My first experience in the world of bestiality sex

Hi, my name is Niki. If you like my stories, please
hit like , but I’m not sure if this will be
as interesting as my previous works of fiction, as this
is my first experience in the world of canine sex.

I was excited about going to college, and the night
after graduation was the biggest party of summer. To
make the dull part of the story short, I kissed another
guy and my boyfriend broke up with me. I was all ready
drunk, but that sobered me up enough that I wanted to
get out of there, right then.

My parents were still out when I got home. They were
designated drivers at another party. I didn’t think it
was that cool then, but I admire that about them now.

Anyway, I had come home, drunk off my ass. There are
bits and pieces missing, but I remember plopping down
on the couch and the family dog was sitting there
watching me. I noticed his cock was out.

It was red and pointy. Small by comparison to the few
men I’d been with. I remember giggling, but I found
myself curious as to if it felt like a man’s. Without
putting much thought into it; (I blame the liquor.) The
next thing I knew, there I was on the living room
floor, jacking off my dog. It felt warm and rubbery,
and it was leaking pre-cum. I rubbed the sheathe and
his cock. He grew bigger. I couldn’t believe it. He was
a medium sized mixed lab but his cock was massive.

I kept stroking him and he was humping my hand. And
then he was making weird whimpering noises and then
like a fire-hose (nearest I can explain it) he
exploded. Dog jizz shot all over my hand and up my arm.
It was so warm. And there was so much of it. I couldn’t
believe it.

At first I thought he had peed on me. I went to the
bathroom and washed off. There was even cum on my
dress. Luckily that came off. How I got from there to
the bed I don’t remember.

When I awoke the next day, I felt horrible. I
remembered everything I had done, but I was still in
disbelief. I felt disgusted with myself and as a result
I treated the dog very badly over the course of the
summer. It was almost a year later, well not quite, but
during my second freshman semester I got a dog to keep
me company, and that is when the fun really started.

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My first experience in the world of bestiality sex

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