My mom honeymoon with another man – part 2

My mom honeymoon with another man – part 2

Next day morning I saw dad was not there I woke up and went near mom villa I hear

Mom- I love u so much baby
Dad- why r u loving me so much…
Mom- becz of our honeymoon

Dad thought of comming to Maldives mom was loving so much but mom was loving becz of last night fucking..
Thn dad told mom I m going to find out the water sports do you want to go …
Mom- no I m scard of water sports go will abhi..
Dad- ok..
But I don’t want to go I want to see sam next move..
So I told dad to go yourself I m not feeling well thn told me to rest and went for and dad went to water sports .
I was finding mr. Sam
I rang door bell of sam
Sam- ooo abhi he r you …
Me- I m fine . This place is so beautiful.
Sam- yes I love the place spcl night .
I was thinking becz you have fucked my mom .
Thn I took selfie with sam and talk a little.
Sam- so we’re is your family ..
Me- dad had gone for water sports and mom was in villa .

Sam got excited and start asking about my mom.
Sam – what your mom name
Me- bani ..
Sam – she is very beautiful…
Me- thanks.
Sam – when your mom sex with your dad last time
Me- I don’t no exactly but I think after my birth they had not done sex.
Sam that’s why she is wild… Last night.
Me- did u say something sam- no no .your mom don’t wear indian treadisnal dress saree
Me- she always were that but here we have force her not to bring any saree…
Sam- I realy want to see her in saree treadisnal dress of india.
Me- I have pictures of mom

I took out pic sam was seeing mom pic all of sudden one pic came were mom was in sleeveless blouse very deep and mom wear saree below her nevel… And she lift her hand her amrapit with hair iss seen and her pallu got drop for some reason.
I don’t no when did I took this pic … But she was looking like a whore and just like hot bhabi…
Sam was zooming and watching mom whole body…
Sam ask- your mom is sexy in saree
I said yes

My mom honeymoon with another man - part 2

Sam told me he had a work I I had to live I think he was planning for something… Thn I went to mom villa…
Mom was wearing a short bikini it’s hardly hold her boobs and mom all pubic hair is seen
I asked mom were you will go mom- I will go to our swimming pool I went to swimming pool said can I come in mom said ok…
Thn we both were playing with ball I didn’t say sam swimming pool is very clearly seen from here and sam was nude and try to show her body intentionly to mom
I said I m tierd you play … And I went to take towel and I hide some were and watching mom
Mom was watching sam uncle he had a great body and hairy cock but cock is full ejected and became 10 inch and he was mastrubating towards mom as if he had not seen mom

Here mom was continually watching that mom hand automatically went to her pussy and mom also enjoying it and she stat rubbing her boobs and pussy…
Thn I enter mom adjust herself and ask abhi were is dad last night.
Me- he was with me sleeping in my villa did you have any problem
Mom understood mom had fuck by this mback man last night mom was very tensed … But same time enjoyed filling…
And dad cane he introduce mom with sam.
Sam- hello mam
Mom-, looking at sam hii
Sam- your r so beautiful figure mam
Mom- thank u but a strange look to sam
Sam uncle understood mom get to know about last fucking…
Sam- I think you have enjoyed the night in villa
Mom- got conformed by his word said yes villa is so beautiful don’t want to get cue to dad.

Thn we took our food night came.
Again sam and dad went to bar to drink again dad fell sleeped in me villa I went to the mom villa I found san uncle is entering …
Mom was sleeping in her nighty today sam uncle start kissing her leg mom woke up
Mom- you I knew it last night it was you why did u do this to ne go out…
Sam – told tight my mom and he said if you don’t cooperate I will tell what happens last night to your husband and son…
Mom got scared and start paying her finger inside mom penty and fingering mom. And pressing her boobs
Mom trying to go away but sam hold her very tightly
Sam- last night your r enjoying so wild ly today you don’t like it… Saying this he open mom penty and spread her leg and put her 2 finger to mom pussy and rubbing and fingering roughly then yesterday
Mom- ummmmmmm ahhh leve me play AAAAA ufff.
Sam- look your nipple are hard silt you don’t want me to fuck you…same was pressing mom nipple hard and rubbing it and sane ting fingering
Mom said ahhh plz leve me don’t do it like this …. I m married
Hmmmm uff I m cumming and mom cum but this time sam continues her fingering
Sam- look you r so excited you need sex so badly I will not tell your husband but plz let me fuck you I have dream you for fucking you r married but still you r so hot …

Mom get excited by his word said – ummmmm ummmmm ok ok do it but don’t tell to my husband …


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My mom honeymoon with another man – part 2