My Mom Being Raped By Gangsters

My Mom Being Raped By Gangsters

As u knw that My family consists of only me and my mom PRATIMA. and u also my mom is 39 now but still very good looking with fantastic body which can allure any man however . Her gorgeous figure is around 37 28 38.
And her butt is the sexiest asset she has. It is so soft and round and jiggles with her every move. She had nice round belly with lot of flesh in it and had deep round navel. And her boobs are bit sagging due to her age but are so big and round and
so soft . She normally wears sarees(tradational dress of the Indian woman) and her sexy navel is open in most of the time.even in school also.
My mom had no one except me .Our relatives kept a fair distance from us

This story goes back to year 2009, then we lived at .our town is also known for its vulberability for communal tensions between Hindu & Muslims.
I still remember it was cold evening of December. It was about 6:00 Pm and I & mom were in Neemaganj market buying some house-hold goods. The market was located im muslim majority area To our surprise suddenly there were screams all over the palce and people started running .
A person standing beside us cried : ” Bagho danga ho gaya” ( Run ! the communal riot has broken out). The shopkeepers to close their shops soon the place was almost desolate.started

Unable to run away quickly and appalled by the conditions we ran into a narrow lane that was closed at one end.
On finding it ,we were to run back towards the open end but then we saw three persons with caps on thier heads
coming towards us . They had swords and katta(locally made pistol) in theiw hand. They surged towards us and get hold of us.They understood that we were hindus as mom was wearing conventional hindu outfits . Two of them raised their hands
to slain us but before their hands could have come down a man who seemed to be thier boss stopped them form killing us.

His name was Mazid. He ordered them to take us to with them.They blindfolded us and soon we were inside a old building. It was the dismal palce with low roof and four rooms .It seemed it was centre of some illicit acivity.
There was a small enclosed courtyard in it. The house was fairly lit but a foul smell pervaded it- the smell of tarra (indian rum)
was fairly lit but a foul smell pervaded it. Our blindfolds were removed and two of them were ordered to leave by Mazid. After sometime a fiat(old styled Indian car) stopped at the gate and a man came out of it.The person came appeared to be rich person as they were wearing stylish clothes. Mazid complimented him .
We soon learnt that the name of the new rascal was Qureshi and was owner of this palce. This man Qureshi was strongly built man and was heavily drunk at that time.He seemed to be a local gangaster.
Mazid : ” We found them in Lajpat lane”
Qureshi: ” Weldone”
Mazid : ” This is pretty hindu witch . ”
Qureshi: ” Good , I have not fucked a woman for last two weeks due to work ”
Mazid : ” My reward should be atleast two thousand rupees”
Qureshi:” Don”t be fool . One thousand is more than enough”

Mazid unwillingly agreed upon the amount.At this Qureshi gave Mazid one thousand rupees. Now Qureshi said to Mazid to confine me in a room . At this my mom starting pleading not to do so. Qureshi barged towards mom and held her
tightly in her arms and pressed her boobs so hard that she almost cried in pain.Mazid took me into a room .
.This room had a double-bed and a small table with a empty bottle of rum on it . He kicked me inside the room and locked up the door from outside. The room was fairly lit and had a door which was in bad condition with few big holes in it
due to disintigration of wood from there.Then Qureshi paid him the money and dismissed him .
Now I was in the room and mom was outside , in the grisp of a real rascal. Qureshi locked the door of courtyard and surged toward my mom . I could see it through a big hole in the door. Qureshi hugged mom and started kissing her full on her face.His hands were on her butts and was caressing her ass . Mom was resisting but it was of no use , how a weak woman could stand against a strong man. Soon her sari was pulled off her body. Now there stood she in blouse & petticoat shivering with fear and humilation. She was pleading him for mercy but all her pleas went unanswered. This was my first real rape scene & before it
I had only seen it in movies.I confess that though I was greatly afraid but I started enjoying what Qureshi was doing to my mom for two reasons . First I loved rape scenes secondly the thought that the woman who was being raped was my mom with some one touching forbidden parts of her body filled me with excitement. I wanted to come out of that nasty room and look at that scene closely but it was impossible. Meanwhile Qureshi had removed his hands from her ass and was fondling her big sexy boobs .Her big clevage could be clearly seen shaking due to rough fondling. Qureshi grabbed mom”s hand and
dragged her towards the room in which I was confined. Due to excitement and stupor he forgot in which room I was in

My mom pratima suking Mazid’s and Qureshi’s huge lund..

Through a hole I saw them coming and couldn”t believe it. I hid under the bed as Qureshi opened the door. He dragged mom in and then locked the door from inside.Then he threatened mom that he would kill her and me if she didn”t behave well.
It seemed that mom was very much afraid for she didn”y say anything.Then he unhooked her blouse and her big boobs
got free. They hanged out in full glory. They were massive boobs with big dark nipples. Qureshi eyes lighted with lust but he wasted no time and removed her petticoat too .
Now her petticoat and blouse were lying on floor. He took the mom to bed and laid her on it. He drew the table closer & then opened the safe and took out two bottles of “Tarra”(strong & locally made Indian rum) and a glass.

He put them on the table.He filled the glass with tarra and drank it. He drank half a glass more .Then he came and sat on bed besides mom and started fondling her boobs. Now and then he would press them so hard that mom moaned heavily in pain.
He was kissing her and sucking her nipples. He then grabbed her by neck and tried to frenchkiss mom but she resisted strongly for she didn”t want this drunk and foul-smelling rascal put his saliva in her mouth. Qureshi tried several times and lastly succeded in putting his lips on her lips.His tounge parted her lips and entered her mouth .He was put his saliva in mom”s mouth. After kissing her Qureshi stood up angrily and brought the bottle which was 3/4 full and forced mom to drink it completely .He forcely poured the entire bottle down her throat . Mom coughed and held her throat as if someone was choking her and she wanted to loosen the grip.One can understand what a burning sensation she had felt. Qureshi laughed at this and said that it would make her more coope. ughty.

He opened the door and went in a bathroom adjacent to this room and brought a bucket full of water and washed
his face then came back into room and locked it.Meanwhile mom had lain on the bed , the stupor of tarra had started to show its colour on mom . Qureshi smiled again and started to remove his clothes. First his shirt went off then his pants
and finally his underwear.He had a huge black cock about 8 inches in length and very thick .He moved towards the bed
with her massive cock swaying between his long legs.

He came on the bed and ogled her naked body for a minute , he was maddened by mom”s slim and hairless body then he raised her legs and removed her panty and threw it on floor . It fell near me and I streched my hand from under the bed and pulled it. It was a white panty made of cotton.There were a big stain at its lower end formed by drying up of liquid which leaked from mom”s pussy . I put my nose on the stain and inhaled her fragrance. It smelt strong and pleasent ; I licked the stain to see how mom tasted there.Taste was slightly bitter but I liked it .Yes, I liked my mom”s taste and if I, her son, could like her taste then that rascal Qureshi must have liked it undoubtedly.

I was under the bed and well hidden from their sight. I had moved out my head upto my shoulders at the side which was opposite in which mom and Qureshi had their heads so that I was facing their legs and could see their genitals work when they would met. Qureshi raised the right hand of mom and placed it on his cock then he whispered something in mom”s ears and her hand started working on his huge member. . Qureshi moaned in pleasure but I saw that mom”s hand were trembling in an awkward way and it meant that she was in stupor now.

Quereshi raised himself and sat on his knees beside mom”s face with his back towards me and placed his cock on mom”s lips and inserted it in her mouth . .Frustrated by the poor handwork which my mom had recently given to him , he almost
shouted at her to suck his cock nicely . I saw mom comply with the order though it was difficult for her due to stupor . I thought he had made her drink too much alchol however he was able to extract decent blowjob from her. I could see her lips moving up & down on his long shaft .He held her boobs partly for support and partly due to lust while she sucked his cock. I saw him pinching her nipple to make her suck her cock more vigourously.This continued for about 2 minutes then Qureshi withdrew his cock from her mouth for he didn”t want to waste her cum in her mouth as it had more precious place to go.

He held her legs one in each hand and spread her legs wide so now she was lying spread-eagle.
Now for the first time I could see mom”s pussy clearly . It was brown pussy with long slit in middle and thick puffy lips. She must have shaved it few days before for her pussy had no hairs.

Now Quereshi came between her thick luscious thighs and bent down to bring his nose on her pussy .I could see him inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy. He then spread the pussy lips with his coarse fingers and started licking inner lips of her pussy.
As he did it mom gave a gasp and her body shivered.Qureshi took a small pause lifted his face and looked into face of mom ;
he was licking the most precious and secret juices of her body. He was tasting her and was definitely relishing her taste for I
heared fairly loud slurps he made, I could see her reddish tongue working deep in her pussy .

Meanwhile mom had given all resistance was lying on bed quiet and only occassionally she quivered or gasped. Then Qureshi tried to inserted his forefinger into her pussy hole. Since the hole was unstreched and small his finger couldn”t go inside. He withdrew her finger , changed the angle and tried again , and this time the finger went in He started pistoning his finger in & out of pussy and mom started shivering with some undiscribable feeling.
This pistoning widened the pussy hole and when Qureshi saw it he inserted his middle finger too in her pussy. Now mom”s pussy was completely in his grisp..After fingering her about a minute he withdrew both of his fingers from pussy
Now mom”s pussy was ready to be used and Qureshi knew it for he laid himself on her in missionary position with his chest pressing her big boobs and his lips kissing mom”s lips . He than placed the head of his hard dick on mom”s receptacle .

Since I was quite sure that I would not be seen because mom was lying under the heavy body of her fucker and was in slight stupor so she had no chance to see me while Qureshi was heavily drunk and was engrossed in another world so I came out from under the bed and sat on my knees at their leg-side end of the bed and had a clear view of touching genitals..The
missionary position had positioned their faces away from me.

He raised himself a bit and adjusted the position and angle of his cock so that its head was lying on the crack of mom”s pussy. He was going to invade the very place which created me and expelled me to this world , the place which meant so much to me but nothing to him except merely an object to be enjoyed.

He then held mom”s shoulders and lowered his waist slowly . I could see the top of his cock spliting the mom”s pussy lips and gradually disappearing behind the slit. Within few seconds mom”s entire pussy was occupied by his invader cock
and her penetration was done.After reaching the bottom of mom”s pussy Qureshi gave a gasp and waited there for few seconds enjoying the first acquiantance with mom”s pussy , relishing the warm welcome which his cock recieved there.

Qureshi : suck it u bitch…

He then raised his waist to start banging her pussy . This significantly broadened my looking-gap and now the
.complete clear view was available to me. He started pistoning mom”s pussy and I could see his long black rod moving in and out of vagina of my mom. Mom”s pussy had formed a tight dark ring aroung his invading-cock and this ring was clearly visible from between their legs .

I raised my head little above the upper edge of bed to see what was happening above . I saw him lying on the top of mom”s chest .He had cupped her right boob and and was licking her face rolling his tounge on her cheeks and sometimes on her neck . He then took the nipple of the right boob in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously then he left the boob and placed her nose on her neck and started smelling her womanly fragrance . My mom”s eyes were closed and her lips were parted , definitely she was enjoying this forced sex. Joy of sex which her body had got now after long gap of 12 years and slight stupor of alchol proved enough for her to forget all about chastity .Now she was careless about her chastity which was being plundered.

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My Mom Being Raped By Gangsters