My brother had the family dog rape me

This took place a couple months ago. My parents were on a vacation by themselves and left me with my older brother and our Great Dane. I was in the shower, the hot water running over my body. My pussy was smooth because I just shaved. I was a virgin and I got horny so I slipped one finger in and moved it in and out fast, I started moaning like crazy and didn’t care if anyone heard. After a while I cummed all over my hand and turned off the water and got out. I dried my body and hair and started to brush it. I went over to the counter with the mirror above it and leaned over it a little and watched my self comb my hair, still completely naked. I hear the door knob twist and thought ‘shit I thought I locked it’. My brother comes in before I could move he pushes against me from behind. My brother, Jack is older than me by 3 years and here he is pushing against me. “Get off me!” I scream at him trying to move but it’s no use since he’s stronger than me. “Tsk tsk tsk” he says as he starts kissing my neck lightly. “Looks like you found yourself in quite a pickle” he says chuckling at the end. I swat him in the head with my hands to make him move but it’s no use and he grabs both my hands and holds them behind my back with one of his hands, with the other he starts roaming my body. He plays with my nipples then goes down my stomach to my pussy and starts to rub it a little. “Stop it!” I scream at him and to my surprise he does. He let’s go of my hands and spins me around. He’s still pushing against me but this time his bulge is pressing against my pussy instead of my butt. I look up at him and try pushing him of with my hands but that only causes him to grab them again. “What were you doing in the shower lil sis?” He asks smirking while I start to feel nervous. “Nothing” I answer feeling his green eyes looking at me as I look down. “Oh really?” “Yea” “well then what is this?” he reaches into his back pocket and shows me a video on his phone, it’s of me musterbating. I look shocked and feel stupid for not locking the door, he was able to film me because the shower was made out of glass and was see through. “If you don’t want me to show this to our parents or your whole school you’ll do as I say” he tells me. I feel ashamed so I agree. Our dog comes in the bathroom and stands there, our dog is huge, on all fours his head reached my bellybutton and he looks pretty heavy. All of a sudden my brother spins me around so my back is facing him again. He puts one finger in my pussy and I start to squirm, he smacks my ass telling me to stop moving. He moves his finger in and out fast and I start to moan. “I’m going to cum” I tell him, all of a sudden he takes his finger out and steps away. I’m about to turn around when he tells me to stay in the exAct same position. I feel a rough long tongue start to lick my inner thighs and I look and see it’s my dog, I try to move but my brother says “stay there if not imma show everyone and you better do everything I say, got it?”. I nodded and start to feel pleasure again. After a minute I cum all over the floor and I could tell the dog was getting turned on by it. My brother sits on the edge of the tub and tells me to lay across his lap. I do so and it looks like he’s gonna spank me but he doesn’t, instead he spreads my legs out and mentions the dog over. He comes over and starts licking me again, then out of no where I feel him mounting me. I try and get up but my brother holds me in place and I realize he was filming me all along, from when the dog was licking me till now and he’s still doing it. I feel the dog trying to find my pussy hole to insert his growing penis in when my brother realizes that he helps the dog find it and I feel pain shoot through me. The dog is fucking me like there’s no tomorrow and this is the last sex he’ll ever have. I try moving again but this time I hear a low growl and the dog bits me on my neck, not enough to draw blood but enough to get his point through. I stop moving and after 5 minuets the pain is no longer there. I start moaning like crazy not caring I’m being filmed or that I lost my virginity to my dog all I wanted was to cum and that’s what I did, over and over again. I feel the dogs penis start to grow inside of me and I start freaking out a little but Jack tells me it’s normal and to calm down so I do just that. The dogs penis grows about the size of a baseball while inside of me, it hurts like hell but part of me enjoyed it. I feel liquid shoot out of his penis and inside of me, I try to move but realize we’re stuck together. When I move my dog growls and I immediately stopped. I’m pushed off my brothers lap and onto the floor, he’s still filming me and says “my little sis turns out to be a little dirty slut that likes being fucked by ruckus (our dog), who would’ve known”. I’m about to say something but realize I’m still stuck with ruckus, he starts walking dragging me along and walks out the bathroom and down the hall not even caring that we’re still stuck together, my brother still filming and laughing at the sight. I don’t care what people think, that was the best sex ever and I’m glad I lost my virginity that way.

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My brother had the family dog rape me

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