and ashamed of me. I stood like that for what seemed like an hour, just pondering the repercussions of what I’d done, until finally a thought washed over me.. ‘nothing you can do about it.’ It was too late, I’d already said it all, and she had heard it, nothing I could do would change that. The only thing left was to go to bed, wake up, and take what was coming my way.

I took off my shirt and shorts, getting into bed wearing only my boxers. I still had a massive hard on. I don’t know why, I was too nervous to be horny, I’d never be able to focus enough to jerk off. So I just got into bed and laid there in the dark, wide awake. I finally felt like I might be drifting off when my door opened and my mom came in and turned the light on. I sat up, bending my leg to conceal the tent in my sheets. She was wearing the long tee shirt again, nothing underneath. She walked up and sat on the edge of my bed, she didn’t look angry, but had a concerned motherly expression that said ‘we need to talk’.

“We need to talk.” She started. “Those things you said were.. Inappropriate… but I know why you said them. They were flattering, but I know you don’t mean them.” What!? I was screaming in my head. Yes I do! “You were just trying to give me confidence and make me feel better. And there’s no need to be embarrassed, we’ll just forget about it.” She said, looking at me with a smile.

But I wasn’t smiling. I should be thrilled that my mom was willing to pretend like I hadn’t said how much I wanted to Fuck her. But I couldn’t let it go, it would be like I never actually took that shot, like I never tried, and I knew I’d always regret not trying to sleep with her more than I’d regret her rejection. I was searching for the words to say, something like ‘I did mean it! I do want to Fuck you!’ , but I couldn’t seem to formulate a sentence. I was panicking, I needed to tell her, but my mind was blank… so my body took over.

I suddenly pulled the blanket to the side, like a magician with a table cloth, revealing my erection sticking out through the opening in my boxers. My mom looked at it, her eyes widening with shock. Then she looked at me. I mustered every ounce of confidence I could, erasing any sign of doubt or nervousness from my face, and I stared her straight in the eyes. I didn’t break eye contact for several minutes, I was trying to say ‘does this look like I’m just trying to make you feel better?!’. And then I laid back down.

“Suck it.” Was all I said, and I closed my eyes. I might have looked calm and collected, but my heart was racing. This was a hail-Mary, a last ditch effort to make my desires known to her. There’s no way this gesture could be played off as anything other than a young man telling his mother so suck his dick. I didn’t know what I was waiting for exactly, would she just get up and walk out? Would she say something? But then I felt her hand.

I almost gasped out loud, but I restrained myself, I was supposed to seem confident. My eyes were squeezed shut, but I felt her cool hand on the shaft of my penis, wrapping her fingers around it gently. I felt the bed move slightly as she repositioned herself, then the sudden and unmistakable sensation of my prick sliding into a warm wet mouth. She was an expert cock-sucker, using her mouth and hand in unison to stroke and suck the entire length of my dick. The nervous silence was replaced by slurping, while muffled moans from my mother’s throat reverberated down to my balls. Her timing was perfect, picking up the pace just as my groin began to tingle in anticipation. She moaned louder, more frequently, she was enjoying this too. Her hand was working the length my tool, while her mouth focused on the swollen head, readying herself for the impending load. I didn’t disappoint, she moaned loudly, and I came almost on command. I arched my back and clawed at the sheets as her mouth sucked the cum out of me, not waiting for it to shoot out on its own. She groaned, like if she’d just taken the first bite of a delicious dessert. And once she was satisfied that she’d gotten all I had to give her, she released me. I felt her move and then the door closed. I opened my eyes and saw that she was gone. My head was spinning, the afterglow of my orgasm was still wearing off, but that wasn’t all. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I told my mom to suck my dick, and she did! And I swear she enjoyed it! I drifted off to sleep wondering what my next step would be.

The next morning I hopped out of bed, I already knew my next move. I walked by my parent’s room, no one inside. I headed downstairs, quietly, looking for my mother. I peaked around a corner and saw her back, she was at the kitchen sink filling the coffee pot. She was still wearing the sleep shirt. I was already naked, morning wood sticking out in front of me. If giving head was my mom’s second favorite thing, then I was about to give her number 1. I crept up behind her and without notice I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her forward, bending her over the counter. She yelped in surprise, but I didn’t release her. With my free hand I guided my rod up to her snatch and pressed forward. I let go and grabbed her hip, pulling her backwards, I sank into her. She let out a high pitched shriek that melted into a low moan as I pulled out and then slid back in.

I held on to her tightly as I fucked as hard as I could, but she made no attempt to pull away. She gripped the edge of the counter, and stood up on her tippy toes. She wasn’t saying anything, just groaning and panting, and she hadn’t cum yet. I was watching my thighs smash against her thick ass, and it gave me an idea. Still holding her shoulder, I let go of her hip and smacked her hard on a butt cheek.

“AHHHHH!.. YES!” She screamed.

“You like that?!” I growled, still drilling my cock into her. I slapped it again.

“AHHHHHH!.. Yes baby!”

“Then you need to cum for me!” I slapped it again.

“YESSSS! I’M GONNA CUM!.. AHHHHHH!” Her body tensed and trembled as she came.

It took her longer than I expected for her to get there, but once she did, she rattled off 3 more right after it! The timing couldn’t have been better, I couldn’t keep going, and in the middle of her fourth orgasm I blew my wad. I grabbed her waist with both hands and pushed into her as far as I could. I threw my head back a yelled in ecstasy as I completely filled my mom’s cunt with my morning load. We both shook and sighed, our bodies unwilling to move until my mom finally spoke.

“Whew, I think we both need a shower after that.” And so we did.

The rest of the day was spent on the couch. I hardly moved, but I didn’t need to, I just sat there while my mother either sucked or rode my cock. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the summer went too. I decided not to tell her about Mike and his mom and I, but when they got back to town I did tell them about the developments with my own mother. They were surprised and impressed, but I could tell Rachel was concerned. Mike was already having sex with her less and would be moving away soon, and now I had someone else to screw, but I assured her that she was impossible to replace. In fact I changed my housing plans for this year. Originally I was going to be living on campus, but now I just felt like I had more to come home to, and decided that I’d stay at home a little longer.

My father ended up coming home a month later, he regretted his decision to want to see other people, and for some reason my mom forgave him and took him back. She loved him, loved the history they had and the security of their marriage, but she assured me that she also loved what we had. We fooled around every chance we got. When school started my Mom arranged her schedule so that the two of us could carpool to the university together without my dad a couple days a week. We’d make excuses to go do errands together, and my dad had his routines, making it easier to plan around them.

Months later, I was sitting in the car one morning, my mom leaning over, head bobbing in my lap. I was stressed about a big test I had, so she wanted to relax me before we got to campus. We parked at the back of a grocery store parking lot, no other cars around. I got a text notification on my phone so I picked it up to check. My mom lifted her head to see what was going on, I just placed my hand on the back of it and pushed it down, and she went back to work. It was from Rachel, she said “Happy Anniversary! Try to come over later! ;)”.Wow, was it really a year since I caught Mike with his mother and joined in? That thought sounded crazy in my head, to think that I’d have no problem with the idea of a friend of mine having sex with his own mother. But I looked down at my own mother, listening to her hungrily slurping, feeling my balls clench as they prepared to spew, and I smiled… wow, what a difference a year makes!

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