My Experience With Americans And Their Beasts

My Experience With Americans And Their Beasts

About four months ago, I was talking online to some
people in a bestiality chat room. We were all having
fun, enjoying each other’s stories and comments, but
one person really had my attention. We kept the chat
room open, but slowly began talking less to the others
and more just with each other. Her screen name was
Xellergrl, and she was a little bit naughty. When I say
a little, I mean a lot.

When I say naughty, I mean she has done some things I
can only dream of. She was funny, entertaining, and
very nice. We talked for hours that first night and
swapped screen names before signing-off.

We continued our chat sessions for a while, talking
when we had the time. Eventually, we started to get
personal, talking about our families, what we were
doing in life and all kinds of stuff. We were on a
first-name basis, she calling me Noz, while her name
was Tammy, which I though was very cute.

After a while, I told her that I was in Michigan for
school and she was rather shocked. She said that she
was living in Michigan also. I have been wary of
telling others where I live on the net, afraid I might
get harassed or blackmailed for what I’m into, but she
seemed to be trustworthy. We kept talking for a while;
we were getting to be really good friends and even
having fun by swapping stories and pictures/movies with
each other.

The pics of her that she sent me were very nice. She
was a little older then I, going on 35, but very sexy.
The physical positions she could get into while
“playing” with her animals were amazing. She had a few
dogs, a couple of horses, some pigs, and a rooster.

She lived on a farm that she inherited when her parents
died. It used to be huge, but she sold most of it and
only kept enough so that her animals were happy. Tammy
said that she got into sex with animals early-on in her
life, and only slowed down when she married. Her
husband owned a chain of local grocery stores, but they
got a divorce when she found out he was cheating on
her. The settlement she got was nice, so she was able
to keep the farm. Also, being a nurse, she made a fair

Anyway, the more we got to know each other, the more we
wanted to meet. I was really scared to do so, but we
talked and she helped me to calm down about it. We told
each other what towns we lived in; she lived about 50
miles away. Then, we set up a place and time to meet.
We decided to meet at a movie theater close to each of
our towns. I was so nervous when the day came.

I dressed-up really nice since I kind of had a crush on
her, grabbed my things and headed out. Getting into my
car, I started to make my way there. We had agreed to
meet in front of the theater; the movie was at 8. About
half way there, I took a wrong turn and got lost.

It took me a while to even notice–about 15 miles after
the turn. I back-tracked and made the correct turn, but
was going to cut it close on the time. The exit for the
town was about five miles farther when I saw the lights
on a cop’s car flash in my mirror. I was so scared, but
I slowed and pulled to the side, hoping that he would
pass-by going after another. He kept right behind me as
I pulled over all the way and shut off the car.

As I watched him sit in his car writing something down,
I tried to hold myself together, but I couldn’t. When
he came to my window, I started to ball. He said to
calm-down, but I was so upset I kept crying and started
to whimper to him in Japanese, not even realizing it. I
guess he didn’t want to deal with me, so he said to
just leave and watch my speed.

I think he thought I couldn’t speak English or
something. Lucky me! So I took off and made my way to
the theater–20 minutes late. I pulled into a spot,
tried to clear up my eyes, and hoped that Tammy was
still there. I ran to the building, and there she was,
looking somewhat upset while staring at her watch.

When she saw me, her eyes brightened, which made me so
happy. She looked so much better than in the pictures
she’d sent me. Her hair was shoulder-length blonde,
with blue eyes, and just a little tan. She looked
strong, which I guess she got from the farm work.

We decided that it was too late for the movies, and
when I told her why my eyes were all red, she said that
she was going to take me dancing to cheer me up. She
knew of a club near the area, just a bit closer to her
house. I followed her for a bit, and we pulled into the
parking lot of a run-down building. I was nervous,
hoping that she wasn’t trying to set me up or

She said, “Don’t worry,” and grabbed my hand.

We walked to a door and she knocked. A voice answered
and she said it’s Tammy, and the door person let us in.
It was dark in the club, and the music was rather loud,
but it seemed like a good place. She took me to the
floor and we started to dance. We were having fun,
laughing and trying to talk in-between the beats from
the speakers. We were there for a bit, just dancing
with each other, when some guy came up to me and asked
if I wanted to dance.

I told him no, and said, “Thank you anyway.” He was
drunk though, so he didn’t give up. He kept bugging me,
randomly calling me Gook and Chink, which I though was
funny, because I’m Japanese. Tammy saw that he wasn’t
leaving me alone, so she said to him, “I’m with her,”
then turning to me, grabbed my face and gave me a kiss.
It took me off-guard, so I kind of froze. She pulled
away, and the guy just looked at us, called us lezbos
and then left.

Tammy suddenly ran off outside the club and I followed.
I caught up to her near a wall and she was crying. She
said that she was sorry for kissing me, and that she
thought I liked her. I told her that I did, and looked
into her tear-filled eyes. I then kissed her. I pulled
away, but she chased me with her mouth.

We locked-up again, this time slipping our tongues into
each other’s mouths. I put my hands on her sides, which
she moved up to her breasts. They felt so good. I
massaged her tits while we were kissing for a while.
Then she said that she wanted to get off the streets
and wanted to know if I would like to come home with

I was horny, so I said, “Yes,” right away.

Just as we were about to leave from our spot beside the
wall, we looked over and saw the guy that was messing
with me in the club. He was just standing there,
looking at us, and holding his crotch, which I expect
was due to the erection we caused.

Tammy took me by the hand and we ran to our cars
laughing at the guy. She said to follow her, and soon
we would be at her house. It didn’t take long to get
there, but I was very wet so I took off my panties from
under my dress as I drove. As I followed her, I played
with my pussy. I was really into it, and was about to
get-off, just as Tammy exited the expressway. Needing
both hands to turn, I had to get my finger out of my
pussy. So close!

We turned onto another road, which was very dark and
made me a bit nervous. I followed her for a few more
seconds, and we stopped at her house. She had a long
driveway, which led to a house just past a small grove
of trees. She parked, got out, and I followed in suit.
We walked to her house, and as she opened the door
yelled, “Honeys, I’m home.”

I was kind of startled at first, thinking she’d lied
about being divorced, when a bunch of dogs came running
down the hall. She introduced me to the three of them;
a Rotweiler, a Collie, and a Pit-Bull.

I hadn’t really had any experience with those kinds of
dogs. I also though they were a bit dangerous, at least
the Rot and Pit. I was in love with them right away,
because as soon as I came in, they greeted me with
licks to my hands. I guess they tasted my pussy juice,
because they wouldn’t leave my hand alone, and started
to sniff my crotch. Tammy looked at me and said “What
have you been doing? They only act that way to one
thing…” I just looked back, covered my mouth and gave
her a big grin.

Tammy just stood there and looked at me, sighing and
chuckling a bit. She said “I don’t know what I’m going
to do with you. All that energy; we’ll have to put you
to work, isn’t that right boys?” Then patting one of
the dog’s backs, she asked if I was hungry. “Yes, a
quick snack would be nice,” I replied.

We ate a bit, talking and just having fun, while her
dogs kept running back and forth through the house. She
said, “They always get wound up when its time for their

When we finished eating, she cleaned up our mess and
asked me to come into the living room. We sat down on
the couch and got comfortable. Tammy looked at me and
asked if I wouldn’t mind helping her with the dogs
tonight. I was already horny from before, and any
though of distrust in her had left my mind the second I
saw her dogs. I agreed to help, snickered and clapped
my hands in excitement.

Tammy took me upstairs to what she called the “fun”
room. There were a lot of different thing for sex in
there, and a nice-sized bed with ropes tied to the
edges. The bed was covered with what looked like satin
or something.

Then she went into a closet and rustled around in a
drawer. Pulling out several pairs of socks, she called
the dogs over, saying “Come to mommy, babies, it’s time
to play.” They all came running in; it looked like they
were waiting outside the door. She had them sit in
front of her and they followed her commands quite

She put the socks on the dog’s paws, and pulled a
Velcro strap to secure them. When she told them to,
“Get-up,” they jumped back into the energy they had
earlier. Tammy looked at me and asked which one I
wanted to have first. She suggested her Rotweiler,
saying that Taz (his name) was good sized and not to

I was still unsure of the dog, scared and all, so I
said that I wanted the Collie. She looked at me and
said, “Something told me you would go for Stanley.” She
called him over and told me to get on the bed.

I jumped up on it, and Stanley followed me. She told me
to lie down and open my legs. I did as she asked, and
was kind of expecting her to be shocked that I wasn’t
wearing panties. Instead, she looked at me and said, “I
though so.”

Tammy walked over, sat on the bed next to me, and
patted my pussy with her hand while calling over to
Stanly, “Get it boy”. She must have worked hard to
train those dogs, because he dove at my pussy and went
at it like no one I’ve meet before, man or beast. My
eyes lit up as I arched my back, my head looking at the
wall now. I cried-out for a second, and then Tammy put
her hand in my hair and said “That’s a good girl”.

She started to massage my tits and pulled off my shirt.
I was in so much joy from Stanley licking me, that I
didn’t notice Tammy licking my nipple. I was seconds
from orgasm from Stanley alone, when Tammy said for him
to heel.

I was disappointed. This was the second time she
stopped me from getting-off this night. She said she
was sorry for having him stop, but she wanted to save
my first orgasm for her. I said, “Ok,” and sighed.

She finished undressing me and took off her clothes
also. She asked me to 69 with her, but she wanted me to
be on top. I was more then eager to eat her, so I
crawled to her, kissed her thighs, moved my leg over
her and allowed my pussy to be just inches from her
face. I buried my face in her pussy, getting my tongue
in as far as I could. She did the same, slipping her
finger into my snatch from around my leg.

We must have been going at it for a long time, because
my tongue was getting sore, but I didn’t want to stop.
She moved her face from my pussy and called for Stanley
to come. I was kind of distracted at the moment, but I
realized he was there when the bed sank down a bit.
Tammy said, “Up,” and tapped my ass with her hand.

Then I felt Stanley put his paws around my waist and
moved his hind legs closer-in. Tammy started to lick my
clit from under me, pulled back for a second and said
“Mount”. Then I felt Stanley start to pump at my pussy,
getting close to my hole, but just missing.

Tammy said, “I got this Hon,” and guided his cock into

I felt him enter just a bit at first, and with each
additional push, more and more came in. He was getting
bigger; I’d not even looked at his cock to see was I
was getting into, but the more he pumped, the more I
was getting filled. Stanley hit his length in just a
few more pumps then started to go at me quickly.

He pumped and pumped at me, and I could feel my orgasm
build again. Then something happened that I didn’t
expect. Tammy, still in our 69 position, started to
lick my clit. She glided her tongue from my clit to
Stanley’s cock, and when she hit him, she would move
even farther to his balls and lick them a bit as well.
This caused Stanley to pump harder and faster.

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My Experience With Americans And Their Beasts