My Hot Tinder Friend – Part 2

My Hot Tinder Friend – Part 2

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Hello readers, here I am with yet another story for you all. Just a reminder that this story is a true story unlike all other stories which are fiction. For the first time, I am posting one of my real-life experiences here.

As in my last story, Pooja and I had hot quick sex in my store trial room our bonding as friends became stronger. We started chatting openly about sex and had our lovemaking session at my store. This went on for months but we couldn’t meet anywhere else due to some work reasons. One day I sent her one of my stories to read which turned things again.

Pooja-Hey Samir, this story was so hot I practically imagined myself into the character and it kind of turned me on.
Me-Great, I am glad you liked the story and happy that you imagined yourself into the character. So I guess we should meet again to relive the story in person.

Pooja-Yes, I want to, it’s been long.
Me-But this time I want a longer time with you, meeting at the store doesn’t give us too much liberty to pleasure each other.
Pooja-What do you suggest Samir?

Me-Well! If it’s not a problem with you then I have a friend’s flat very near to my store. It is vacant because he stays abroad, we can go there. It’s quite a safe place to meet.
Pooja-What if someone comes there?

Me-No one comes there because I am the only person who has access to that place. We can go there by early evening and spend some good 2 to 3 hours.
Pooja-That sounds great, when can we go there?
Me- We can today if you can take a half-day off from work?

Pooja-Ok, done. I will inform you when I can leave.
Me-Amazing, I am looking forward to meeting you.

At 3 pm she messaged me that she can leave at 4.30 pm. We fixed a meeting place, it took 10 minutes to reach that place. She seemed quite nervous as it was her first time but also very excited. So was I.

Once we were in I switched on the air conditioner. The flat was not with too much furniture. The bedroom had floor bed with enough pillows. We slumped on the floor bed it started with a simple cuddle and light kisses at the start.

I was sleeping in her lap talking about various things, kissing in between. I loved her hair so I was running my hand in them. She had soft silky hair and I loved them.

Pooja-I love when you do that Samir it turns me on.
I never replied. She just brought her face closer to kiss her lovely lips. She responded to my kiss and started to suck my lips soon our kiss turned wild. We were kissing like two mad lovers.

She made the first move. While kissing her hands dropped on my crotch feeling the hardness inside my jeans made her moan. She was fumbling to open the belt and jeans buttons with one hand. But she did it with expertise soon her hand freed my hard 8” cock out of my boxers.

I moaned on the first feel of her hands on my naked cock. My moans went louder as her hands expertly stroked my manhood. I helped her out of her top and bra. Soon I was holding her amazing boobs and sucking them like a small baby in her lap, this made her quite hot.

Pooja-Wow Samir that feels amazing don’t stop baby.
Me-I love what you are doing too Pooja, don’t stop.

I moved to her big dark nipples sucked them softly first. I flicked my tongue on them, my hands were busy kneading her soft boobs this made her stroke my cock hard.

Me-Hey Pooja! I want you to suck my cock, can you?
Pooja-Of course Samir, it will be a pleasure.

She made me lie on the back and she slid down between my legs. I shivered as I felt her warm mouth on the tip of my raging cock. Soon she gulped my cock all the way inside her mouth almost choking herself. Her tongue and lips expertly played with my cock while her fingers stroked it.

It felt awesome and I was in seventh heaven. I asked her to stop. She thought she was doing something wrong which got her worried. I smiled and got out of my clothes. I helped her get naked too. I made her lie on the bed asked her to spread her legs wide.

I got over her in 69 position. Once settled I buried my face inside her legs licking her pussy. She let a loud moan out once she felt my tongue on her wet pussy lips. She got hold of my raging cock again and sucked like a pro. Her moans became louder when I started to suck her swollen clitoris.

Thankfully her mouth was stuffed with my cock. I used my finger inside her pussy while my tongue got busy licking her clit. This got her to edge I sensed she was ready to cum. her strokes on my cock went faster. I was just a few strokes away to explode inside her mouth.

I pushed two of my fingers inside her and stroked her pussy faster almost touching her G-spot. Pooja screamed into a huge earth-shaking orgasm. It was a series of orgasms one after the other. But she never lost her tempo in sucking my cock. Soon I moaned into my climax and shot my juice inside her mouth.

She sucked and licked all of it while my fingers licked her juices. It took us a whole 10 minutes to come back to our senses. She cuddled into me playing with my hairy chest.

Pooja-Samir, this was heavenly you have really made me feel so special.
Me-So were you Pooja, I have never had such an awesome blowjob in my life.

She cuddled on to me again, her hands were roaming on my naked chest. I was caressing her naked back our lips met in intervals. Her hand started to move on to my cock which made things hot again.

Pooja-Looks like you are all ready for round 2.
Me-Yes I am, are you ready to get your pussy rammed?
Pooja-Always! (Giggles)

I put protection on and asked her to ride my cock. I was still lying and she slowly sat on me expertly. Holding my thick cock in her hand and guiding into her waiting pussy. She calmly lowered her pussy on my cock. I was not even half inside her and it made her gasp for air.

I reached for her boobs softly kneading them. She was slowly moving up and down enjoying my shaft rubbing her pussy walls. My fingers were playing with her hard black nipples. I kept pinching them which made her go more and wetter. This helped my whole length of shaft slide inside her pussy.

Pooja-Wow Samir I can feel you at my deepest you are so damn huge. I am enjoying every inch of your cock inside me.

I folded my knees to get deeper inside her. Soon I was pumping my cock very fast and hard like a machine gun that made her scream loud and she erupted into a huge orgasm.

I let her relax a bit but she was insatiable she wanted more. Soon she started to move on my cock like a cowgirl riding the horse. She was in rhythm with my pushes her boobs were bouncing up and down which I couldn’t control it.

Pooja-Oh fuck. Yes, fuck me like before.
I again folded my knees and drilled her pussy like before.
Pooja-Ah yes I love it fuck me harder. I am cumming.
Me-Yes baby cum all over my cock let your juices bath my cock, baby.

She was in seventh heaven after experiencing her 3rd earth-shaking orgasm. I could hold my climax as she had made me cum earlier. I gave a minute to catch her breath after which I asked her to get on her fours.

Pooja- Samir you have great stamina, you fuck like a stud. I am enjoying every moment with you.

She went on her fours; dig her face in the pillow. I got behind her and placed my condom covered cock at her pussy entrance, one push and I was all inside her.

Pooja-Oh fuck yes, Samir fuck me like there is no tomorrow. I am not getting enough of you today, rip my pussy with your thick cock baby.

I held her by her waist while my cock did wonders inside her pussy. I kept moving back and forth going deep inside her wet cunt. Her wet pussy started making a swishing sound as I pumped my cock inside.

Me-Pooja wow you have a heavenly pussy, I just cannot stop myself.

I was just seconds away from climaxing I increased my speed and drilled her pussy fast.

Pooja-Wow, I love this, Samir. I am cumming again cum with me darling empty your balls.

I shot my load in the condom and she screamed into yet again what I will call a huge orgasm. I plopped my cock out of her aching pussy and slumped on the floor bed with Pooja crashed next to a cuddle. We almost dozed off. But we had to wake up because it was 7 pm and she had to leave.

Pooja-Samir, thanks for making me feel so special. This was the best time of my lifetime.
Me-Yeah Pooja I enjoyed every minute with you today thanks, babes.

We both dressed and moved out of the flat. She went in direction of the station to catch her train and I moved back to my store.

I and Pooja are still in touch and we meet as and when we get a chance to meet. I hope you enjoyed reading this story and hoping for comments from you here or at my personal email id. [email protected]

My Hot Tinder Friend – Part 2