My Old Mama’s Good Fuck

My Old Mama’s Good Fuck

When I was growing up in Indiana, we lived in the country and had a neighbor named Allen that drove our school bus and seemed helpful to lots of people, including my parents and me. Mom was 61 and my dad was 68 and had a stroke. Because of his stroke my dad was in a wheelchair and wasn’t able to do much. My parents were pretty old when they had me and it was pretty obvious that I didn’t look at all like my dad. Also from helping my dad in the bathroom I knew I didn’t take after him in the cock dapartment. Dads cock was thin with a small pointy head and about 4 or 5 inches long when soft and mines very fat with a big wide mushroom head and about seven inches soft and nine inches when its hard. My mom let it slip in front of me that dad couldn’t have kids. Even at 61, my mom is pretty good looking and she’s very sexy.

She’s small, 5 feet tall, maybe 100 pounds with brown and gray curly hair and glasses that are very thick. Her breasts are small but perky and her best feature, is her ass. Its one of those butts that undulates when she walks and it always gets noticed. My classmates have even told me how nice my moms butt is. My best friend, Gary lives about a half mile away and we both have dirt bikes so he hangs out at my house and helps me with the chores. Gary’s mom died about 3 years ago and he lives with his dad who drinks with his buddies all day. About 3 months ago Gary told me that he heard his dads buddies talking about my mom. One said that they were at my neighbor Allens house, cooking out and having a few beers when my mom came over. He said she started drinking with them and dancing and she got pretty high. The next thing you know, she was up on the picnic table dancing and somebody told her to take it off and she started stripping. When she was naked, she just layed down on the picnic table and said “whos gonna fuck me first” and he said she fucked all 6 of them and some of them twice”. I asked Gary if my neighbor Allen was in on it and he said Allen organized it.

He said, Allens been fucking your mom for a long time. Gary said they were supposed to do it again on Saturday. That night as I laid in bed, it all made sense. Mom would fix herself up and walk over to Allens house two or three times a week and be gone for about an hour and when she came back, her hair and makeup would be all messed up. Just thinking about my mom fucking six men made me so horny I jacked my big cock off three times that night. The next day was Thursday and I needed to talk to Gary but he’d gotten grounded for talking back to his dad. I kept an eye on mom and at about 6 oclock she fed dad and put him in bed and then started doing her hair and make up so I knew she was going to Allens. It was dark by now so I went through the woods to Allens and hid near his house. A few minutes later I saw my mom coming through the woods with a flashlight and she was acting suspiciously.

When she got to the back door, she knocked and Allen opened it and looked around to see if anybody was looking and then they went in. I knew the layout of Allens house so I went to the bedroom window and peeked in. They weren’t there so I went around to the living room window and peeked in and they were on the couch kissing with Allens hand up my moms dress as she rubbed his crotch through his pants. There was a small table lamp between them and me, and it lit them up nicely and probably made me invisable to them. Things were getting heated between them and my mom slid off in the floor in front of him and started undoing his pants. Allen raised up and my mom slid his pants down and then took them off. Allen unbuttoned moms dress and pulled it off over her head leaving her completely naked and her nice ass fully exposed. Allen raised up again and when my mom pulled his underwear off, his huge cock flopped up and hit her in the face.

She tried to hold his big cock in her tiny hand but it waved around like a flagpole so she put her mouth on it and Allen put his hands on the back of her head. Mom was sucking as much of his big cock as she could get in her mouth and holding the rest with both hands. My nice, sweet, innocent, little mom was devouring our neighbors huge, leaking, hairy cock and balls like a slut in a porn movie. I dropped my pants and started stroking my big cock just as my mom stood up and straddled Allen. She reached through her legs and guided his big cock to her wet leaking pussy and rubbed its head in her wetnes and then tried to slide down on it. Allen grabbed her by the asscheaks and tried to pull her down on it. She got about a third of his big cock in her and screamed so loud that I heard her. Mom just collapst on Allens chest and he started pulling her asscheaks apart and as he did you could see his fat cock disappearing into her stretched, wet pussy. They laid there for a minute with my mom moaning “God its so big, so fucking big, God I love your big cock” and then Allen started moving it in and out slowly. I was jacking off in time with my mom and she was now taking all of it with a painful, wanton look on her face.

Soon they were fucking like animals and I shot a big load of hot cum all over the ground but my dick wouldn’t go down so after a minute I started jacking it again. At about the same time, my mom started moaning loudly and her whole body started jerking on his big cock as she orgasmed. Moms cum was running down Allens cock as she collapst on him again and then I saw the need in Allens eyes as he just picked my tiny mother up and turned her over so she was laying back on him. Her legs were wide open on either side of his and I got my first good look at my moms pussy. It was ruby red from fucking that big cock and sloppy wet with her own cum and covered with long, brown, thick pubic hair. Allen reached around and guided his big cock back to her sloppy, hairy, wet slit and without any concern for my poor mom, he rammed his huge cock all the way up her as she screamed “Oh God, Oh God,” over and over until finally he buried it in her and I could see his big cock and balls flex as they pumped their big hot load of cum in my moms sloppy, cheating, needy, old pussy. As Allens cum was gushing out of my moms overused pussy I quit jacking my hard cock so I could finish it in my own bed while fantasizing about her.

Allen lifted my slut mom off his sloppy cock and put her in the floor in front of him and she just started licking their cum off his nasty cock like that was her job.I went back to my hiding place near the back door and was going to follow mom back home. When her and Allen came out the back door, they kissed and Allen asked her if she had ever fucked a cock as big as his, and my mom said “only one, my sons dads cock was about the same as yours and I’ve watched my son jack off and he’s got a bigger one than both of you and I’m gonna fuck that one too. They kissed again and my mom started home. I followed at a distance but her light went out so I stopped to listen but I couldn’t hear her. I figured she was way ahead so I continued walking until she shined the flashlight on me. Mom said “Mike what are you doing out here”. I was caught so I said “I’ve heard stories so I followed you over here and I watched you and Allen”.

She turned off the flashlight and asked “what did you see and what did you hear” and I told her “some men are saying you fucked all of them at Allens and I just watched you fucking Allen”. Moms demeanor softened and she said “honey I’m sorry you saw what you saw but your moms just human and I’ve always liked men and sex”. She asked me if I had watched the whole time and I said yes. I said “mom, were you serious about what you said about my cock and fucking me”. Mom said “Mike, your my son and you shouldn’t ask your mom things like that. I was getting mad because I got caught, because my mom was a slut and because she was fucking everybody but me.

Then I said “and my slut moms not supposed to fuck six men, sneak out and fuck the neighbors big cock and I know your gonna fuck em all again on Saturday. I reached out and pulled my mom to me and kissed her on the mouth but she wouldn’t kiss me back, in fact she pulled away and slapped me. When she slapped me, I lost it and grabbed her and threw her to the ground and ripped the whole front of her dress open. Mom was saying “please Mike, don’t do this” as I spread her legs and looked at her red swollen cummy pussy in the moonlight. Mom said “Honey I’m your mother, sons don’t fuck their moms” and I started licking my moms used old pussy and it tasted good and it smelled like fresh sex. When I would lick up her cummy slit and nibble her swollen clit, she would let out a little moan. After about a minute of my licking, my mom was moaning and humping herself on my tongue.

Between moans she would say “I’m your mom baby, you shouldn’t be licking your slutty mommies used pussy”. Mom had her hands on my head and she was pulling my face into her hairy, old, wet cunt as she moaned “mommies shouldn’t want to fuck their sons big hard cock, baby are you going to shove that big hot cock of yours into mommies old slutty pussy baby”. When she said that, I slid in between her legs and said “now your sons going to fuck his slutty old mom with his big cock and pump a big load of hot cum in her”. As I slid my big cock up my mothers hot pussy, I thought about how long I’d wanted this and how happy I was that she was a slut and how much I needed to add my big load of hot cum to her used old pussy. My cock had never been this hard or stretched this big and mom was paying for getting me this hot. As I pushed my big cock in, she would try to scoot backward but finally my cock hit something inside her pussy and she moaned “shove that damn thing in mommies cervix baby” as she said that, it felt like a mouth in the back of her pussy sucked my cock right in. Her womb was very tight and warm and my mom went limp and started moaning as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Then my cock started to spasm and I flooded my moms hot womb with her own sons hot cum. As I did she started jerking uncontrollably on my cock and cumming herself. I left my swollen cock in her womb until she came out of her trance and started talking to me. She said “I’m glad you fucked me baby, I haven’t been fuck that well since your daddy, baby. We got dressed and as we walked home, my mom was giddy and kept talking about how and where we could fuck each other and that she would give up fucking other men and that I was her man now. Just before we went in the house I turned her toward me and kissed her and said “mom, were still going on Saturday and your gonna fuck em all and make your son proud and then I’m gonna take you home and me an Gary are gonna fuck you all night”. And we did.

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My Old Mama’s Good Fuck