My mom honeymoon with another man – part 1

My mom honeymoon with another man – part 1

My name is abhi you have read many story of my mom .. this story is also intresting story about our family vacation in Maldives . Thoda who don’t no my mom my mom name is bani . Mom age is 35 but still look vey young and sexy she has a papaya like big boobs and her ass is big round 34-30-38 mom have little belly fat … But she look more sexy in that her colour is little dusky … Chocolate colour…

Comming to the story my dad work in mnc in delhi … Me and my mom live in kolkata she usually wear saree at home that also fully cover treadisnal way … She is very very conservative but mom has a bad habit she never you any bra or penty as she wear a longe saree so she don’t like to wear it…

Now comming to the story in dad nam is mohan dad is good worker give time to his company and company give dad a reward of tour in Maldives so mom was very happy our family first time got a tour in island and we started our planing… At night i hear dada saying to mom we will have a honeymoon there mom said no our son will be there …
Dada- I will give a separate villa as whole trip is giving by company we two will get one and son will take one…
I was also want them tho give space .. thn at morning dad told me that there is villa only couple can stay you can stay in a villa fully yours I was happy said no problem… Thn we stay booking our water villa there is swimming pool..

In corona time there is very less visitor dada mom want a free space so we found a coco island villa … Villa r 5 start and they r wonder full mom like them. We saw only 3 villa r there all r close due to corona virus ..

Mom dad chose the last villa there is 2 similar type of villa one is already book. But both r very similar ny villa is next to the booked villa… I hVe no problem..

My mom honeymoon with another man - part 1

Thn we went to shopping dad both son t shirt and pent I also… Bought some .. mom was taking saree but we laugh and said saree will no be allowed and dad want mom to wear morden dress so dad bought long kurti jeans hot pant and 5 pic of swimwear bikini… Mom said I can’t wear all this but dad said … Without this we r no allows in water … Dad also convince mom honeymoon..

Thn real story began we took flite and we come to male . And took water boat and went to our destination … We were warm welcome in island .. then we found dad was very tied in is journey and got fever we call doctor and docter told need a godd rest and he will be fine…

Thn we went to our villa … And I was tierd I went my villa and went to slip … Mom went to her thn mom was very excited and want to go and see the ocean thn mom came out in jeans and came to my room and said let go to beach but I was so tierd said go by yourself… Mom force me but I m not willing to go..
Thn mom said I will go thn
Me- mom don’t got to water wearing jeans or any dress go in bikini ..or you will get fined of 5000 mom got scared and went from my room..
After few moment i fell good and took my shorts went to beach… To see mom..

When I was in beach … i found mom wear white bikini and in enjoying sea water but I found mom is so careless she did not cut her pussy hair and it is comming out of her penty one can easily see her pussy it look ro sexy..

Mom had a huge boobs so her bikini can hold that mom look totaly nude as white bikini is very thin and mom nipple r sean and mom pussy hair can ve seen through penty … This is the topic I can’t speak to mom.. so I saw on relaxing chair I found a …man muscular nigro type he was taking sun bath and he was wearing very shot shots in that I can clearly sea a huge mister dick . He was rubbing from shot watching mom…
I sit next to him ….. He seeing me adjust himself but I can clearly bulge which come from watching ny mom…
He- hii my name is sam I m from Nigeria .
Me- hello I m from india nice to meet u.
He- so you have came here alone ..
Me- no with my family .
He thought I have diffrent family he did not thought that is my mom.
He- look that woman she look so sexy . I think she had came for route first time
Me- hmmm I was busy in watching bien ir look so beautiful every were.
He-. Lok that woman her pussy look so sexy and her nipple is so ejected .. bikini is bearly hide all her sexy look.
Me- I was shocked hearing this from a stranger I give my full focus to that man now and I want to know what he trying to say.
He- i have visited many country but first time I m seeing a real milf with sexy body..
Me- so you like her.
He- yes if I get one night with her I can make her feel my long dick on her hairy pussy…I was shocked listing to that word..
Thn mon was comming to me and said
Mom- I u ok now son let go to sea I said no I m ok mom you go and enjoy …
Mom said I m tierd I am going to my villa..
By this time the sam was continually looking at mom body spcly her pussy and boobs…
He was looking her like hungry dog .
He- she is your mom .I m realy sorry that I have said such rude word.
Me- no it’s ok you said it unknowingly it’s ok.
He- but realy she is hot your dad is lucky man.
Me- hmm my mom is very conservative our locality uncle fruit seller young boys all had tried there luck but mom does not give any chance to them…
He- oo I see.. I have to go to villa ..
I was just suspecting al of sudden he was going to villa…
I then follow him… I saw his villa is similar type villa like mom dad one..
Thn I went to mom villa asked mom where r u
Mom- I m in swimming pool beta…
Me- I m comming
I went to swimming pool I saw mom so sexy hot in pool …
Thn I saw from side that man was also in swimming pool… And watching mom and swimming pool r so open one can esyly see one another pool..
Mom- you r talking to that black man she look so ugly.
Me- yes but he is good man he visited many country.
Mom- but he look r so dirty he was looking me so dirty way..
Me- mom you look so hot that’s is common out here…
Mom- oo thn it’s ok …
Thn we took our food .. and sleep in our villa at evening dad feel little better ..

And dad went out and I saw he was talking to that black nigro


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My mom honeymoon with another man – part 1