My Real Story_Kerala Guy – Sex Stories

My Real Story_Kerala Guy – Sex Stories

Hello everyone,
I am Rocky (Obviously not real name), from Cochin, Kerala. I am 33 Years old, Highly athletic and hit Jym on a regular basis. I am 5 Ft 9Inch and Less than 65 Kg weighs. I am a normal guy with normal fittings, not like the tool having 7 or 8 inches long. It is 6 inches with good girth. I am damn good at love making (not sex) and to give pleasure and bloody ecstasy to my partner (feedback from my partners, of course). Anyway, lam not being a narcissist and lets start the story.

This is my first story and please pardon my grammatical mistakes and all. This is a real story, which I am going to write down here.

I am from Cochin currently working in a reputed IT company. I got married few years back and honestly, my sex life was not so great, but I was OK with it. I was also happy as that was the first women in my life and I ddnt know a thing about sex. But things took a turn when I was appointed with a secretary, a damn beauty. Let me tell a bit about her. She looks like, I would say Tamanna (from Bahubali). She is a bit dark but beautiful with 36 C breast, 29 hip size and 38 Hip. I liked her but I ddn’t had any intention towards her initially. She was very jovial, we used to crack jokes and used to have lunch together. One day she was standing next to me and bent over for showing me some document, ALAS…. That fucking cleavage…. So beautiful, so plumpy, I wanted to grab it then and there itself… However because of my position I couldnt do anything.. Another day she was sitting next to me and unknowingly, her skirt was misplaced a bit and I got to see that beautiful golden leg with a golden anklet. I lost control and from then I wanted to fuck her very badly.. I immediately went to the bathroom and relieved my self, but still I wanted to be with her. I wanted fuck her and to cum inside her badly.

Then onwards, I tried to spent more time with her, tried to know her and supported her. She also felt good. We started going out coffee and all. One day I was at home and just for fun, I sent a vatspp message and she was online. We started chatting and she said she was so bored as her friends are all went home because of the festival season, she got no work to do and she wanted to go out etc… I tried to test my luck and casually I had asked her that I am also free, no work and I am planning to go for a ride. To give me a shock, she replied that she also wants to join (casually). In the next second, I had planned a ride and I told her that I am going to Alappuzha beach (a beautiful beach in Aleppy District of Kerala). She didnt expected this, but I was able to convince her. The next day I went to pick her up in my Avenger and she was ready in a stunning jeans and Tshirt. Her breasts are like melons and I was able to see the nipples poking out of the T shirt and the jean was so tight that her panty lines were visible. I got a hell of erection. We started driving, she kept a bag between us and I thought “Fuck, this was a bad decision, nothing is going to happen”.

I was pissed off like anything but what to do? After 2 hours drive, we reached the beach and it was almost 3 PM. The climate was so good the waves were green in color. I had never seen such color in my whole life. There were lot of people (mostly couples) taking bath, playing in water etc. Seeing this, she said “ Dude, I don’t know swimming, also I am afraid of water. I will be here, if you want, go take a bath”. It was sure that time that nothing will happen and I got so pissed off. I told her “Its ok, we will have lunch and will take a walk along the seashore and will go back”. She also agreed to that. I was getting so mad because the climate, the wind, and her poking nipples and all.

My Real Story_Kerala Guy - Sex Stories

Then we started walking in the beach with keeping a distance in between as I also decided that “Fuck, nothing will happen, so no more drama. Just finish it and just get back to some bar and to get drunk”. Then the real story started.. we were walking and we had to a small cross rocky area in the beach and I asked her If I need to hold her hand and she told me “athangu manasil vecha mathi mone” ie “I know what you are thinking and it is not going to work”. I said in my mind “maire, moonji” ie. “fuck shit”.

That time it was very clear that my journey was a waste. I wanted to just complete the walking and to go back as quickly as possible. But as mentioned earlier, the rocky area was wet and there was chances of slipping, she was walking and suddenly she slipped and about to fell down. Immediately, I jumped and hold her by both shoulders and she said nothing as she was terrified for a second. But I ddn’t loose the hold on her shoulders till we crossed the area. I ddn’t missed out the chances of touching her boobs and more or less jackeying her literally and from her face, it was clear that she felt my bone between her ass. I was happy that atleast this had happened. She was like butter and her skin was soo soft that upon touching her and her smell was so sexy (may be felt sexy because I was fucking horney) and mind blowing , in one second I got an erection and my dick was like an AK 47 to fire semen bullets. We continued walking, but I ddn’t left the hold, she also ddn’t said anything.

As per “The alchemist” if you want something very badly, the whole universe will support you in getting that. In my case also the same thing happened, I don’t know, luck/ miracle whatever it is. That time, wind started blowing a bit strongly, chances of light rain with bright sunlight, a light rainbow on horizon and the waves become a bit stronger with green colour (I have never seen such a colour). As we were walking on seashore, waves started coming up and since she was afraid of waves, she hold my hand very strongly, I was already holding her by her shoulder by my right hand, my left hand is now holding her left hand. I was in heaven and thanking god and nature for the timely support. As we were walking, I started slowly taking her in the sea. After five minutes, we were walking in the sea, like the waves are hitting on our leg. She started enjoying the waves, but still my position was the same. I was holding her tight with toughing her sexy breasts, stomach, back, thighs etc. pretending unknowingly, but I also knew that she literally knew what I was doing and definitely she was also enjoying.

So I just changed my gear up and went in a bit more into the sea, now it is upto the knee level and she was more scared and held me very tightly. I put my right hand on her left shoulder and by left hand hold her arm close to breast. Now I am free to hold her in anyway I want, I thought. Pretending that I am helping her, I was holding her breasts, stomach, thighs, Ass and what not. I was on cloud no. 9 and my dick was like pricking into her like anything. I knew that she was also enjoying it. So it continued for a while. People were not looking at us, as everyone was enjoying the water and the climate. Then a big wave came, and she just hugged me tightly to avoid falling, and fuck…. That was it, , That sweet breasts, Ass and I was holding and jacking her like a mad man, my dick was between her thighs (I was wearing a shorts, rest you can imagine), I started feeling her and my lips on her face when the wave comes, and she hug me tightly also when wave comes. I was in heaven and I wanted to try my luck more. I pulled her into the water a bit more upto thigh level. She hesitated and said “ithu mathi, ini pokam”, ie. “it is enough, now lets go back”. While she was saying this, a big wave came and washed us like anything. We both fell and drenched completely. She was scared like anything and hold me & hugged me tightly.

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My Real Story_Kerala Guy – Sex Stories