My sexual experience with dogs

My sexual experience with dogs

My sexual experience with dogs is very limited, and
since I have experienced some guilt and shame over my
actions, its not therefore something I encourage others
to do. I consider myself to be a normal individual. I’m
a college graduate, I’ve been happily married for 11
years, have two healthy children and a good job. I
guess my fascination with male dogs began when I was a
young girl. My aunt and uncle used to have a large
german Shepard, and I can remember being 11 or 12, when
I first realized he was really a “male” and had a cock.

I used to think about touching it, but was always to
afraid and embarrassed to ever do it. Even now, the
thought of him can still get me aroused. However, I
never really imagined ever doing anything sexually with
a dog, and it’s not something I thought about too much.
However, this all changed about 5 years ago when my
Husband and I moved into our new house. Our next door
neighbors were an older couple in their mid 60’s, who
owned a male Dalmatian They were very friendly and we
got along splendidly. They enjoyed our two children,
and even babysat for us on occasion.

Being a Dalmatian, you couldn’t help but notice his
cock. As soon as I saw him, I found myself thinking
about my uncle’s German Shepard. They certainly didn’t
take very good care of the dog. They gave him virtually
no supervision, and let him roam the neighborhood.

They even kept him outdoors during the night. So he
often wandered into our yard on his own. Also, my kids
loved playing with him, so he was over at our house
quite often. I found myself staring at his cock, and
thinking about it.

Finally, I decided to at least touch it. One day, my
daughter was playing with him in our backyard, then my
daughter left to go play with some of her friends.
Alone with the dog, I quickly brought him into the den.

I just knelt down and started petting him, rubbing my
hand along his lower stomach while slightly brushing my
hand against his cock. Finally I began cupping his cock
and balls with my hand, while looking around to make
sure no one could see. As I touched it, I remember
looking at his face, trying to see if I could see his
reactions. I wanted to get a real look at it, so I got
him to lay down on his side. Then, being care-full not
to scratch him with my nails, I actually began to
examine his cock. To my surprise, it quickly began to
get hard. As I touched it, he actually began licking
his own cock, it was almost completely erect, when I
got really scared and stopped. I thought to myself,
this is wrong, and I abruptly kicked him out of the
house. I felt guilty about what I had done, but that
didn’t last long. I still found myself thinking about
him and staring at his cock whenever I saw him. So I
again decided to give into my feelings and experiment
with him again.

One morning after the kids left for school, wearing
only a t-shirt and panties, I called him into the house
and brought him into my room. After closing the door
behind him. I quickly removed my panties and dangled
them. He imediately came forward and began to sniff
them. I then threw them across the room, and he walked
over to them and continued to smell them. I sat down
on the edge of the bed and spread my knees apart. I got
his attention by slapping my leg and calling his name.

He quickly came towards me and began to sniff my
crotch. I could feel his cold nose against my vagina.

After a few sniffs, he began flicking his tongue
against my pussy. However, at first, he seemed much
more interested in my pubic hair and lower stomach
Using long, slow strokes, he spent at least 10 minutes
licking my pubic hair and lower stomach. Although this
wasn’t particularly arousing, I did enjoy the
sensations his tongue produced; his tongue was large,
warm, and a little rough. I was reclining on my elbows
while he licked me. Then he suddenly stopped, turned
around and started walking around the room, sniffing
this and that. Then when I sat back up, he imediately
came towards me. After licking my face, he suddenly
just stuck his head right between my legs and began
licking my pussy. I then reclined slightly back on my
hands and spread my knees apart. He seemed to have
discovered my clit because he began aggressively
licking it. He actually cocked his head sideways in
order to get a better angle. I responded by lifting one
foot up onto the bed and spreading my legs wide apart.

He then continued licking my clit very aggressively. He
was really going now. I could clearly hear, as well as
feel his tongue slopping around my pussy. This felt
very good, and I began breathing a little harder and
even moaned a couple of times. He then tilted his head
in yet another direction and got even deeper into my
pussy. At one point, he actually started chewing on my
vaginal lips. Surprised, I quickly sat up and pushed
him away with my hand. He then just flopped to the
ground. I sat on the bed for several more minutes, just
in case he wanted more. Sure enough, he quickly got
back up and again put his head between my legs. After a
few more licks, he once again began biting my lips.

However, by putting my hand over my pussy when he did
this, he soon realized that if he wanted to continue
licking me, the biting would have to stop. Although
some of the bites did hurt, for the most part it was
rather pleasurable. Eventually, he once again stopped
and flopped to the floor panting heavily. My pubic hair
was all wet and matted, so I stood up to go the
bathroom to clean myself off, but as soon as I did, he
got up and once again stuck his nose between my legs
and began licking me again. I let him lick me while
standing for a minute or two, and then I again sat down
on the edge of the bed. I couldn’t believe how much he
liked licking me. I rested my right leg on his back
while he licked me. His continual licking began to have
an effect on me, I could feel minor contractions. I
must have been really lubricating, because his tongue
was licking every inch of my pussy. I could feel him
licking between the folds of my lips. This went on for
at least 20 min. Then he simply got tired and stopped.
Even though I didn’t have an actual orgasm, I did come
very close on several occasions.

After waiting several min to see if he would resume, I
got up and noticed a large stain on the edge of the
bed. needless to say, we made quite a mess. Later that
day, I once again called him into my room. This time I
let him lick my pussy from behind. Again, he chewed on
my lips. In this position however It was much more
pleasurable. He was able to get his snout deeper into
me. He would also work his way up all the way to my
ass. I even began moving my hips a little, increasing
the pleasure, this time I quickly achieved an orgasm,
and his continual licking during my orgasm produced
several minor ones as well. While in this position, he
tried to mount me.

We did have actual intercourse, and I have performed
oral sex on him as well, if you want, I can go into
more detail. Please let me know.

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My sexual experience with dogs