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My ex fulfilled my abduction fantasy

My ex fulfilled my abduction fantasy

It was late and the 9:45pm. I was walking through the parking lot of my workplace towards my car when I got an overwhelming feeling that I was being watched. No sooner than I had thought this, someone grabbed me from behind. They covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream for help and they drag me into the shadows. They proceeded to gag and blindfold me as well as bind my hands behind my back. I was scared but I knew I had to stay calm. This had always been a fantasy of mine and now it was coming to life!

I heard a car door open and I was forced inside. We drove for what seemed like hours, but it was probably only about 10 minutes. The door opened and the person grabbed me and helped me out of the vehicle. I struggled a little not knowing what I would even do if I was able to break free. My captor was too strong and my attempt only made them hold on tighter. I heard a second person enter the area.

“Did you have any trouble?” one asked.

“Not a bit ’til we got here. Bitch thought she could try to get away,” replied my captor.

I now knew I was being held by at least two men.

The two men led me a few feet, up some stairs, and then into a building. They led me to a cold room and sat me down onto a mattress. They chained my feet to the floor and unbound my hands. As soon as they were free I took one good swing. Which was a really bad idea, but I didn’t really care. I made contact with something.

“Did you see that? The little bitch just hit me,” said one of the guys.

I felt a sharp sting on my right cheek and realized that he had just slapped me.

“Perhaps that will teach you a lesson,” he said.

Then he rebound my hands. He forced me into a prone position and chained my hands to the floor as well.

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The men left me there for a while, maybe an hour. When they returned one threw cold water on me to make sure I was awake. I screamed from the shock. I could feel the other one unbuttoning my pants. He unchained my feet and removed my jeans and panties. While he was chaining my feet back down I felt the other man unchain my hands. One of them held me down while the other removed my t-shirt and bra. Once I was completely chained down again they left. One of them returned shortly and gave me a drink of water.

“Drink up,” he said, “you are going to need your strength for what we have planned.”

After he left I tried to get the blindfold off so I could see where I was. I didn’t have any luck which may have been a good thing because moments later I heard both men enter the room. I felt a pair of cold hands move down my body.

“You have such nice skin and beautiful tits.”

The other man agreed. I felt him grab my breasts and take my right tit into his warm mouth. Even though I realized that these men were going to rape me, I couldn’t help but get aroused at his touch. His hand travelled down and he was rubbing my clit. I moaned, but tried not to seem too excited.

“Do you like that?” he asked.

I didn’t want to answer him, I was too afraid. He slapped my left breast and I yelped in pain.

“Answer me bitch!”

“Y-yes, I-I like that.”

“Well we’ll just have to do something about that.”

He got up and whispered something to the other man and they both left. When the one returned I could tell he had brought something with him. He set it down and I he ard him open a plastic container. I then felt him rub some sort of cool, creamy substance all over my pussy and my ass. I wasn’t too sure what to suspect, but nothing could have prepared me for this. He shoved his whole fist into my unsuspecting pussy. I screamed in pain and began to cry.

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He called to the other man and he came over to do his part. I felt his fingers start working at my ass. It was such a mix of sensations. The one was working his fist in and out of my pussy as I felt the other begin to work several fingers into my ass. I was in such pain, but there was some pleasure in it too. I tried to ignore the pain and focus on the pleasure. Just then the second man began working his fist into my ass. I was crying uncontrollably as I felt my ass tearing. I asked them to stop, but that only made them thrust harder. It seemed like the torture went on forever before they stopped. I could tell they were tired and they left the room for a while.

When they returned they freed my hands and sat me up. I was given another drink of water and then I felt something warm against my lips.

“Open your mouth bitch.”

I did as I was told and one of the men shoved his rock hard cock into my mouth.

“Suck it bitch, make me cum!”

I cooperated and sucked his cock as hard as I could. He moaned in pleasure and grabbed me by the hair to control the rhythm. The other man entered the room and forced me to get on my hands and knees. While I sucked off his buddy he proceeded to fuck me in the ass. My ass was still stretched from earlier, but it was very sore. After about 5 minutes both of them were about to cum. The one shot his load down my throat and made sure I took every drop while the other shot his deep in my ass.

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Feeling quite satisfied the men unchained my feet and took the blindfold off. I rubbed my eyes and squinted trying to adjust to the light. Both of my captors came to me and each gave me a passionate kiss. They handed me my clothes and told me to get dressed. When I had finally gotten reoriented I opened the door and walked out into the dark hallway. I looked around for my captors and found them waiting by the front door. I recognized both of them immediately. One was Ruchit, my ex-boyfriend, and the other was his friend Ronak.

“So how did it feel to have one of your deepest fantasies fulfilled?” Ruchit asked.

I had to laugh. “I knew I should never have told you about that. You’re the only bastard with enough balls to actually do it.”

“You didn’t answer my question bitch!” As soon as he said that I knew who was who in the whole ordeal.

“Not bad, but next time use more Crisco.”

I got into Ruchit’s car and he took me back to my workplace so I could get in my car and go home.

“Take care of yourself. You never know when something like this will happen again,” he said just before driving away.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to watch my back,” I replied sarcastically.

He drove off and I got in my car and headed home. The whole time I thought about what had happened. It was kind of fun in a sick and twisted way.

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My ex fulfilled my abduction fantasy

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