I woke to my alarm as usual, groping in the dark for the off button. Another practice loomed ahead. Glancing at my computer as I dressed, I noticed both Rach and Lidia sleeping. I noticed Lidia was still wearing the t-shirt with my cum on it. She had her covers pulled up, but her shoulder was still visible. Rach, beyond Lidia on the far side of the room, was decked out in one of the things we had bought at Victoria’s Secret, a matching set of frilly pastel teal panties and teddy.

I wondered idly as I tied my shoes, ‘why wasn’t Lidia wearing something frilly too?’ She had unpacked, and judging by how nice she dressed, she must have that kind of thing. Feeling slightly disappointed that I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted, I reminded myself how spoiled with riches I was in that regard. ‘No need to be greedy’ I admonished myself.

I rode to practice without leaving an IM for Rach as had become my custom. I couldn’t risk Lidia seeing it and figured Rach would get that and not expect one. Practice was uneventful, as was lessons, except that with my newfound confidence, I realized how many flirtations I had been missing.

Jackie, a stunning blond with a figure strait out of playboy, and 17 years old, gave me clear signals that I’m sure she had been giving me before my awakening. She made several clear signals during practice, clear to me now anyway. During a set which involved getting out and doing starts off the blocks, she kept her eyes on me, not even attempting to look away when I looked and caught her staring. I also noticed as she lifeguarded my lessons, that she was watching me.

It might have been a misread on my part, but I also got the impression that one of the moms of my lessons kids was giving me signals as well. What I had taken as simple interest in her daughter’s lesson seemed now blatant ogling. My suspicions gained more strength when, after her daughter’s lesson, she came up to thank me and put her hand on my shoulder as I sat at a table on deck doing evaluation sheets. My old self would have put it down as her simply trying to gain my attention, but she left her hand on my shoulder long after I had turned to her, removing it with the slightest squeeze only after she had thanked me “so much for all the attention” I had given her daughter.

As I showered in the locker-room, I was awash with more than the water. Suddenly I saw all the opportunities that were being offered. Girls like Jackie would never have even been on my radar before now. She was so ridiculously hot, not to mention 3 years older than me, that aside from supplying ammunition for my masturbation, I wouldn’t dreamed of her being involved in my sex life. Mrs. Hildebrandt (she asked me to call her Sarah), was very attractive, but would never have occurred to me as a possible partner until today. I figured that she definitely did not know I was only 14. I probably seemed 17ish to her; old enough apparently for flirting if not much more.

Heady with these revelations, I made my way to my bike. A honk of a horn as I fiddled with the lock drew my head up to see Rach and Lidia Waiting in the Jeep. Smiling at them as I pulled my bike from the stand, I saw Rach whisper something to the back of Lidia’s head, and then secretly pucker up and kiss the air at me over Lidia’s head.

As I approached the Jeep, Rach called out “We’re gona show Lidia the mall” concealing a wink from Lidia as she said ‘mall’.

“Sounds great!” I said cheerfully as I placed my bike in back.

I only realized the problem as I came around to get in. The back seat was completely taken up by my bike. There was going to be a seating problem. I could see by the look on Rach’s face that she was well aware of the ‘problem’. A flash of her evil grin put aside any doubt. Not having any concern with letting either of them sit on my lap, but feeling the urge to throw Rach off her plan, I walked to the driver’s side.

“I’ll drive Rach, you two will fit on a seat better than one of you with me.” I explained easily as I reached to step up and in.

Rach was so thrown by this deviation from her plan that she confusedly moved out of my way as I slid into the driver’s seat. With nowhere else to go, she sheepishly sat down on Lidia’s lap. I managed to keep a straight face even as I saw the look of complete loss on Rach’s face. Lidia, unaware of Rach’s plan, or its complete derailment, smiled easily and wrapped her arms around Rach’s waist like she was holding a big teddy bear on her lap, and looked ahead; ready to proceed to the mall.

As I drove I snuck glances at the two of the together in the passenger’s seat. Rach was wearing a jean skirt and one of her tops the showed off her flat stomach. Lidia’s arms crossed over that stomach now; the innocent skin to skin contact bade more than just my heart beat. Lidia’s shirt was similar to the top of the dress she had worn to dinner last night. It was loose and light and gathered under her chest. She wore jeans, which even from my obstructed view were obviously tight.

I felt my dick growing down the leg of my shorts, and did nothing to hide or display it. By the time we turned into the mall, it had risen to full rigidity, rising up off my right thigh the several inches the shorts had to give. Pulling to a stop without parking, I turned to the girls to ask “where do you want to start at?” I was pleased to see both of them quickly look up from what we all knew was there.

Rach hesitated a moment, then said “food court” distractedly.

“Your wish is my command” I said smiling, and drove to park outside the entrance Rach requested. I got out quickly and wet around to the back of the jeep to lock my bike to the spare. I could see some more girl whispering as I worked the chain. It didn’t bother me in the least. In fact, it made me, if possible, even harder. I opened my shorts and readjusted myself, choosing the hip as my location for the day. It wasn’t as obvious as when I was wearing the boxers last night, but the bagginess of the shorts gave my dick free reign to exert its length, letting it extend from my side the 2 inches it needed. The bulge wrapped around my hip left no doubt what those 2 inches were.

I walked back around as the girls stepped down from the jeep. My impression that Lidia’s jeans were tight was right on the money. They also were cut very low. As she stepped down after Rach, her hold on the role bar lifted her shirt enough for me to see her hip bones rising above the top of the jeans, and the slight gap between the jeans and her skin where the valleys between her pubic bone and thighs began. If I hadn’t already known Lidia was shaved, I would know now.

I let them lead, being happy to watch them from behind. Lidia had never been to a mall before, and was astounded that so many stores were in one building. She and Rach spoke Italian as they considered the mall map. Apparently finding a destination, the headed off, both looking back to make sure I was in tow. We arrived and I saw it was the same store Rach and I had bought her new bikini in only days before.

“Lidia needs a two piece” Rach said in way of explanation over her shoulder as we crossed the threshold.

I wondered at this as we made our way to the suit section. I was under the impression that European girls were freer with showing skin, and couldn’t even imagine Lidia, on the beach with a one piece on. My musings faded away as I watched the girls rifling through the racks of bikinis; holding them up on each other and commenting in Italian on each option. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Rach pull a white bikini from the rack and hold it up against Lidia. It was definitely the same bikini Rach had cum all over on our last visit here.

I tried to catch Rach’s eye, hoping to silently ask her if my presumption was true. Either to punish me for my ruining her plan in the jeep, or simply because I was not needed for this decision, neither of them looked my direction as the amassed a selection from the racks. My old self would have felt hurt at this apparent rebuff. Luckily, my new self was perfectly fine with sitting back on a bench and watching.

They left the racks, each holding several suits, and walked a little way before turning to see me still sitting on the bench. “C’mon Jake, we need you” Rach said sweetly, and they both smiled encouragingly.

“Sure thing” I said brightly, bouncing up from the bench and catching up with them as they arrived at the try on area. I found the same bench I had sat on last time, and watched as they disappeared into the same tall I had snuck into.

Apparently my job this glorious day was to watch Rach and Lidia try on things, and give my opinion. I decided as the door to the little room opened, that today would be a good day indeed. Lidia stepped out wearing such a small bikini, back with little white bows on the hips, that had I not already seen her naked, I would still have very little to imagine. She smiled at my look of wonder, and spun around to show me the back which consisted of a couple of strings across her back, and a triangle of black which clung to the curve of her butt cheeks, threatening at any moment to disappear into the crack that showed proud of the top of the suit a good inch.

“You like?” Lidia asked, smiling back at me over her shoulder.

I pulled my gaze up to meet her question. “It’s awesome” I offered earnestly, managing to smile through my wonder.

With a giggle, she skipped back to the room speaking softly but excitedly in Italian to Rach who gave me a wink as she closed the door. The next two suits were similar to the first, but I liked the look of the black suit more, telling Lidia “I like the way the black suit looks with your long black hair.”

I got a sweet smile for that comment, and was sure as I waited for the last suit, that I’d suggest she buy the black suit. I was proven wrong. The last suit was none other than the white suit I had picked for Rach. Lidia walked out and I was sure my dick wanted to vote as it attempted to rise up and be heard. I stood up as she emerged; it seemed the right thing to do when presented with such a site.

Lidia’s dark tan made the white suit seem to glow around her. The contrast was startling. The tube of material that covered her chest gathered in the between her breasts, creating two horizontal teardrops. The bottoms hung low on her hips recreating the gaps I had seen from her jeans where the valleys between her pubic bone and thighs began, but with much more audacity. I was sure if I had been standing next to her, I could have seen down through them.

“Wow!” was all I needed to say, which was lucky, because I was at a loss; literally struck dumb. As she excitedly returned to the room, Rach smiled evilly at me. She apparently had planned on finding that bikini and getting Lidia to wear it. Shaking my head as I waited for them to emerge, I let my exasperation at Rach’s devious plans evaporate with a shrug. Even if I was on the receiving end, it was still more fun than I had ever hoped for.

They emerged giggling, and I stood up, preparing to follow them to the register. When the headed off in a different direction, I figured they were going to get clothes too. They came to a stop and Rach spun to face me, evil glee splitting her face with a smile.

“Your turn” she said in her sing-song voice, indicating the men’s swim suit area she had led me too.

I knew she was waiting eagerly for me to get all flustered, craving the sexual tension that would ensue. Almost feeling guilty that I would rob her of that thrill, almost, I smiled easily and offered “Why don’t you two pick some out, I never know what to get.”

The look of shock on Rach’s face was priceless as I made my way over to yet another bench and waited for them to pick something out. I could see Rach’s look of confusion turn into one of determination as she searched through the racks with Lidia. There little giggles assured me that I was being set up but I didn’t care. My only real concern was disappointing Rach. I was pretty sure her feelings for me would stand up to the loss of this kind of voyeuristic thrill she craved, but was sad that she was losing it none the less.

Selections apparently made, they beckoned me, and each taking a hand, led me to the changing rooms. Rach’s confident smile as we walked showed me she hadn’t given up. We reached the rooms AND Rach couldn’t help giving me a little smirk as they handed me their choices.

I closed the door behind me and looked through the suits. There were 4 in all. One was pretty standard, cargo style, green and baggy. Maybe they were giving me a safe choice in case I balked. The next was also cargo style, blue, but more form fitting and a little small. The third was shorter, like running shorts, but made from speedo material, tight and completely useless for hiding anything. The fourth was a speedo racing suit, the kind I wore all the time, albeit without the throbber I had now.

I decided to start slow and end with gusto. Not even bothering with the safety choice, I pulled on the blue trunks. They were small; I had a bit of a struggle getting them over my thighs. Once I got them up, it was time to decide where the monster would make his home. Knowing the other two options precluded running him down one leg (they were both too short), and wanting to give as many options as possible, I used the leg method. The tightness of these trunks dismissed any chance of it going unnoticed, so I let it run down the front of my thigh, imagining the difference in its noticeability if I turned to the side.

I took my shirt off wanting it to be a realistic modeling of a suit, and opened the door to go let the girl’s see. They were right there at the door waiting not three feet away. “These are a little tight don’t you think” I said, turning to the side to make sure they could see just how tight. I looked at the mirror, allowing them to look without being caught.

“Let’s see the Back” Rach suggested reaching to my waist and turning me away. I flexed my ass; hoping girls liked those dimples on guys as much as I liked them on girls. A giggle told me they did, and I let them look for a few more seconds before asking their opinion as I turned back around.

“I am liking them on you” Lidia said with only a hint of guilty pleasure.
“Me too” said Rach impatiently. “Go try on another pair.”

I quipped “O.K.” brightly, and went back into the room, closing the door behind me. The second pair, the running shorts length ones, fit like saran wrap. Just tight enough to hug every curve, not tight enough to squish any detail. I wrapped my cock low around my hip and was shocked at how much detail it allowed. Not only was the head clearly displayed, I could even make out a vein or two as they wrapped around the shaft. Knowing that this had to be more than they expected, I felt a bit of what Rach must be craving.

As I opened the door and saw Lidia’s face go slack as she stared, I felt the exhilaration more strongly. I could see how Rach could become addicted to the shock and sexual discomfort of others. I looked over to her. She had pulled herself away from the stare Lidia appeared unable to. She was looking at me quizzically. I smiled a little evil smile in my best Rach impression, and indicated Lidia with a flick of my eyes. Slowly, her quizzical look faded, replaced with a mirror of my expression. In that moment I felt my role as target change to that of a conspirator. Rach accepted the change seemingly eagerly, and we shared the feeling with a stolen glance when Lidia looked up and stammered “I like this one very much” with a beat red face.

I returned to the room to try on the last suit. I had just sat down to start when Rach ducked in. “Lidia asked the attendant to show her the bathroom” she said quivering with excitement as she jumped on top of me panting with need.

“That was so awesome!” she sputtered through the kiss she attacked me with. “I can’t believe you did that” she continued surprise and maybe a touch of pride slipping from her lips as she scooted back to kiss my chest. I saw her reach back and hike up her skirt revealing a panty less ass.

“No panties?” I asked in a whisper.

“I was going to surprise you” she said coyly, looking up at me from my chest.

“I’m surprised” I said pulling her up to me.

I slid my hands under her arms and lifted her up above me. She giggled as she pulled her legs up, letting me hold her suspended above me. I slowly lowered her, giving her time to reach between her legs and aim my cock. Once I was lined up and Rach had gotten the head of my cock halfway inside her, I released her, and she slammed down onto me, completely taking me in one violent thrust.

The grunt that seemed driven from her was equal parts pleasure and pain. I thought I might have pushed her beyond her limits, but then, using her legs, on foot on each side of my thighs, she rose up and imitated the thrust, not with as much force as the first one, but clearly wanting it. As she rose up again, I wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her down with as much force as I could generate. I got another pain/pleasure grunt, and decided if this is what she wants, I’ll do my best.

Hooking one arm under each of her knees I stood up. She wrapped her arms around my neck to keep from falling, and I slowly lifted her up till I could feel the head of my cock catch at the opening of her pussy, then I let my arms drop a foot and thrust up into her as she fell.

“Wow!” from Rach was all the encouragement I needed.

I increased my pace, gradually reaching full speed, her legs assisting with the lifts. “Oh…GOD” was Rach’s only warning. The next time she impaled herself, her arms around me clamped her to me like a vice, and her hips began jumping and bucking out of control. I felt a spray hit my pelvis as her pussy forcefully ejected me, and with each subsequent bucking of her hips, another spurt hit me.

She continued like that for 6 or 7 more bucking squirts before melting into a twitching mess in my arms. I was just setting her down on the chair when there was a soft tapping at the door.

“Jake, are you here?” came the worried whisper from Lidia.

Thinking quickly I formed a plan of my own. “Yea Lidia, I’m just getting my clothes back on” I said sharing a smile with Rach who had been jerked back to reality by the knock.

“Rach is not here” Lidia continued, worry still evident in her voice.

“She needed something to drink. We’ll pay for our suits and meet up with her at the food court.” Rach’s look of impressed agreement of my plan filled me with pride.

I moved the chair holding a still shaky Rach behind the door, and finished getting dressed. I closed the door behind me as I left Rach to recover. I took my time walking to the register, and paying for the suits. I decided on the second suit, Lidia chose the white bikini.

We strolled to the food court, stopping to throw coins in the fountain. Lidia told me how important fountains are to Italian culture and we giggled at some of the superstitions about them. When we finally arrived at the food court, there was Rach waving us over.

We got something to eat and as we ate Rach massaged the tops of my feet with hers; stealing secret knowing looks at me whenever she could sneak them by Lidia. The rest of the trip to the mall was unremarkable aside from the fact that I got to walk around with two super-hot girls; letting my easily spotable bulge do the explaining of why they were with me.

When the girls said they wanted to stop by Victoria’s Secret before we left, I saw from the look of eagerness on Rach’s face, and the look of discomfort on Lidia’s face, that my presence would lead to some serious mischief on Rach’s part. My well-earned empathy for Lidia, knowing all too well how being a target of Rach’s fetish for sexual embarrassment felt, I sensed that Lidia was near her breaking point. Not wanting to push too far too fast, I said I had a headache, and told them I would wait in the car.

The clear disappointment on Rach’s face was expected, and a smiled an apology to her. Lidia seemed relieved; as I had also expected, however I also thought I felt a slight bit of disappointment from her as well. As I walked to the car, carrying the bags of stuff the girls had already bought, I stewed over Lidia’s expression.

Maybe I had underestimated her ability to withstand the Rach treatment; I hardly knew her after all. I laid back in the jeep considering as I waited for them to finish their shopping. Rach had pushed me to the breaking point, but never past it. Perhaps Rach knew better than me what Lidia could handle. She defiantly knew her better; and while my experience as her target had given me insight, perhaps her experience at inflicting had given her insight as well.

I resolved to let her have a free hand. I would be her willing accomplice; not limiting her fun. If she ever went too far, and caused real pain, I would know I was right in the first place, and could reassert my limits on her use of me.

I moved from the driver’s seat to the passenger’s seat; letting Rach’s initial plan for Lidia to have to sit on my lap to get another chance. My cock would have been solid with just the experience of hanging out with these girls, but the added stimulation of fucking Rach and not cumming made for a painfully rigid hard on. Even with the time I had spent alone in the jeep, as I opened my shorts to adjust for maximum effect on Lidia, the pain of prying it out of my boxers caused me to wince.

I laid it straight up against myself, letting the top half breathe where it remained free of my shorts, against my stomach; hidden as usual by my t-shirt. I cautioned myself not to let what happened that first day with Rach to reoccur with Lidia. I doubted Lidia would take it as well as Rach had.

A good half hour passed while the girls presumably shopped at V.S. My mind’s inevitable wandering to imagined scenes of Rach and Lidia trying on any number of flimsy lingerie, ensured that I’d be ready for Lidia when they finally returned.

I caught a glimpse of them cumming, and feigned sleep (I’m not sure why). I could hear them as they neared. They whispered as they approached, apparently aware I was asleep, and not wanting to wake me. Unlike the other opportunities I had had to eavesdrop on their conversation, they were speaking English this time.

“…ill be fun. Just watch.” Came Rach’s voice softly, as she came into range of my ears.

“Jake?” Rach whispered, close up; an obvious attempt to discern the depth of my sleep.

I gave no response, wondering what Rach’s little mind was up to, and eager to find out. After perhaps 10 seconds, and several muffled giggles from both girls, I felt the front of my shirt lift slowly. Wishing I could see what was going on, I frustratedly tried to piece together the scene. By the sounds of the muffled whispers and giggles, I could tell Rach was close, and had been the one to unveil my cock. The sounds from Lidia had started some 10 feed away by my guess; but after my cock was free of the shirt, I could hear her coming closer, eventually indistinguishable in distance From Rach’s voice.

Their whispers were still in English, but so low that it was hard to make out much. A “…on’t wake up. Watch.” From Rach, was followed by a soft poke at the head of my cock. My cock jumped at the contact; apparently not being a team player in my feigned sleep. Hushed exited giggles from both girls cut my silent reproach to my cock, short.

After the giggles died down, I heard Lidia, nervousness and excitement evident, even through her whisper, answer “O.K.” in response to Rach’s silent urging. I felt another touch to my cock. Unlike Rach’s poke, this touch was soft, and stayed. I felt a finger, or maybe two, cross over the head and then slide to the rim, where it hooked under and ran around the underside in a slow sweep. My dick surged with need at that, and I had to restrain my body from pushing into the frustratingly gentle touch.

The fingers, more than one for sure now, curled slowly around the shaft; their shakiness discernable as they glided down the 4 or so inches that were available to them. As they started their way back up, I felt what must have been a thumb slide between my cock and my stomach. With that addition, the touch became a hold, and I felt a slight adjustment to the grip as a slight squeeze attempted to bring the thumb and fingers together as they wrapped around. I could tell they didn’t make it, though its hard tell how close they came to completing the circle.

My ability to restrain my impulse to buck into the grip on my cock was reaching its fail point. Deciding o needed to end it before I lost control; I turned my head away slightly, and opened and closed my mouth, doing my best impression of stirring from sleep. I felt a slight yank on my shirt, and the hold on my dick vanish at the same time. A few seconds of hurried footsteps later, and I heard Rach’s voice.

“Jakey, wakey wakey” she tittered as they approached the jeep for the second time. As I faked a start, and jerked my head around in their direction, I saw that they had, in the panic of running off, left their bags from V.S. at the jeep. Laughing to myself at how busted they would have been if their molestation had been unknown to me, I pretended not to notice, and greeted them with my most innocent smile.

“Hey, you guys get what you wanted?” I asked, intending the double meaning, and pleased to see that it went over their heads.

“Yep, we’re all set.” Rach replied brightly.

As the added the V.S. bags to the pile in back, I caught Rach’s eye, and winking, said “Can you drive Rach? My headache is just goin’ away, and I want to relax.”

I was happy to see that, although she shrouded her excitement from Lidia, Rach shared it with me. This transition from target to conspirator was going more smoothly than I could have hoped.

Rach hopped up and into the driver’s seat, risking a quick grab at my cock through my shirt as Lidia, no doubt realizing the position she was about to be in, stalled at the back of the jeep; messing with the bags. With a little squeeze, Rach let go just as Lidia came around to my side.

“You on me, or me on you?” I asked her jokingly, knowing it was ridiculous to think I’d sit on her lap.

“ Me…on you” she managed tremulously, not making eye contact.

As she climbed up I got another look at her stomach and the gaps her low jeans created. Up close, I felt I really could see down them a bit. She turned her butt to me as she stood on the running pipe, preparing to back into place. As she descended onto me I watched her jeans pull down in back, exposing a wide swath of skin and the top inch of her ass. I managed a rushed stream of thought in that moment.

‘How low are her panties? They can’t be lower that her jeans. Where are they?‘ Just as her ass made contact with my right thigh I realized ‘she’s not wearing any panties.’ The hum of that thought drowned out everything but the sensation of Lidia’s ass tentatively searching around on my lap for a spot to sit.

I had my legs together, hoping to avoid her sitting between them. It was so funny when she finally came to rest, that I had to chance a look to Rach. I could see from her expression that she was holding back a laugh too. Lidia had put herself as far from my cock as she could get. She had straddled my legs inches from my knees; the of this position was that it rotated her ass up, effectively sticking it out, and made it look like nothing so much as her humping my legs.

Lidia was looking straight ahead which gave me the opportunity to catch Rach’s attention with a questioning look as I pointed to Lidia’s now very exposed, ass and indicated the bare crack that emerged. After a moment’s thought, Rach evidently caught on to my question of Lidia’s panties. With an evil look and a small shake of her head, she confirmed my suspicions that Lidia was not wearing any.

I was sure that Rach literally drive Lidia back into me as she had done to me herself that first day. I was prepared therefore when she gunned it and Lidia’s careful perch on the end of my legs was destroyed as she slid helplessly back into me. With only my t-shirt between my dick and her exposed flesh, I was sure she felt the pressure of it on her. The tenseness of her body I felt as I reached around her to innocently hold her, confirmed her awareness.

Rach did her best, during the drive home, to instigate more collisions. No doubt wildly hoping my cock would repeat the performance it had given her. While I was all for letting Rach feed her need, and had decided to let her dictate the parameters of our little game, I was sure this small level of control was my right. Needless to say, while Lidia got my dick wedged into the top of her ass, and pressed firmly against her for the 20 minutes it took us to get home, I remained in control.

We pulled in to the drive and as the car stopped, I released my protective hold on Lidia. I was expecting her to fly off of me as quickly as she could without it seeming weird. So I was surprised when Rach beat her out of the jeep. She seemed just as reticent to get off me as she had to get on me. Eventually, as Rach unloaded the bags, she slowly slipped off of me, and down and out of the jeep.

I got out after her, and stood waiting as the girls unburied my bike. As soon as the bags were removed, Lidia grabbed half, and made a bee line for the house. Rach waited for the door to close behind her, then leaned in and up to my ear.

“Look at your shorts.” She whispered knowingly.

I looked down and saw a wet spot the size of a pancake just below my crotch. “Holy shit” I whispered smiling back up to Rach.

“You really got her going” Rach said with pride.

“Well you gave her a good warm up before you” (I did the air quotes) “woke me up.” I finished with a smile.

The shock on her face was too much, and I leaned against the back of the jeep as I laughed. After a few moments, Rach’s shocked look broke apart, and she joined me, falling into me as she too laughed. It was the perfect release for all of the sexual tension (well not the perfect release, but all I could hope for now).

As we finally regained ourselves, Rach came close again and slid her hand under my shirt to take hold of me. The constant hard on all day had put me in a bad state, and I winced as her grip applied pressure.

“Oh, poor boy” she said sincerely. “You’ve had a hard day hu?”

“Great day…but yea…very hard” I whispered

“That was so much fun! I can’t wait till tomorrow.” She said excitedly

“What’s tomorrow?” I asked

“We’re hanging out at Sharon’s Remember?” Rach said, smiling wickedly

“Oh yea” I said, returning her smile.


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