My first time with a black lover with the full consent of my husband

Every since I was in my teens I have always had this
fantasy about having a black lover. Even then, I watched
porn of huge black guys fucking white girls and was so
aroused and fascinated by these interracial couplings,
the contrast between the shiny black body of the stud
and the milky white body of the girl coupling with pure
lust. I know in real life it’s not always like that, but
it still fascinates me and gets me very wet and horny.

The opportunity to turn this fantasy into reality came
about 3 years ago, Rob and I went to the Caribbean, to a
small exclusive island where there is just one hotel, we
had a beach bungalow just meters from the clear waters
of the bay.

The first night we went to the restaurant we were
greeted by this gorgeous black guy who introduced
himself as James, he showed us to a table and proceeded
to tell us all about the menu, I must admit I could not
take my eyes off him, he was about 6ft-1 to 6ft-2, broad
shouldered, lovely soft dark brown eyes that sparkled in
the lamplight, a beautiful smile which showed off his
white teeth and a deep rich velvety voice that made me
melt, he took our order for drinks and left us with the

I looked at the menu but could not concentrate, my heart
was thumping like crazy, I knew I was hot and flustered
Rob had noticed this change in me as well.

“You alright Topaz?”

“Yes I think it must be the jet lag catching up with
me,” I managed to stammer.

All through dinner I was sneaking little looks at James,
the way he moved, his easy way of chatting with fellow
guests, so confident and sure, he looked my way a couple
of times giving me a lovely smile which I returned,
After the dinner we stood up to leave and he was there
next to us pulling my chAir back, our eyes met and I
knew then what I wanted.

The third night there, I was still secretly drooling
over James but Rob by then had guessed what it was all
about and started to direct the conversation over dinner
in that direction, in the end I had to admit to him all
my thoughts and desires, that’s the way we are, open and
frank with each other.

I told him that I was attrActed to James and that
perhaps it was time for me to try and make my fantasy
into reality about having a black lover, to my great
relief he agreed but on one condition.

“What’s that?”

“I want to be there with you, just to make sure you are
safe and to watch, the thought of watching you making it
with a black guy turns me on so much.”

“Mmmmmmmmmm, I don’t suppose you’d want to join in

We both laughed and our hands touched and held each
other, the fact that it was all out in the open was such
a relief, of course the only person who didn’t know was

After we had finished dinner we slowly walked back to
our bungalow, Rob looked at the beach which was bathed
on the soft moonlight, the waves gently lapping on the
sand, we took our shoes off and walked along the beach
just listening to the sea and the soft rustle of the
palms, we got to the end of the beach and turned around
and started back, by now it was gone 11pm. Half way back
we saw this figure walking along the beach towards us,
it turned out to be James, obviously he had finished
work because he was in a T shirt and shorts.

We stopped and talked and found out when he was staying
on the Island he always went for a swim after work, Rob
said “How about stopping in for a drink with us on your
way back?

He seemed a little hesitant, so I put my hand on his arm
and said, “Please have a drink with us James, my eyes
wide and inviting, he smiled and said “Sure, I will be
about 10 minutes, I know which bungalow you are in, I
will come in via the patio.”

We walked back to the bungalow, my heart was pounding,
here I was trying to seduce this beautiful black guy and
it was going to be in front of my husband, we took our
drinks out on the patio next to the hot tub and waited,
it wasn’t long before we saw the figure of James making
his way to us in the shadow of the palms. Obviously he
did not want to be seen fraternizing with the guests,
Rob got him a cold beer and we just sat there in the
moonlight and chatted, the more I looked at him the more
I wanted him, my stomach was churning and I could tell I
was getting a little wet.

After a little while I excused myself and went into the
dressing room, I took off my evening dress and my thong
and stood and looked at myself in the mirror, it’s now
or never I thought and sprayed some fresh perfume on and
slipped into a peach coloured silk wrap, lacy black
holdups and some high heels. I quietly went into the
living area, put a slow seductive cd on and walked out
onto the patio and stood in front of James.

“Come and dance with me James.” Holding my hand out to
him, he looked quickly at Rob who smiled and nodded, I
led him into the living area, put my arms around his
neck, moved close to him and swayed with the music. He
slid his arms around my waist, I could smell the sea on
him as we slowly moved together. I felt the heat of his
body close to mine, putting my head on his massive chest
and pressed myself closer to him, he responded by
pulling me into him more. His hands eventually slowly
sliding down onto my bottom, cupping my twin mounds with
ease. I started to feel his manhood get hard and press
into me, my hips slowly grinded into him, letting him
know I wanted more.

“Hey babe you are a hot lady, are you trying to seduce

I looked him in the yes and just said “Yes”

His hands started to slide all over my body, caressing
me, his lips came down to me and we kissed, our tongues
feverously exploring each other, I slid one hand in-
between us and felt the outline of his cock, it was so
hard and seemed to get bigger as I rubbed it.

He took the opportunity to undo the tie of my wrap and
pull it off my shoulders, I let it slide to the floor,
he stepped back and looked at me, appraising my body as
his massive hands slid down and encompassed my breasts
completely, his fingers softly teasing my nipples. My
hands went to his T shirt and pushed it up exposing his
chest, he quickly pulled it over his head, I then undid
his shorts letting them drop to the floor, and he
stepped out of them and kicked them away. Only then did
I look down at his cock, I gasped.

“Oh my god, it’s huge!”

“Don’t be frightened Topaz, I won’t hurt you babe.”

I slowly slid to my knees in front of him, mesmerised by
his massive cock which was so hard and erect just inches
from my face, it must have been 9-10 inches long and
massively thick, the huge flanged head bulging, hard
veins ran around it like twisted vines around a tree
trunk, two huge testacies hung below, like a bulls.

I quickly looked around to see Rob now naked as well,
sitting in a chair stroking his erect cock with both
hands, his eyes full of lust and anticipation.

“Suck him Topaz please baby, suck him.”

I turned back and slowly put my face nearer and nearer
to James’s massive cock, my hands gently stroking it, I
opened my mouth and let my wet tongue flick over the
head, I heard him gasp, his hands slid through my hair
as he pulled me forward, the head went into my mouth but
only just, it was so big I could not get any more in, I
sucked and licked him, one hand masturbating him , the
other slid down my own body finding my wet open cunt
searching for my now engorged clit.

After a few minutes James was moaning, his hips starting
to thrust forward, a little more of his cock sliding in
and out of my mouth at every stroke. Both our breathing
was quick and ragged now, I knew he was near to

I wanted us to cum together, his hand slid over his cock
and really started to masturbate himself hard now, my
own fingers were sliding in and out of my hot cunt fast
and furious, he started to groan loud now his body going
rigid, his muscles hard and strained as he finally
reached the point at which he had to have a release.

The first thick strings of his cum spurted from the
massive engorged head of his beautiful cock, hitting me
in the face, I opened my mouth just in time to catch the
second and third spurts swallowing it down, he still
spurted more and more directing it over my face and
breasts. I felt something like electricity coursing
through my body as I orgasmed, oh my god it was so
intense, and still he spurted, my face and breasts were
now covered in a thick layer of his cum, I could feel my
own cum slowly running down my inner thighs.

Rob walked over to us just as he erupted, his spurts of
hot cum hitting my body also, I grabbed his jerking cock
and sucked him and James alternatively, swallowing as
much as their heavenly cum as I could. James was still
hard and erect, the head still slowly oozing more of his

He reached down and lifted me up, his great arms holding
me close as he gently kissed me, tasting his own cum, I
felt his hands slide down my back until they cupped my
arse. He then gently lifted me up, my arms went around
his neck, my legs around his waist, I thought Oh god
what a man! I arched my back thrusting my cum covered
breasts into his face.

He started to lick my breasts and bite my erect hard
nipples sending waves of pleasure coursing through my
body. My mind was travelling at warp speed, here I was,
living my fantasy I had dreamed about for so long since
I was a teenager.

He continued to lick and kiss me, all the time
supporting my entire body in his strong arms, then I
felt the head of his cock touch my sopping wet pussy; I
wriggled my arse in anticipation.

I whispered in his ear, “I want you inside me now.”

“Ok babe, you sure you can take it all?”

“I will die trying beautiful man.”

With that he guided his long hard cock to the entrance
to my open pussy and slipped the head inside, my god
even that stretched me! He then gradually lowered me
onto his giant phallus, all the time kissing me, licking
my nipples. I was in heaven.

I looked over to Rob who was sitting on the bed
watching, his long hard cock in both hands stroking
himself again, I can’t imagine what it must have been
like for him, watching his darling wife being fucked by
this huge black Adonis and her enjoying every second.

James’s cock was now about halfway in, I could see that
from the mirror, it felt as though I was going to split
any second, even now it was touching my cervix, he then
lowered me some more and an intense pain shot through me
and I screamed. He immediately lifted me slightly and
held me there until it had gone, I then told him to go
all the way, he let me sink down until he was all inside
me. I felt as though I was impaled!

He then did something incredible, he started lifting me
up and down on his rigid cock just with his arms, my
hips started to undulate in time with his rhythm.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me my darling.”

We got faster and faster, shocks of feeling were
coursing through my body, the whole centre of my
universe was my pussy and the massive cock inside it, I
felt a finger slick with cum slide into my arse.

I threw my head back, my breasts thrusting out to him in
pure lust, even if I had thought about stopping it would
have been impossible now. I was far beyond that option,
I wanted his hot seed inside me, I wanted to feel it
spurting from the massive head and filling me, Oh god!

I lost count of how many times I orgasmed but I know it
was a lot, I became aware of James as his thrusts became
faster and faster, my hips undulating in time with him,
my tits gyrating as I bounced up and down.

He then started to roar like a lion, his massive cock
twitching as he started to spurt his hot seed inside me.

“Topaz baby I’m cummmmmmmmmm!”

I was in ecstasy land, my whole body, my whole mind was
floating with exquisite feelings coursing through me, I
became vaguely aware of James as he walked with me still
impaled over to the huge bed and lay me on it and
withdrew his beautiful black cock and then lay on the
bed beside me, without even thinking I turned over and
kneeled over him and started licking his monster head;
it took time just to work his head in my mouth and while
doing that.

Rob went behind me and started working his cock into my
dripping pussy. Even though he was smaller than James,
it still was a big cock and very hard. He got in about
halfway and started to move in and out, while I finally
worked about half of James cock into my mouth, his was
the first cock that I couldn’t deep throat.

Rob now had his whole cock inside of me and started
picking up the pace as I started sucking hard on James,
my hand stroking the lower part of his shaft, my head
bobbing up and down on his cock. Rob started really
fucking me hard and surprised me by slapping my ass
hard, I loved it. James then grabbed my head, and
started fucking my face hard, he grabbed my hair with
his other hand and started pulling.

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My first time with a black lover with the full consent of my husband

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