My Shy Sister Fucked Secretly By Her Boyfriend

My Shy Sister Fucked Secretly By Her Boyfriend

Hi friends, my name is Anjali, I live in Bhubaneswar with my dad, mom, two brothers and one elder sister of 25 age. My dad has an electronics showroom and my mom is a housewife.

My sister Mitali didi is a little fairer than me. She has a well-maintained figure of 36-24-36. She has finished her studies and is currently working on a local shopping mall as manager.

My sister was of a little bit shy in nature and never talked to boys. When some of my male friends talk about her, I get very jealous. I always think that I get less attention when my sister is near me.

Taking to the past when I had recently completed my junior college, mom, dad, and both brothers had gone out of station for around 7-8 days for the marriage of a relative.

That night Mitali didi and I were sleeping in different rooms. I was thirsty in the night and went to the kitchen to drink water. I saw that my didi’s room lights were on. So I went near didi’s room and quietly looked through the keyhole.

I saw didi pressing her boobs slowly over her dress and talking to someone on the phone with her eyes closed. I took the second pair of the receiver which was in my room and started listening to their chat silently. After listening for some time, I came to know that she was talking with her boyfriend Himansu.

Himansu was requesting Mitali didi to come and meet him, but Mitali didi was denying saying that no one was at home and Anjali will tell parents if she goes out.

After requesting many times, Mitali didi told her bf that she would try to meet him tomorrow. When Himansu asked Mitali didi what she would do tomorrow, then Mitali didi said that she has sleeping pills of mom, which she will put in my milk and then I will be sleeping for a very long time will not disturb them and they can meet!

I heard their chat and went to sleep. The whole night their chat was roaming in my mind. And I thought, if Himansu and Mitali didi met outside the house, then I cannot see what they are doing. So I started planning to make them meet inside the house itself.

Next day when Mitali didi went to the coaching class, I replaced mom’s sleeping pills with some vitamins tablets. Mitali didi’s room and my room were attached, so I thought of looking the whole scene through the keyhole on the middle door.

Mitali didi returned home at 9 pm. After having dinner, she brought a glass of milk for me in which she had put the replaced tablets. I behaved like I didn’t know anything and acted like feeling sleepy.

After 5 minutes, Mitali didi tried to wake me up to see whether I was sleeping or not. When I didn’t react, Mitali didi closed the door and went to her room.

When I heard the sound of closing the door, I woke up and went near the keyhole and saw that didi was calling her boyfriend Himansu. I slowly picked up the second receiver and heard didi saying how she put the sleeping pills in my milk and made me sleep. She asked Himansu to come to our home.

After disconnecting the call, didi went to the almirah and took out a saree and went for a bath. I slowly went to bed and acted to be asleep.

After bathing, didi wore her saree and was singing some song. After 15 minutes when someone rang the doorbell, I knew it was Himansu. Mitali didi opened the door and took Himansu to her room.

I could hear the sounds of some movies playing on didi’s laptop. I went near the keyhole and saw didi sitting with Himansu on the bed. Both were sitting closely and were talking.

Then Himansu took didi’s hand and kissed it. Mitali didi removed his hand and went near the almirah and said to Himansu that she had to change. I didn’t understand why didi want to change at that time as she wore the saree only a little while ago.

Mitali didi took out a red colour mini-skirt and a white colour top. Didi asked Himansu to turn his face to the other side. Himansu turned his face but I was watching it all. First, Mitali didi dropped the pallu of her saree and then started opening the buttons of her blouse. At this time, her bf turned his face, but my sister didn’t notice it.

Mitali did start wearing the skirt. Didi was wearing a white colour bikini bra in which most portion of her boobs was revealing. I understood that didi was doing all this to arouse Himansu!

I could clearly see Himansu’s dick becoming hard inside his pants.

After removing the blouse, didi wore the top. After watching all this, Himansu couldn’t control anymore and slowly went near my sister from behind and hugged her tightly and started kissing her neck. Didi replied positively and started moaning slowly like, “ahhhhh ummmmmm” with deep breaths.

Then didi took normal breaths while Himansu was still kissing her wildly. After 3 minutes of kissing, Himansu turned my sister facing him and started kissing her lips with a long kiss. With that kiss, my didi also got wild and started kissing her bf back wildly for the next 5-6 minutes.

I could see Himansu’s hands going near didi’s boobs. Himansu removed didi’s top and started kissing her belly while pressing her boobs over the bra. The room was filled with the sexy moaning sounds of didi with eyes closed. And here, I started pressing my boobs watching all these erotic scenes!

Didi was getting hotter by each second. Himansu unbuttoned her bra and she quickly covered her boobs with her hands. Himansu removed her hands with some force and started kissing my sister’s boobs. Didi’s boobs were fully tight and her nipples were erect.

Himansu was sucking hard and didi was moaning loudly. Then Himansu went lower and started removing didi’s skirt. Now didi was only in her pantie, standing in front of her lover.

Himansu started massaging didi’s pussy over the pantie. Then he removed didi’s pantie and he also removed his clothes and became nude. Both started kissing again.

Himansu’s dick was around 8-9 inches long and he was a muscular guy. Mitali didi then knelt down, took Himansu’s dick in her mouth and started sucking it. Within seconds, didi took Himansu’s whole dick in her mouth and was sucking harder.

After some time, Himansu took didi near the wall and started inserting his dick in didi’s pussy slowly.

As didi’s pussy was a little tight, Himansu applied some lube which he had brought with him on his dick and started fucking my elder sister’s pussy. Didi was shivering with every thrust of Himansu, but the way Himansu was fucking didi, I was sure that he had fucked many other girls before.

Didi was moaning loudly and was moving her body with the rhythm she was being fucked. Now Himansu increased his speed and the whole room was filled with moaning sounds of didi and Himansu. I also couldn’t control myself and started fingering my pussy.

Himansu then picked up didi and took her to the bed and asked didi to get on her fours. Mitali didi knew that Himansu was going to fuck her ass and it will pain a lot. So, she said no. But her boyfriend was in no mood to listen. He forcefully made didi stand in the doggy position and inserted his dick in didi’s ass!

Didi cried with pain but after Himansu fucked her ass wildly for a few minutes, she started moaning loudly and started enjoying the pain.

Himansu fucked my didi’s ass for about 15 minutes straight and then he cummed in didi’s ass. Mitali didi then took Himansu’s dick in her mouth and started licking the remaining cum from it.

Himansu started fucking didi’s mouth and didi drank all the cum till the last drop. Here, I had also cummed after fingering my pussy and watching my sister getting fucked so hard.

But didi was not satisfied and was still sucking Himansu’s dick. Within two minutes of sucking, Himansu’s limp dick was erect once again. Mitali didi laid Himansu and went over him and sat on his dick and started jumping up and down. Himansu also fucked didi in that rhythm.

Didi was moaning loudly and Himansu was increasing the fucking speed. With the loud moans and hard fucking, this time didi cummed. But Himansu was hard and still fucking my didi’s pussy wildly.

After fucking for 10 minutes, Himansu was going to cum again. Didi asked him to cum inside her pussy this time.

Himansu discharged all his cum inside my elder sister’s pussy and was still fucking didi. I could see Himansu’s cum all over his dick and all over my didi’s pussy. I was afraid how didi could let Himansu to cum inside her pussy as she could become pregnant. But then I thought that she might have taken I-pill to prevent pregnancy.

After the fucking session, both were tired. Himansu laid on didi and was sucking her boobs and lips for half an hour.

After that Himansu got up and wore his clothes back. He kissed didi on the lips and left the house. Didi closed the door and slept nude on her bed.

How did you all like this story, friends?

Next time I will tell the story of how I blackmailed didi and her boyfriend and made Himansu fuck me! Please give reply and comments on [email protected]

My Shy Sister Fucked Secretly By Her Boyfriend